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HP reread XI: kacky snorgle
  • I think it says a lot about Things Us Muggles Don’t Know that when Harry mishears “Europa is covered in ice” as “Europa is covered in mice”, he doesn’t for one second think “wait a minute. that can’t be right.” he takes it absolutely in stride. he just copies it down into his notes and writes it in his essay like “yep. all over one of Jupiter’s moons. mice.” what weird things has he learnt about the universe that Europa being covered in mice doesn’t give him pause? what else don’t we know???
  • I absolutely LOVE how much Hermione gets Sirius. she’s 110% gung-ho cheerleading/spearheading the whole Harry Should Teach Us Defence thing until Sirius enthusiastically leaps on board and then she’s like “oh. Oh.” and starts FRANTICALLY REEVALUATING like, “whoa whoa whoa, okay, hold up guys! hang on a second!!! maybe we need to press the PAUSE BUTTON on this EXPULSION ATTEMPT until we find the Marauder-shaped FLAW in this PLAN!!!” 
  • sometimes I forget that Harry and Draco et al. are Teen Boys. well, okay, I don’t forget that they’re teen boys, but I forget that they’re teen boys exactly like the legions of teen boys I went to school with, i.e. they are Idiot Lads whom I DESPAIR OF. case in point: Harry flies into a rage because Draco Malfoy, Sore Loser, says that Harry’s mother’s and the Weasley’s houses smell. Draco makes a long-winded, poncey “your mum” jab and Harry gets himself banned from quidditch for life. honestly
  • at one point Harry is sitting, staring into the fire, wishing that Sirius’s head would appear and “give him some advice about girls.” Harry… I can safely say that you’re gonna be left hanging on that front. 
  • SPEAKING OF WHICH, I think it is ALWAYS worth mentioning that, for Christmas, “Sirius and Lupin had given Harry a set of excellent books”. I mean. wow, they… gave Harry some books. they both… gave Harry… haha. that’s so weird. I wonder why they both… together… gave Harry a joint present…?  I’ll give you a clue: the answer to this question and the answer to “why won’t Sirius’s head show up in this fire and give me ADVICE about GIRLS?” is the same. 
  • and Harry absolutely needs that advice about girls. at one point Cho approaches him about the fact that there’s a Hogsmeade trip on Valentine’s Day (probably after at least a fortnight of waiting for Harry to bring it up first) and Harry’s like, “oh. so there is. nice talking to you, Cho!” it takes SO LONG for the penny to drop that Harry has to sprint up a staircase to invite Cho to Hogsmeade with him. what bizarre train of thought did he ride on to have Cho Chang bring up Hogsmeade and Valentine’s Day in the same sentence and NOT wind up at the logical conclusion for at least a minute and a half? what goes on in this child’s head???
  • I am indescribably sad that Harry James Potter sat at the Gryffindor table and used a tablespoon as a mirror in which to do his hair and Draco Malfoy did not get to see this happen
  • while we’re on the subject of my favourite fledgling gay: Draco is so involved in glaring at/utterly distracted by Harry during their charms exam that he loses his concentration and smashes a wineglass. how EMBARRASSING. I bet he just wanted to DIE. he definitely had to put his head in someone’s lap and get his hair stroked about that one. keep your pecker up, kiddo! he probably didn’t even notice!!!
  • Harry risks life, limb, detentions and the skin on the back of his hand to break into Umbridge’s office and floo Sirius because he’s so torn up about his dad being a wanker, and Sirius and Remus are literally THE MOST UNHELPFUL THEY HAVE EVER BEEN. the two of them just go off into paroxysms of joy. like, “okay, he was a bit of an arsehole, Snape really deserved it, BUT WAS JAMES PLAYING WITH THE SNITCH?” “he was messing up his hair?! OMG!” “[in the fondest voice imaginable] he was an idiot! we were ALL IDIOTS!!!” “Lily LOVED James in the end! who WOULDN’T LOVE JAMES???” like, guys. reel it in. 
  • I think it’s quite sweet that Hagrid steals Harry and Hermione from a quidditch match to take them into the Forbidden Forest (in which there are, to name but a few: giant spiders that would eat them without a moment’s hesitation, angry centaurs harbouring anti-wizard leanings and a violent, 16ft-tall giant), and his only words of warning are, “Watch yerselves, now, there’s nettles.” 
Noona (A Yugyeom Fic)

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Personal fic.  

Characters:  Kim Yugyeom (GOT7), Marika (Reader/OC), Bambam (GOT7)

Genre:  Angst, Fluff, Suggestive

Length:  2,408 words

Plot:   You thought it was just a crush that will go away soon – but you have realized that you are really attracted to your younger, long-term best friend, Kim Yugyeom. You started avoiding him because you cannot help but admire him, so he began to feel worried what causes you to avoid him.


“MARIKA-NOONA!!!!”  Yugyeom whined over the phone and you shut your eyes closed.

“Yugy, I already told you I am busy, I need to study for my exams tomorrow.  I cannot play or talk with you, OK?”  You reasoned out over the phone.

“But Mari-noona, this is only my time off and I want to spend it with no other than my most beautiful best friend in the whole wide world.”  

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anonymous asked:

So I loved that one with the romanced companions where they got turned into 10 year olds. What if it happened to Sole? Sole helped the Institute with an experiment which made them temporarily 10y.o. Bonus points if sole calls companions mom and dad!

Haha yeah that was a really fun post! It’s actually pretty fun to imagine seeing the companions interact with children since they didn’t really get to in game. I do love myself some good old bonus points so I’m totally going for the extra credit on this one prof <3

Ada: “Mom is a term of endearment typically reserved for your primary caregiver or birther. I am neither of those things and thus the term ascribed to me is causing me to register a great deal of confusion. Error. Error. Error.” Sole had to jump up to reboot Ada’s system.

Cait: “Dammit. Why’d ya have to go and turn yerself into one of the things I hate the most?” The fact that it was Sole made the whole ordeal tolerable but *cringe* why kids? Sole made extra sure to cling to her leg and even drool a little while the corners of her eyes tweaked up in disgust.

Codsworth: “D-Dad? Oh heavens no. Young master, I’m afraid you are experiencing mild delusions in addition to your transformed state!” Sole was teasing him, they knew everything that was going on. They just wanted to see him squirm when put in a situation outside his “program parameters.”

Curie: “Oh come here mon cheri, Mama Curie will protect you!” When pipsqueak Sole got beamed back in their baggy blue vault suit, Curie immediately knew it was them and scooped them up in her arms. Shhh little baby, Curie was mama now.

Danse: “I-um, Paladin… as involved soldiers of the prominent Brotherhood of Steel, it would be improper to refer to one another with such terms.” Sole’s eyes were too large for him to say no to. Sole got a once in a lifetime opportunity to climb up on his power armor and get a shoulder ride.

Deacon: “Ohhhh, I thought I would like that but now I feel old…” He’d wanted kids before but man now he felt like the age he was not ready to admit he was. Plus it was totes weird since they had y’know kissed and stuff. He did however snap a picture for safekeeping and definitely not future blackmail.

Dogmeat: *tackles Sole to the ground with the same intensity as before* Sole’s the good boy/girl now.

Hancock: *elongated groan*  “I think I prefer cool uncle instead of dad.” He was trying to be the cool uncle, he even carried Sole supposedly until the effects wore off. It was fine until Sole stuck their fingers into his nose cavity, causing him to sneeze and drop them accidentally. *super elongated groan*

MacCready: “Oh gee… boss? y’know.. only my son calls me that. It kinda feels weird hearing that from someone I like… in a 10 year old body.” Dealing with kids was almost second nature to him as he found himself taking Sole to the playground (something he’d do with Duncan) but he couldn’t shake that really weird feeling.

Nick Valentine: “I’m not that old kid…” He said as he picked up his 10 year old companion, who was affectionately playing with his face plate. He’d honestly given up on the idea that he would ever be taking care of kids, let alone his lover that got turned into one.

Piper: Sole… was… so… CUTE! I mean she loved them before but how could she resist their absolutely squishy cheeks? When they called her mom she felt the driving need to fiercely protect their existence. Also she put bows in their hair.

Preston: “Don’t worry General! I’ll save you!” He went full PTA mom for Sole. He picked them up and refused to put them down until his precious little general was ready to save more settlements again.

Strong: “HUMAN TURNED INTO SMALLER HUMAN! STRONG PROTECT TINY LEADER!” He carried Sole around like a small kitten in his arms and on his back.

X6-88: “Ma’am/Sir, I assure you no matter what body you are in, I will remain by your side.” He bowed down on one knee and put his fist to his chest as a sign of respect to the 10 year old director. Sole could totally see him cringe whenever they called him dad. So they of course did it as much as possible.


Maxson: *in hushed whispers* “we agreed you’d only call me that in the bedroom” he hissed, not wanting any possibility of any soldiers over hearing his conversation with the 10 year old Sole who was hellbent on embarrassing him. When Sole turned back to normal they were so getting a spanking.

Father: “In all of the times I’ve imagined our interactions, this definitely never crossed my mind.” He said as Sole zoomed around his private quarters making airplane noises. To be clear, their psychology hadn’t changed, only their body had. This was the parent that was supposed to be scrounging the wasteland for him. Joy.

Desdemona: “Come here, I will take care of you. Shhh” very quickly forgot that this was in fact a railroad agent and not some helpless child but no one wanted to argue with Des so they just let her stroke Sole’s head and back while she hummed a tune.

Glory: “Ick, no. Not that. Anything but that.” She was young, WAY to young to even be considering herself as the word ‘mom.’ so she pushed Sole away by the forehead a couple feet. She was all about kicking ass, not tender love and care.


Today is a tough day. 10 years of being type 1 diabetic. 10 years of still not wanting to talk about diabetes because people still don’t know what type 1 diabetes is (although thanks to Nick Jonas’s comeback, I can now just say “it’s the kind Nick Jonas has”).

10 years of getting really good at finding places to sneak a shot or hide my pump. Wishing diabetes was as invisible as I try to make it. Avoiding pulling my meter or pump out in front of people who don’t know, because of 10 years of “what’s that? Oh you’re diabetic?” and the judgment & shame that leads to “no not that kind it’s type 1” and then having to explain what that means.

10 years of being tired of explaining.

10 years of people telling me to “hope for a cure” while I live with reality. This is my life. Don’t feel bad for me, just understand. To you it’s invisible, but for us it never stops, Type 1 is a 24/7 monster that requires constant attention.

10 years, I start out every morning the same way. I check my sugar and make sure there is enough insulin in my pump for the day. My blood sugar is usually low and I need juice, which is always on my bedside table. Then the daily battle begins, check, eat, insulin, repeat, check, correct, insulin, repeat. Every activity requires planning, measuring, checking, adjusting. Things you can’t control or predict-exercise, stress, heat require more planning, more checking, more adjusting. Too low, correct with food, wait 15 minutes, too high, correct with insulin, wait 15 minutes, too low again?! Correct. Wait. Too high. Correct. Wait. Repeat. Always carry a snack, never skip a meal.

10 years of unexpected lows and highs that have been responsible for cancelled plans, waking up in the middle of the night in cold sweats, hospital & ER visits, extreme grumpiness (sorry to those who have had to endure this), and endless frustration from having to check my sugar, eat, and take insulin until it’s all balanced out. Infections, swelling, surgery, getting your pump stuck in door knobs.

10 years of battling to feel in control of my own body.
10 years of hiding battle scars & bruises.
10 years strong.

10 years later, I’m not afraid to #showyoumypump . I’m not scared of the judgement or the ignorance because I’m proud of my journey and have found that as much as I hate diabetes, it has made me stronger than I thought I could ever be.

So, happy 10 year diaversary to me, we celebrating.

Located 20,000 light-years away in the constellation Carina, the young cluster and starforming region Westerlund 2 fills this cosmic scene. Captured with Hubble’s cameras in near-infrared and visible light, the stunning image is a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope on April 24, 1990. The cluster’s dense concentration of luminous, massive stars is about 10 light-years across. Strong winds and radiation from those massive young stars have sculpted and shaped the region’s gas and dust, into starforming pillars that point back to the central cluster. Red dots surrounding the bright stars are the cluster’s faint newborn stars, still within their natal gas and dust cocoons. But brighter blue stars scattered around are likely not in the Westerlund 2 cluster and instead lie in the foreground of the Hubble anniversary field of view.

Image Credit & Copyright: NASA, ESA

This vacation has made me realise that I’ve made some great decisions in life regarding friendships and who Ive allowed to stay in my life and who I’ve let go. Life is stressful enough and the people you allow into your life should compliment it, the rest can leave. 10 years strong.. ❤️
—  MR