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🎶 Practicing Tips 🎶

This is mostly for university students who practice several hours a day, but it could def be helpful for any musician 😋

1) Have water!!! If you play an instrument with repetitive movements (trombone, Piano, strings, percussion, etc) drinking water can help stave off muscle cramps

2) HAVE AND USE YOUR METRONOME if anything is difficult, start it slowly with a metronome and gradually speed it up until past where you need it to be. Ex. final tempo 100, start 70-75-80…100-105-110. Then playing it at 100 should be easy! You can also do this with entire pieces (do the same thing a few days in a row for the optimum outcome)

3) Rhythmatize! Instead of playing something as straight 16ths, play it in groups of 2 or as triplets or doted eight 16ths etc with a metronome, then playing it straight is super easy. (planning to make a post about this with pics)

4) Use your pencil! I know there’s some kind of judgemental standard where having like no marking on your music except fingerlings is “mature” but that’s such BS. If you make a mistake more then 2-3 times, MARK IT. I photocopy all my music so I can scribble all over it and not feel guilty for destroying original music. That way too you can label it “2016 Prof John” and then when you revisit that piece or teach or if a friend learns it, you can see exactly what you were thinking when you did it.

5) If you make a mistake, don’t automatically go back a few notes and keep going or just fumble over it and keep going. STOP AND DECONSTRUCT THE PROBLEM! (Unless you’re practicing performing and you’re purposely not stoping obvi)

6) Have your phone or iPad + charger so if you’re practicing for several hours, you can take a break to listen to the pieces you’re playing, compare bowlings, articulations, dynamics of diff performers, compare to the score or piano part etc. Then you don’t have an excuse to leave your practice bubble.

7) STRETCH!!! Regardless of weather you’re playing Rachmaninoff on piano or Revel on flute, stop and stretch your arms, neck, wrists, back and maybe even hips. This way you can practice longer without soreness or cramping and you have less chance of injury. Do this before and after practice as well. (will make another post with pics for this)

8) Take breaks! Depending on what you’re playing, how long you’ve been practicing, etc. take breaks every 15-40 mins. You can check your tumblr/twitter OR you can listen to your pieces, do score study, stretch, take a walk outside your practice room. Also, maybe split your practice? 2h before class and 2h after class?

9) Don’t play through! Chunk things, deconstruct things and have a specific goal for each time you play a section. Then when you’ve played all the chunks of a page for example, play though it all together slowly then speed it up with metronome.

10) If you’re getting frustrated or stuck on something STOP! Take a break or work on something else and come back to it.

11) Start with scales or tonalizations or a comfortable study or warmup every day. I know it’s annoying, but if you have like a 10min routine that you start your practice with every day, your intonation will improve AND your mind & body will get used to focusing in and starting your practice every day. DONT ZONE OUT OR PLAY MINDLESSLY! Have a goal to improve a specific skill or aspect of your warm ups every day. (If you’re having multiple practices in the same day, you can probably just do 2mins of the same warm ups to get in the zone for 2nd or 3rd practice sessions)

12) Touch on everything at least a little everyday. Even if you don’t have time to deconstruct and practice everything in chunks, at least go through each piece/study/excerpt, etc every day with special attention to what you focused on in your last practice.

13) Once you’ve “finished” with a piece (performed it, played for a jury, etc) DONT STOP PLAYING IT! Revisit it a MINIMUM of 2x week, then if when you need a piece for a masterclass/unplanned performance, you can just spend a little extra time practicing and you’ll be all set.

14) Don’t wait till the week before your performance to practice with your accompanist! If you practice with your accompanist every week or 2 after you’ve mastered a piece, then when you have a performance, you and your accompanist will be super comfortable playing together. (This can be expensive with a professional collaborative pianist, so maybe try to use a 4th year piano performance major? Still worship them tho obvi, they are heros)

15) Try playing with recordings, esp diff recordings, or with a midi on a music program so you can be adaptive, if you can play your piece well at diff speeds with diff rubato, diff dynamics, then playing it the way you like it is easier.

16) Play for your friends once in a while. If you’re like me, you have a lot of rep and you don’t get to play it all in your lesson, maybe you only touch everything every 3 weeks with your prof? And maybe you’re not ready to play everything in masterclass all the time (bc that’s insane lol) so just playing through for your friends once in a while could get you some super helpful constructive criticism once in a while.

Hope this helped some of you 🎻😎🎵

Jughead x Reader: 365 Days

Warnings: s m u t (n fluff)
Requested: yes
A/N: although this is a new request, I haven’t posted a Juggie imagine in a while, so I skipped to it. also, this is my first smut so please give me feedback!

*your POV*

The sunlight peaked through my curtains to let me know it was morning. My cat, Pudding, was sitting on the edge of my bed waiting for me to get up as she did every morning. Today was mine and Jughead’s 1 year anniversary and it was a beautiful Friday to celebrate.

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Thank you for 100 followers!

Þakka fyrir - ‘thank you’ in Old Norse, written (mostly) with Elder Futhark (excuse any mistakes)

While I was away, I crossed 100 followers which is, honestly, beyond amazing! I wanted to write something for that occasion, but I didn’t really have much time so I settled for a quick sketch instead - I just couldn’t wait. :D

But guys, thank you so, so much. It makes me so happy to think that so many people have found something on my blog that made them stay and click that little ‘follow’ button. 

A little overview (since it’s 100 followers):

Some personal ‘thank you’s to @tarched, @introvert-dragon, @vivi-ntvg, @wolfie-dragon-rider and @amare-sili for being the amazing people that they are. Not that long ago I was very skeptical whether I could ever find friends online but you guys have proven me wrong - thank you for that. :D

I would also like to thank @angies-team for creating the Discord chat. It’s been a great opportunity to meet all those amazing people!

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Updated Goals

Need to keep myself accountable.

Bench - 100# (110#) 125#
Back Squat - 185# (200#) 225#
Front Squat - 110# (125#) 150#
Deadlift - 190# (195#) 210#
Pushups off knees - 10 (12) 20
Single unassisted pullup
5k, no walk - (38mins, three breaks)
Work towards inversions in yoga (inspired by @nikigettingfit’s goal!)
NO WEIGH INS UNTIL MAY (just a few days left!)

Parenthesis are where I’m currently at, to the left where I was, and the right - where I want to go.

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001: jake and Amy! :)

  • When I started shipping it if I did: in season 1, because when I first started watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I would go to IMDb and specifically watch the episodes that might have something w/ them in it before I’d watch the rest. I think I started seriously shipping it after “The Bet”
  • My thoughts: they are 110/100 perfect need more content
  • What makes me happy about them: they just vibe so well with each other. they have issues sometimes but they talk about them and solve them. they recognize the little things about each other that they cannot find in themselves (like Amy’s binders and Jake re: Die Hard) but they express interest in those subjects anyway because they love the person who loves those things so why ridicule them for it? nah, go along with it because seeing the other happy makes themselves feel so happy. the math is so easy?? and they do it constantly like dang. hit me with dat ish constantly please
  • What makes me sad about them: that sometimes Jake feels a little insecure :(
  • Things done in fanfic that annoys me: whenever people write Amy as some sort of killjoy and Jake as a manchild
  • Things I look for in fanfic: AUs and Jake meeting Amy’s family. I’m a huge sucker for those
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: look man,
  • My happily ever after for them: they get married and have kids and Amy becomes Captain and Jake is the immensely proud husband who has a little bit more time to spend with the kids but knows them well enough to see whenever they need to be with their mother- and they communicate well enough that he can pass this on to Amy, who immediately figures out how to go about that because work is important to her but family even more so
  • Who is the big spoon/little spoon: they both like to be the little spoon so they switch it around frequently but Amy is Good and she knows how much it means to him (and thinks to herself that maybe he needs it just a little bit more than she does) so she often offers to be the big spoon before he even needs to say anything to her. she can read the response in his face, meaning that it completely lights up knowing that he can spend the night lying in the arms of the person he loves most
  • What is their favorite non-sexual activity: spooning
Let’s practice our ABCs, shall we?
A: “Are you okay?“
B: “But you’re so thin!”
C: “Can’t you just stop?”
Now let’s move on to numbers.
Above 100, that’s not allowed.
300 today, 200 tomorrow, 0 every day after that.
D: Don’t make me put that in my body, I will hurt myself in every way I can.
E: “Eat more!”
F: Fight, flight, failing, falling.
Watch the numbers change.
110, 100, 90, 80.
How are you feeling now?
G: Get me out of this huge fucking body,
H: Help is never on the way.
I: I am not worth anything.
2, 4, 6, 8.
How much more can your body take?
3, 5, 7, 9.
It doesn’t matter, you’re not in control of your mind.
Smaller, thinner, colder, weaker.
Home, highway, hospital.
You’re doing very well!
I see you’ve learned your letters and numbers, look how you’ve carved them into the flesh that you want gone!
Unstable, uncontrollable, unconscious.
I think that’s enough learning for today.
—  A.U.