10.000 years

Some Shallura dressing fancy with flat colors! 

Can you imagine them going to a dance like some Met Gala but with all Universe invited and them everyone is just so excited to see the Altean Princess after 10.000 years with her new Voltron squad (they’re guests of honor, of course)?? And so there’s the red carpet with all the royalty and stuff and BOOM! The Altean Princess gets there with the leader of the Voltron as a couple! The universe maganizes just go crazy about it and suddenly they’re the most famous and powerful couple in the universe. 

Hello, my bookish bees 😊

I am here, once again, to provide assurance that the bookworm life has chosen you and will never ever let you go, even if you don’t meet certain “criteria” that a lot of people think is “essential”.

Without further ado, you’re still a bookworm if…

  • … you don’t read all the new releases

There are sooooo many books coming out each month (no, seriously, it’s insane) and it’s completely normal to sometimes (or always) be out of the loop when it comes to them. It’s a lot to follow and it’s a lot to take in and sometimes it’s not just possible to keep in touch with everything new that is out. It doesn’t mean that you’re not a bookworm if you haven’t read the latest hyped book or continuation of a well-loved series. Most times, I personally can’t afford to buy all these new books. So instead, I save up for when there are sales or special offers. The only downside is dealing with potential spoilers because people are evil.

  • … you only read books from the library and don’t have a personal collection

Libraries are god’s gift to this world and more people should be using them. But I’ve had people tell me that they’re worried they aren’t “true bookworms” if they don’t have a personal collection. To these people I say “fuck that”. I know we all dream of a library like the one in Beauty and the Beast, but we’re not princes in castles and books unfortunately cost a shit ton of money. Also, a lot of people don’t actually have the space to deposit a book collection, so libraries are a great way to keep reading and not hoard books. Seriously though, libraries 👌💯

  • … you don’t have books in pristine condition

I personally keep my books as spotless as possible, but that’s just because I’m weird. A looooot of people love seeing books that are well worn, because that’s a sign of them being read and loved. And I agree! However you choose to treat your books, that’s your decision. Dog-ear them, highlight them, write in them, whatever tickles your fancy, go forth my child and do the thing! Your books, your rules.

  • … you don’t read an insane amount of books/year

I’ve touched on this before: life likes to mess us up and that usually implies it smiling at us and saying “well shit son, no reading for you today 😘”. But that’s okay. Once a bookworm, always a bookworm, whether you read 1 pages a year or 10.000 😊

  • … you only read a certain genre

Hey, we don’t all have eclectic tastes in books and that’s normal and should be in no way questioned. You only read YA books? GOOD BECAUSE YA IS A GREAT GENRE FIGHT ME 👊 You only read classics? More power to you because that stuff is confusing to me 😲 You love poetry and couldn’t think of reading novels? DO THE THING! Just read what makes you happy. I guarantee that you’ll always find people to discuss your feelings/emotions/thoughts with.

Basically, my loves, you’re bookworms. Period. You’ve been anointed into this life and I’m sorry to say, but there’s no way out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mary ❤️

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I literally saw someone complain about how Allura doesn't act like a teenager in any shape or form. Believe it or not, they are a few teenagers out there who act mature. I sure know a couple of them. I don't know why her personality makes people think she's way older or something.

Allura may be more serious than the others in some situations but

She literally awoke from a 10.000-year cryo sleep to find out that her entire race was wiped out, she’s got to train five humans that could be beaten by an Altean child in a fight, if she fails the universe is doomed and yet -

I just

fail to see

how this girl

acts like

a woman in her twenties

please explain

where people are getting

that Allura

is a grown woman

I don’t see it

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how do you mean lotor is a better option for the universe than the paladins? he may be different from zarkon but he basically has the same goal. i don't intend to sound rude. i'm merely curious

to be completely blunt: the paladins have no idea what they’re doing. 

their goal to achieve peace by freeing the universe from the hands of the galra is admirable. their methods, however, are not. as things are now, they’re doing more harm than good. 

now, keep in mind i’m not saying lotor is the good guy here - from an objective standpoint, none of them are. 

we’re being told the story from the paladin’s point of view, which makes us perceive them as “good”, while anyone and anything that gets in their way is “bad”. but protagonist isn’t the same as hero, and antagonists aren’t always the villains - an important distinction to make, in this case. (some examples i can name off the top of my head are megamind, death note & peter pan) 

side note: if this story were being told from lotor’s perspective, it’d be about an exiled prince struggling to reform the empire his father created because he’s sick of his old man’s ways, and voltron would be the “villain” that popped out of nowhere to ruin his plans. badly worded, but you get the point.

the beginning of season 3 was the perfect example of that. the paladins liberated planet puig, got them to join their alliance, and once that was done they had no idea how to further go about their mission. 

i’m incredibly glad the writers made lotor himself point this out - because unless the paladins change their method, it’s always going to be like this. 

they free a planet. the galra strike. and boom - it’s part of the empire again

but lotor has an army at his hand, while the paladins have what? a 10.000 year old castle ship and a robot? 5 mini robots if you will? backed up by the “thinly spread defences” of the blade of marmora? 

this genius may not have a weapon as powerful as voltron yet, but he’s got an army. the amount of time voltron takes to defend one planet, he takes back 50 of them simultaneously. while the paladins may be strong in battle, they’re weak in war. 

lotor aims to integrate the newly conquered planets into the system of the empire while letting them continue to rule themselves (although his methods aren’t nearly as diplomatic as i’d like to believe). meanwhile team voltron practically go “you’re free now, baby. free. do what you want, we’re aware you have no experience managing things on your own whatsoever but you’ll do fine!”

not even taking into consideration that some of these planets have been enslaved by zarkon and haggar for 10.000 years. do they even know how to rule themselves anymore? voltron hands them ‘freedom’ with no outline of how to attain a manageable policy. that path leads down to poverty. famine. civil war. you name it. 

from their individual perspectives they’re all pursuing a “good” goal. but if we’re talking about what’s best for the stability of the universe, lotor’s leadership is way more functional than voltron’s current alliance.

  • The actual Space Mom
  • Rarely “plays” with the other Lions because is 95% of the time watching over them to make sure they won’t “accidentally” destroy each other
  • One glare from her is usually enough to make Red give up on whatever she’s going to do. Usually. Not always.
  • Somehow was still totally unaware of how the other Lions were taking bets on either Klance will happen or not
  • Likes the dynamic between Shiro and Allura, ends up shipping them a bit but doesn’t let anyone know
    • Black: I don’t ship anyone in this castle. You shouldn’t fantasize such serious matters.
    • Also Black, internally: I hope Shiro and Allura will get together for real and make the actual Space Parents ship sail
  • Criticizes Red a lot about her excessive over-protectiveness on Keith
    • Black: One day you’ll end up killing this boy
      Red: Of course I won’t??
      Black: You tried to destroy the HQ of the Blades with Keith in there
      Black: Uh-hum, sure
  • Has panic attacks whenever​ Zarkon’s nearby
  • At first she was willing to bond with Shiro only to try and severe what was left of her bond with Zarkon, but later she realized how much alike her and Shiro are
  • Will die for Shiro, no questions asked
  • Becomes a happy purring puddle everytime Shiro rubs her nose
  • Covered for Lance’s ass once when Keith found out it was him who stuck a ticker behind Red’s ear to make her go insane. Black legit found the prank to be genial and that Red deserved it after mocking Blue, so she let Lance hide in her hangar the whole day until Allura convinced Keith to not hurt Lance too bad
  • Contrary to popular belief, it was Black who founded the “Protect Lance Squad”, not Blue. The boy is just too precious and all the Lions like him. Even Red, though to a smaller degree
  • Has no chill, still pretends to have it
  • Black also has nightmares. Won’t tell anyone what they’re about, not even Shiro knows though he has an idea of what it may be
    • Woke up the entire Castle once, roaring in her sleep. Took Allura several minutes to calm her down, using of her connection to the Lions to reach for her in her nightmare and ease it all down
    • Shiro had to take Black for a very long flight afterwards, away from the Castle. She was too damn embarrassed to stay there after what happened and needed a break from everything
  • Really, REALLY enjoys flying. To be honest, anywhere outside the Castle is good enough for her. She was closed in her hangar for approximately 10.000 years, come on
  • Keeps pushing Shiro to compliment the other Paladins, especially Lance and Hunk
    • Black: It’s like you only have eyes for Keith and Pidge, omg
      Shiro: That’s not true
      Black: Riiiiight
Voltron and Masculinities (part I)

Why is Shiro Space Dad, Coran “gorgeous” and Alfor not the leader of team Voltron? And what about the Galra? Let’s take a look at the men in VLD!

The Lance Vlog inspired me to write about gender in VLD and there is sooo much to say, but I should narrow it down I guess before I make another of these 80-inch-long posts… So, I will write about masculinities in VLD.

But before looking at the three male teenage characters let’s look at the characters who are depicted as “adult men” first.


He is an astronaut and alien show fight champion suffering from trauma, but he is also shown to be very caring, especially with Keith and Pidge.

(Not the real Shiro but close enough…)

Keith refers to him as a brother and it becomes clear that they have a close emotional bond. Shiro hugs people (a lot), is very patient (with exception of his encounter with Slav) and leads through respect and concern for the other team members (it’s that Keith’s lack of those makes him fail at leading the team at first).


When Coran enters the story, he is already admitting that he is not much of a fighter anymore. He is a royal advisor of some kind, but his abilities stretch beyond the realms of military since he seems to know a lot of things about a lot of stuff (from science to economy and culture).

He is also emotionally close to the family he works for as he hugs Allura after they woke up after 10.000 years of sleep. His role now is maintenance of the castle ship and to be an emotional support to Allura. She even says he is like a second father to her.

He also likes to dress up, probably wears make-up, can be extra dramatic but surely is gorgeous at all times (They could have made him “Coran, Coran the handsome man”, but I think gorgeous was chosen on purpose).


Alfor is the king, but we don’t really see him give orders in any of the flashbacks. Also, he is not the leader of his team, but gave this position to his friend whom he deemed a better fit for the job. Alfor is mostly depicted as loving father to Allura and later in season 3 as scientist.

In the fight, he depends on his friends and his wits to succeed, he is a team player. He is also shown to be a unifier for the paladins of old, helping them to end interplanetary conflicts.

Alfor acknowledges that Honerva is the better scientist than him.

His relationship to his daughter is quite close and maybe even closer than that of Allura and her mother as Allura has not mentioned her so far. He is shown carrying Allura, hugging her and generally spending a lot of time with her in her memories. Also, he leaves his legacy to her.

Zarkon and pretty much every Galra in season 1 and 2:

In comparison to the other male characters on the show they are muscle bulks with little character and lots of aggression. Stereotypical cartoon villains, except that their concept is not so different from a lot of cartoon heroes from the 80s or 90s either (interesting, isn’t it?).

They are “manly man” doing “manly” things: going to war, fighting, not talking much… they are not shown to have any emotion beyond anger really.

No need to mention that they never show (physical) affection for anyone (except for the ward of beta trans who has affection for his pet). Zarkon’s relationship to his wife and son are void of affection it seems (and even if he forgot Honerva or she forgot him, he knows Lotor is his son).

When Prince Lotor appears the other male Galra even mock him for being smaller and less muscly than the average male Galra.

Even the Galra who are less blucky are still at least twice as big as Matt, a human adult. They seem to live in a quite patriarchal society and it is only in season 3 and 4 that we ever get to see female Galra at all. First of all, there are Lotor’s part-Galra generals but also the female generals in the season 4 finally (and those seem to work for Haggar rather than Zarkon… once more, very interesting). But I am digressing.

So, we have two groups here:

The good guys who are all some kind of father/brother figures (space dads!), who do not mind physical affection (lots and lots of hugs), care for others and usually show their emotions.

Then there are the bad guys, hyper masculine muscle bulks with little characteristics who do not show vulnerability.

Of course, this is a generalization. There are characters in between like the Blades for example, who feel a deep sense of guilt and try to redeem themselves. And Lotor who clearly does not fit in with the rest of the Galra in various ways.

Kolivan is kind of a space dad too though…

Shiro the second [supplement]

So, I don’t think the Shiro who returned in season 3 is the one from seasons 1 and 2. Aside from the many hints in the story his character is also different.

Shiro is interesting anyways, because he went through a physical transition when being captured by the Galra. They replaced his arm and his overall physical appearance changed as well due to him being forced to fight in the arena. While Matt, who was with the rebels, looks more adult Shiro looks more like the Galra themselves, muscle-bound. It’s also clear that Haggar/Honerva experimented on him and we do not really know what exactly she did.

The Shiro who came back in season 3 looks even more muscle-bound (though this could just be random deviation in animation) and lacks a large share of the care the first Shiro forces Keith into a role in the team which he does not want (quite the opposite approach to what he said when Pidge wanted to leave the team altogether). He also puts everyone’s lives at risk on Naxzela for nothing (also quite different from his reaction in season 1 and 2). He seems less understanding and less caring though he still seems to like giving hugs… I am curious where his story will go from here.

I will have a look at the young paladins Hunk, Keith and Lance in part II.

Thanks for reading!

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How do you think Lotor would/will react to Kaltenecker and her milk?

look man the dude has been alive for presumably 10.000 years. his parents are zombies. one of his ex team members used her cat as a pair of eyes. sure, humans drinking the juice that comes out of an animal’s tits is probably a little weird even in lotor’s eyes but he’s been around for a long ass time. he’s seen worse shit

Galra Headcanons

- Galra are mammals, but females have noticeable breasts only when they have to feed newborns.
- Female galra also have deeper voices than other species’ females.
- Galra don’t do the kiss: some of them don’t have lips, so they either bite (gently!) or lick. The kiss concept is imported from other cultures. Some of them do it, some of them don’t.
- Galra divide in two categories: those who mate and those who don’t. As for who one likes to mate with, they don’t care.
- They are most likely to be polyamorous, thus resulting in big families in which no member is alike the other.
-  Monogamy is way less common.
- All galra are born purple, some of them change color during their childhood.
- Fur galra are from cold places, furless, scaley galra are from hot places (duh)
- Nudity is not an issue: most of them go commando when relaxing or sleeping.
- Under Zarkon’s empire, the concept of galra changed: anyone  born on a galra dominated planet is galra. the Empire values children greatly.
- If one’s mother is a galra, then they’re galra too.
- Their wedding cerimony is basically a blood pact: spouses cut their  palm and then holds hands while proclaiming their wedding vows.
- Every galra knows how to fight, they’re taught as soon as they can walk.
- Galra had a different common speach before the rise of Zarkon’s empire in which they only had 2 pronouns: one for living things and one for inanimate things. In 10.000 years most of this language was lost.
- Most call their parents by name, but “Mrew” means Mom and “Muwn” is Dad.
- Adoption is a pretty common thing (also, if you’re legally adopted by a galra, you become galra.)


(mostly about the first zone, and some early things you see once you get the explore the whole world) (spoilers, probably, read it only if you have completed at least the first zone (part 1) AND you fixed your tablet (part 2))

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The loneliest girl in the universe: Some thoughts about Allura

Allura is one of my favorite characters from VLD. Allura is not your token girl in a group or heroes, though she might seem like this in the beginning. She is many things at once that female characters usually don’t get to be: strong and weak, brave and scared, determined and insecure. She is not either or, she is both without being out of character. She is no paragon, but a person with flaws and growth. That’s what makes her so likeable.

I see way too little discourse about her character and so I decided to summarize some of my thoughts off what Allura’s story for future seasons might be.

When looking at Allura at the beginning of the series and where she is right now (season 4) I see one mission for her that seems of most importance: Allura needs to make friends.

This sounds like something she already accomplished by the end of season 1, but I am going to explain why I think that this is going to be a continuous topic for her and why I think it is so important.

At the beginning of season 1 Allura awakes after 10.000 year of stasis. Almost everyone and everything she has known is gone. Coran and the castle of lions are all that is left for her to hold on to and that’s what she does. In the first episode of season 2 she says that Coran is like a second father to her and it is clear that they are close and important to each other. In the course of the seasons Allura grows closer with the Paladins through their common adventures and tells Keith at the end of season 2 that she considers them her new family.

They have definitely become closer, but if I needed to say who of the paladins is closes to Allura I would have a hard time.

While the other Paladins seem to hang with each other outside of the missions a lot, especially Pidge and Hunk

and Keith and Lance kind of,

Allura is not shown to really just “hang out” with the others. Also, she hardly lets her guards down in front of the others. In seasons 1 and 2 she is her friendly and determined princess-self, unless when she gets angry (at Lance for being annoying, at Pidge for being frank and at Keith for being Galra). This is when we see that the face she wears is somewhat of a façade and there is more to her character than the friendly and collected princess.

I personally thing that Allura struggles a lot on the inside. Heck, she lost her family, her friends and her home. She cries when she is unable to pilot the red lion. She is disappointed in herself for being able to fill this role in the team she thinks she is expected to fill. Though she portraits strength on the outside, she feels weak and is insecure on the inside. (This reminded me a lot of two other characters in VLD, but I will come back to that in another post.)

In her Vlog Allura says: “I must portrait strength so nobody can see how concerned I am about the faith of our mission.” and asks the mice to keep that a secret. The mice are actually Allura’s closest confidantes.

Sure, they have a mental connection through their time in the sleeping pod, but she also tells them a lot of things she doesn’t tell anybody else. This also means that her relationships with the (other) paladins is not (yet) as deep as it could be. As I said they don’t really just hang out. I don’t think she shares her worries with Coran either, because she does not want to disappoint him. Her relationship to him is much more like that to Alfor than that to a friend and confidant.

Another reason why I think she might feel lonely is how she approaches Pidge, once the mice told her that Pidge is a girl. Instead of confronting Pidge directly she does this:

This might just be her polite way of approaching the situation, but then Pidge talks about peanuts (yeah, she clearly is not getting what Allura is trying to tell her) and Allura says this:

Allura wants Pidge to confide in her, rather than telling Pidge she already knows her secret. She wants to make a connection, but Pidge is oblivious to this (to be fair, she has other things in mind at this moment). What I think is happening here is that Allura is trying to bond with Pidge, now that she found out that there is another girl on the team. Allura seems to be excited and despite Pidge clearly not being too enthusiastic tries to keep this awkward conversation going. I can imagine that Allura had mostly female friends on Aurus, just because she is a quite feminine character and likes to have her hair done and stuff like that (but again that’s just guessing). When she learns there is another girl in the team she is excited and wants to make friends with her. But Pidge is most likely not like the girlfriends Allura used to have. She is not into any of the things Allura likes and does not even understand Allura’s hints in this conversation. They are both girls, yes, but that does not mean that they have “a lot in common” or that they get along well just because of it. This is another great point the show makes about the topic of gender. It does not determine who you are and whom you get along with.

Allura is clearly disappointed after this conversation and I think it is not only because Pidge did not confess, but because Pidge did not open to her. Pidge does not show any signs that she wants to be Allura’s friend. And I think that Allura desperately wants a friend who confides in her and whom she can confide in. This is kind a funny parallel to the “bounding moment” Keith and Lance have just one episode later: one person is trying to establish a personal connection but the other person just not realizing it…

Allura wants to connect and she searches for people who she thinks are like her. She desperately wants to connect to the Alteans from the other reality, though she does not know them. She is the last one to realize that those people are up to no good, because she is longing to connect with them. Just like the situation with Pidge Allura is looking for communalities, but they turn out to be the wrong ones.

However, I think Allura will get there. We see that her connection to the team grows as she starts to pilot the blue lion. The fact that she yells at Lance (and Pidge and Hunk) though they are just trying to help her, shows that she is no longer her friendly princes-self, but just Allura who is confused as f*ck about how to pilot a lion. She learns to let go and ask for help and this is what makes her able to pilot Blue.

In season 4 it takes a pep talk from Lance (of all people) to make Allura believe in her magical abilities and safe the team. At first this bothered be, because I thought: Allura is a freaking strong and super competent woman, why would she need a pep talk from a guy who has self-esteem issues? But then I realized that Allura and Lance are quite similar. They both keep up a façade of some kind to prevent others from knowing about their insecurities. Lance pretends to be super self-assure if not presumptuous but secretly doubts his contribution to the team. Allura pretends to be strong and confident in order to hide that she has fears and doubts too. Okay, she is a magical powerhouse and a princess, but she is also really confused and scared and nobody told her how to use her powers (yet). This is why Lance is able to reach out to her in this moment of insecurity. He knows how she must feel.

I think Allura is in the process of finding that friendship (or the friendships) she is looking for and I think Lance might be a somewhat unlikely but really good candidate.

They both pilot the blue lion (which also adds to the fact that they are similar characters), they can understand each other’s insecurities, Lance misses his mom, Allura misses her dad and they both enjoy beauty treatments:

So, it is kind of surprising neither of them has realized this yet. I really hope that Lance will continue to get over himself and will be able to see Allura not as “the girl”, but as the person she is. A person who desperately needs a good friend. Also, I it would be awesome if they would have SPA days or sleepover parties. I get the impression that they would be the two people on the castle ship who would enjoy something like this the most.

I think Allura is also starting to become closer with Hunk, but really who doesn’t like Hunk?

I also hope that Allura will deepen her relationship with Shay. Shay and her grandmother clearly know things about Allura’s magic that she does not know yet and Shay just seems to be such a sweet person. I hope they will be revisited.

Concerning Keith, I have the impression that they also have quite some things in common, despite having been rather distant so far (which is putting it mildly considering that he was considering leaving her behind at the end of season 1 and she was being straight out racist to him in season 2). The fact that Keith left the team in season 4 solidifies to me that he is the third member of the “paladins with low self-esteem”-club

The last conversation those two had clearly did not help Keith to feel like he is living up to the role that the team expects him to fill. Allura wants to tell Keith that the team needs him, that they want him to be part of the team and care for him. And though she starts out good by telling him she feels sorry, she switched back to “determined princess-mode” and gives Keith the lecture he already told her he didn’t want. To Keith this is just more pressure instead of comfort. Allura does not know about his insecurities, so she just thinks that Keith is choosing the Blade over Voltron, though he is clearly sad as he leaves the team.This scene kind of reminded me of the talk Lance and Keith had in season 3, though I think that one was a bit more successful.

Allura, Lance and Keith have a lot in common in this regard. If those three would open to each other I think they could do a great job understanding and supporting each other. But I will make a different post on this topic.

Allura jumped to the conclusion that Pidge would be a good fit for a friend because she is a girl, but so far, we haven’t really seen this relationship deepen in any way. Pidge has clearly become best buddies with Hunk, because those two really have a lot in common. I love how they work together. I also see that Matt will hang out with them a lot (They form the triangle of awesome nerds in season 4).

I will leave Shiro out of this discussion because I don’t think the Shiro who returned in the one we saw in season 1 and 2 and therefore I can’t really tell how either of their relationship with Allura will progress.

There are a few more things I noticed about her that I expect to see addressed in future season.

Since Allura mentioned that she did not really learn how to use her powers in season 4 I really hope she gets an arc of studying her powers. That might be through an apprenticeship (thinking of Master Yoda), through self-study or through information which they gather elsewhere (thinking of traveling between different realities). I expect that her powers will be explored in more depth and I think that they are highly likely to be a key to the solution of the conflict. They will be something that will give Allura confidence and get her another step closer to owning herself.

Allura calls herself the “Princess of Altea”, though being the only royal Altean alive should make her the “Queen of Altea” (I have no idea how Altean monarchy works, so I can just guess here). I personally think that this shows that she is still in a process of growing, of becoming the person she can be. I hope that she will be able to call herself Queen by the end of the show, or General (flowing in the footsteps of Leia Organa) or Magical High Priests or maybe just Allura, however she feels.

I personally think that Allura could end up piloting the black lion. She has learned a lot with Blue and her color scheme fits Black’s cockpit best in my opinion. The lighting is pink! I always thought this did not match Keith’s red suit. It felt a bit uncomfortable, just like Keith did with the role of the leader.

Allura would look great in there, but that’s more a matter of aesthetics than actual content analysis…

There is also the fact (which Pidge addresses in the second episode of the first season already) that Allura does not have any kingdom or people to rule. It is kind of unclear what exactly she is going to do after defeating Zarkon. Sure, she is too busy to think about this, but maybe she also does not want to think about it. It is not really clear what her task would be once all planets and systems are freed from the Empire. They have their own rulers. Allura is, for the time being, a princess without a people. She might stay in politics, but once the Empire is gone what reason would be there for the Coalition to keep existing? And even if they keep existing why would they give a position to Allura? She is important now, because she has Voltron. But will she remain important after the war? This is highly speculative, but maybe Allura is also scared about what happens once her mission is over. What will she do then? What is her purpose beyond defeating Zarkon? Probably go on a long and nice vacation and take the mice to the road (she promised them), but she also needs something more to do with her life once the fighting is over.

Most of all Allura needs friends she can confide in, allow herself to be vulnerable around and who will be there even after the fighting has ended. I really hope she is getting more of that.

“REPOSSESION”  (I painted this around 2009) It makes no difference how the human race fucks up the enviroment… The earth has time on its side, and after the deminishing of mankind (back to the caves) Gaia will restore it’s beauty. It can take 10.000 years or 500.000. It makes no difference! So do no promote saving the earth. The earth can take care of itself, but try to save mankind instead. As I see it, not much of a chance!

“The Seven Princes”; a series of fairytale notes by Phobs

Art & story & original text: melkorwashere / phobso

Translation: maidofthedevilmansion

Editing the translation and mise-en-page: me

This is basically a collection of translated posts from various sources about Phobs’ OC’s. maidofthedevilmansion and I thought you might like to read it. Phobs, if you’re reading this and you want me to take it down, don’t hesitate to ask. We sent you a few messages but they were probably eaten.

Anyway, from this point on the text is by Phobs. We own nothing. Please don’t repost this, and make sure any reblogs include the credit.

The third son. Him and the fourth are brothers.

The seven sons of the king were born of his wives, six of which he received as “gifts” the six rulers of the lands he had conquered. The third prince is descended from the Lords of the Sands, so named by the invaders because they were first encountered while trying to cross the desert. His people rule the sultanate on the banks of the eastern sea.

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Some thoughts about Clockwerk

so me and @lucithetrashbagfromhell were playing Sly 4 and found a cameo of Clockwerk and began to look more into the character and talk about him and i thought i’d share some of the points. this is basically a post about how Clockwerk is one of the best written and frightening villain in the whole game series. 

So first off in the first Sly game, Sly Cooper and The Thievus Raccoonus, Clockwerk is the main villain and the leader of the Fiendish Five and a giant ass eagle owl out of metal and he has been stalking the Cooper clan for thousands of decades out of hatred and jealousy over how good thieves they were. At least that’s what Sly tells us in the games. And thats just the problem; we don’t have a good source of info about this character and thats why Clockwerk is such a mystery. We don’t know anything about him, since Sly doesn’t either. And that’s such a difference compared to every other villain where we get to know basically all there is to know about them. 

One thing that tells us how big of a character Clockwerk actually is, is that Sly still is afraid of him. Years after he defeated him, Sly still fears him and talks about how big of a monster he was at every chance he gets. He makes fun of every other villain he faces, but never makes a joke about Clockwerk ever. And that’s pretty understandable since he saw him kill his dad, which usually follows people who’ve gone through such a thing for the rest of their lives. 
And in the second game when the Klaww gang begins to gather Clockwerk’s parts to put him back together, Sly is shitting his pants over this, literally it sounded like it was his greatest fear come to life almost, and that shows how much Sly actually fears Clockwerk even after his death. Because even though Clockwerk is dead, he is still a threat in the form of his parts and in pieces. Even after dying, he’s still a villain.

Clockwerks last words before Sly kills him in the first game is “Clockwerk is superior”. He talks about himself in 3rd person. We don’t even know if “Clockwerk” is his real name or his alias, which makes him more mysterious and scary. Even if “Clockwerk” is an alias then it still makes him seem like less of a person and more of a thing, a machine, a clockwork. Like Sly says (at least in the danish translation of the game) he calls him a “soulless machine”, which is also pretty much what he has become. After he got the metal body, it took the last piece of his “humanity” and it made him into a clockwork that just works towards the goal of destroying an entire family. It shows how committed he was to reach his goal. He basically killed himself, his “humanity”, just out of jealousy and sheer hatred. 

We also talked about how out of his time Clockwerk actually was. We don’t know exactly how old he is, but he was in the background of most of the pictures of Sly’s ancestors we found in the first game and even on the Slytunkhamen Cooper’s (Ancient Egypt Cooper) picture so he must be really fricking old right?? well his body seems to beg to differ, since replacing your entire body with a robot body wasn’t exactly something you could do back then or even earlier than that. but Clockwerk was a genius so him making a time machine like Bentley does seem more likely. Maybe he was born in a time, where he actually could make his body into a robotic one, and then he’d go back in time to completely try and erase the entire Cooper clan. I mean like he makes a cameo in the ice age place in the fourth game. Which is like 10.000 years BC. 

Clockwerk is also the only character we see in the entire series that isn’t an anthropomorphic animal. He looks like a real life giant metal bird. This makes it harder for us to identify with him, where it’s easier to identify with for example Sly because he’s as human as he can get. This makes Clockwerk that much more of a mystery and somehow more frightning than the other  anthropomorphic villians. 

In the end, to summarise: Clockwerk is a really good and well-written character and a fantastic villain. A villain that you fear and even though you don’t have him as a villain anymore, you still get chills when you see the cameos he makes in the other games. He is mysterious in a lot of ways, however you still know just as much about him to know that he is definitely someone to fear. That’s a good villian