100 cookies in 100 days

Day 43: Russian Teacakes

So when I googled Russian teacakes, I learned that dozens of different countries claim these cookies as their own. Mexico calls them wedding cakes, Italy calls them butter nut cookies, the South (which I know is not actually a country) calls them pecan butterballs. But my ancestors are from Russia, so that is the origin of these cookies.

1. Buttery, nutty, crumbly dough. Sometimes I am amazed by the fact that certain ingredients will create a cookie.

2. Getting ready to get some hot, hot lovin from the oven.

3. For as long as I can remember, it has always been my job to roll the cookies in powdered sugar. That, and to be cookie dough quality control tester.

4. These are also lovingly called powdered sugar balls at my house. Because that is, in essence, what these are. We made them a bit smaller this year, so you can shove even more of them in your mouth at one time.

Day 55: Blonde M&M Brownies

Though it does say brownies in the title, these are more like bar cookies. It’s a recipe in the little cookbook my ma gave me, and I am pretty sure you can find it on the back of M&Ms sometimes. 

So we are all aware of the bar cookie fiasco that was making Butterfinger Blondies. I am still ashamed and don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want that failure to forever stay a black mark on my record, so I decided to give bar cookies another try.

1. THE HORROR!!! I have no words to describe the self-confidence issue I am having right now. This would be a great example of what they are NOT supposed to look like. I hang my head in disappointment.

2. Everything started off good. Dough looked good.

3. Recipe is tried and true. It would take a monkey to mess it up.

4. Before it turned into a disgusting mess. It started off so promising….

Day 44: Walnut Raspberry Roll

Raspberry jam simultaneously reminds me of Christmas and summer. Here we will be focusing on more of the Christmas aspect. Roll-up cookies still intrigue me, so we are making a raspberry walnut rolled up cookie.

1. Every time, and I mean every time, we have to get the measuring cups out, my ma will complain that the labels have washed off the cups, and now she has no way of telling which cup is which. It actually makes her very angry, and that rage bubbles up to the surface whenever we measure anything.

2. My attempt to make the cookies more artistic on the inside. But artistic won’t taste as good.

3. It looked like a large cookie pizza. I nibbled off of most sides of it.

4. Mind you, I rolled these cookies up completely by myself. And nothing tastes as good as that accomplishment. Not even these cookies. But they tasted alright.

100 cookies in 100 days

I have decided to make 100 cookies in 100 days. I, along with help from the guy, will make a different cookie recipe everyday for 100 days. My plan has several goals:

  1. To become an expert cookie maker
  2. To give out some awesome cookies as Christmas presents
  3. To make everyone at work fatter than me.

We will begin our journey tomorrow. We are collecting recipes here. Wish us luck.

Day 40: Cinnamon Cookies

These are another creation from Ma’s new cookbook. The motives for making these are twofold: 1. We like cinnamon and thought they would taste good. 2. We thought they would make the house smell like cinnamon. And it says on the recipe that someone’s grandma used to make them all the time. So we took grandma’s word for it and gave them a try.

1. My goodness that is a lot of cinnamon. Its nearly a whole container. And cinnamon aint cheap, people.

2. There is something oddly disturbing about the color of this dough, especially knowing that it is 75% cinnamon.

3. Here we encountered another really sticky dough. It said to chill it for a while, but we had to chill it overnight because it was so unruly.

4. We used the fork/toothpick method of decorating here. The first batch did not turn out to be something we would like to eat, so we stuck holes in the next batch to turn them into ornaments

Day 48: Peanut Butter Cookies

We made peanut butter cookies dipped in chocolate a while back, but I had a hankering for some good peanut butter cookies. My Ma made me a little cookbook when I got my first apartment, and I am using the recipe from there.

1. Peanut butter doesn’t mind being in cookies, but he is always thinking about getting together with his girl, jelly.

2. I kind of want to make a peanut butter cookie dough spread. You could use it on toast and apples, or just eat it with a spoon.

3. Branding the cookies. Without the little square indents, it isn’t a true peanut butter cookie.

4. These cookies are also like crack. But healthy, since they have peanut butter. So you can totally eat one more.

Day 45: Cookie Gun Cookies

Cookie gun cookies are great to make if you are going to visit someone and need one million cookies. I used to use this antique cookie gun that I would get in a fight with ever year, but then I received a new battery operated gun as a gift. We usually get along, with only the occasional need for counseling. 

1. My friend the cookie gun. We got along great this year, except for one fight that we got over and I won’t mention again.

2. I am not sure when you would make tree shaped cookies, except at Christmas. I guess you could make a tiny bird nest in the tree and use them to celebrate spring, but there just aren’t that many excuses to make tree cookies.

3. We make flower shaped cookies (some with cherries, some with almonds), blue snowflakes with blue sprinkles, and green trees with multi-colored sprinkles. These cookies are like crack.

4. Speaking of crack, raspberries are like healthy crack. I could literally eat a package a day. I bet its a lot cheaper than traditional crack.

Day 42: Thumbprints

Thumbprints have always been a Christmas tradition in my house. They taste like pure awesome-ness. Sometimes, we make some extras and freeze them, and bring them out when we put the Christmas decorations away. They lessen the sting of saying goodbye to the tree.

These cookies in particular are a family recipe, but if you are interested in making some (which you should be), you can find a whole bunch of recipes here.

1. Naked thumbprints, getting ready to take a bath in the egg whites and chopped nuts.

2. I believe that one of the main reasons my Ma makes homemade jam is so that we have good strawberry and raspberry jam ready to fill the thumbprints.

3. I have seen some recipes where you put the jam in them before baking. This is not our preferred method. We put the jam in after they are done a-cookin.

4. Looking at this picture makes my mouth water. Thumbprints are delicious. I cannot stress that enough. Want to get on my good side? Whip me up a batch of these puppies. Soooo good.

Day 34: Chocolate Chip Muffins

Tomorrow morning, my team at work has to sign 180 Christmas cards (which I lovingly personalized), so we are making a party of it. They wanted more cookies, but I have to put my foot down at some point and say that you can’t just eat cookies for breakfast. So I am making chocolate chip muffins (as prepared by Betty Crocker).

1. Betty Crocker sure has got it going on. She knows how to make EVERYTHING.

2. You would think after all the practice I have had cracking eggs, I would be a little better at it. Nope. Its like I shot it with a shotgun. 

3. The chocolate chips are drowning! Save them!!

4. And ta da, muffins. Call me Betty Crocker. Now, I do prefer blueberry or banana or pumpkin or Malt o Meal or other kinds of muffins better, but these were ok.  I mean, they have chocolate chips in them, so they can’t really be all bad.