100 avengers

OTP in the supermarket
  • Person A: *reaches for cocoa puffs*
  • Person B: ...
  • Person A: *stands on their toes and tries to make their arms longer*
  • Person B: *watches them struggle*
  • Person A: *sleeps*
  • Person B: Psst!
  • Person A:
  • Person B: Psst! *pokes A softly in their rib*
  • Person A: *disgruntled noise*
  • Person B: Hey! *pecks at A's mouth*
  • Person A: *groans softly*
  • Person B: *licks over A's face*
  • Person A: *wakes up totally startled* What the fuck are ya doin'?
  • Person B: Nuthing. Just wanted to check whether you are asleep or not! *rolls fast out of the bed before A can murder them*
My dash is dead

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Imagine your OTP lying on the ground and looking at the starry sky. Person A raises their hand and tells B how much they want to touch stars. Person B answers: “I’d rather touch your butt instead.”


“It’s all right, (y/n). You’re safe now. Nothing can hurt you; I’ve got you.”


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1. “She never misses, she never quits, and never loses. If you’re alive, it’s because she wants you alive.”

2. “Because even the sun can envy the stars.”

3. “Cold sunshine fell around him.”

4. “She really couldn’t stand his eyes on her.”

5. “Amazing, isn’t it?”

6. “The truth lodged bitter tasting in his mouth”

7. “I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be.” 

8. "She’s missing, not dead.”

9. “I ran in the direction of the scream.

10. "Promise me you’ll stay.”  

11. “They were looking at each other with the intensity usually reserved for bomb defusion.”

12. “They couldn’t remember a time when they weren’t scared.”

13. "I’m like 20% sure this plan will work. The other 80% means we could die horribly and violently, but honestly it’s a really solid plan.”

14. "If my parents knew what I was doing, they’d kill me.”  

15. "I may despise you with the burning white hot intensity of a thousand suns, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you.”

16. “His capacity for forgiveness wasn’t infinite.” 

17. "I’m sorry, but I can’t trust you anymore.”  

18. "All of those people are alive right now because of her.”

19. "Stop talking about love for a minute and help me with this bullet wound.” 

20. "You were always the quiet one.”

21. "You’ve only heard his point of view. You never asked mine.”

22. "No! I’m tired of doing what you say!”

23. “He was terrified of small spaces and she knew.”  

24. “It was the age of screaming.”

25. “There were few things that truly weren’t meant to exist. One of them was…”

26. “They came in a blur of shadows.”

27. "I promised myself I wouldn’t let you complete me.”

28. “There were only so many things you could hide from.”

29. Her voice could sink ships.

30. "If you take her eyes, she will be blind. But if you take her heart, she will be empty.”

31. “She was broken in a lot of ways, but there was a brilliance in her that he wanted to know all about.”

32. "I saw you staring at each other, I just wasn’t sure if it was sexual tension or murderous rage.”

33. “His eyes drooped, his hands wavered, and then there was a scream of metal tearing.”

34. “He watched, helpless, as the door closed behind her.”

35. “Under normal circumstances he would speak his mind, but, with a gun against his head…”

36. “It was a compelling and convincing argument and for that reason she chose to ignore it.”

37. “He was the picture of health. Which was amazing considering his lifestyle.”

38. “It was as if she didn’t understand the concept of ‘shut up’.”

39. “I believed that nothing could ever replace it. And that belief lasted for forty eight hours.”

40. “The kiss tasted like tears.”

41. "My life is my own to ruin.”

42. "You are cordially invited to go fuck yourself.”  

43. "I’d rather carress my asshole with a chainsaw.”

44. “You were saturated sunlight.”

45. “His eyes brimmed with unshed tears but neither of you mentioned it.”

46. “It was already here.”

47. "Just shut up and listen to me!”  

48. “You swallowed thickly and looked up.” 

49. “Having heard those words before, you suddenly realised their meaning.”

50. “He would never truly admit it, but…”  

51. “She stared into the mirror.”

52. “Shh, I promise its all gonna be alright now. I promise.”

53. “He held her for what felt like decades.”

54. “The Sun could never truly divorce the Sky.” 

55. “But what would have happened if…”

56. “I know!”

57. “A smile played on his lips.” 

58. “T'was wicked.”

59. “Tonight, the foxes hunt the hounds.”

60. “Have you done it yet?”

61. “An echoing howl.”

62. “Why cant you just open your eyes and see?!”

63. “Its not right.”

64. “He watched her, never realising that she was watching him.”

65. “Her breathing quickened. He knew what was happening to her.”

66. “Please. Just let me in.”

67. “Sing me a lullaby.”

68. “It cracked and shattered- and with it, so did her heart.”

69. “It just…hurts.”

70. “I laughed and laughed until I couldn’t laugh anymore.”

71. “I cried and cried until I couldn’t cry anymore.”

72. “I did all of this for you. What more could you want?”

73. “Don’t you ever get lonely?”

74. “Gods, you just wanted to drag your nails down his back and tangle your fingers in his hair.”

75. “It was a long time ago, but some people still couldn’t forgive.”

76. “It started without the glamour, without the drama. It started with a smile.”

77. “That was his fourth helping, and I still hadn’t finished my first!”

78. “Where the hell have you been?”

79. “Please just leave me alone…”

80. “It looked like it was getting fun so I decided to join in.”

81. “Oh, come on! It was only the one!”

82. “She fell in love with the tinkle of his laugh and the gleam in his eye.”

83. “Happy ever after? Please.”

84. “Was there ever anything there?”

85. “Gods, he was gorgeous.”

86. “I want to break those glasses with my pelvis.”

87. “The bluest blue to ever freaking blue.”

88. “He wasn’t as tough as they all thought. And she knew it.”

89. “Oh shit.”

90. “You shot me?!”

91. “He didn’t have anyone else, so you always made sure that you were there for him.”

92. “Could you ever truly forgive him?”

93. “I’m sorry, I’ve never seen you before.”

94. “There was a fine line between being sexually frustrated and sexually furious.”

95. “Fabulosity.”

96. “It was your favourite, and he knew.”

97. “Are you sure you’re all right?”

98. “Don’t you die on me.”

99. “03:18AM. You were in for a long night.”

100. “Wow. Just, wow…”

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Tbh Wanda loves using her powers to pin down her partners while she rides them

Originally posted by platanoypapaya

Wanda’s eyes glimmered down at the beautiful girl pinned beneath her body, whining and writhing in anticipation.

You both loved to play this game.

The game where you would bend to Wanda’s every will, letting her take control in her own playful and incredibly sexy way.

With her, there was no need for physical restraints. No necessity for your wrists to be held behind your back or on each end of the headboard with rope, silk scarves, or handcuffs - though, sometimes they were brought in just to mix things up. No - the two of you had discovered there was something you both found much, much more arousing. When Wanda used nothing but her powers of physical manipulation to keep you exactly where she wanted.

Tonight, you were Wanda’s plaything.

“Look at you, my sweet girl.” Wanda hummed. Her breath faltered when her clit brushed against your pubic bone, before it left on a shivering exhale. She took the time to drink in the image before her. You had already stripped each other of any clothing. You were reclined on the bed between her legs, hair a sexed-up tousled mess and chest expanding with every panting breath you gulped. She had you wrists arranged stretched above your head, kept there by a swirling red energy.

Wanda’s gentle fingertips found the silk smooth skin on the inside of your forearms and they trailed their way down the bare flesh of each arm. When her touch reached just below your underarms, she applied some pressure, allowing her fingernails to bite ever so lightly into your skin as she carved her path down your sides. You fought back a moan, intoxicated by the way she dominated you with such a cherishing touch.

Her warm, familiar hands found their destination on your hips, where she gripped before closing her lips to yours in an innocent enough kiss that soon turned breathy and desperate. You let out an involuntary whimper at the loss when her lips began to pull away, but your longing was immediately relieved as her kisses travelled to your jaw and cascaded down your neck to your collarbone.

A tingling sensation on your pelvis caught your attention and you cast your eyes down your body to see that Wanda had removed her hands from your hips. You were now anchored there to the bed by glowing red wisps that tickled your skin delightfully. Your head lolled back against the bed covers in submission while Wanda brought herself upright.

She wasted no time in beginning to grind down on you, her hand resting just below your ribs to steady herself as she moved. With every roll of Wanda’s hips against yours, came a strangled whimper from your throat and instinctive desire to buck your hips in return. But no matter how desperately you wanted to meet Wanda halfway, any attempt was impossible.

Wanda reached behind her back and ran her fingers through your wetness. You sucked in a breath when she slipped two fingers inside of you and began to curl them upwards in a beckoning motion. She didn’t relent in the rolling of her hips into yours, but instead timed each act with the other to create a dizzying rhythm of pleasure in your core.

Just when you could have sworn it couldn’t get any better than what Wanda was already stirring inside of you, a startling but oh-so-welcome sensation took over your clit. You didn’t even have to look down to know that all you would see was Wanda’s scarlet magic. And your hands would have been clutching and clawing at the bedspread if they weren’t secured well above your head by the exact same thing.

The stimulation to your clit was so wonderfully intense, your eyes squeezed shut and it felt like you were crashing through new dimensions of colour and light. You began to shake as suddenly the most incredible orgasm of your life was crashing through you.

Wanda’s soothing kisses to your neck and shoulders coaxed you back to reality. You felt so gloriously spent.

“You are so stunning.” Wanda breathed against your skin, and then lifted her head up, her weight resting on her elbows, and looked down at you.

Mustering enough energy from somewhere, you lifted a hand to tuck her long ash brown locks behind her ear, your fingers lingering on the delicate skin of her cheek.

“You are so magical.” You said adoringly and Wanda’s face tinted pink. She hid in the crook of your neck and again began to pepper you with kisses, nibbling tenderly every now and again.

No more please.