[160406] Mingyu’s Twitter Interaction with Fans

Intro Tweet: [17’s Mingyu] I’m Mingyu who just turned 20!! Hihi. Mention party, start~~~

Fan: Currently waiting for the mention party 💗💗💗💗💗 Please come.
: Yes, Mingyu is here!!

Fan: Please do mention replieees.
MG: This is a gift~~♥

Fan: Oppa, did you eat seaweed soup??
MG: Joshua-hyung cooked it for me!!!

Fan: Since it’s your birthday, spend the happy times together with precious people to your heart’s content. Since today is your day. 😊
MG: I am happy to be together with the SEVENTEEN members.

Fan: Mingyu-yah, what is your blood type? Could it be… My ideal type? 😉
MG: Nope^^ It’s B-type.

Fan: Mingyu, happy 20th birthday.♥
MG: Thank you!!♥ 

Fan: Mingyu-yah, are you going to watch Descendants of the Sun?
MG: I should do that. *laughs*

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I almost had 10.000 posts and I thought of the post i could make as the 10.000th post and while I was thinking Idk I just forgot and started blogging again so yeah now I’m way over 10.000 post but I checked and I’m very happy now. because my 10.000th post was this and it’s a harry potter post. harry potter was my first fandom so I’m just glad it was in a ‘special post’. 

anonymous asked:

In the spirit of diplomacy, I have to wonder if they moved the 11,000 performance celebration so that all of the PRINCIPLE cast members were present?? I feel like the same thing would have happened for any show that celebrated a mile stone when an understudy was on. I could be wrong, but I don't want to jump to conclusions that it's ALL about Sierra.

First, Mary Michael Patterson is not an understudy, but an alternate. She has two scheduled performances a week. She is one of the main cast members. 

Second, I’m a fan of diplomacy. And I definitely assume they celebrated because all principals were on. But in this case it seems to be a lot about Sierra and very little about logic. Main reason: “Phantom of the Opera” has celebrated rather prestigious milestones in the past with alternates and/or understudies on: 

*When the Broadway production officially celebrated that it was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records in September 2012, it was Marni Raab (the alternate at the time) they photographed along with Hugh Panaro and Kyle Barisich. 

*When the West End production celebrated its 10.000th performance in October 2010, with Andrew Lloyd Webber and Michael Crawford present, u/s Stephen John Davies played the Phantom. Because of illness, but still. They could have moved the event if it was vital for them to have then principal Scott Davies on. 

*In 2004, when the Broadway production celebrated its 7,000th performance, alternate Christine Julie Hanson was on, along with principals Hugh Panaro and John Cudia. 

*When the Broadway production celebrated its 21th anniversary in January 2009, the role of Christine was played by alternate Elizabeth Loyacano, along with principals Howard McGillin and Tim Martin Gleason. 

I agree with you as far as them wanting to celebrate when the principals was on (despite tradition). But I think the REASON why they wanted to celebrate with the principals is that Sierra Boggess is one of the principals. Nothing more, nothing less. ETA: and it turns out the 11,001 performance had u/s Raoul Greg Mills on anyway. 

I adore Sierra Boggess, don’t get me wrong. And they didn’t say in either of the updates that it WAS the 11,000 performance, just that they celebrated it that night. But I’m fairly sure they knew readers would perceive it as the cake being rolled in right after the 11,000th performance, with the cast depicted. The photos will forever be labeled as “from the 11,000th performance”, not “from the CELEBRATION of” said performance. 

In short, Mary Michael Patterson performed the 11,000th performance on Broadway, but is not credited for it anywhere - very unlike previous tradition of celebrating the event the same night no matter the cast, crediting the actual cast that performed. 

Hello everyone! This is my 10.000th post so I decided to do my follow forever AKA the list of people who are cooler than me ;)

I’m really happy that I’m a part of The Victims, thank you all for sticking around with me ^^. I met here amazing people, I appreciate every single one of my followers, I love you all and I wish I could meet you irl someday. And now, THE LIST:

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And my lovely wifey thekillersluts

Thank you guys, love you :))