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More info about VOEZ Switch Version

  • The game will be released on March 3rd as Switch Launch title with 2500 Yen Price
  • The game won’t come on TV mode since it doesn’t have JoyCon control options
  • It will come with Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean as language options 
  • By buying the game, the 100+ songs will be automatically unlocked without the needs of buying Chu Chu
  • Ascension to Heaven confirmed to be Lv 16 on Special


fuck I love cameras. this is the famed polaroid automatic 100. its an older model than my 230 but it’s pretty much the same. the 100 was easily one of the most popular of the automatic range. the film was just discontinued by Fujifilm but I managed to snag a few packs before they got too expensive.

  • Fan: I don't like that character who happens to be female 'cause I don't agree with her actions and/or she's boring.
  • Fanbase: No, you hate her because you hate women!
  • Fan: I don't like that character who happens to be a member of the LGBTQA community 'cause I don't agree with their actions and/or they're boring.
  • Fanbase: No, you hate them because you hate people who are not straight!
  • Fan: I don't like that character who happens to be a POC 'cause I don't agree with their actions and/or they're boring.
  • Fanbase: No, you hate them because you hate people who aren't white!

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15, 16, 22, nd 42 for the ask meme!

15. things about someone that you find attractive?

ill add some more bc i have a few haha. eyes r a big thing 2, i lov all color eyes but i lov how ppls eyes scrunch up when they smile or how they look at me when im talking, idk im so weak for ppls eyes rip. also humor !!! humor is a big thing like when someone says a joke or smth then im automatically 100% more attracted haha

16. what song are you currently listening to?

im actually not listening to any songs rn, im listening to a lets play of left 4 dead fksafhkldsafhas but last night i think the last song i listened 2 was ‘don’t recall’ by k.a.r.d !!!!

22. would you like to meet any of your Tumblr friends in person?

hm id definitely want 2 meet pearl, dani, sayera, alex, nd kyra but also anyone ive ever talked 2 on here or any of my mutuals bc i consider yall my friends too !!!

42. whats the strangest thing youve ever eaten?

when i was a kid i ate a bee, it was rlly stupid of me but i was like 3 nd i thought ‘oo thats colorful, lets eat that!’ lmao 

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Jonghwan: I think it was a time for us to come closer together, and it allowed us to become brighter. In my case, I’ve definitely become brighter.

Minwoo: During the hiatus, we went traveling together. We had a good relationship in the past too, but now it’s a bit different. Surviving together with the name 100% has automatically turned into a goal, due to our long hiatus. I think we got to know each other better and became closer. Our hiatus was long, but I think we grew more stable because of it too. We learned about one another’s thoughts and our teamwork became stronger. And 100% altogether has become stronger.


Shut up, English. You talk too much.

An anecdote for all the animation students about to graduate;

I see all the student films flooding my dash so I guess it’s that time of year again, and I know that can mean some emotionally racking things ahead. I know everyone’s path to success is different but I’ll just put this story out there for people in case it offers anyone any solace.

So at Sheridan when you got in (or at least when I did eleven years ago) you were given a number grade attached to your portfolio from 1-100. 60 automatically got you in and 56-59 put you on the waiting list. I was at the very bottom of the waiting list with a 56, and planned to do art fundies for a year to build a better portfolio and reapply. I ended up getting into the program the day before classes started, I was the last person who made it in before they closed the gate that year. 

For whatever a numerical ranking of skill attached to artistic ability can be worth, on paper I was ranked as the absolute weakest and most unskilled artist in my peer group.

And, to be honest, it fucked with my head a lot. I worked really hard and found my strengths and managed to hammer out my foothold as a contender. I’d like to think at least that the people in my year don’t just remember me as “the weakest and least likely to succeed”, anyway. But when I graduated into the writer’s strike and the economy collapse of 2009 and even basic retail jobs were impossible to find, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel like every failure and missed job opportunity was proof that I really was The Worst and had wasted four years of my life, thousands of dollars, and an immeasurable amount of mental anguish trying to convince myself otherwise. I worked as a waitress in a greasy spoon diner with red vinyl seats and a checkerboard floor. I found reasons to love my job, to stay positive (even though I had that anxiety monster strangling me every moment of every day reminding me that I had never been good enough and art school had been a delusional waste of money), I worked hard on improving my portfolio, I kept throwing lines out for jobs, I forced myself to manage my crippling fears of talking to strangers so I could learn to network, I made a conscious effort to learn how to build portfolios that played to my strengths and resist the urge to put down my own work when I was trying to sell myself as a worthwhile employee. 

I always had that albatross around my neck, “you were empirically and mathematically proven to be the worst”, but I made the conscious effort to figure out and emphasize my strengths to employers.

In October of 2009 I got a job doing inbetweens on Ugly Americans for Comedy Central. The producer told me that it came down to me and two other guys for the job, but I just had a great attitude. By the time the first season of the show ended, my “great attitude” and stonecold work ethic had gotten me promoted to character design, storyboards, character layout, and keyframe animation. Almost immediately after the first season wrapped up I was hired by a studio in Hollywood, and now I’m a board artist at Cartoon Network.

I won’t say “work hard and you can have everything you ever wanted” because I completely acknowledge that I’ve had a lot of lucky lightning strikes in my life, but I will say don’t let the expectations of failure that people will stack on you choke you out. Speaking as someone who was Literally The Worst at one point in their life, a lot of good things can come from focusing on the positives, resisting the urge to lick your wounds and wallow in failure, and put a concentrated effort into figuring out how what your strengths are and how they make you valuable.  

Remember that when it comes to creative endavours “most talented” or “best for the job” is very subjective and doesn’t necessarily equate to a quantifiable number of years worked or 1-100 technical ability score. It can have a lot to do with attitude, work ethic, unique perspective, life experience, so many things that can’t be taught in school or ascribed a numerical value. There’s no single path leading to a single success goalpost. Even if you aren’t following the one you thought you would take you aren’t “a failure”, and your perspective and contribution to creative arts however you decide to make it is uniquely yours. You don’t need to win a Best At Art ribbon before you can be A Success™, and you can find a way to claw out your own little nest in the art world even if you don’t fit the profile of what you always expected a professional artist to be.

What’s stupid is that if someone in the Life Is Strange fandom prefers Grahamfield over Pricefield, they gets called ‘homophobic’ and ‘enforcing heteronormality’ but at the same time people assume people who ship het pairings are automatically 100% straight, thus being homophobic and enforcing heteronormality. 

Bisexuals, Asexuals, Pansexuals, Demi-sexuals, etc exist too?? Get your hypocritical identity erasing ass out of here.

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Fastest method for fade in/out subtitles. Sorry for these subtitles, ‘tis my childish effort at humour.. (:

Hours spent when it can be done in a minute; you do need to have timeline [most PS have this, windows >> animation] 

  • Convert your frame to timeline;
  • After you’ve written your subtitles, on the timeline click on the little arrow next to the T. Where is says “opacity” click on the timestop. This will automatically add a keyframe [diamond] which can you adjust/move. Change the opacity to 0%.  
  • Then move the position of the needle to where you want the subtitle to show. Change the opacity to 100%. This will automatically add another keyframe. 

& that’ll fade in! Then you can press play to see it fade it in or because sometimes my photoshop plays really slowly so just move the needle back & forth. now to fade out;

  • Move the needle & add a keyframe to the position where you want it to start fading out, do not change the opacity
  • Move the needle to where you want it to be faded out & change the opacity to 0%. A keyframe will be added automatically. 

&taadaa! This looks really complicated but do it twice & you’ll never go back.

My Honors US history teacher in my high school is incredible. And by that I mean insane in the best way possible. He drinks at least three cups of coffee throughout a 90 minute class, gets really into explaining certain subjects and once threw a 200 pack of paper clips across the class and just left them there. He loves his job, and we love him.
However, I digress. When he asks the class a question, and someone gets it right, he high fives them. But when someone gets it wrong, he likes to let them think their right (walks up to them to give them a high five but then turns around and says their wrong) and it’s hilarious. But, one time he asked the class a really hard question and said that he would give who ever answered the question correctly an automatic 100% on the upcoming quiz, regardless of what they actually got. So this one kid starts shouting out an answer and sounded so confident and sure of them self. So my teacher starts walking down, hand raised and smile on his face, and right as he was about to high five him, he executed the most perfect dab I’d ever seen a man over thirty perform and he shouted “DAB” at the top of his lungs whilst he did so. We then spent the rest of class critiquing his dab.