It really sucks to me how one minute you can be best friends with someone without knowing three years from then you won’t even look them in the eye anymore when you pass by each other in the hall. I sometimes wonder why I even bother to make meaningful connections with people because nothing lasts forever and I’m starting to realize that firsthand. As we grow up we’ll drift apart and things simply won’t be the same. I’ve learned to hang on way too tightly to things I should’ve let go of a long time ago. But the thing is that even way after everything has been done and over with, I remember everything. I still remember the tiniest details of my ex-bestfriends and their parents, the way their house used to smell and every single time we hung out. Things from first grade with plastic wands and silly fights, falling off the monkey bars and having her yell at me when I cried, cold nights sitting in a hot tub with the people who I thought I’d be friends with forever, trick-or-treating in a random neighborhood in July, folding 647 paper cranes and losing half of them, just everything

And it sucks to know that people I treasured the most have moved on, made new friends, and forgotten all of this. Meanwhile I sit here and think of everything that could have been different if we were still friends