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be more chill fourth of july headcanons

-jeremy had an ear infection when he was younger and he has to either stay inside a car or the house during fireworks because ot hurts his ears.
-they always have a bbq at brooke or jennas house.
-rich LOVES fireworks and spends at least $250 each holliday on them.
-christine is the annual dj. so many musical songs are played.
-jake loves the parachute men.
-brooke and chloe always make a run to pinkberry for everyone because of their 4th of july discount.
-rich eats at least 10 hamburgers.
-jake tries to out eat rich but always fails and ends up with a tummy ache.
-jenna and christine made out one 4th of july.
-everyone goes swimming!
-they always play ‘game of phones ’ while jenna cooks.
-jenna is very good at cooking.
-christine is a very good baker and always makes a cakr and cookies.
-chloe eats the heck out if those cookies.
-couple photos must be taken!!!!!
-chloe and brooke always get great timing in their photo with a firework in the background while they kiss.
-jake is picking up rich in the photo and rich is holding sparklers. they also take one with ricg holding jake. aldo jenna took sneaky blackmail photos of them smooching it up.
-jeremy and michael take their photos in the pool but also when they end up playing board games. michael got jeremy outside once snd they took a photo together and it was so sweet. (michael was kissing a flustered jeremys cheek).
-christine and jenna always make jake and rich and chloe and brooke kiss next to the two of them while they’re making a disgusted face while holding hands.
-michael stays inside with jeremy and they cuddle ans play video games.

happy 3 days after canada day! oh and 4th of july too! enjoy💓 ALSO WE GAINED LIKE 100 FOLLOWERS ON 2 DAYS WOW THANK YOU GUYS


AHHH THANK YOU ALL FOR 100 FOLLOWERS (in 2 days omg) Here’s my edit of my mochi being all derpy ㅋㅋ

I’m really thankful for every single one of you who likes my edit I’M REALLY REALLY GRATEFUL ❤️ thank you~ & I hope you will like my future edits too!!


I can’t believe it…. and now I can….wait no, I still can’t. But let’s not joke around here, 300 is a lot! My goal for this blog is 500 followers. That’s all I dreamed of this blog getting, but here I am, more than half way there! And let’s not forget that last week, yeah, just last week (mind you, the beginning of last week) i was celebrating my first 100. So let me explain why this is so mind-blowing. I got 100 followers 2 days shy of my first month on here. And then from the 4th of july (the day i got 100 of you blessings) until now, I have managed to gain 200 of you guys and then some.  So that’s 200 followers in a week and a half! While I’m typing this let it be known that I am smiling like an idiot because that is just ridiculous! 

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you guys are so bloody awesome.

100 followers in like 2 days. wooow

As a thank you from me to you, i´ll do a lot of youre requests today so feel free to send some😻😻😻💞🙀

100 follower prompt-a-thon, improv style (reminder)

I’m absolutely boggled at the number of people following me, so in the grand tradition around here, it’s time for prompts. (Was going to wait until after NaNo, but it’s going well. This’ll give me something for when I need a break.)

I haven’t had a lot of luck with this in the past, so I’m trying something different. Under the cut are three lists. Pick two characters, a location, and a prop for me, and I’ll write something with those four in it. No promises about pairings or AUs (with exceptions I’ll get to momentarily).

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