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SNSD & Several of their Biggest Achievements

Additional Information:
- Not only is SNSD the first girl group to win the Disk Daesang in 2010, they have won Digital Daesang awards in 2009 & in 2011. This makes them the first girl group to win Daesang awards three times in a row.
- “Gee” broke the record for longest-running number one on Music Bank with nine consecutive wins.
- Students at Harvard University highlighted “Gee” as part of their study on Korean culture.
- They are the first girl group to achieve four music videos with over 100 million views on YouTube with “Gee”, “I Got a Boy”, “The Boys”, and “Mr. Taxi.”
- SNSD has also performed “The Boys” on “Live With Kelly” in the United States in 2012.
- They won “Artist of Year” during the MAMA Awards in 2011 & “Best Female Group” in 2011, 2013, & 2015.
- SNSD broke the record for the most wins in K-pop with their song “Mr. Mr.,” which was their 75th win.
- As of January 2016, SNSD has had over 60,000,000 Digital Sales & is still counting.
- More of the Awards & Achievements can be found here.

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[ENG] 170314 [Yonhap News] “Boy In Luv” Surpasses 100 Million Views on YouTube


I love how people keep saying that BTS is untalented and they are never gonna go anywhere and sorry to break it to you, but with 3 music videos with over 100 million views, the biggest venue in Korea sold out twice, and the fastest group to hit 10 million views in a day, you can’t exactly say they aren’t successful since they’re breaking records every time they breathe.

[IG] 170131 blackpinkofficial: #BLACKPINK#BOOMBAYAH#1MVIEW#THANKYOU
#LOVEYOUGUYS#JISOO#JENNIE#LISA#ROSÉ 100 million views?!?! Like seriously??!! We finally made it!!!!! 🎉 Thank u to ALL our Blinks around the world.. U guys made it possible.. and we just dont know how to thank u guys more😌😭😭 gosh guys!!!!! GAAHHH This is so exciting💙💙💙 We’ll always try harder to make all our blinks proud!! mwahh😘 love you