100 brazilian

Letícia Colin as Princess Maria Leopoldina of Austria, later Empress Consort Maria Leopoldina of Brazil and briefly Queen Consort of Portugal in “Novo Mundo”.



Membranes! I am so happy how this turned out, everything is well placed and the colours are so vibrant. I don’t think I will ever do so many circles like I did on that phospholipids there ever again though hahahaha

Princess Maria Leopoldina of Austria (Letícia Colin) and Anna Millman (Isabelle Drummond) in “Novo Mundo”.

{20/06/2016}  - {15 ~100 days of productivity}

so I’ve been studying japanese in the middle of my internship bc I’m freaking out about my final this saturday.



Continuation of my biology revision, this time on biochemistry and organic composition. Down there we have lipids, proteins and nucleic acids, and there are also vitamins and carbohydrates back there (it’s so strange to write these in another language lol). These took so long to make and I’m happy I can finally rest 💤