100 day movies

Today, a summary.

100 Movies in 100 Days

Day 7 - Balto

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Extra GIFs for this one because I LOVE IT THAT MUCH. Seriously this one is on my Top 10 Movies list and I would totally post more on it if I came across it more on Tumblr. IF YOU ARE A BALTO BLOG OR POST BALTO STUFF PLEASE LET ME KNOW. This movie was seriously what got me excited to start drawing more. Which led me to want to do animation.



Day 1 of 100

Today was the day the snow finally chose to melt! Very exciting because this means tomorrow my little brother will be going back to school, and that the roads will be clear enough by Saturday so I can get back to my college!

Cooked myself some eggs and sausage this morning because I woke up late enough to have the kitchen all to myself so I could take time with what I was doing. As usual, there’s hot sauce drizzled on top of it, and there are small chunks of onion, green bell pepper and celery in my eggs. Tasted very good.

After eating a quick breakfast I worked on creating little color codes for each of my classes, most of them are blank but I did add some things to my plan for the Math 215 class. It’s hard to know how to color code before the first day of a class. Still haven’t heard from any of my professors, which is odd because last semester we heard from them the Wednesday before. I’ll check on my Moodle page right after posting this, just to check. 

Lastly, I went out with my mom and brothers to go see Moana. It was such a good movie and we had such a good time. I loved the short after the credits, that was just perfect. <3


we are all mistaken sometimes; sometimes we do wrong things, things that have bad consequences. but it does not mean we are evil, or that we cannot be trusted ever afterward.
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