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“I don’t want to be alone” - Alan Turing - The Imitation game

                     B E N E D I C T   C U M B E R B A T C H

           Nominated Best actor in a leading role - Oscars 2015

Every night I crawl into his bed to watch him sleep.

Last night was different.

The mutts came for him until I screamed. His comfort became wings. His shushes, promises. My fingers wound around him and his fingers inched inside me, coaxing me to come to him.

All night we came.

Our bodies entwined, we finally slept.

This morning I found him sitting in the doorway, watching the rain. Wordlessly, I joined him.

The door is unyielding, sturdy. The rain, soft. My eyes fall to his hands, and I think about all they make.

If he asks, I’ll tell him.

…annnnnd, the dark side! 

Can’t wait to see this trio of First Order baddies back on the big screen in 100 days!!!

624 Days until Episode IX

261 Days until the Han Solo Movie








100 Days of Trump Day 98a: Moviebob Part 1

Welcome back to 100 days of Trump, were I try to explain WTF happened in 2016 in 100 recommendations and this one is…uggg.  Moviebob is an internet critic who primarily reviews movies and…I really don’t like him as a film critic.  LIke I really don’t, I think he is very easily impressed and he has a weird hate on for anything artsy.  And I also don’t find him particularly funny.  But he is a pretty good cultural critic and as always, somebody can have useful insight even if they frustrate me so lets talk

   Moviebob is sort of an alpha nerd, some body who has been part of nerd culture since the 80s, and so he is really really familiar with all the nerd shit that has been going on within the culture, such as the rise of the sort of nerd nationalism that we see with movements like Gamergate and how that reactionary anti progressive elements very quickly translate into support for Trump and the development of 4chan and /Pol/.  He is very familiar with how the anxieties of nerd culture can fuel a sort of resentment which makes recruitment into Rightist groups extremely easy.  He has a lot of videos, so this is going to be a multi parter, first just have him explaining some core political issues real quick.  But I want to make this clear, I am not necessarily endorsing moviebob, I am endorsing specific videos he has made which sum up various issues really nicely.  

his primary point is three fold

1) Nerd Culture has been dominated by awkward white straight men who have felt that they were picked on in high school and don’t quite fit in with mainstream culture, have devolved this victim narrative and persecution complex which effective means they never image themselves as people who might benefit from privilege.  And because their cultural narrative is about ‘the bullies” tormenting them, they don’t really have any understanding of how to view oppression in a nuanced complicated manner

2) Because the Nerd Industry relentlessly panders to them, they have internalized this sentiment of Nerdom being like a haven for them specifically and everybody else is an outsider.  It also aggressively peddles macho stuff to an audience who has a complex about not fitting in to male culture 

3) Nerds get really attached to their media and possessive of it, which amkes them totally unable to admit to any criticism because they internalize it as an attack on themselves rather than “I think the Witcher is a great game but has fucked up views towards women” Because they are totally unfamiliar with any language involving social justice, they are extremely easy to manipulate by Alt Right folks who tell them that the source of all their misdirected anxieties is coming from feminists.

The Anti Politically correct cultural reaction co-opting the language of the left 

Nerd Culture’s total inability to understand context behind larger issues 

ANd of course Geek Cultures weird misunderstanding of what Gender politics even are 

And finally, the entire Nerd Persecution Complex and how it is fueling bigotry now that they are mainstream culture.  


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MJF has made the receding hairline joke multiple times himself (x . x . x) and it was not intended to make fun of him

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