100 books that should be written

“Jon Snow is NOT Aegon Targaryen, Young Griff is! Stupid writers!”


Also in books - (this is all just off the top of my head, I know I have missed a lot)

Catelyn Stark is still “alive” as Lady Stoneheart.

Beric Dondarrion died giving Catelyn the kiss of life.

Lady Stoneheart now leads the Brotherhood without Banners and despises Brienne of Tarth and demands her head.

Robb Stark never fell in love with Talisa - Talisa was never even a character. Robb had a moment of weakness and slept with Jeyne Westerling, a high born, and was afraid that she would be pregnant, and married her to prevent a bastard.

Jeyne Westerling was never pregnant, she was not at the Red Wedding, and she was never killed. She was held captive for two years to make sure she had not given Robb an heir.

Cersei aborted her baby with Robert because she hated him that much. So no, she is not the blonde woman that used to sing to Gendry as a baby.

The Mad King never once said “burn them all”

All Targaryens (as they have the blood of Old Valaryia) have purple eyes. This is incredible important in identifying that they’re actually Targaryens and not pretenders.

Margaery & Loras are not the only Tyrell heirs. They have an older brother who was supposed to marry Sansa. (And also another brother) So even if / when the wild fire scene happens in the books, the Tyrell house will live. They have dozens of distant cousins with the name Tyrell. I have no idea why they decided to exterminate the house in the show. 

Jorah never gets greyscale. 

Lyanna Mormont is the youngest of five(?) daughters, not the only child of Maege Mormont. She is acting Lady of Bear Island but some of her sisters are still alive.

Sansa never leaves the Eyrie, never gets sent to Winterfell, never marries Ramsay, and never gets raped. She never escapes with Theon and she never makes it to the wall to meet with Jon. She is still with Littlefinger at the Vale. And none of those events will happen even after the books catch up with the show, because all those events happened to Sansa’s childhood friend, Jeyne Poole. 

Cersei is an alcoholic sex addict who sleeps with both men and women. She cheats on Jaime very frequently, and when he finds out, he abandons her. This causes her to lose her mind and sees every one as a threat. She’s crazy.

As GRRM has said, the books are the books, and the show is the show. They have almost completely parted ways. Stop nitpicking what should be considered canon and not canon. As far as I’m concerned, anything not written by GRRM is not canon. The doesn’t make the show any less exciting to watch. Each episode cost 10-12 million dollars and each main character receives a salary of 1.1 million per episode. (Jon, Dany, Cersei, Tyrion, Jaime). They just simply don’t have the budget to create every little thing and make it 100% true to the books. Futhermore, D&D never signed up for finishing the story on their own. Winds of Winter was supposed to be out a while ago.

I also just want to point out: even Jon Connington has started to doubt that Young Griff is Aegon. “His eyes are a different shade of violet than Rhaegar’s” (or some quote like that). There is a lot of speculation that that boy is probably a Blackfyre (distant / bastard Targaryen). 

Also also - I know they’ve never mentioned this on the show, so I don’t blame any show watchers for not knowing this, but Rhaegar was COMPLETELY obsessed with his prophecy of the prince that  was promised and the song of ice and fire. His son absolutely had to be named Aegon. He was sure that his first Aegon with Elia would be the PTWP because a comet flew overhead the night he was conceived. Then he learned Elia was frail and another pregnancy would kill her, she could not give him the third head of the dragon, and that he was wrong about the first Aegon being the PTWP. So, in my opinion, assuming Rhaegar had no idea his first two children with Elia (Aegon and Rhaenys) would be murdered, he was expecting Lyanna to birth a girl, Visenya, the third head, and the final person to completely the original trio of Targaryens. But since Rhaegar died, and word probably reached Dorne that Elia and her children had been murdered, Lyanna knew (from assumed previous conversions with Rhaegar) that they boy HAD to be named Aegon. There was no way that Rhaegar, near mad with obsession over this prophecy, would have allowed or wanted Lyanna to name their son anything other than Aegon. 

#269: Late Night Phone Calls


I feel like I’ve written something like this before and I most probably have but oh well, who cares and I love it. This is actually number #100 preference in my second preferences book on Wattpad so it’s actually kind of special so that’s really cool if you ask me haha :-) x

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“Sorry… I should have known the time… I just really wanted to hear your voice now that I was free and alone.” You smiled gently by his words and squeezed your eyes by turning on the lamp on your nightstand. The time was definitely wrong and he knew, but since you were quick to wake up you didn’t mind. “I actually had to pee so it’s okay. You don’t have to feel guilty.” “No I should just let you sleep.” He coughed with embarrassment in his tone, but you didn’t care. You didn’t realize how much you needed to hear his voice until now. “Just tell me about my day. You can talk me back to sleep.” You leaned over to grab the pillow of his side of the bed and rested on it. You heard him softly giggle in the end, starting up a conversation with happiness in his tone.


“Are you drunk?” The question was obvious and you had been waiting for it, yet you still couldn’t control the giggles. They were affectionate and left him smiling in reaction, it was pretty obvious by the tone of your voice and the way you were speaking into the phone. “I assume the night was awesome from your laughter.” He hummed with the phone pressed between his shoulder and ear, leaning down to grab the shirt from the floor. “Yes it was amazing! But now I’m just really tired and I feel like I want to sleep on a bench.” “Please don’t.” His voice had a hint of nervousness, but he still knew you wouldn’t do anything. He was the one to pick you up and he would hurry as much as he could. “Don’t worry gorgeous,” He pulled up his pants and ran a hand through his hair, “I’ll be there in five.”


“So… Tell me what you’re wearing?” “Michael…” You rolled your eyes by his question. The conversation had been casual until now when he changed the subject completely. He laughed in the other end of the phone and shifted in his bunk. “I’m wearing your shirt.” “That sounds interesting.” He hummed by your response and you shook your head in disbelief but smiled anyways. It was one of the casual conversations you had when he was about to go to bed, it fit with the time zones and he wouldn’t disturb your morning sleep. “Please for the love of god, no more phone sex between you.” The voice was faint in the phone but you could totally hear it was Calum and a huge blush came to your cheeks. “Shut up Cal we’re not doing anything.” Michael laughed back knowing the lack of privacy would always be on the bus.


“Can you just please… Come? I know I said I was very independent and all with my new apartment but I don’t think I have the courage and I’m sure I just heard voices downstairs.” You knew it sounded pathetic and the time was close to be two at night but you still needed him more than ever. You had been the one to say he shouldn’t stay, you knew it wasn’t what you fully wanted but it changed the second he was out of the door. You weren’t sure how far he had gotten on the road but all you needed was for him to come back. He could have easily said no but he knew you well enough to know that the phone call would be right there the second he was out. “I’ll be right back.” He hummed softly and turned around to head back to your apartment with a small smile on his face.  

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Hi Niu! I'm going to Japan for the first time ever next month! I'm very excited! I'm planning on doing Tokyo, Nara, and Kyoto over the span of a month! Can you recommend any sights to stop by? And any good stores or malls? Thank you!

OH BOY! Can I recommend you a thing or two :D

For transportation between Tokyo-Nara (aka Tokyo - Osaka) I recommend bus service. Takes 8 hours and they operate around the clock. A LOT cheaper than a train! Willer Express offers tickets also in English. You need to book and buy them beforehand: https://willerexpress.com/en/

If you want to use trains (a lot) buy yourself a Japan Train Pass BEFORE you go to Japan.

In Kansai you can also get yourself Kansai Pass from tourist info (take passport with you). With Kansai Pass you can travel around Kansai freely for 3 days. You don’t have to use all the 3 days at once, but whenever you like; for example one day at the beginning of month, second in the middle and the last one at the end of your trip. The pass is valid for a month and it costs 5 000 yens.

I don’t know about other places, but if you happen to stay in Osaka, you can buy yourself Osaka Subway Day Ticket, which is 800 yen in weekdays and 600 yen on weekends. It’s valid for 24 hours and you can use subways freely with it.

From Osaka to Kyoto, please use Keihan train service line. With Keihan line the trip to Kyoto costs less than 5 00 yens and takes around 45 minutes. 

From Osaka to Nara, please use Kintetsu train service.


- If you are interested in manga/dojin/anime stuff. visit Ikebukuro in Tokyo (as it has stuff for women, Akihabara is more for men), and Den Den Town in Osaka.
To get to Ikebukuro (Tokyo), take Yamanote line train to Ikebukuro and take Exit 25 from Ikebukuro’s station. There’s Toranoana next to Exit 25, which has dojinshi for women.
To get to Den Den Town (Osaka), take subway to Nippombashi station and take Exit 5. Go south towards Ebisucho station, this street is Den Den Town street full of stuff! There’s K-Books you should visit; it has got anime stuff and 2 floors doujinshi!

- In Kyoto there’s lovely little town Arashiyama. Go here if you want to see bamboo forest! You can take a train from Kyoto to Arashiyama easily. It has got lots of temples and wonderful river!

- In Kyoto, there’s Fushimi Inari mountain; the mountain with endless amount of Japanese torii-gates. Definitely worth of visiting (takes hours to wander there without hurry, so it’s good idea to take one day for Fushimi Inari and back some snack with you). You can take a train from Kyoto to Fushimi Inari. 


- 100 yen shops. Seriously, don’t buy anything from anywhere else. There’s no need to pay 600 yen for a rice bowl when you can get a one as good as that with 100 yen.
100 yen shops are HUGE and they have EVERYTHING you can possibly imagine; food, stationery, socks, bath, cleaning, home decor, car items, gardening, laundry, kitchen, table ware, tea, bags, DIY, cosmetics, keychains, statues, soaps. Biggest 100 yen shop companies are Daiso and Seria. Daiso has got groceries unlike other 100 yen shops. Besides Daiso and Seria, there are independent 100 yen shops. These 100 yen shops are everywhere; I’m staying in Shigino and in 15 minute walk away to all directions there are four 100 yen shops; two Daisos, one independent shop and one Seria. Closest one is next doors lol.

- Note that prices in Japan are always written without 8% tax, so don’t get surprised when the total sum is a bit bigger than you anticipated.

- LOFT is wonderful department store company you should visit! 

- BOOK OFF is number one for comics and books. Prices are between 100-300 yen. These are also available in many places. There’s big one in Akihabara, Tokyo.

- Buy yourself a travel card (Suica or Pasmo in Tokyo, Icoca or PitaPita in Osaka). The travel card is valid everywhere in Japan, so it doesn’t matter do you have Suica or Icoca. The machines at train/subway stations, which sell the cards and where you can load more money to your card always have English option.

- Buy yourself a small hand towel from 100y shop, as Japanese public toilets don’t have hand towels/hand paper.

- Food is expensive, unless you can eat rice and noodles without problems. 

- Always carry cash with you. Card payment is still rather rare in Japan.

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Do you have any advice for a high schooler preparing to get into the animation/storyboard industry?

Great question! I’ll start with some basic technical advice: Draw every day. Draw from life. Do figure drawing. If you can’t do figure drawing in person there are figure drawing websites you can choose from. For storyboarding you should watch a lot of movies. Not just Pixar and Disney films, although those are worth studying. Be sure to watch classic films and foreign films and weird cult films and everything in between. A good place to start is AFI’s Top 100 Movies list. There’s also 1001 Movies you Must See Before You Die. The list is online but if you can it’s worth buying a copy of the book. It’s great to have a written explanation as to why certain films are on the list and their importance in film history.

A favorite exercise of mine is doing film thumbnails. Whenever the camera cuts, pause the movie and draw the composition. I recommend doing this very small so you don’t spend too much time on the details. Focus on the composition. This helps you really think about what the director was thinking and why they chose to stage the camera the way they did.

Most importantly: storyboard! You don’t have to be a professional or an art student to storyboard, just do it! The more you storyboard the better you’ll get! You can choose to write your own story, or to storyboard from a script or a fairytale or whatever, JUST DO IT.

Now I’m going to get more into things I wish I had known when I was younger. Your path into animation may not be a straight line from art school to industry job. It probably won’t be. That’s ok. I know people who work in animation who never even went to art school. I know people who got their first job in animation well into their 30s. I know people who work in animation who don’t have a huge online following. There’s no “correct” way to get into the animation industry, other than talent and hard work.

Some people might try to convince you not to go into animation. During my first year out of school, I moved to Los Angeles without a job offer so I could pursue storyboarding as a career. There were people in my life guilt tripping me for leaving my hometown, trying to convince me to find a job closer to home. I had a lot of people tell me I didn’t understand how competitive storyboarding is, asking if I was sure storyboarding was the right choice. Here’s the thing: No one gets to choose your career goals for you. It didn’t matter how many people tried to convince me otherwise, I still became a storyboard artist.  

Hope this helps!

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Do you think that Johnny/Daken's canonical relationship was at least semi-abusive or at least really unhealthy? I see a lot of people really liking it but their interactions in that comic book gave me a lot of red flags :/

Oh yeah, 100%, this is not a healthy relationship in canon. I think my thoughts on that have always been pretty upfront? I know I’ve never written it happy or healthy lol. Not to knock anyone shipping it, everyone should ship what they want and besides I ship this (not in terms of wanting a happily ever after or for them to necessarily even interact again, but more in terms of where’s the 30k dirtybadwrong smutfest), but yeah, I think it’s more than fair to say that in canon this is messed up from start to finish, as one would expect from a relationship between Johnny, who Just Wants To Be Loved, and a master manipulator like Daken.

I’m going to break it down with pictures because otherwise I have to work on fic who doesn’t love a deep read. While, for the record, I don’t believe Daken ever had to use his pheromone powers to get Johnny to sleep with him, he canonically uses them to influence several people in Dark Wolverine #75 alone, and at least one of them sleeps with him as a direct result, so sticking a consent warning on everything. Long and picture-heavy exploration underneath:

Dark Wolverine #75-77, the beginning:

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The most frustrating thing about the Sansa/Arya spat is that, outside of the fans being taken into any sort of conflict between these two as if their least favourite Stark sister is devil incarnate, is that Arya was actually pretty wrong about Sansa. And yet I don’t know if the writing wants us to agree with Arya, but there are clear examples that contradict Arya’s “digs.”

“You always wanted nice thing” - go back to the episode where Sansa is eating whatever shitfest they serve up at Castle Black. Edd apologises for the lack of quality. Sansa says it’s alright with a smile, that there are more important things.

And even if she still likes nice things, so what? I think the most laughable thing is that the bedroom wasn’t exactly luxurious either. It was plain as you could get.

“Mother and father’s room” - go back to the season 6 finale. Sansa tells Jon he should take it. Jon insists she takes it. That’s the end of it. Sansa has on two separate occasions shown that she isn’t interested in getting the perks of having Winterfell back. That was one of them. The other time is when she straight out offers her title to Bran and he rejects it fully.

Which follows into the third example. “So you can work together to get what you really want, if Jon doesn’t come back.” Sansa has offered her title to Bran which is rightfully his as the eldest Stark still alive. Bran refused, not interested whatsoever. Sansa has refused the lords who want her to be Queen in the North, she’s sticking by and defending Jon.

The role of Queen no longer interests her like it once did. She is being regent to Jon right now because he asked her too, and I feel she would step up to be Queen if he did die. But she wouldn’t plot against him, or actively wish for him to die so that would happen. That’s just idiotic for anybody to think.

Which boils down to the final and most damaging of the statements, “you don’t want to be, but it just won’t stop coming back.” The idea of Sansa wanting Jon dead is quite frankly, ludicrous to the extreme. She argued against him going south fearing he would meet the same fate as her brother, as her father, as her grandfather and uncle. To all the Stark’s who went to war and never came back. She argued against him not being prepared enough knowing that he could meet the same fate as Robb and Ned in terms of their decision making exercises.

The last time she saw Jon, she gave him a solemn wave. She didn’t expect him to come back, because it’s what she has come to expect. But that doesn’t mean she wants him dead. She is just being practical and her entire experience has made her fear for the worst.

This is why the whole argument is bullshit to me if they want us to agree with Arya, because I just don’t at all. And this isn’t to drag Arya down either. I fear she is being written this way just so we can cheer her on for being so right, and by not focusing on the trauma she’s been through is giving her a massive disservice.

After all, we were 100% certain to cheer her on for slaughtering all of the Frey’s. And whilst most of them deserved to face justice for their part, the fact Arya has become somebody who could do that without blinking should be disturbing. I feel sorry for her in the books for being a victim of war and being forced to take on a role not too dissimilar to that of a child soldier, but in the show world it might as well translate that she is a cold, badass motherfucker with a high body count.

Nothing more, nothing else.

Hopefully I’m wrong however, and the show proves me wrong.

PLL 7x15 Thoughts and Theories

This is the first time I am posting something like this so bear with me! Also sorry it’s so long but I have so much to say!

• What on earth is in Aria’s file?! It must be something really serious for her to betray her friends like this. I’m a big believer in that fact that Aria was pregnant as it just makes so much sense. I think Ezra got Aria pregnant whilst she was still in school, but Aria didn’t tell anyone and got an abortion to protect Ezra. If this pregnancy is what is in her file, all the pieces fit together! Think about it, if this were true, Ezra would probably pick Nicole over Aria because Aria has lied this whole time, and also Ezra would go to prison because Aria was in school whilst this happened and was practically still a child.

• I was never really convinced by the ‘Spencer has a twin’ theory, but after this episode I feel like it could be true. Fuery basically just told Spencer that he knows she’s played a part in killing Elliot/Archer (or whatever his name is bc who the hell knows), and that the evidence is about to be release and she’s gonna go down. So why on earth would Spencer leave and go to the airport knowing that information?! And also how did she get there so fast?!

• When we got to the airport scene, we know Ezra is near his gate and is ready to leave. But then he see’s Spencer (or Twincer) with Wren. Now, we all know that you cannot get to the gates of an airport without a ticket, Spencer would not buy a plane ticket just to have a conversation with Wren. So what’s going on there? Is Spencer about to do a runner? OR was Twincer off somewhere? OR was Twincer coming back from somewhere with Wren?!

• The whole airport scene was just really dodgy tbh, Wren and Ezra did not meet for the first time! It could just be the fact that Ezra knows a lot about Wren from when he went all rouge trying to write that book (Season 4 I think it was), or they have had some kind of interaction previously. Hmm…

• Lucas is fucking shady a hell! He could be A.D, but I feel like this is just Marlene’s way of throwing us off from finding who it really is. He is definitely an accomplice though, for sure! Also when we see the comic book and they show us Lucas & Charles written on it, look at the A in Lucas’s name. FAMILIAR MUCH? I think so!

• This whole Allison and Emily story line is just a bit bleh. I totally ship Emison 100% and i’m so up for an Emison baby, but the way it’s all happening is not very realistic (but then again what is realistic in this show). Also I think there should have been an Emison kiss at the end when they hugged, the scene, the music and the camera work was the perfect set up for it!

• Can somebody find Caleb and bring him back please. We cannot be talking Haleb babies when Caleb is nowhere to be seen.

• MARY FUCKING DRAKE. Where the hell is she? This story line is seriously dragging out and it’s getting boring.

• A.D facetiming Aria with her face is so very unrealistic and it just makes the while thing comical. Do not like that.

• A big well done to Troian for directing this episode, she brought out the best in all of the characters and I loved it!

That is all for now, if you made it to the bottom thank you for reading!

i have the bodies of both of my theses done and they are both sitting ~40 pages. once i add in an introduction, conclusion, and bibliography, they should come out at ~55 pages each. in the past three months, i have read 25 books and a billion journal articles and written more than 100 pages of historical research, and i’m honestly so proud of myself like holy shit

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Do you think Aly's book is %100 worth reading? It seems more interesting than other biographies but Im buying hers ilI feel like I should get Simone's too

I’m not finished with it yet but so far it’s great! I haven’t read many of the other gymnasts biographies so I can’t really compare it but from the snippets I’ve seen of the others, this one seems better to me. It’s very well written and (from what I’ve heard) the others seem to be filled with a bit more fluff while this one tackles the more serious stuff too and isn’t just “I went to the Olympics with my awesome teammates. I was nervous but my coach told me to believe in myself so I did great!!! Yay! Follow your dreams!”. It talks about some less glamorous stuff happening at the Ranch and competitions, healthy eating, Nassar and sexual abuse, and a lot of other heavier topics. There is some fluff and she does write about a lot of the lighthearted and fun moments as well, but none of it comes off as cringey (which I’ve heard some of the other bios are). So far, it also doesn’t have any embarrassing mistakes like “Mustafina competed in Glasgow and got 5th on bars!!!” or whatever and it actually mentions several international gymnasts and says very nice things about them (she mentions Lilia and Cata being some of her idols, Aliya congratulating her after floor, praises the routines of her competitors and teammates etc). Who knows, the second half of the book might somehow turn out terrible, but as of right now I would definitely recommend it!

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Seriously not trying to be a dick here, but I’m curious about how you feel about any fics where the losers are adults. Should none be written? Because they are adults in the book & will be adults in the next movie. I get the whole thing about not sexualising kids because yeah, ew. Idk if this really makes sense, sorry.

NSFW Fics about the adult losers are 100% okay! As long as it’s made clear that you’re definitely talking about THEM and not their younger selves(anything under the age of what they are as adults in canon)
For example put something like this at the beginning: ADULT!losers to make it clear.

As for non sexual situations, I’d say any age is okay! You wanna age up the characters so that they can drive? Go for it!! You wanna write fluff about them in college having coffee together?? Heck yeah!!

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Loki discovering Shakespeare. What does he read? What does he like? What does he insist on seeing? How does he react to the play?

Oooh, this is a fun one. I love talking about Loki’s interactions with Earth culture. 

Okay so, Loki probably runs into Shakespeare because he’s reading a bunch and basically finds one of those lists of 100 books you should read before you die, because, well, it’s somewhere to start and humanity has written a lot. Only he’s really taken aback when he works out that this isn’t a saga or a poem or even a novel, it’s a play, and why would he read a play, that’s bizarre, what is this nonsense. One watches a play, one doesn’t read it. 

Loki has a lot of strong feelings about theater. It’s a genre he’s very familiar with. Asgard loves its theater, in all senses of the word. 

But eventually someone explains to him about how people do read plays so they can really focus on the language used and it’s just another way of experiencing it, and Loki’s like “fine, fine, but if I want to properly understand these I need to see them” and whoever it is is like “well, okay, but there are also five million versions of every single one” and Loki’s eyes light up and he’s like “even better,” and that’s it, a dangerous door has been opened and cannot be closed.

So Loki settles down to read. I think he likes the comedies - they’re clever, mischievous, and Loki can appreciate a dirty joke with the best of them. Especially…hmm. I think he’d have a lot of fun with Twelfth Night. He likes some of Midsummer Night’s Dream but thinks the lovers are pathetic. I think Much Ado About Nothing would be a hit, too.

He spends the entirety of The Tempest arguing with the magic system because that doesn’t work that way. Also Prospero reminds him a little too much of Odin. Loki does not do well with imposing authority figures who are the lord of their domain, as a rule.

But ofc where Loki gets really absorbed is the tragedies. He falls straight into the hole of complicated, deeply flawed tragic heroes and also the sympathetic villains. I bet he deeply resents how much he likes Iago. It’s easy for Loki to see echoes of himself in a lot of the characters from the tragedies: Edmund’s bastardy speech, for instance (I think King Lear in general would be compelling for Loki, for some reason, not just because of Edmund), Hamlet’s general fatalism and despair, the ways that all of them are doomed partly by events and partly by their own actions. 

And of course there’s the part of Loki that appreciates good storytelling and clever use of language, and Shakespeare is good at that. And I’ve talked before about how Loki almost enjoys stories that have predictable plots that follow certain formulas, as Shakespeare often does, because that’s very saga-like - things are expected to go a certain way and it’s good when they do. Loki doesn’t need his world thrown into more chaos all the time - sometimes he finds refuge in the sense of imposing order on some small part of the world, even as another part of him is itching to pull it apart.

Do Not Let The Lovely Ms Anderson Near S3 Scripts...

(Source Yahoo TV)

As Yahoo TV recently noted, Stella Gibson, Gillian Anderson’s character on the thriller The Fall, is “so unapologetically feminist, unapologetically promiscuous, and unapologetically better than everyone else on the Northern Island Police force that she inspires celebratory fan tributes with titles like ‘Stella Gibson being a boss.’”

The detective’s cat-and-mouse game with serial killer Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) in Season 2 of the drama should also inspire Emmy voters to nominate Anderson for Outstanding Lead Actress. We spoke to Anderson, who’s currently filming Fox’s reboot of The X-Files (which earned her an Emmy in 1997), about key scenes in Season 2, and her hopes for Season 3, which she’ll begin shooting in December.

You wrote an essay profiling Stella for us before Season 2, and you said that some people see her as cold. You wondered if that was something that show creator Allan Cubitt saw in you, since he wrote the character for you. When we did a deep dive into Season 2 with him, we asked him that question and he said no: He sees Stella as someone who’s warm, but she has a “surface coolness,” a kind of control that he does believes you exude as an actress. Do you see Stella as someone who is trying to control things that are beyond her control?

I think that’s pretty accurate. I think she likes to be in control, and I think that’s served her very well in her work and also in her personal life. I think she’s extraordinarily focused in her work, and I think it takes up a lot of her headspace. I think she’s spent so many years singularly focused that she doesn’t really know anymore how to step outside of that until it’s almost become a part of her personality — this concentrated, deliberate, focused, serious, professional. So I think when we get to see aspects of her personality when she tries to step outside her comfort zone — when she makes a deliberate effort to be kind, friendly, warm, complimentary, share a joke or something even intimate and on a personal level — those moments really stand out for the character, watching from the outside, because they are so few and far between. They’re there, and they allow you into another aspect of her that maybe she just doesn’t have access to that readily.

That leads nicely into the first scene I wanted to talk about: When she realizes Spector has broken into her hotel room and read her diary, which is the ultimate loss of control. Take me through filming that moment and how you got to that place. We see the tears building, and the realization that she’s lost something of herself to him, of all people.

I think in the actual scene, the audience hears Spector speaking [what he wrote in her diary]. I didn’t hear his voice, and they didn’t need to have somebody reading out loud, because I was reading the words on the page. What he writes is so blatantly provocative and potentially shaming and intuitive. And the fact that he’s quaffed that boundary, and stepped into not just the privacy of her room and the privacy of her diary but the privacy of her mind and her thoughts — it’s such a violation that it knocked the wind out of her. Literally, she’s so not used to anyone getting anywhere near even on the surface what she projects. She protects herself. So for that protection to have been bypassed, and for him to have found her soft spot completely out of the blue. … He really steps into an intimacy that she doesn’t share with anybody. It’s a huge, huge invasion of her mind — a mind that she keeps very closed.  

In your essay about Stella, you mentioned that she chooses her clothes carefully and cares about how she looks — for herself. You said she’s “at once in touch with her femininity in a way we have not seen, and yet still able to stand up for herself with strength, intelligence, grace, and self-containment.” Is her wardrobe also like a suit of armor, in a way?

What I find interesting is that it’s not. She’s neither wearing suits that are buttoned-up and double-breasted and trousers to emulate the male counterparts on a daily basis, nor is she overtly dressing sexually as armor. I think what I find fascinating about her is that it is purely to satisfy a desire that she has within herself for herself. If that confidence and that self-knowledge creates a boundary somehow, puts distance between herself and other people… I don’t believe that that’s a deliberate statement in any way or a protective device. That’s more about the other person and their take on her or their opinion about how she should dress.

The next scene I wanted to touch on is the lengthy interrogation scene, which became a great power play between Spector and Stella. How did you approach that crucial sequence?

I thought that it was exquisitely written.  How did I prepare for it? I mean one always intends to be entirely off-book, but with something like this, it’s really important to know 100 percent that you are off-book and can follow the rhythm of the scene from beginning to end without interruption. When we did a rehearsal of it, it was clear that Jamie felt the same way because we were able to do the 11-and-a-half pages straight through. What was fascinating about the process was that because we haven’t sat face-to-face in scenes before, it was as much about the actors dancing as it was about the characters dancing and observing each other, sussing each other out. We both lightly got into…predatory is the wrong word, but it’s almost like two cobras facing off. A cobra and a mongoose or something. It was something about that, and because it’s such a quiet scene, and we end up very grounded in our bodies but also very much in each other’s space. It had that kind of heightened sense to it. It was so much fun to play, and also to see how good Jamie was and could be.

There are times when each of you speaks directly into the camera. Allan has said that he wanted to do that so viewers would feel the intimidation. What were those takes like to film?

Usually those moments are asked of actors at the very end. It’s like the final take, which means that you’re either exhausted by then, or you have the rhythm and you’re vibrating at a particular level. And so, it can actually be exhilarating. I think you can’t help but jump into the perspective of the viewer and get a sense of the power that such a shot would have in a scene like that. So it can be quite fun to be able to play with that heightened intention there.

Another memorable scene was the aftermath of Stella’s rejected invitation for Reed Smith (Archie Panjabi) to join her in her room and ACC Jim Burns (John Lynch) coming on to Stella there instead. Stella says that line to Burns about how we all have these emotional and physical needs that can only be met by another human — the trick is to ask the appropriate person. Can you imagine an appropriate person for Stella?

What I love about that scene is that, of course, Burns thinks that she might be talking about him when she says, after that, that she made a mistake herself. It’s like he slightly wonders if maybe they’re on the same page, even though she admonished him initially. Who would be the right person for Stella? I mean, I would think that it would be an unmarried man, within a decade of her own age maybe, above or below. Equal intelligence, successful, has a sense of self-knowledge and understanding of appropriate behavior and boundaries himself. Whether she’d be able to handle that, I think, would be challenging for her. I think that she could do it… if they saw each other once a week. [Laughs]

There will be a third season of The Fall, and Allan has confirmed, of course, that Spector will survive being shot. I found it so interesting that Stella ran to Spector first when he and DS Tom Anderson (Colin Morgan) both took bullets. In your mind, why was that?

I mean, it is really the right thing to do. She spent how long now tracking this guy? She knows that there’s medics around. She knows that Anderson’s likely going to be perfectly fine no matter where he’s hit. She doesn’t want this to end here. She’s fascinated by [Spector]. She is fascinated by what drives him. She also knows that he’s got a young daughter, even though that’s obviously going to be a complicated relationship. But I think she doesn’t feel like her business with him is done yet. It’s also an easy out for him after what he put people through.

One of the things that Allan has said he hopes we’ll learn more about in Season 3 is Stella’s history with her father, which is addressed in her diary. Is that something that you’re looking forward to exploring more?

I think so. We’ve talked about it, and I am interested in exploring quite a bit more. I’ve had a lot of thoughts and ideas about where we head next, but Allan is the one who goes off in his little world of genius and figures out the best way for it all to unfold. I have 100 percent faith in him. Wherever he leads us, even if it has no resemblance whatsoever to a direction that I thought might be fun or interesting or fascinating for myself or for an audience, I know that he’ll lead us down the right path. It may or may not have anything to do with her father. [Laughs]

There was a lot of secrecy around Season 2. I’m sensing there’ll be a lot of secrecy around Season 3. How does that compare to what you’re dealing with now in terms of secrecy with the return of The X-Files?

It’s a little bit of a different level because first of all, The Fall world is a smaller world. So at the very beginning, those scripts are going to a small handful of people. When you’re dealing with a network like Fox, and you’re dealing with a franchise, there’s a lot more potentially at stake. There’s a lot more people who have their fingers in the pie. And also, the expectations are so high, and there’s a lot of boxes that need to be ticked, especially with the first episode. It’s always so much more satisfying when there’s as few spoilers out as possible, with any scenario. But I’d have to say lockdown is greater for The X-Files. [Laughs]

Great Article, but this: “Who would be the right person for Stella? I mean, I would think that it would be an unmarried man…”  gave me pause, as in:

Because we already ALL know who the right person for Stella is: 


I rest my case, your honor.

A Collection of Time-Related “WEIRDNESS” Associated with Gravity Falls

Hey guys! After this post gained some traction, I really have been sitting down and thinking about time anomalies and what they mean for Gravity Falls. As tricky as time travel business can be in a narrative, Gravity Falls has kind of taken the bull by the horns and not let go. I’m using this post as a sort of collection of these ‘time-related’ things, so as to try and formulate some more interesting theories behind it all.


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100 Illustrators that all Illustrators should know: #49

Maurice Sendak (1928-2012)

Country: United States

Famous for: Where the Wild Things are, Little Bear, Children’s books, 

Influenced: Children’s book illustration, Children’s book writing, American Literature and Pop Culture

Influenced by: Mozart, Emily Dickinson, Ursula Nordstrom, Herman Melville, William Blake, Francisco Goya, Winsor McCay, Tomi Ungerer, Disney

Maurice Sendak was an American Illustrator and writer of children’s books, including his Magnum Opus Where the Wild Things Are, published in 1963. Born to Jewish-Polish parents, Sendak had a childhood self-described as a “terrible situation” due to the death of many family members during the Holocaust. Being bed-ridden as a child, Sendak developed a love for books, and after watching Disney’s Fantasia in 1940, decided he wanted to become an illustrator. Getting occasional jobs  in the late 1940s and getting heavily into illustrating other authors children’s books in the 1950s, it wasn’t until his illustrated and self-written Where the Wild Things Are that he would gain international acclaim. Before this, Sendak was most well known for illustrating Holmelund Minarik’s Little Bear series. Besides writing and illustrating books, Sendak has also had his foray into designing sets for various stage productions. Where the Wild Things are earned Sendak the coveted Caldecott medal, and has been nominated 7 times for the award, more than any other illustrator. Sendak has since become one of the most well known illustrators in history and one of the most celebrated children’s book authors of all time. 

Intro to Harper Row

thewooflord replied to your post: 

Hi. I’ve seen a lot of posts about harper recently, and I was wondering if you know which book(s) she is in? I want to go read what looks to be a pretty awesome thing.

You 100% came to the right person. Harper is a VERY EASY character to get into because the bulk of her journey before becoming a hero is documented into books that revolve 100% around her and her brother, and they are all really beautifully written and illustrated. So first you should read the following:

1. Batman #12

2. Batman #18

3. Detective Comics #21

4. Batman #28 (Time jump- Sneak Preview of Batman Eternal)

Then she is heavily involved in the Batman Eternal weekly, a book that lags a bit but overall I highly recommend because It’s chock full of bat-fam stuff. Since some books feature her less and maybe you don’t want to spend a lot of $$$ I’ll tell you the ones I recommend and which of those I believe to be required reading.

1. Batman Eternal #5 (Required, picks up right after Detective Comics 21 and shows how her brother gets sick)

2. Three pages in Batman Eternal #12, Two pages in #13, Two pages in #14, Three pages in #15, Three pages in #16, Two pages in #17, One page in #19 (NOT required, this is the story of how Harper gets Tim Drake/Red Robin to train her and it’s fun insight into her character).

3. Batman Eternal #41, #42, #43 (Required, 41-42 ends the nano-bot part of the story that infected her brother back in issue five and follows Harper as she becomes Bluebird. Issue 43 reconnects the story back to the Batman 28 preview, so we get to see Harper really meet Stephanie Brown for the first time, who is back as Spoiler and knows a huge secret about the events of Eternal and has gotten a hundred million dollar bounty on her head).

4. Batman Eternal #45 #51 #52 (Required-ISH, These books are SPOILERS for the end of Eternal, obviously. This follows up with Harper and Stephanie’s developing friendship. If you don’t want to read these individually for the sake of spoiling the whole series you can either wait for the trade OR just shoot me an ask about what happens with Harper/Steph and I’ll tell you without ruining the rest of the plot).

Harper makes a couple of very breif appearances in the Batman Endgame storyline where she’s fighting with the rest of the bat clan to save the city, and, good news, in Batman and Robin Eternal Harper plays a lead role alongside Dick Grayson and Cassandra Cain (cass is back!) Updates will be written here when the series updates…

Harper is also in DC BOMBSHELLS, the digital first AU series! You can read her story in issue 8, 19, and 21 on Comixology! 

anonymous asked:

How did you get the idea for Fubar?



This quote from Sebastian Stan is what first got me thinking that Bucky specifically could use a service dog:

“I don’t think he knows how to express his emotions… He’s somebody who is very alone. It’s kind of depressing! He’s someone who is piecing together a life and dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder. He’s paranoid, because he doesn’t know if he’s being followed or if he’s being watched. He has a hard time trusting himself because he’s learning about all the things he’s done that he doesn’t remember.”

  • Bucky needs something to ground him and guide him and help with his PTSD and also he needs some kind of living presence that loves and supports him unconditionally, without the added complexity and baggage of human companions
  • A service dog could sweep rooms for him, ground him during panic attacks, help him remember where and when he is, and help with an infinite number of other hurdles Buck might face
  • On Bucky not trusting himself: (This is pulled directly from THE ORIGINAL FUBAR POST) Bucky feels safe with a big service dog because he thinks “OH maybe this dog could protect other people from me. It’s as big as I am! Maybe this is actually a necessary precaution.” It’s in line with him wanting to go back into cryo until the Wakandans could figure out how to deprogram his brainwashing. Bucky will clearly go to extremes to protect people from himself, so in his mind having a gigantic freaking herding dog with him 24/7 would be a comfort to him because it could wrangle him if necessary. His first thought when presented with the idea of a caucasian ovcharka as a service dog isn’t his safety, but the safety of everyone else.
  • (Of course over time he grows to appreciate the fact FUBAR is really around to help and protect him.)




FUBAR as a character is inspired by the dogs in The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski, aka one of the best books ever written. One of the hallmarks of a Sawtelle dog (the fictional breed in the book) is an uncanny intelligence and “remarkable gift for companionship.” (FUBAR’s personality is essentially a 50/50 mix of two of the dogs in that book: Almondine and Babu.) As the service dog to a 100 year old super soldier, FUBAR needs to have some kind of Extreme Service Dog Abilities, so his levels of human-like empathy and the numbers of tasks he can do are definitely exaggerated.


Anyone interested in what it’s actually like to have/train a service dog should check out​ @myservicedogadventure and @superservicedogs, because they are both lovely people who have real world experience with these dogs. (I do not! Closest I’ve come is therapy with emotional support dogs, which is not the same.)

ADA.GOV has a really good FAQ about service animals

And, of course, the Bucky and FUBAR webcomic can be found at @buckyandfubar!  

Books written by Song Jieun.

‘How to Be Cute as hell’

'How to Rock Any Concept’

'How to be So Cute that Buttons are 100% Convinced You Are Their Long Lost Relative’

'How to Look Good with Bang Yongguk’

'How to Make People Cry Tears of Both Happiness and a Twinge of Jealousy’

'How to Sing Like the Charms of a Billion Angels’

'My Selfies Are Small When I Look Beautiful But My Pictures of Coca-Cola Bottles Are HQ"

'I Should Be Doing More Photoshoots Because I’m Fucking Gorgeous"


It’s not stupid at all. I have seen all over internet people comparing both and, on the majority of times, using this as an excuse to belittle Tolkien in face of Martin’s writings (if this is a marketing strategy then they are missing the point, honestly). Well, be prepared for a rather long essay, because I have read almost all J.R.R. Tolkien books that are out there and also all five ASOIAF books. So my answer will comprise the books and ONLY them, no tv show and movies comparisons shall be made here (though, feel free to ask me about those in the future).

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so tonight I was questioning why Bellamy wasn’t punished for helping Aurora  hide Octavia? On the Ark, every crime is punishable by death. I figured that includes assisting in a crime. Accessory and all that. 

Supposedly, Aurora was floated. I’ll get more on that later. Octavia was put into lockup to await her 18th birthday and a trial determining whether she’d live or die. Bellamy, who with full knowledge actively lied to and deceived the citizens of the Ark and assisted in getting extra rations for Octavia…lost his job? That was his punishment? In Ark terms, that’s not even a slap on the wrist. 

So, why is that?

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  • jroth: if u want bellarke to be real u should read the books
  • me: lmao bitch i don't read that's for nerds
  • jroth: *makes bellamy give a REALLY cold look to clarke in the most anti-bellarke episode ever written*
  • me: lol chapter one