100 books that should be written

I feel as though people expect the HP characters to all be 100% good or bad, and forget that the reason we fall in love with characters isn’t because of their perfect moral compass, it’s because of their believability. Real people have flaws: so do realistic characters. Snape, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Hermione… It’s okay to dislike a character for their faults, but that doesn’t mean they should’ve been written a different way. The books would be boring otherwise.

Top 5 Ships

#1 Bellarke - One of the best written enemies-to-lovers stories.

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#2 - Josh and Donna. They should have gotten together WAY sooner,  but hey, at least it finally happened

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#3 Nick and Jess - When will these two idiots realize they are meant for each other, and get back together?

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#4 Rose and Dimitri - Now technically, I really only shipped them from the books. Those two were pretty much the only reason I read Vampire Academy.

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#5 Haley and Elijah - Unfortunately not quite as good any more due to some bad writing, but the early days were great! And the chemistry was amazing.

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What are your thoughts on House of Leaves? I would try to ask something more specific, but it's kinda hard to ask about stuff like plot or characters when I'm not 100% sure what House of Leaves' plot(s?) or characters actually were, even after I read it.

I havent finished it! I left it around the middle, I should continue

But oh gosh i feel like so stupid saying this after papers have written about this book but my reaction was “omg nice…. but i still want a horror novel in the style of the first half………”

like, the whole house bigger inside and the labyrinth and shit are like my fav horror tropes (along with repeating loops) and feeling it0s turning into philosphical/love it’s a bit ehn for me

but i’m a very very very simple reader

  • jroth: if u want bellarke to be real u should read the books
  • me: lmao bitch i don't read that's for nerds
  • jroth: *makes bellamy give a REALLY cold look to clarke in the most anti-bellarke episode ever written*
  • me: lol chapter one
Intro to Harper Row

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Hi. I’ve seen a lot of posts about harper recently, and I was wondering if you know which book(s) she is in? I want to go read what looks to be a pretty awesome thing.

You 100% came to the right person. Harper is a VERY EASY character to get into because the bulk of her journey before becoming a hero is documented into books that revolve 100% around her and her brother, and they are all really beautifully written and illustrated. So first you should read the following:

1. Batman #12

2. Batman #18

3. Detective Comics #21

4. Batman #28 (Time jump- Sneak Preview of Batman Eternal)

Then she is heavily involved in the Batman Eternal weekly, a book that lags a bit but overall I highly recommend because It’s chock full of bat-fam stuff. Since some books feature her less and maybe you don’t want to spend a lot of $$$ I’ll tell you the ones I recommend and which of those I believe to be required reading.

1. Batman Eternal #5 (Required, picks up right after Detective Comics 21 and shows how her brother gets sick)

2. Three pages in Batman Eternal #12, Two pages in #13, Two pages in #14, Three pages in #15, Three pages in #16, Two pages in #17, One page in #19 (NOT required, this is the story of how Harper gets Tim Drake/Red Robin to train her and it’s fun insight into her character).

3. Batman Eternal #41, #42, #43 (Required, 41-42 ends the nano-bot part of the story that infected her brother back in issue five and follows Harper as she becomes Bluebird. Issue 43 reconnects the story back to the Batman 28 preview, so we get to see Harper really meet Stephanie Brown for the first time, who is back as Spoiler and knows a huge secret about the events of Eternal and has gotten a hundred million dollar bounty on her head).

4. Batman Eternal #45 #51 #52 (Required-ISH, These books are SPOILERS for the end of Eternal, obviously. This follows up with Harper and Stephanie’s developing friendship. If you don’t want to read these individually for the sake of spoiling the whole series you can either wait for the trade OR just shoot me an ask about what happens with Harper/Steph and I’ll tell you without ruining the rest of the plot).

Harper makes a couple of very breif appearances in the Batman Endgame storyline where she’s fighting with the rest of the bat clan to save the city, and, good news, in Batman and Robin Eternal Harper plays a lead role alongside Dick Grayson and Cassandra Cain (cass is back!) Updates will be written here when the series updates…

Harper is also in DC BOMBSHELLS, the digital first AU series! You can read her story in issue 8, 19, and 21 on Comixology! 

DAY: 89/100

Sir Ken Robinson: "If We Paid Our Teachers What We Pay Our Celebrities, Maybe One Day We’d Be Smart Enough to ActuallyKnow Better…The Simple Arithmetic that Will Save Our Education Systems & That Ensure Future Generations Never have to Face the Anesthetizing Industrialization of Schools Ever, Ever Again"

DAY: 29/100

Timothy McSweeney’s: “Sea Men/Semen: The Complete List of Freudian Spelling Mistakes and Their Subsequent Uncomfortable Insinuations 


Words to Avoid Using in Print at all Times Supposing you Happen to be The Kind of Person Whose Predisposition to Tension Between the ID & EGO Results in Years of Repression and a Multitude Anxious of Behaviours that Fester Beneath the Conscious Surface”