Kacchako 07: “Have you ever wanted to hate someone?”

Genre: Drabble/Angst/Hurt

Pairing: Bakugou x Uraraka

Rating: [PG]

Word Count: 440 words

Drabble Prompt: #13: “Have you ever wanted to hate someone?”

Author’s Notes: So with my newfound understanding of what a drabble is here is a proper drabble. Let’s just all forget the fact I didn’t know what a drabble was and the fact that I was writing one-shots for each drabble request (haha…) and was taking a thousand years to write each as a result. Anyway, this for the anon who requested prompts 19,18,16,13,10,8,4,3, and 2. Hopefully anon sees this since I know that was, like, a request from a month ago OTL

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So, I have to say 10 things about myself? Okay! XD

1. Used to be a kinda popular fanfic writer but I quit (I don’t want to really remember it ( ̄ー ̄;)

2. I am actually quite shy, even though when you know me I am not shy at all

3. Only started taking art seriously this year, around my birthday when I got my tablet ( 5 months ago. Never really drew much before then)

4. I used to take dancing lessons (when I was 6 and stopped when i was 8ish) and I also have taken piano (for 3 years but I couldn’t read the musical notes (・・;) )

5. I am smol ;u;

6. I have never had a pet before

7. I am terrified of cockroaches (most bugs I don’t really like, but spiders are fine)

8. I talk to myself A LOT (I literally have conversations with myself while reading at night… I’m so weird XD)

9. I love listening to the rain when going to sleep, although I do not like thunderstorms ;u;

10. I am EXTREMELY childish!

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(1/2) I'm just going to ignore the ending. But this arc was just garbage. Like... 4 years ago when it started, I was so happy an excited? "B ruh... Quincy Arc; Ishida will get focus, I'll see RYUKEN DO SOMETHING??" But Kubo was just like "Nah man here is some stupid sternritter you won't care for, FOR EVERY LETTER OF THE ALPHABET" because 10 arrancar weren't pushing it... And like... weeks, turned to months, Ishida barely appeared, Ryuken was missing while this all went down.

2/2) Like… Why couldn’t Ryuken show up sooner, confront Ishida, they could have had an actual heart to heart moment of reconciliation? BUT HAHA WHY??? LET’S JUST HAVE HIM UP RIGHT AT THEN END ALL LIKE “HERE YOU GO URYUU TAKE THIS ARROW I MADE FROM YOUR MOM IT’S NOT LIKE I LOVE YOU OR ANYTHING, GOODBYE” like wow best mailman, he should work for fedex and just deliver plot devices to everyone. B ruh… Kubo did me so dirty so bad, the only saving grace was Uryuu himself with his speech and all.

^^^^^^^ GOOD POST OP

Got myself this 30y old acer trident bonsai tree. It seems to be the only thing that puts my mind at ease. It’s leaves will turn orange/red in the summer. I miss my okd home, we had hundreds of trees in our yard. Now we have only one. One that I planted 10 years ago and it grew out to be huge 😅 about 10 meters high. Stuff grows fast here. My jap.azalea bonsai grew 10cm in 3 months. And accidently grew a 4 meter high sunflower, with huge flower petals and stuff…. I should do that again *accidently*.

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Birthday: October 30 (appropriately, that is Mischief Night)

Eye Color: Green blue

Hair Color: When I was a kid, it was like VERY BLONDE, but now it’s pretty dark.

Relationship Status: Single as of like a couple months ago, thank GOD hahaha

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Siblings: I have an older brother and an older sister.  I’m the baby.

Pets: None :(((

Wake Up Times: During the school year, I usually wake up around 4 or 4:30 (lol yikes, I know, but I need a couple hours of like Ashley Time so I can be my most effective self when I go to work)

Lemonade or Sweet Tea: Idk, coffee

Cats or Dogs: I like them both in different ways, don’t make me answer this

Night or Day: Day

Coke or Pepsi: Water

Text or Call: Usually text, but it depends

Met a Celebrity: It depends how you define celebrity lol

Smile or Eyes: idk, either

Chapstick or Lipstick: both

Last Song I listened to: Present Tense by Radiohead (I love this song btw, I fucking love radiohead)

I’ll tag @clueingforlooks, @piecesofbrokenrecollections, @milkchaos, @sussexbound, @yorkiepug, and idk I’m so bad at this, I hate picking people to tag I tag everyone ok I love you all also if I tagged you no pressure, just consider it a hello!

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List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ❤

Thank you so much!! ;;-;; I’ll do Harper :3

1. She’s currently in nursing school, she wants to be a pediatric one.
2. She’s been a vegetarian for three years.
3. She’s been dating Felix for almost two years and it’s been her longest and most serious relationship.
4. She wants to adopt a kid in the future.
5. She had a pregnancy scare a few months ago but it turned out to be nothing and she never told anyone.

10 Random Facts!

I was tagged by @sim-bu to list 10 random facts, but I’m literally the most boring person on the planet (aka, my list is in no way more interesting than theirs)

1. I had to have a root canal a few months ago because a few years ago I had a filling that went a little wrong and I ended up getting a tooth abscess…0/10 would not recommend.

2. I have an undying love for all things stationery! I love notebooks and cute pens and colourful tape and stuff.

3. Making pretty revision notes is very important to me, hence why I need cool stationery.

4. I don’t enjoy mushrooms, tomatoes or peppers. I wish I liked them but honestly they just make me feel so ill.

5. One time I cried when my straw went right through my Capri-Sun

6. I have also cried when being unable to open a Frube properly.

7. I used to make my family in TS1 when I was really young and it always ended in disaster and I used to get really upset about it. 

8. I have nearly existed for 18 years and most of my family still can’t spell my name right.

9. My yearbook quote was from High School Musical.

10. I, embarrassingly, have a t-shirt with the doge meme on it.

It was incredibly hard for me to come up with 10 remotely interesting facts about me. So uh, I’ll tag some kiddos:

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Put 10 facts about yourself and tag 10 people! 

thank you so much @ohkai-sims ilu

1. I was born in Detroit, MI but I’m currently living in Orlando, FL.

2. I have a degree in biology.

3. I took a year of Japanese in college and I can read/write hiragana and katakana (though I only know maybe 50 kanji).

4. I’m only 5′1.

5. I used to dye my hair bright colors; I’ve had blue, teal, pink, purple, green, and orange hair. I went back to my natural color a few months ago though.

6. My favorite food is Thai curry, I have to eat it like once a week.

7. I wear glasses full-time. I’m actually legally blind.

8. I can’t have dogs in the apartment I’m living in now, but I love to visit my parents’ two pugs (one female black, one male fawn). they’re the best omg

9.  My best friend is my younger brother.

10. I love roller coasters and I’ll go on anything, even if I’m really scared.

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Name: Luke
Pronouns: He/him
Sexuality: ???
Zodiac Sign:  Libra I believe
Taken or Single: Single
Three Facts:

1. Got the nickname Echo when I was at school, probably about 10 years ago, and it kind of stuck. I have a tendency to repeat stuff after getting asked something basically, especially when talking to teachers, still do today, to be honest.
2. Probably one of the biggest Oasis fans ever. Pretty sure I’ve seen them at least 6 times live when they were around, and easily my favourite band of all time.
3. Football is life ( soccer, for Americans ) Brought up with it and it’s more than likely going to be the death of me.


How Long (Months/Years?): Probably about 2 years. Maybe around 4 months with Rex.

Platforms You’ve Used: Tumblr


Female or Male: Male

Multi or Single: Only single. I will never RP with a multi-character blog


Fluff, Angst or Smut: Rex needs the torture usually, so angst. I blame @blce-stripe for all the fluff

Plots or Memes: I will usually prefer to plot everything out. I just like to have a basic insight of where we want the story to go but also leave it open for any adaptation etc.

Long or Short Replies: Usually longer. I’m happy with whatever though

Best Time to Write: Midnight till about 2am

Are You Like Your Muse(s): Usually I pick my muses on characters that I relate to most, not just who I like. So I guess the answer would be yes I do. This blog was really a flip between Echo and Rex. Rex came out on top.

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10 facts you might not know about me

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1.) I used to be a HUGE Hetalia fan. To the point it was pretty much my life. I’m not into it as much anymore, obviously.

2.) I’ve ranted in math class about how much potato salad a dude was buying and why would anyone call a spider “Daddy Long Legs”.

3.) I actually didn’t read the Sonic comics until a few months ago.

4.) For at least a year or two, I’ve been trying to write comics. Now I’ve decided to focus on writing one, the name of it being “Lifeless”.

5.) I’ve always been a big gamer, starting when I was little and my mom gave me a Gameboy Advance.

6.) I am a HUGE Bethesda fan. It’s the main reason I got into RPGs and such. It started with Skyrim, and then later I got into the Fallout series. I have Oblivion, but I haven’t gotten very far into it. I’ve gotten into Skyrim again, and I’ve made Zircon as a mage/warrior. I also have most of the Fallout games, New Vegas being my favorite.

7.) I’ve had other Sonic OCs. My main one was Stardust, the edgy hedgehog with a thing for Espio and later on, Nack. I think she also had like 3 kids with this Vexer dude. Then there was Zyhxie, who was more Homestuck based. She spoke LiKE THiS and she had a thing for Wave. I think I also had another OC named Zircon but I’m not sure.

8.) I used to be a part of this Sonic RP group. I had a lot of fun with it, but eventually they kicked me out. I still talked to one girl, and she would tell me how the group was doing. She once sent me screenshots of them talking shit on me, to which I replied with jumping into the chat and freaking out. They caught onto her and I think they kicked her out too.

9.) I once wrote a fanfiction involving some of the most famous Sonic accounts on iFunny. One of them found it funny and reblogged it to show the others. I still have it on my phone for some reason.

10.) I have made a pledge to my friends that I will one day have sex in a polar bear onesie.

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Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

1. Last Beverage: coffee
2. Last Phone Call: I received a phone call from my supervisor
3. Last Text Message: @pcrsian
4. Last Song You Listened To: tere naina kyon bhar aaye - Lata
5. Last Time You Cried: a real cry? 2 months ago


6. Dated Someone Twice:

mhh, no.

7. Been Cheated On:


8. Kissed Someone & Regretted It:


9. Lost Someone Special:


10. Been Depressed:


11. Been Drunk & Thrown Up:

I didn’t throw up

12-14. Three Favorite Colors:

green. blue. black.


15. Made a New Friend:


16. Fallen Out of Love:


17. Laughed Until You’ve Cried:

yeah, I guess so

18. Met Someone Who Changed You:


19. Found Out Who Your True Friends Are:

I guess so?

20. Found Out Someone Was Talking About You:

I don’t care about these things

21. Kissed Anyone Who Follows/Followed You:


22. How many people do you know in real life that you follow/follows you on tumblr:


24. Do you have any pets:

no pets

25. Do you want to change your name:

I’m about to change my name legally!

26. What did you do for your last birthday:

I don’t remember what I’ve done on my last birthday. I guess I was studying or working, I don’t know.

27. What time did you wake up today:

6 a.m.

28. What were you doing at midnight last night:

I’ve talked to @maya-rosa

29. Name something you CANNOT wait for:


30. Last time you saw your mother:

two weeks ago

31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life:

I wish I could just cut toxic people off and move on

32. What are you listening to right now:

to my co-worker talking on the phone

33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom:


34. What’s getting on your nerves right now:

the thought that there’s a ton of chores waiting for me at home

35. Most visited website:


36. Blood type:

I have no idea

37. Nickname:

no nickname

38. Relationship Status:


39. Zodiac Sign:


40. Pronouns:


41. Elementary:

elementary school? it wasn’t that bad.

42. High School:


43. College:

major in geography and oriental studies. minor in law

44. Hair Colour:

dark brown.

45. Long or short:

umm. long.

46. Height:

174 cm, 5 ft 8

47. Do you have a crush on someone:

does a crush on a professor count?

48. What do you like about yourself:

hmm, being sensitive and caring?

49. Random Fact:

meh. lets skip this one.

50. Tattoos:


51. Righty or lefty:


52. First surgery:

too personal to share

53. First piercing:


54. First best friend:

S. I love you soooo much <3

55. First sport you enjoyed:

football. and I refuse to call it soccer. however, I lost the interest in football long time ago

56. First vacation:


58. First pair of trainers

I don’t remember my first pair of trainers


59. Eating:


60. Drinking:

tea. black tea with cardamom.

61. I’m about to:

attend a meeting

62. Listening to:


63. Waiting for:

for the meeting!

64. Want kids:

def. adopting children some day.

65. Get married:

I’m not sure if I like the concept of marriage

66. Career:

PhD, field studies, research, teaching.


67. Lips or eyes:


68. Hugs or kisses:


69. Shorter or taller:


70. Older or younger:


71. Romantic or spontaneous:


72. Nice stomach or nice arms:

nice arms..

73. Sensitive or loud:


74. Hook-up or relationship:


75. Troublemaker or hesitant:

I would say hesitant. people say otherwise.


76. Kissed a stranger


77. Drank hard liquor:


78. Lost glasses/contacts:

no! that would be horrible.

79. Sex on first date:


80. Broke someones heart:


81. Had your own heart broken:


82. Been arrested:


83. Turned someone down:


84. Cried when someone died:


85. Fallen for a friend:

kind of.


86. Yourself:

I have to believe in myself

87. Miracles:


88. Love at first sight:


89. Heaven:


90. Santa Claus:


91. Kiss on first date:

it depends on the date.

92. Angels:

<3 @myheartisstrongerthanever

i’m tagging: everyone who want’s to participate

10 faves + why

1 - My favorite song is Jenny - Studio Killers, It’s been my favorite since I first heard it many years ago, and throughout the years has had many memories and feelings attached ~ It means a lot to me.

2 - My favorite game is Ib, I can’t explain why, but the story and general atmosphere of it warms my heart, I honestly recommend that everyone plays it.

3 - My favorite color is blue and always has been because it’s the color of the sky day and night.

4 - My favorite emotion is love, more specifically the first few months of a relationship where everything gives you butterflies and all you feel is a tugging in your heart

5 - My favorite number is 24, it’s my lucky number and has followed me as long as I can remember (for instance, my randomly assigned locker number at Walmart is 24, and most of my relationships have either started or ended on the 24th)

6 - My favorite tarot card is the 3 of cups. To me it means that everything is okay, and whenever i need to be told that it shows up.

7 - My favorite feeling is nostalgia, nothing beats hearing an old song and getting flooded with memories and emotion.

8 - My favorite drug (besides weed) is anything involving amphetamine, nothing beats the rush you get and the ocd focus you feel

9 - My favorite video game character is Max Caulfield because I am Actually Her, (also LIS is probs my 2nd favorite game) I love her so much i cry

10 - My favorite qoute is “Drinking cough syrup when you didnt have a cough is ironic because in reality you’re sicker than you thought” No reason, It just speaks to me

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Rules: Answer 10 questions, than tag 10 blogs.

Last movie you saw: I don’t watch many movies so I think it was the princess bride when we had to do a scene from it in drama like 4 months ago

Last song you listened to: i stf it was the erky perky theme song

Last show you watched: I think it was toddlers and tiaras because it was just on

Last book you read: 100 years ago I read ‘the long walk’ by Stephen king and it took me over a year to finish thanks to my adhd ass

Last thing you ate: spagett as well but it was just sauce and tasted weird

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: facedown in a ditch

Where would you time travel to: a time when I am facedown in a ditch

The first thing you would do with lottery money: purchase a nice house and a cool dog then live off the rest for like a year

What fictional character would you hang out with: oh geez I can’t think of many off the top of my head but prob Steven universe, he’s a cool kid and seems easy enough to get along with

Time Right Now: 11:08pm I was supposed to be sleep an hour ago but here I am

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I'm a sophomore in hs and I just started playing oboe about 9 months ago(played flute for 4 years before that). It's my dream to be a professional musician but it feels like all of my peers that are serious about music are already winning all of these solo competitions, playing at festivals, etc. I'm progressing really quickly but I feel like I'm not going to catch up to those who have already been playing 10+ years. Advice?

You have almost answered your own question. Yes, you may never catch up to those who have already been playing 10+ years which will make getting into a good music school VERY difficult, but, nothing is impossible. There is no way for me to gauge whether you can get into music school, so I would suggest having a serious discussion with your private teacher. There are always options like really getting into shape at a small undergrad program and then trying for a super competitive graduate program. Do what your teacher says and see where it leads you. If your teacher isn’t doing enough for you, let them know and consider switching. Your time is running out - take control of it the way that you think is best and you could end up doing really well. Let me know via my personal blog if you have any other questions/ want to talk oboe stuff with me because I am also conservatory bound! Best of luck :)


My Top 5 Ships

Tagged by @thatlittledandere.

Rules: Name your top 5 ships and then tag 10 people.

1. Enkin (Boueibu)

2. Ibuatsu (Boueibu)

3. Enkinatsu (Boueibu)

4. Ibuen (Boueibu)

5. Enibukin (Boueibu)

I just have… Strong feelings… Strong, trashy feelings… Like, if I had been asked a few months ago, ships that weren’t from Boueibu would be on the list. Or I’d have Boueibu ships that aren’t just different combinations of the third years. But no. It has consumed me. I could’ve done some ships from my video game that I’m making, but my favorite ship from that is a spoiler for the final game, if I really do make a full version…

Do it if you haven’t been tagged by anyone yet!

~30 Questions Tag~

I was tagged by the wonderful 1.) How tall are you? around 5'10"
2.) What colour and style is your hair? right now it’s black (naturally brown) and wavy
3.) What colour are your eyes? blue
4.) Do you wear glasses? indeed
5.) Do you wear braces? nope I got those off about a year ago
6.) What is your fashion style? comfortable idk
7.) Any freckles, moles or beauty marks? lots of freckles and yeah I have birthmarks
8.) When were you born? September 17
9.) How old are you? I’ll be 18 in exactly a month!!
10.) Where do you live? New Orleans but I’m moving out this weekend
11.) Do you have any siblings? yes
12.) Do you go to school? college starts monday
13.) What kind of student are you? I don’t really pay attention unless I really like the class or the teacher is really supportive
14.) What are your favourite television shows? lol I have so many, just go through my blog and you’ll see
15.) Favourite past times? playing piano and writing
16.) What is your dream job? teaching music to young kids
17.) Would you like to get married one day, if so when? if someone’s willing to put up with me for that long I’d be ecstatic
18.) Would you like to have kids? tbh I think so
19.) Girly Girl or Tom Boy? why do these labels exist
20.) Do you like shopping? noooo
21.) What countries have you visited so far? Mexico/Central America, Italy, France, Spain
22.) What is the scariest nightmare you have had? ahaha don’t ask me this
23.) Do you have enemies? only one REAL enemy
24.) Do you have a s / o? nope
25.) If not, do you want one? i don’t mind either way
26.) Are you open about your feelings? depends on who I’m talking to
27.) What’s your family like? think about the noble house of Black without all the incest (except for one case ahah)
28.) Any pet peeves? I don’t like being touched without consent
29.) Would you date someone your family didn’t approve of? lmao duh
30.) Do you believe in astrology? I don’t follow it so seriously but it does seem interesting

I’m tagging @thatsthespiritdear, @alphacauliflower, @heartwraiths, @siriuslylily and @quietlywritingandflying

@synthplop tagged me to post 10 little known facts about me.                          1. I play a 7 string guitar.                                                                            2. I can fold my tongue into the shape of a clover leaf.                                    3. I can put my foot behind my head.                                                            4. I collect records.                                                                                      5. I have 4 tattoos.                                                                                      6. I attend roller derby bouts regularly.                                                          7. I have 5 piercings                                                                                    8. I used to have a dog named Ozzy until he passed away a month ago.          9. I used to take dance lessons from the time I was 3 years old until I was 18. 10.My first concert was Pat Benetar and Neil Giraldo.                                      Thanks for tagging me.                                                                                I tag: @kvlt-cvnt, @i-am-nocturne, @818zombie, @the-young-droog, @eddie-the-rattlehead, @victory-or-die, @frankensteins-other-bride, @naturalblondekiller, and @imawitchywitch.