100 attractive men

homestuck is great cause there’s not just stellar lgbt+ representation, but there’s so many different approaches to sexuality.

  • Rose is obviously not straight, and never really has any deep soul-searching or personal arc related to that. She just is, and everyone (including her) just accepts that and moves on.
  • On the flip side, Dave’s entire personal arc is directly related to compulsory heterosexuality and internalized homophobia. He goes on a serious journey to discover who he’s attracted to and what that means to him.
  • Meanwhile Jake is generally questioning, and even at the end (pre-credits, idk about after) has no real idea what his sexuality is. and the best part is, he’s pretty much okay with that.
  • And Dirk is 100% only attracted to men, and (being dirk) has clearly thought about it before, but is really hesitant to deal with labels. he just dates who he likes and that’s about it.
  • Finally there’s Roxy, who is basically attracted to everyone and mostly seems like she just doesn’t care about defining what that means.

I could go on, but I really love how it showcases how different everyone is and that there’s no real ‘right’ way to do sexuality. It’s ultimately just whatever makes you happy.

1D vs Kpop

To @1onedirection-affection

Kpop stars can dance

Kpop stars can sing

And kpop stars train for 2+ years and give up their lives to work. They barely see their family and their companies work them for 12+ hours. My favorite band only gets 5 hours of sleep because they work so hard. I believe they work just as hard, even more than your favorite bands. Also being asian isn’t an insult so when you call them “ching chongs” or whatever racist bullshit you’re only making yourself seem stupid. Btw nice job plagiarizing that Jungkook scenario. Btw on the list of 100 most attractive men your favorites didn’t beat kpop stars.

I think I’m bisexual but like not sexually you know?
Like Id like to be in a relationship with a girl but just without the sex. Cause I’m only 100% sexually attracted to men and their penises.