You know those 3am thoughts..?
Welp yesterday I had one aaand I couldnt let it go.
I never was the one to join the HAAAAPPY WHEEELS “train”.
Since I subscribed I was a picky viewer if I do say so, now I’ll watch about anything.Yesterday and today I watched 99episodes of Happy wheels.
I regret that I was SO picky xD
Even though I didn’t join the amazing hype train at the time I still loved the series! Amazing that it dragged on to 100episodes!

Every episode had a facecam so…
Now I have 100+pictures of Jacks face ;)

And yes I do know that this was late (Had to finish it today though and SPEED IS KEY!) and that there is one picture that repeats itself.
I tried fixing it but it didn’t work out, it was 3repeated or 1repeated picture.Not really my fault that I got distracted by that magnificent face and screwed one facecam shot up.

Now I’m off to see the 100th episode :)
BOOPER DOOPER AND SPIKEFALL STEVE (god, I know I have a flu but all the 99episodes within 6hours really made my brain a smoothie..don’t imagine that)

@therealjacksepticeye Hope you enjoy even though it’s not an amazing fanart ^-^