guys no no no no! mtv always cancels its new shows and never gives them second chances. we can’t let this happen with scream. i read the article and it said due to low ratings possibly became the time-slot was moved to tuesdays. so season 2 is apparently the series finale due to all of this.

that’s why bex was posting all those long captions to the cast and season 2 wrap-ups on instagram. guys, PLEASE tune in on tuesday nights at 10 pm on mtv. please i really like this show and i’m sick of mtv always cancelling everything. don’t let this amazing series be one of those shows. let’s try and see if we can renew scream for another year! cause if we don’t, season 2 WILL be the series finale. go on twitter and use the hashtag #RenewMTVScream while your tweeting scream-related things or livetweeting. and even boost the hashtag on here! PLEASE TUNE IN TO SCREAM: THE TV SERIES TUESDAY NIGHTS, 10 P.M., ON MTV.