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Classic- Mark (Day 8/100)

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Prompt: Classic
Member: Mark x Reader
AU: Royal!AU

You placed a gloved hand on your chin as you looked out at the pairs dancing below you. The soft music was swaying back and forth, making you smile and hum along to the beat.

“Y/N, is that you?” a voice called out. You jumped slightly at the shrill squeal of your best friend and then turned around to face her.

“Hello, So Won, my dear,” you said, taking her hands in your own.

“You look amazing tonight! Really, stunning! Is this the dress that you’ll be wearing to the wedding?” she exclaimed, taking a step back and admiring the light blue color of your dress. You patted down the lace and laughed lightly.

“Of course not, it would be bad luck to have anyone see that dress before tomorrow,” you said, waving her off as she simply rolled her eyes.

“Fine, don’t tell me! But you have to let me help you get ready tomorrow, okay?” she said, grabbing onto your arm excitedly. “I’m so excited for you! Royal weddings are always my favorite! And you and the prince are perfect for each other! It’s a classic romance!” she squealed again, wiping away non-existent tears. You shook your head and smiled at your friend’s antics.

You headed down the stairs with her following close behind as you bid hello to the party guests. Many were people from other kingdoms that you did not know, but others were acquaintances and friends.

“Y/N, you look stunning!” one of your aunts called out as your uncle nodded in agreement, toasting to you. You simply smiled at them and felt the blood rush to your face in embarrassment.

“So, tell us all about tomorrow! What time exactly will the ceremony happen?” your cousin asked, excitedly. You paused for a moment to think and realized that even you yourself didn’t know.

“Well, the procession will be rather long so – ” You were quickly cut off by more questions than you could answer at once.

“What will you be dancing to?” “Oh, I think we’re going to – ” “Yes tell us! Who will be the first to enter the hall?” “Most likely – ” “How long have you known the prince? Is it alright for you to marry him?” “What’s going to be on the dinner menu?” “Weren’t you born outside the kingdom?”

“There you are, love.” You all turned your heads to the new comer that just entered the conversation, and a smile spread across your face as you excused yourself. You walked over to Mark and took his hand in your own, whispering a thank you to him. He chuckled lightly and led you onto the dance floor in a smooth, fluid motion.

“They’re all crazy,” you whispered as he bowed and took your arm in his own.

“Indeed,” he agreed. “That’s why I asked you to marry me,” he added, lifting you up lightly to the music before setting you back down. “I needed someone sane,” he whispered, breathily into your ear.

His melodic voice shot pleasure down your spine as you felt your legs grow weak. You focused on your breathing as you smiled at him and continued to dance.

“I thought you loved me for my character,” you teased, playfully as you took a step towards him and then a step back. He held up his hand and you pressed yours against it as you walked around in a small circle.

“I love every part of you, not one more than the other,” he remarked, placing his hand back on your waist and stepping in time to the rhythm.

“Well you know why I agreed, don’t you?” you asked, shooting him a smirk. Mark raised an eyebrow and continued to twirl you into him before pulling you into his arms. “Because you wouldn’t stop asking,” you whispered back. He let out a small chuckle and pushed you back upright, continuing the dance.

“What can I say,” Mark said, holding onto your waist once more. He let his hands wander down ever so slightly and you let out a small squeal, praying that nobody saw. “I’m persistent,” he whispered, winking at you.

You felt your cheeks begin to turn red and you were about to retaliate when the music slowed down, signaling the end of the song. Mark let go of you and the two of you bowed to each other while those around you clapped. As he straightened out and smiled innocently at you, you narrowed your eyes and suppressed a laugh.

“I’m watching you,” you said, playfully. Mark held up his hands in innocence and gave you a small pout.

“I don’t know what you mean,” he said, shrugging his shoulders and shifting his gaze, all the while a small smirk playing at his lips. You were aware of other people moving in to ask you and your fiancé more questions, so you quickly stood on your tip toes to whisper into his ear.

“You’re not supposed to get handsy until after we get home,” you cooed sensually. You saw Mark get slightly flustered as he bit his lip lightly. Knowing the effect you had made only made you more excited as well, and you gave him a small wink before turning back to appease the party guests.

Word Count: 878

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Stayin' Alive
The Bee Gees
Stayin' Alive

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The Bee Gees- Stayin’ Alive

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