Well, this is me, Jared and Jensen at Chicon 2014. I know it’s pretty obvious, but saying this is still a little surreal. I already shared with you guys what a struggle it was to make it to Chicon. 

I’ve been a fan of the show for 2 and a half years. I know it’s not much for some people, but it’s enough for me. It’s like I can’t remember my life before it. Jared Padalecki has been my favorite actor for the past 10 years or so, and one of the reasons I started watching Supernatural. For those who may not already know, I live in Brazil. That’s far away from all the good conventions, and I kept seeing people posting their photo ops with them here, and I knew I’d never have one. It was almost impossible to actually go to a convention, it would require a lot of things, and I kept wondering why it was so unfair, why I couldn’t be there, why I couldn’t have a picture hugging them like the others, why I had to sit at home and couldn’t meet these people that mean so much to me. 

Then, Karri and I, one year ago after Chicon 2013, came up with a crazy plan to go to Chicon 2014. At first I thought it was insane and it would very likely not happen. But it did. Instead of sitting at home and crying that our plan was just a plan and would have been awesome, we were there to see how awesome it really was. Step by step, what was a Chicon distant dream one year ago, came true. We made it happen. We worked hard for it, and this is the reward. 

When I walked up to them, I couldn’t believe my eyes, that I was really there. Everything passed on a blur, when I realized, I was already out of the room. I didn’t know if the op was good, if my eyes were opened, if my face was visible, everything. I was so afraid the thing I wanted the most didn’t come out the way I expected.

When I found my op in the middle of a thousand ones, I cried. Because it’s way more than I could ever have asked for in a million years, all the details, My hand on Jared’s, Jensen’s hand on my elbow, my other hand in Jensen’s back, how we are so close. This is what I imagined countless times, everything I never thought I could have. It’s the most perfect photo op I could ever imagine. I’m so proud for having it, for having this chance, for getting to know them, for being a part of all of it.

So, I found out this past weekend that dreams do come true. That picture up there is the living proof of it. That was a dream I thought it was impossible and really far away, and I got it. This picture is here to tell me never to give up on my dreams. If I set up my mind and go for it, I’ll have everything I ever wanted.

Access: It seems like Malcolm’s kind of redeeming himself a little bit. OK yeah, he had Thea kill Sara, but he made a great leap in the [last episode]. I feel like changes are happening with Malcolm.
Marc: That’s good to hear actually. One of the fun things about Season 3 for me is that Malcolm is this very – he’s a very interesting sort of character in the sense that, is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy? Is he getting redeemed? And I think a lot of people, or reasonable minds will disagree on whether or not he has done anything of redemption just yet, whether or not he is capable of redemption. Certainly, Malcolm’s morality and whether or not his soul can be saved is going to be to something that we’re hitting over the remaining 10 episodes of the year. And I think it’s very satisfying to me, as a writer working on the show, to watch people’s reaction, debating whether or not Malcolm is redeemable because he really sort of started out as our sort of first villain that was of our – proving our credo that even the villain is the hero of their own story. And to see that his morality continues to be in flux and continues to be the subject of debate is really, really interesting.

Access Hollywood (X)

No really - who are these people debating this? He’s an evil terrorist. How is this debatable? There’s not enough redemption in hell that will ever change that.

Second Chances-12

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Happy left the hospital begrudgingly,(Y/N) insisted that he leave and get a good nights sleep, a shower, and a good meal. The only reason he felt half way decent in leaving is that Tig and Quinn were guarding his woman.

He rode off towards the clubhouse, he and Koz agreed they’d both be safer there with most of the club watching out for them. The sooner Caleb was found, and disposed of, the safer hos family would be.

He had every intention of adopting Luci when this shit show was over. He pulled into the TM lot, the last twenty-four hours catching up with him. Walking into the clubhouse, he looked over to see Chibs sitting on the couch, both girls fast asleep.

He walked over, as he looked up from the book he was reading. “They’ve been asking about you and their ma.”

“I’m going to take them to see her in the morning. Thanks for taking care of my girls.”

“It’s no problem brother. They are sweet girls.” Happy picked Cora up, he started to lift Luci as well, but Chibs waved him off.

“I’ve got her.” The two men carried them back to Happy’s dorm room, there was a second bed set up in the corner. The two men, laid the girls down, tucking them in. 

He locked the door after Chibs left the room, slipping into bed, he fell into an exhausted sleep.

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10 Reasons to Watch Guardians of the Galaxy
  1. The plot is actually good – not overly simplistic, but not too complicated either.
  2. It introduces the main characters well enough even if you haven’t read the comics yet.
  3. It gives us a glimpse of the Marvel Universe outside Earth.
  4. Spaceships. Enough said.
  5. The special effects are beautifully done. Props to them CGI animators.
  6. Chris Pratt was surprisingly amazing. Like why did I ever doubt him?
  7. The humour is spot-on.
  8. Lee Pace’s abs is in it.
  9. It really opens a lot of possibilities for the upcoming Marvel films.
  10. The music is everything.

I don’t really know how to explain these without being spoiler-y, so just watch it. MCU’s best film so far, in my opinion.

My 20th birthday just ended an hour ago and I need to make this list real quick. 

Reasons my childhood is officially over: 

1. There will be no more Harry Potter books, nor Harry Potter movies. God bless the spin-offs. 
2. The final episode of Friends aired over 10 years ago. 
3. The kids of today will never know the pain of having to adjust your TV until you get a good picture and can watch your goddamn movie on that goddamn VHS tape. That, if anything, is a huge deal, because I was sick a lot and it was the only time I was allowed to watch movies. VHS tapes were holy. There are no more VHS tapes
4. I am now allowed to buy alcohol and do whatever the fuck I want. 
5. Tomorrow I am leaving Europe for the first time in my life. With the best of friends I’ve made and known for three years.
7. The FOURTH generation of The Sims is out (and it has so far just been a poop pooped on top of the franchise, thank you). 
8. Bou left An Cafe 73982749723 years ago. 
9. Ayabie disbanded 87492 years ago. 
10. My mother is capable of handling an iPad. Without help. 
11. My little cousin just started _ high school _ and has a girlfriend. 

It’s basically been over since I saw the final Harry Potter movie at the cinema. I just sat there like, okay, this is it. I am no longer a child. But it’s kind of sinking in now. 

I am not a teenager. 

You know what? This list might seem negative, but I actually feel the exact opposite. I just needed to state some facts. Being a teenager sucks. It’s kind of great. 

This is all very pointless, I apologize, but anyways. October 24 is over, happy birthday to me! Tomorrow I’m going to Tokyo and I wish you all a good day / night / whatever. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ♡