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Awww I'm the anon who sends the Degrassi reactions, I'm honoured to have a title 😜 and ty for making me binge watch it all in prep for the podcast it's improved my life 10/10 would recommend even tho I left school years ago IT'S SO GOOD

RIGHT?! Degrassi holds such a special place in my heart because it exposed me to a lot of things I wasn’t being exposed to while at a Catholic school. I think it’s probably part of the reason I turned into a progressive sex-positive feminist who is pro-choice and cares about LGBTQ+ issues lol

//I have a feeling that Mel watches a lot of Mecha anime–not like all of the time or anything, but they’re shows he would have watched with his brother, yeah?

So I just imagined Amelda roping Valon into watching Gurren Lagann with him, bc he’d heard it was good & it was short enough to finish in a few sittings.. yet, they quietly have to shut it off before they even reach episode 10 because why.

[if you haven’t watched it, don’t look up the reason unless you want major spoilers]

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Post 10 facts about yourself, then pass on to 10 of your faves :)

Oh, these are so fun! Thanks for sending me this :D

1. I’m currently procrastinating on doing homework

2. I have trouble sleeping at night unless the room is completely dark

3. I wear a sleep mask to cover my eyes because of this reason :o

4. My family thinks I’m antisocial 

5. I’m pretty good at cooking

6. It takes a lot to actually motivate myself to do anything other than watch Markiplier videos 

7. I can’t stand the taste of coffee 

8. I spend more time daydreaming than actually aware of the world around me

9. I’m going to breakfast with my friend tomorrow 

10. Math is my least favorite subject 

Thanks again! :D

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I'm pretty sure the point of Game Theory is to take something "Not That Deep" and see what you can make out of it. MattPat pokes fun at his own absurdity all the time. Once he tried to guess heights from Smash Bros and deemed Wario was 10 ft tall xD

Eh, your mileage may vary on some of them. There’s a lot less to think about than there are videos possible to make. I enjoy some of them– Game Theory and Extra Credits are good for different reasons– but once you watch one of those things you get thousands of recommended videos that want to point out obvious or directly stated things in games as ‘secrets’ or videos that overall. just get everything wrong but are there to convince others the creator knows what they’re talking about. Don’t watch a single ‘elder scrolls lore’ video, for example. You’ll get vids recommended that say the great war mentioned in skyrim was a thousand years ago, etc. etc.