How my art ALMOST reached One Direction, the whole story


Saw a photo of Louis, not knowing who he was, but I liked the lighting so painted a vaguely Louis-y looking chap.

Got a lot of requests for more.


Almost a year later, on Twitter, I caught a big break with the fans. With this piece: 

Retweeted 722 times.


Liam saw my art but someone cut off my signature, so he had no idea it was mine.

April 2014

Dan Richards’ (1D’s guitarist) mom Louise contacts me on Twitter, saying she’d like to help. We arrange to meet at Wembley stadium to give my art to Dan who’ll pass it on.


I meet with Louise. She’s tried to arrange for us to meet Dan but security is too tight.

She does give the book to Dan.


Apparently, Dan’s been going around showing the book to everyone (not 1D) and gives it to Karen Payne, Liam’s mom.

I hear about this from Louise a little bit later, when I’m home.

She tells me not to publish anything about it because she thinks Karen might contact me or Modest Management will.

They don’t. 


I see 1D in Amsterdam. Still heard nothing. Louise is incredibly disappointed and very nice to me.


Still nothing… but I got so close… guys…, so close.