Routine - Jackson (Day 80/100)

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Prompt: Routine
Member: Jackson x Reader

Word Count: 4,292

Wow, yea, this one is insanely long but one of my favorites for sure~

You woke up to the sound of your alarm beeping and you groaned as you sat up, glancing at your phone seeing it flash 5:00am. You moaned before pulling back the covers and crawling out of bed and into the bathroom.

This was your routine

Every morning you would wake up, wash up, get dressed, grab your bag, and go to the gym. You’d stretch, then run, and lift. Then, you’d do a quick shower and take the bus to your work. Work was interesting; you were doing what you loved and you enjoyed your job, but every now and then you thought that your life could be a bit monotonous. But no, you would shake your head, look in the mirror and smile. It wasn’t monotony at all.

It was routine

Today was no different and after freshening up, you went back into your room and pulled on a pair of shorts and a loose, oversized t-shirt. You quickly put your hair up into a ponytail and grabbed your water bottle from the fridge before heading out the door. You stopped suddenly and groaned, turning back around and going inside to grab your gym bag that you’d forgotten. ‘How did I forget that, that’s literally the only thing I actually needed’ you thought, mentally berating yourself. You would never be so careless as to mess up your routine over something so small. You were now a few minutes behind schedule so you ran a bit faster to the gym.

As you walked in, you waved hello to the lady at the front desk and she whispered a good morning. You walked over to the yoga mats and you were about to stretch when you noticed that the mat you usually used was gone. In fact, all the mats were gone. When you asked the lady about this she said that the gym had had some water damage and they would be getting new mats in a few days, so you just shrugged and did your stretches on the ground. That…was a little bit out of routine. After that, you got on the elliptical and ran for a good half an hour, which resulted in an all-time high of miles run. You smiled a bit and noticed how that seemed to be a little bit out of routine as well.

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