How Can You Tell When a Narcissist Is Lying...

They KEEP talking.

When I first heard the news that Amber Heard was accusing Johnny Depp of domestic violence, I paused… I saw the footage of her coming out of the courthouse on May 27, 2016 and a tiny alarm went off.

“She’s trying too hard.”

That’s the simplest way I can explain but it’s certainly much, much more complicated than that. It stems from almost 10 years of experience dealing with a diagnosed bi-polar narcissist. And a great deal of learning post narcissist.

But before I dismissed her claims, I set before her the next test in how to spot a narcissist….

“Tell me more.”

And she did. Boy did she ever. Since first making her claims in court, Amber has provided photos, text messages, video, and numerous stories via “friends” to the media. She may claim she is not directly responsible for said leaks, but only she could’ve provided the material. Period.

So I have watched. I have examined both sides. I still see Amber Heard is a narcissist who is running a public smear campaign against her discarded victim. Regardless of what Johnny Depp’s issues may be; among common sufferings of NPD victims are depression, substance abuse, paranoia, and self harm, Amber Heard is still following the playbook.

She has also now potentially committed a number of crimes. It has been noted that she very likely recorded Johnny without his permission, violating Californians two party consent wire taping law. She has now leaked private medical information regarding an injury Johnny sustained violating HIPAAs federal Privacy Act.

But to some, none of Ambers illegal activities matter because she is a woman, claiming that a man abused her, and thus she had every right to stay with that man and gather evidence. Even though it be a clear violation of his privacy, his trust, and the law.

Increasing the Volume; Not the Logic. The more wrong an emotionally abusive NPD/BPD woman is, the louder and/or more resolute she gets. Her level of fake outrage, vindictiveness or emotional withdrawal is in direct proportion to how accurate you are. She will either talk over and shout at you, repeating the same simplistic, emotionally-charged statements over and over until she drowns out all reason or give you the silent treatment until you submit and apologize for your “offense.“

Amber’s latest demand, as part of a settlement Johnny makes a public declaration admitting to abusing her.