I have a lot of feels about Hidden Figures. Go watch it for the following reasons.

  • A movie about women of color as mathematicians, and an engineer.
  • All three women are mothers. With multiple children.
  • One of them is a single mom.
  • All three are successful women of color in a time where systemic oppression was the norm.
  • Supportive husbands.
  • Sick burns against systemic racism and sexism.
  • Their names are Katherine Goble Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn, Mary Jackson.

If you can remember a name like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart then you can remember them.

10/10 would recommend.

Second Chances-12

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Happy left the hospital begrudgingly,(Y/N) insisted that he leave and get a good nights sleep, a shower, and a good meal. The only reason he felt half way decent in leaving is that Tig and Quinn were guarding his woman.

He rode off towards the clubhouse, he and Koz agreed they’d both be safer there with most of the club watching out for them. The sooner Caleb was found, and disposed of, the safer hos family would be.

He had every intention of adopting Luci when this shit show was over. He pulled into the TM lot, the last twenty-four hours catching up with him. Walking into the clubhouse, he looked over to see Chibs sitting on the couch, both girls fast asleep.

He walked over, as he looked up from the book he was reading. “They’ve been asking about you and their ma.”

“I’m going to take them to see her in the morning. Thanks for taking care of my girls.”

“It’s no problem brother. They are sweet girls.” Happy picked Cora up, he started to lift Luci as well, but Chibs waved him off.

“I’ve got her.” The two men carried them back to Happy’s dorm room, there was a second bed set up in the corner. The two men, laid the girls down, tucking them in. 

He locked the door after Chibs left the room, slipping into bed, he fell into an exhausted sleep.

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lesbianpoisonivy replied to your post “you know how the original jason ressurection involved him digging out…”

New headcanon: Bruce used to have cameras at some point but dick and tim caught him watching the feed for no apparent reason of lot of times and they decided that was not healthy at all so they convinced him to take them down..

Jason: And so you two have managed to justify Bruce’s excessive paranoia. Good job. 

I can 100% believe that this is a thing that could have happened. 

The sheer amount of guilt for everyone involved. 

Except Jason. Jason would have like 10 million new things to bitch about and blame them for. He’d never let it go. 

Unless Alfred was involved in that ‘Master Bruce this is not healthy’ malarkey. 

criminal minds has been my “comfort show” or whatever for like….. years, now, and i’ve made my way through 10 goddamn seasons on netflix and watched most of the episodes multiple times, but…. i’ve never watched any of season 11? i don’t even have a good reason. i guess i’m nervous that it’s gonna be shitty, as if the last 5 or so seasons weren’t already shitty???

so i guess what i’m trying to say here is that anxiety surfaces in really weird ways sometimes and also i’d like recommendations for shows that are very like criminal minds but aren’t criminal minds