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Time for some more rambling. I’m not sure if this is something that’s already been touched on in the fandom, but I was rewatching the The First Avenger recently and I’m pretty sure the train was set up by Hydra to be a trap for Bucky… 

Let’s start by looking at the scene where Steve rescues Bucky from the Hydra munitions factory. When Schmidt sees that Captain America has infiltrated the facility, he sets the building to destruct. Zola sees what Schmidt is doing and he freaks the hell out.

Now, Zola is normally a groveling worm when it comes to Schmidt. He knows better than to stand up to him; but there’s something that tips him over the edge here–if just for a second.  

We already know there are a handful of other munitions factories across Europe (which is part of the reason Schmidt can be so casual about blowing up this one). Wanting to save the weapons might be part of Zola’s reaction here, but that really isn’t reason enough for him to risk Schmidt’s anger (which can be deadly). At this point in time, there’s nothing in the factory they can’t afford to lose. 

Except for Bucky. 

Sergeant Barnes is the first one to show signs he might survive his stint in the isolation ward. He’s the first one to show signs that he might be responding to Zola’s attempts to create his own super soldier. That research is only located in one place, and Schmidt is about to send Zola’s breakthrough up in flames. The moment Zola realizes he can’t stop Schmidt, he makes a break for the lab to try to rescue his notes. Of course there’s no way he can carry Bucky out of there, so he has to make do with what he can get.  

In a painful twist of fate, Steve does Zola a favor by saving Bucky. 

Take a look at this standoff on the scaffold. Here the audience is meant to focus on Steve and Schmidt going head-to-head for the first time; but pay attention to Bucky and Zola. This is their standoff, too. Follow their line of sight. They’re not looking at Steve and/or Schmidt through most of this scene. They’re looking at each other, and you can almost see the realization on Zola’s face that his experiment might just be saved. 

Don’t you dare look at Bucky like that, you asshole. 

Also, can I just point out the look on Bucky’s face when he spots Zola?

If looks could kill. 

Not to mention his face when he sees what Schmidt looks like under the mask. Sure, Bucky’s line asking Steve if he has “one of those” is meant to be a joke for the audience; but I think Bucky’s experience as a character is a lot different from our experience outside the fourth wall. He’s genuinely scared–for Steve, for himself. You can see the trace of tears in his eyes. 

Bucky knows something awful has been done to him at the hands of Hydra, and he doesn’t know if he’s going to lose his humanity, too. 

Jump ahead and Captain America and the Howling Commandos are now laying waste to anything and everything Hydra. Things are looking bad for our villains.

This is an interesting line, because the movie doesn’t exactly tell us what Zola’s mission is. Maybe we’re supposed to think his mission is to make sure the weapons are finished in time to meet Schmidt’s timeline for world domination. Or maybe it’s to kill Captain America. And maybe those things are part of his job, but as Zola himself says, “I merely develop the weapons. I cannot fire them.” His primary job is research and development, not tactical planning and defense. 

Now that Hydra is up against a super soldier, it’s likely that Schmidt is anxious to get his own super soldiers into combat. The easiest and fastest way to complete that research, of course, is to retrieve Sergeant Barnes. (In theory, Zola could use Steve for experimentation if he caught him; but he would have to start the experiment from scratch. Peggy made it clear earlier in the film that it would take them years to find out the formula using Steve’s blood. Chances are good the same would apply to Zola. The work on Bucky is already underway, it’s Zola’s own handy work, and Bucky’s still weak enough to be an easy catch compared to Steve.)

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that, directly after Schmidt gives Zola the ultimatum to “finish his mission,” we cut to the Howling Commandos laying in wait for the train. They’re hoping to catch Zola, whose location has somehow been leaked, and it quickly becomes clear that the scummy doctor hasn’t been caught by surprise. In fact, everything indicates that Zola was the one laying in wait for them. He’s surveilling the entire train from a command center and issuing orders to strategically placed Hydra soldiers.

When Steve and Bucky board the car, Zola deliberately separates them.

Divide and conquer is a tried and true tactic, but look at the difference in the opponents sent after them. Steve is given a huge opponent armed to the back teeth with a Tesseract energy gun. But Bucky? Bucky faces off against one traditionally-armed guard. (EDIT: In a subsequent viewing I noticed he actually faces off against two guards, but the second one is barely seen and is removed from the equation fairly quickly.)

Why wasn’t that guard given an energy weapon too? My guess would be because Zola didn’t want his guinea pig harmed too badly. Bullet wounds can heal, but disintegration is forever. 

It might also be telling that when Steve and Bucky are back in the same compartment together, Zola screams “kill him” not “kill them.” It’s up for debate who Zola meant for the guard to target; but since he was initially sent after Steve, it’s my assumption that’s who Zola meant for him to shoot.    

As we all know, the plan goes horribly awry on both sides and Bucky falls to his seeming death. Zola is captured and, when Colonel Philips tells him that “the last guy you cost us was Captain Roger’s closest friend,” Zola barely acknowledges it with a creeptacular grin. 

He knows. He knows whatever he did to Bucky would keep him alive. And, as it turns out, even as a captive Zola will gain the means to finish his little experiment. 


100 Banging Kinks: Fuck Machine

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Pairing: Bucky / Reader

Word Count: 651

Warning: Smut (bad horribly written smut but smut the nevertheless), language, and just toys?

This is my first time writing smut so bare with me. But with the celebration of Bucky Barnes 100th birthday, I am participating in @bucky-plums-barnes 100 banging kinks! I hope you enjoy.

You moaned lowly as Bucky took his fingers from your wet folds and brought them to his mouth, sucking them clean. “Fuck baby, you taste so good,” he cursed and you whined, arching your back in pleasure.

Bucky was sitting against the headboard, you between his legs with your back flush against his chest. He gripped your thighs and spread your legs wider, draping them over his before bending his knees so you were really on full display.

“Bucky~” You whimpered and felt his chest vibrate as he chuckled close to your ear.

“Eager are we kitten?” He asked and you tilted your head back against his chest as a blush formed on your cheeks. But your eyes never left the contraption in front of you.

A few days ago, you and Bucky made the horrible decision to get drunk and one thing led to another and that night, one of your kinks were revealed. Since then, Bucky had made it his mission to fulfill that kink.

“I want you to watch yourself,” he murmured in your ear and your eyes drifted up to where he had moved your mirror so it showed you and him everything that was about to happen. His icy blue eyes bored into yours through the mirror and it was in that moment you saw the remote in his hands.

His thumb clicked the button on the remote and your back arched again as you gasped. The fuck machine came to life under Bucky’s control and did exactly what it was supposed to.

Bucky’s arm wrapped around your stomach to keep you still as his other hand came to your breast, groping and massaging the mound as the dildo thrusted in and out of you in the first speed.

“Bucky!” You groaned and instinctively rolled your hips to meet each thrust, your eyes closing as it continued to slid deep within you. Bucky then clicked the remote again and the machine sped up its movements causing you to cry out snapping your eyes open to look at Bucky through the mirror.

“I said to watch yourself,” he growled lowly and you felt his erection against your back.

The view he had of you was intoxicating. His eyes couldn’t keep away from the dildo that pushed between you wet folds over and over again causing you to cry out and squirm in his grasp. A thin layer of sweat was stuck on your body and your legs kept tightening against his in attempts to close while your hips simultaneously moved meeting the fuck machine so it would slid in deeper.

“Bucky,” you groaned and his eyes looked towards the mirror where you were already looking at him. “Bucky, I’m close-” you whimpered and moaned your hands finding their way to his hair, pulling it as you closed your eyes again, the familiar heat forming within you.

Bucky smirked and slid his hand down to your clit, rubbing the bundle of nerves in figure eights as his other hand clicked the remote one more time making the machine go the fastest it could go. You cried out in ecstasy and your hand gripped his wrist to ground yourself as you felt your legs begin to shake.

You then felt his other hand wrap its way around your throat, squeezing just right as his breath fanned over your neck. “Cum,” he demanded and it was all you needed as the tension that built in your body snapped and your body shook as you felt what was maybe your strongest orgasm wash over you.

When you finally came down from your blissful state you realized the machine had came to a slow stop and Bucky was stroking your hair as he kissed your shoulder gently. “We are definitely doing that again.” He murmured and you nodded your head lazily, your legs still slightly shaking in post-orgasmic shock.

“Fuck yes.”

100 Banging Kinks: Hot and Cold Play

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Pairing: Bucky / Reader

Words: 1,016

Warnings: Smut and language

Celebrating Bucky’s 100th birthday, I am participating in @bucky-plums-barnes 100 banging kinks! I really can’t believe I wrote this, but either way I hope you enjoy reading it. And I didn’t proof read this so if there are any mistakes oh well-

“Just relax,” he said softly in your ear as his lips brushed down the valley of your breasts. A whimper escaped your lips and you heard him chuckle before you couldn’t feel him at all. Leaving you lying there, on your back on the bed, blindfolded, and panting.

Bucky had wanted to try something new in the bedroom and you didn’t hesitate to say yes. And that was how you ended up in this mess. Your ears strained to hear anything to give you the location of where Bucky could be, but the ex assassin was silent causing the anticipation to build within you.

And that’s how you let out a gasp as you suddenly felt the bed dip. Bucky chuckled again and before you could say anything you felt the icy cool sensation of an ice cube circle around your nipple of your left breast. You cried out and arched your back as the ice slightly melted against your heated skin, and the water rolled down your breast.

But before the small trickle of water could get far the warmth of Bucky’s tongue licked up the water before twirling around your hard nipple causing you to moan lowly and grip Bucky’s hair and pull. “Bucky!” You mewled  and then he was gone and you were left alone again causing you to whine in desperation.

“Oh don’t worry Baby girl, I’m just starting.” Bucky’s voice was raspy and deep, the arousal clear in his voice. You whimpered again and grabbed the sheets beneath you to ground yourself as you waited for Bucky to come back to you. And you didn’t have to wait long as another ice cube slid down your stomach, circling at the edge of your panties.

“Bucky-” you breathlessly moaned, your chest heaving for air as you felt your underwear get wetter.

He kept you on edge, and within the second the ice cube was gone and you thought would be replaced with Bucky’s tongue but you were wrong. You choked back a cry as Bucky’s fingers slipped past your underwear and slid against your wet folds. Your legs went to close but you were stopped with Bucky’s body.

Your head fell back into the pillows and you rolled your hips up to Bucky’s hand. He cupped your pussy and his palm rubbed against your clit causing a new flow of wetness gather between your legs and onto his hand. “Fuck yourself onto my hand.” He commanded and you moaned again not needing to be told twice as you immediately began to move yourself against his palm.

“Oh Bucky-” you groaned before clenching the sheets more as he slipped a finger inside you. “Yes,” you sighed nodding your head and working your hips more. “Oh yeah,” you moaned again and Bucky added another finger curling them as you chased your orgasm.

“You close baby?” He asked letting you use him as you needed and you whimpered once more nodding your head.

“Yes, yes, oh yes!” You chanted and just as you felt yourself close to falling over the edge his hand disappeared and you were left gasping for air and panting.

“Mm, you taste so good, baby doll.” He groaned teasingly and you knew he had licked the arousal of you on his hand clean.

“I hate you,” you grumbled before feeling Bucky’s hands on your waist.

“No you don’t,” you couldn’t see him but you knew he was smirking and you were ready to snap at him again before the sound of ripping resonated in the room and you felt your panties slip off you. He and literally ripped your underwear of you. His hands moved down to your inner thighs then, and he spread your legs wide for him before you heard him groan lowly.

“It’s all yours,” you mumbled and you heard him intake a breath causing you to feel quiet powerful.

But your smirk was wiped away from your face when you felt his lips wrap around your clit. What was once warm pouty lips, were now icy cold from another ice cube. He puckered his lips and sucked on your bundle of nerves causing your hands to fly to his hair, pulling his face closer as what could be identified as a pornographic moan escaped your lips.

His arms wrapped underneath your legs, making your legs drape over his shoulders. He held your hips still and licked up your wet fold. He groaned at your taste and his groan sent delicious vibrations between your legs causing you to arch your back again. “Don’t stop.” You groaned and pulled his hair once more as he slid his tongue in deeper.

The blindfold was still covering your eyes but that didn’t matter, your eyes were closed in pleasure as you moaned and cried out over and over again. Bucky’s tongue was something wicked and you felt the familiar coil form in your stomach as you rolled your hips up to his face.

“I’m gonna cum.” You warned your legs tightening around his head, pulling him closer as you panted. By now, Bucky was eating you out like he hadn’t had anything to drink for seventy years. It had your chasing orgasm nearing closer and your legs began to shake a tell sign as the heat that pooled in your stomach built more.

And then you felt an ice cube dip and brush over you clit and you were done for. You threw your head back into the pillows as your orgasm washed over you fast and hard- taking your breath away and for white spots to dance across your vision.

When you came back to, you could feel Bucky tenderly kissing your inner thigh as his thumb rubbed circles over your hip. “Come back to me, Baby.” He was murmuring quietly and you groaned.

“Bucky.” And then light flooded your vision as the blindfold came off and you saw Bucky looking at you, half of his face glistening with your orgasm as he smirked. The sight was quiet the turn on and you bit your lip, you two were definitely doing this again.

Bucket List#1-Victoria’s Secret Dressing Room

Summary: Bucky and you have been dating for a while now and one day he comes across a notebook of yours with locations you’d like to have sex at. You both decide to fulfill this bucket list with over 100 places. 

Oh, and also, everyone who has a metal arm kink for Bucky should totally watch this video. I found it on tumblr a while ago but I don’t remember the user who posted it. Credits to her/him/them!!!!!!!!! 

Warnings: public ish place sex (it’s in a dressing room)

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100 Banging Kinks: Getting Caught

Pairing: readerxbuckybarnes

Word Count: 871 

Warning: Smut, being caught having sex, getting caught kink

This is in celebration of Bucky Barnes reaching 100 years old and in part with @bucky-plums-barnes​ 100 banging kinks which I am so excited to read all of them!, the list of kinks is HERE along with the guide lines HERE! Enjoy little sinners x

You gasped as Bucky slid two fingers into your wet folds; slightly nipping your bottom lip the whole situation was wrong. So wrong, that what made it so arousing.

“Bucky we can’t, someone is gonna walk in any second” you groaned as he sucked under your jaw. Steve had called a meeting early that day; you and Bucky had been the closes to the meeting room. Meaning that you were both the first to arrive, you had no idea what had gotten into your boyfriend. Maybe it was the sexual charged joke you made earlier as you jumped onto of the meeting table. Maybe it was your short skirt you had opted to wear instead of your trusty worn out jeans or maybe it was the oversized shirt of Bucky’s draped over you exposing the top of your breast. Whatever it was you now found yourself perched on the edge of the table, your skirt hitched to your waist. Your panties were discarded across the room as Bucky’s jeans were unbuttoned and pulled down below his ass. His erection stood to full attention rubbing on the inside of your thigh.

“That’s what makes it so much better doll” You tried to pull away from him but your body was betraying you as your hips ground down on his fingers.

“Admit it (Y/N), you like it. The thrill of being caught turns you on don’t it?” Bucky grinned as he curled his fingers up hitting your g-spot. You rewarded him with a low moan throwing you head back.

“Oh god, this shouldn’t be such a turn on” you wined leaning back on your elbows looking up and Bucky, your chest rising up and down as he looked at you with a predatory grin. Slipping his fingers out he moved them up to his mouth sucking on his metal index finger.

“If it helps you taste as sweet as you look right now doll, all splayed out and ready to be fucked moments before the team arrives” you watched as he poisoned himself at your entrance, with one slow push he enters you earning a high pitched sob from you.

“Oh god, Bucky. Mmm yes” you mewled as Bucky pumped in and out lazily. You fell back fully onto the table, spreading out your arms your fingers dug into the wood of the table. Bucky hitched up you knee; leaning down to kiss the inside of it he braced himself over you. His right hand came to rest above your head as he grunted, his thrust becoming more forceful.

“God you’re so tight and wet (Y/N). Such a naughty girl, you really like me fucking you in such and open space. Imagining if someone walked in on us now, catching us fucking like animals” Bucky growled above you, you looked around at the glass walls of the meeting room. He was right any second now someone would catch you and it only made your arousal even more intense.

“Yes, oh god yes” moving your hands to the back on his neck you pulled him down to kiss him firmly, the sound of wood scraping on the floor sounded around you as Bucky’s forceful thrusts moved the solid oak table.
“Oh I’m so close doll, fuck… you feel so good. Are you going to be good and cum for me?” Buck rested his forehead on yours; you bit your bottom lip and wined nodding slightly. You reached down to circle your clit, the extra stimulus made your back arch up, pushing your body into Bucky’s.

“Oh I’m gonna, I’m…oh fuck” Bucky hissed, then three things happened at the same time, you own orgasm loomed over you the familiar coil in your stomach made your legs shake. Bucky spilling his load into you biting down at your neck only made you cry out louder as a third voice cried out in shock.


You looked up to see Steve, red faced with shock and slightly anger. Clutching your underwear in his hands, you brain hardly had time to register that he was watching Bucky still thrusting into you trying to chase your orgasm to its end before it hit you immediately. There was no stopping it as you bucked underneath the ex assassin. You let out a moan that was borderline pornographic as your whole body shook with post orgasm bliss. When you finally came down from your high you felt the embarrassment was over you like a cold shower, you let out a groan as you covered your face with your hands. You could hear Natasha’s low laugh behind Steve, at least she could see the funny side of it as Bucky chuckled above you.

“Next time we’ll have to hose you two down Jesus Christ and I thought Wilson was the kinky fucker around here,” Natasha snorted a she crossed her arms. Bucky looked up at the two of them a broad smile across his mouth, you peeked up at your Captain who was still looking slightly shell shocked about what he had just witnessed.

“Lighten up Steve, at least we didn’t cum late to the meeting” You let out a mortified cry as Bucky plucked your underwear from Steve’s hand.

No. 48 I love you

Summary: 100 banging kinks for Bucky’s 100th birthday! 

 I love you. (Bucky x Reader)

Warnings: smut oral (f receiving), dirty talk (ish) fluff mega fluffy
Word count: 1750 (give or take)
A/N: My first story on here and it’s smutty whooo. Thank you @bucky-plums-barnes  for the opportunity 

Please leave feedback and comments as it’s my first fic on here and I’m mighty nervous!  Aye Carumba!  And also, apologies for errors.  I didn’t have time to thoroughly check grammar etc.  


Barely made it.

Y/N looked for his apartment number and buzzed.  

Seconds ticked away in what felt like eternity, until the light in the upstairs window came on, painting the apartment in hues of orange and gold.

“Yeah,” Bucky responded over the intercom, his voice tired and faint.

Y/N took a deep breath, nervous with the reality of having to answer. 

“Who is it?” He asked sternly this time.

“Happy Birthday” 

The buzzer, pronounced and loud meant she could enter. 

Bucky opened his apartment door shocked to see Y/N  soaked to the bone. Her body visibly shaking from the cold, her lips pale with a hint of blue.  He couldn’t help himself as he pulled her to his chest and hugged her.  His heart weeping when they touched.  

"What are you- what are you doing here? Why didn’t you call I could have- I  would have-” the words dying in his throat. None of it seemed to matter anymore.  Why get caught up in the logistics of their meeting he thought when what mattered, as he caressed her cheek and stared into her eyes, was that she had made the effort to be here, with him as his birthday ended.

And so, Bucky kissed her.  Quick fevered kisses to her cheek, chin and lips for the weeks he had gone without her lips and and knowing it would never be enough he cupped her face in his hands and finally kissed her deep in a dizzying assault compounded out of frustration, relief and love.

Y/N melted under his loving assault and answering the call of his spirit, she greedily kissed him back. Not caring that her lungs burned and she desperately needed air.

Bucky lifted her, wrapped her legs around his waist and still kissing, he closed the door with his foot.  

Sexual Hunger pawed at the base of his belly demanded instant gratification. To lay her down right there on the hard cold floor of his hallway. But Bucky knew that would only result in a quick fuck and so, in an exercise of self control he had decided to take the torturous walk towards his bedroom. Rationalising to himself that If he could make it to his bedroom, then perhaps, he could pace himself tonight.   

Using what little will power he had, Bucky carried her towards his bedroom as his lips unwilling to leave hers for the briefest moment, stroked the fire between them.  Unseeing and uncoordinated they bumped into the sofa, only for him to turn her against it, their kisses strained and desperate. His metallic hand gripped the back of his neck pulled her closer, needing to be closer yet it still wasn’t enough.

Y/N started to slip, her wet body sliding down his frame and Bucky determined, hoisted her higher, remembering his purpose he stumbled onward like a drunkard, feeling out the steps of his hallway until his fingertips brushed cool moulded wood, the door frame to his bedroom.

He wasted no time in laying her on the bed, his weight crushing her as their tongue danced against each other.  His fingers found the buttons on her shirt and he tried to undo them without paying them attention, but the task was futile without removing himself from her arms or her lips.  Y/N gasped, as she felt a succession of forceful tugs and the ripping of fabric, her buttons popping in triumph.

Bucky pealed the wet fabric from her skin, bringing forth goose bumps that begged for his touch. Slowly, he kissed her shoulder but his longing for her could no longer be contained and unashamed he licked the length of shoulder and collarbone tasting a sweet mix of rain water and the salt of her skin.

Y/N groaned and held on to his face, awed by his pupils dark with lust and his lips swollen from their ministrations.  He had never looked more handsome or vulnerable or horny for that matter. She smiled at the sight of him. Her nose gently brushed his, “I love you,” she said breathlessly. 

Bucky is stunned by her words, so stunned in fact that he does not reply, his brow is furrowed and he looks confused and Y/N smiles regardless.  

“It’s okay.  You don’t have to say it back.  In fact, I wasn’t banking on you sayi-” But her words are cut short as Bucky’s lips crashed onto hers in a searing hot kiss. He kissed her with all the passion he had felt for her and when he couldn’t breathe anymore,he dragged his lips away and pressed his forehead against hers. 

“I love you too”  Bucky whispered with a smile.

His confession is food to her soul, and Y/N  found herself sighing in relief, her heart swollen with feelings she couldn’t make sense of or quantify.

“You love me?” 

“I knew I was in trouble the minute I laid eyes on you.” he confessed, his voice is coarse, just like his thumb now tracing her bottom lip.  His eyes trail her face lingered now on her lips,  “I knew it the moment we spoke.. do you remember what you said.  What you called me?”

“I can’t for the life of me remember.” she smiled coyishly, knowing full well what she had said.

”You called me an asshole.”  Bucky chuckled, as he unbuttoned her pants and pulled the wet fabric from her legs. Once free, his fingers held on to her panties and she shifted, lifting her hips, giving him permission to take them off. Their eyes locked. Their breathing heavily laboured.

“But it doesn’t matter does it.” His fingers pulled down her panties and threw it aside.   

“Because you. love. me.”  The words stemmed proudly from his lips.  His hands, both flesh and metal, traced the length of her calves, they paused at her ankles, opened her legs for him.

“With all my heart Buck, with all my heart…”   Y/N mewed as he settled between her thighs.  Entwining his arms around her legs he pinned them apart, he licked his lips at the meal laid out before him. 

Already heady and drunk on her scent, his nose became flushed with the the curls of her public hair and then slowly Bucky licked her wet aching core.  He shuddered when he heard her moan as he slowly licked her slit.  The fingers on his metallic  hand divided her pussy lips apart until her clit stood out pronounced, greedily he sucked pulled and teased it, forcing the most beautiful noises from her lips.  He wrote his name with his tongue over and over, he marked his territory by sucking softly at first then harder, only to delve his tongue inside exploring her inner walls.

Not able to get enough Y/N  greedily placed the index finger and middle finger of his other hand into the warm velvety interiors of her mouth and sucked.  Her moans, vibrating off his fingers became a tool to predict just how close she was. 

She took deep breaths, her back arching and then collapsing only to rise again and this time more determined and strained, as Bucky whipped his head and tongue torrid and determined from side to side. She gasped, breath hitched, belly convulsing, her toes curled painfully. 

Y/N was close.  God, so close, that Bucky knew just a flick of his wrist or a change in movement would send her sharply over the edge.

He stopped.  He pulled away denying her release and Y/N laughed in shock and bewilderment.  "No, no no- don’t you dare" she said, breathing hard, but Bucky unnerved and unmoved by her threats, stared at her, his eyes hooded with hunger, while he leisurely sucked on his fingers, enjoying her taste.

Whimpering her fingers moved to her clitoris in desperate need to end her torment and he shook his head.

“Don’t.” His words firm and deep was not a request but an order.
Arresting eyes, strong as steel, light as day, watched her as he took off his shirt, he made slow work of unbuttoning his pants. He can see her visibly shaking, her lips trembling slightly and he crawled on top of her, marrying her wet warm body with his own. Eagerly she leaned in to resume their kissing, but Bucky pulled his head slightly out of reach.

He was teasing her alright and she was powerless to resist him. Right now, desperate to feel that sweet release that only he could give. She was willing to do anything, for the man she loved. Pulling her hair back,  Bucky ravaged her neck, as he wrapped her legs around his waist and positioned himself against her sopping wet entrance.

With one rough thrust he buried himself inside her.  Only for the both of them to gasp.  It took him a minute to compose himself. And when he pulled out again and thrust forward, she was a quivering mess.  He knew she wasn’t going to last long, and he was grateful because he sure as hell wasn’t going to last long either.

His pace is persistent, his thrusts are deep and brutal.  They pull gasps from her lips. They pull moans from his. The bed creaks in satisfaction from their love making and he loves the sound as much as he loves the sound of his cock entering her, it’s slick, it’s heavenly, he moans again.

His fingers intertwine in her hair as him mouth claims every part he can access. Her neck, her chest, her breasts, until, his efforts were focused on her face.

“Open your eyes” he grunted, and when she did she saw nothing but love and adoration, all of it, was for her.

“Oh God, oh  god James,” she whimpered.  His eyes are staring into her soul, as he pounds into her, relentlessly wanting to witness her undoing.

 I’m close- I’m close…Oh god, ah-“ she whimpers against his lips.

‘I know baby.. I know.”  He said, his voice soft and yet, still unrelenting, he kept up his pace, her legs are quivering, her body is shaking and he knows, she’s almost there, he’s trying desperately to hold on, but his  pace is beginning to falter.

“You gonna come for me baby? Not until you say it again.” He whispered his words punctured by each snap of his hips.   

“James - ,” she begged unable to form sentences, 

“Say it for me.  Forever and only me.“ 

“I love you.”  she choked, and he rewarded by using his metallic fingers to fondle her clit.

Y/N’s orgasm hit her with the force of a freight train until all she can see is his face bathed in white heat. Big fat tears escape from her eyes from pure euphoria.  She crumbles beneath him and Bucky lapped at her lips, absorbing her cries  “That’s it baby.  Love of my life, fuck…my one and only…. моя жена ” his voice is shaky as he continues to fuck her through her orgasm.  Her walls milking him mercilessly until he has no other choice but to cum, jet after jet of warm thick cum filling her.

Moments later, when he had rolled off of her and pulled her body close to his, languishing the feel of skin to skin and planting soothing kisses.  She raises her head a little curious. 

“You said something in Russian when we were making love.   What did you say?”  

Bucky kissed her softly and smiled,  “That’s for me to know and for you to find out soon enough.”

things that bother me about the mcu, part 9827.5 : This Happened 

and yet in the next movie steve’s like “??? whaaaa?? people,,,don’t,,,want me violating international laws and going to their country to do whatever i want whenever i want??? people are,,,,,,worried???? about this??? they don’t trust me blindly??? no,,,,,,,impossible the safest hands are still my own and ignoring this problem will make it go away they’re Exaggerating and We Are Doing Fine the People Are Wrong and should Accept that we are the Best Option they have,,,i am the Only One with No Agenda” 

like!!! buddy!!!! this has been going on for a While people have been tense for a While so why in cacw was everyone acting like this was a shocking twist that at least some of the world considered them dangerous and terrifying. aou was garbage but it still Happened and if we have to keep hearing about how awful tony creating ultron was then we should definitely keep hearing about how the avengers have been very very aware that everything isn’t super chill for A While now

where was my good captain america speech in this captain america movie telling me what on earth captain america was thinking because holy shit am i ever lost re: this