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“I don’t want to be alone” - Alan Turing - The Imitation game

                     B E N E D I C T   C U M B E R B A T C H

           Nominated Best actor in a leading role - Oscars 2015

The Ultimate Crazy Fan Girl’s Masterlist Thus Far..

The Originals:

Imagine getting into a fight with your boyfriend Klaus, in which he kills an innocent person.

Imagine Elijah and Klaus Posing As Your College Professors.

Imagine you are Klaus’s wife and you are extremely tender hearted, causing you to cry a lot.

Imagine Klaus Attending Your Family Reunion And Enjoying It, Because They Treat Him As A Member Of The Family. 

Imagine You Are Hope’s Babysitter And All The Mikaelsons Have A Crush On You.

Off to a Right Hook- Elijah Mikaelson x Reader

Imagine becoming a vampire and finding out each of the Mikaelson siblings secretly fed you their blood.

Vampire Diaries:

Imagine Opening Up A Coffee Shop With Damon

Those Who Hunt Their Own

Imagine Damon Salvatore being afraid of your mother.

The 100:

Imagine Bellamy’s Reaction, When He finds Out You Actually Are A Princess.

Imagine Bellamy taking care of you, when you’re sick and confessing his feelings to you.

Something You Love- Bellamy Blake x Reader


Shy: Jughead Jones One-Shot

Shy Part Two

Abandoning  the Mantle- Jughead Jones one-shot

Titled After You- Archie Andrews x reader

Play It Forward- Archie Andrews x Reader

Beauty And The Beast:

Something Missing- Gaston One Shot

Something Missing Part Two- Coming Soon

Be My Wife- Gaston Two-Shot


Difficulties Part Two- Coming Soon


Imagine Waking Up Married To Tony After A Wild Night In Vegas.

Imagine you’re a kickass bounty hunter who always manages to catch the villains before the avengers do.

Imagine sassing Doctor Strange over his failed attempt to reconnect with Doctor Palmer.

Imagine being the daughter of Derek Shepherd and Addison Montgomery, and meeting Doctor Strange during your residency.

Differences and Similarities- Tony Stark x reader


Imagine Steve Finding Out Diana Likes You, His Little Sister.

Imagine Steve Finding Out That You, His Comrade Is Actually A Woman.

Miscellaneous :

SOA- Imagine being Tara’ s little sister and being unhappy when she comes back, because when Tara went to Chicago, she left you with your alcoholic father.

Pokémon Go-Imagine intervening on some bullies, only to later realize the person you help is Spark.

Animal Kingdom- Imagine the boys fighting on whose shoulders you’ll sit on in a game of chicken.

The Red Queen- Imagine Being a Candidate in the Queenstrial


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↳ “Do I like being thought of as attractive? I don’t know anyone on Earth who doesn’t, but I do find it funny.


Ben & Sophie at the French Open, June 8 2014 – First appearance together
(Sorry for the poor qualiy, this is the largest version I have!)
Bonus – Itsy bitsy pocket-sized Ben & Sophie doing the wave: