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can i get recommendations for favorite andreil fics? long, short, funny, super sad idrc just a few that really stick out to one of you? thank you!! your blog is god’s work

Hi!! Here are some of my favs!

P.S. this time travel one is my absolute fav

i’m here right now (just be here right now with me) by Talls ( M | Incomplete | 1/5)

Neil first meets Andrew with a racquet to the stomach in a locker room when he’s eighteen. Andrew first meets Neil with a hushed conversation on a beach in California when he’s five. They still manage to meet on rooftops, fall in love, find family, and heal together, just not quite at the same time and definitely not in the same order.

(In other words, Andrew is the Time Traveler’s wife.)

Lucky by sunrise_and_death (T | 4,328 | 1/1) 

At thirteen, he’d lived in eleven different cities, gone by as many different names, and seen his reaper twenty-eight times. Some people would have called him lucky.

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Author: gorgeousdan
Artist: @nymphdan
Beta: @dont-tell-them-i-write-phan
Word Count: 10.5K
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: (oh boy) explicit sex (category listed under every heading, no hard kinks), anxiety attack, subdrop, bleeding
Summary: When Phil falls asleep during sex, it’s clear a solution is needed. So they make a combined list of twenty-five kinks: Dan and Phil’s Sextravaganza. 
or dan and phil fail at being kinky and realize love is all you need.
Author’s Note: If you couldn’t tell by how ridiculously long this is, this is my fic for the PBB 2017! I had the idea for a fic where Dan and Phil fail at being kinky since the summer between my freshman and sophomore year and I’m so excited to bring it to you!

THANK YOU to my amazing beta, Bee. Aside from being super nice and responsive even while writing their own fic, they’ve been so good at helping me with my fic. Thank you, Bee!

THANK YOU ALSO to my amazingly talented artist Abel! They’ve been super nice and responsive as well, and though their art isn’t up yet, it’ll be well worth the wait! Thank you for being so sweet, Abel!

Thank you to everyone who follows me or reads my work. It’s because of you that I sometimes manage to get my depressed ass out of bed and write about two British dorks with haircuts. You make me the happiest.

Lessons on how to be Worthwhile
By Organization for Transformative Works

By: pensversusswords

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 19,693

Summary: The one where Steve thinks Tony is amazing, and Tony thinks Steve is amazing, but Tony doesn’t think Tony is amazing.Or, Tony has issues with self worth, and Steve wants to fix that.

Notes: I just watched civil war yesterday, and even though I knew what was coming, I’m still slightly in denial. Either way, Tony deserves to be cherished, so here’s a fluffy hurt/comfort fic.

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hey guys, do you know some fics where neil and katelyn become friends? thank you 💕

Hey! There’s not a lot out there, but try this!


tumbling ain’t the same as falling by badacts for redketchup (M | 18,178  | 7/?)

Neil is a Vixen, not a Fox. He and Andrew still find each other.

Not a One Time Thing

• Author: TaehyungieV

• Pairing: Jimin/Namjoon

• Rating: M

• Length: 18k

silverjiminnie says ⇢   I FUCKING SQUEALED! Cute AND hot, which is the best of both worlds. I read this when I first discovered the beauty of minjoon and it ruined me (in the best way)

(read it here)

score: 10/10 OR 💯 depending on my mood

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my dudes i RAN over here after reading the fuckin SOFTEST post-infinity war fic. it’s recovery fic but STEVE’S recovery fic (ok buck too but mostly steve). beautifully written and a little heartbreaking and a lot uplifting jfc this author OWNS MY ASS works/14769042

Thanks for writing in! :) 

today, the same sky by Tippet (complete | 14,862 | M )

He thought about how strange it was that the smallest things kept bewildering him: the bar of soap in the red clay dish, the toothbrush with the bristles already fraying, the wide-toothed comb left on the lip of the bathtub.

(Steve and Bucky, after the war.)

Lost In Translation

Author: realityisnoplacetolive

Artist: @themessafterthemarty (the art is awesome omg)

Beta: @always-okay-katie (thank you so much for all your help!!)

Word count: 11k

Rating: PG

Warnings: None

Summary: In a world in which everyone is born with their soulmate’s first words to them tattooed somewhere on their body, it would seem that loneliness is finally cured. But Phil Lester has a problem. His tattoo is in a language he can’t speak.

A/N: Additional thanks to @awesomesockes, for being Danish and therefore occasionally helpful in the endeavor :p And to Gina, for giving me really awesome advice about pacing, which i was too stubborn to actually implement, but I appreciated nonetheless <3 (you tried)

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I need a really good long stucky fic! Any idea?

In Tags list A the second category is tags that sort fics by word count. Here are two you might be interested in.

20,000 - 50,000

Over 50,000

Also, check the slow burn tag. 

Finally, here are some excellent fics to get you started.

despite the threatening sky and shuddering earth (they remained) bypraximeter (Zimario) (complete | 71,532 | E )

“They really didn’t want the mask to come off.” Hill thumbed through the scans, and pulled out a film that she then handed over to Sam, face mostly expressionless but for the flat line of her pursed lips.

Sam accepted the film and held it up to the light, angling so both he and Steve could see it, squinting at the outline of the Winter Soldier’s skull, and the blips of unnatural white that showed up, God, in his brain, not to mention about half his teeth, plus the mask, with its thin protrusions—

“Those are pins,” Steve realized. He looked over at Hill. “The mask—it’s nailed to his face.”

Hill’s face was as unmoved as ever. “Like I said. They really didn’t want it coming off.”

in cayenne and honey, in vinegar and lime* by alby_mangroves, Nonymos (complete | 27,604 | E ) Bucky/M’Baku ; mutually clear endgame stucky and M’baku/Okoye 

M’Baku fought for T’Challa. But should he keep fighting for T’Challa’s vision? The king is professing change, such deep change, while the Jabari are supposed to be the guardians of tradition.

It’s a complex problem, which demands a cool head. So M’Baku could really do without an old love coming back to haunt him, an obnoxious royal teenager, and T’Challa’s secret one-armed guest.

Eat Rotten Fruit by birdbrains (complete | 76,006 | M ) *series - each part about 20K words ; discussion of past noncon ; consent issues due to trauma and brainwashing that are eventually resolved ; graphic discussion of past torture

Steve is putting a crimp in Bucky’s plan to pretend everything is normal post-WS, and he tests Steve’s patience by turning it all into a joke. But Steve can take a joke.

Circling Back by chaya (complete | 59,642 | E )

Steve looks for Bucky, Bucky finds Steve, Steve tries desperately to put Bucky back together. Bucky tries desperately to let him. (Spoilers for Winter Soldier.)

i was found and now i don’t roam these streets* by hipsterchrist (complete | 15,613 | M ) *minor character death ; depiction of illness (of original characters)

They’ve decided to start producing Bucky Bears again, now that he’s all shiny and redeemed and fighting for good on this big Avengers misfits team. “He has a little shiny gray arm,” Bucky says, wiggling the stuffed arm in question, one of the tweaks made in the new model. It takes Steve a second to realize that Bucky’s got a small smile on his face, actually looks a little bit proud around the eyes.

Or, Bucky relearns himself and how to be on a team, the rest of the Avengers try to get answers, and everyone watches too much Criminal Minds.

Slow Work by lorata (complete | 81,114 | T )

It’s 2011, men are allowed to marry, and Bucky is dead.

The future isn’t all that’s strange. Together in peacetime for the first time since before Steve took the serum, Steve and Bucky struggle to find their place – and each other – in the middle of a new millennium, new bodies, and new dynamics.

Or, just because you wake up in a century where everything you’ve repressed is magically okay, that doesn’t make it easy.

time, time is a fickle friend by customrolex (complete | 50,214 | unrated ) 

All it takes is one shift of reality for everything to be different.

‘This is why you were chosen,’ Doctor Erskine said. ‘You are a good soldier. I’ve looked at your service record and it is one of strength. But your actions and words here are ones of compassion. You have not forgotten the importance of kindness, of empathy. You will not let being made stronger make you forget these things.’

Scents and Sensibility: The Working Assassin’s Guide to Supersoldier Seduction* by galwednesday, silentwalrus, skellerbvvt (WIP | 52,925 | M ) *alternate universe where gender works the way it does for clownfish…but also the concept of gender is understood differently than it generally is in our world

Captain America wakes up from the ice in 2013. The Winter Soldier wakes up in 2009, or rather defects from HYDRA, for a value of defect that’s closer to decimate. He ends up working for SHIELD. In April 2014, he’s assigned to Captain America’s mission as a sniper.

Steve’s just trying to get some kind of life together. Bucky is too, or at least he was until tall, blond and Captain shows up and starts just - being there, all the time. It’s terrible. It’s the worst. He has to do something about it.

The Wedding of Bucky Barnes by stephrc79 (complete | 67,805 | T )

This is the story of how an instagramming, trolling, pain in the ass got married to an equally annoying, artistic, bossy, stubborn blond oaf.

Or, you know, how one James Buchanan Barnes, Instagram Extraordinaire, married Captain America himself, one Steven Grant Rogers.

Wasp Harvest* by Overlithe (complete | 92,528 | M ) *cw: dark themes 

‘We are going to do great things together.’
1947: Bucky Barnes wakes up to a metal arm and Arnim Zola’s voice.
1979: Alexander Pierce, newly-minted member of Hydra, takes over a now-useless asset tucked away in a vault.
2014: The master has a mission for the soldier.
This is everything that happens in between.

Or: Bucky Barnes, disassembled. The Winter Soldier, assembled. Horror/thriller. MCU with a few shout-outs to the comics. Gen, but you can read some Bucky/Steve and a tiny little bit of Bucky/Nat into it if you’d like.

i need a forest fire by tomorrowsrain (complete | 65,815 | T ) 

“The past beats inside me like a second heart. These fragments I have shored against my ruins.”

In which Tony Stark makes a reckless decision, becomes a wanted fugitive, goes on the run with the former Winter Soldier, and learns how to forgive. For his part, Bucky Barnes is just trying to hold himself together. AU, post-Civil War.

The Way Out Is The Way Down by Speranza (complete | 17,610 | E ) 

“We’re alive in defiance of the law, now,” Natasha said bitterly.

“Well,” Steve said, and pushed his plate away. “We’ll just have to break in and get them.”

“Right, let’s take it from the top,” Natasha said wearily. “The Raft is a fully submersible supermax prison—“

“We can do it,” Steve said.

The Diaries of Bucky Barnes by afterlifeoftheparty (complete | 15,208 | T ) 

“This young soldier was writing about war, but not only that. No, the most remarkable extracts from his diaries are the ones about emotions; those passages in which he writes about loss and pain and loyalty and love.”

When Bucky Barnes’ diaries are leaked in the 70s, reactions vary from one thing to another, even decades later.

Don’t Ask* by AnnaFugazzi (complete | 21,491 | M ) *period typical attitudes ; canonical character death  (or rather, “death”)

Captain America and Bucky Barnes were like brothers. Everyone knew that.

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Hey! I'd like to rec 'so. you think you hear laurel?' by daidalos. it's shrunkyclunks, has shuri being awesome in it, steve being a little shit, and is overall hilarious and perfect!

so. you think you hear laurel? by daidalos (complete | 16,365 | T )

“Man, are you ever planning on clueing Stark into the fact that you know exactly what’s up with this century?”

A smirk curled around Steve’s lips as he glanced at Sam. He laughed when his friend groaned.

“Not a chance in hell.”

When Steve Rogers came out of the ice, the world was convinced they knew everything about him. The world was convinced that Steve would hate the future, and all of its strange technology. Of course, the world was wrong - not that Steve felt the need to let them know.

Because what the world seemed to forget, was the fact that Steve Rogers is a little shit.

Imagine Sisyphus Happy

Title: Imagine Sisyphus Happy
Author: coyotesuspect
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 11857
Summary: Two years after signing for the Providence Falconers, Jack retires from the NHL.

Most memorable line: “Is it worth it?” he asks.
Lardo seems taken aback, but she considers the question.
“It’s hard,” she says thoughtfully. “And it’s a lot of bullshit. It’s a lot of fucking bullshit. But, yeah. Otherwise, why do it?”

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hey about the b99 question...burnin for you is awesome and cute and also a b99 au

Burnin’ For You by GoldBlooded (complete | 15,748 | E ) 

Steve Rogers is Fire Captain of Brooklyn’s very busy Station 118. He wants three things out of life: People he can count on, for everyone to get through their shifts safe and sound, and for Sergeant James Barnes to get the hell off of his arson scene.

James Barnes is Detective Sergeant of Brooklyn’s very busy 107th Precinct. He wants three things out of life: A decent cup of coffee, good leads to chase, and for Captain Steven Rogers to get the hell off of his arson scene.

Everyone knows to steer clear when these two have to deal with each other. Everyone knows about their mutual dislike and sometimes hatred. But what everyone doesn’t know? How they got to be like that in the first place.

the lovers' gap

title: the lovers’ gap

author: @coldphannie
artist: @hails-the-geek [link to post with art]
beta: @non-binarypal

word count: 17.5k
rating: R
warnings: smut (warnings before and after), physical violence, torture (non-descriptive)


Inspired by Phil’s RPG The Mark of Oxin.

Their first quest was supposed to be easy. It’s anything but.

Dan’s on the greatest adventure of his life. He’s joined by his best friend, Phil. He learns a lot about serving his kingdom, and what’s more, he learns to fall in love.

Phil isn’t his though. Phil is someone else’s.

author’s notes: gosh i’m super thankful to everyone who has helped me out with this fic :’( it’s the longest one i’ve properly finished and i genuinely hope that people will read and enjoy it! there’s a happy end because my heart cannot handle anything but, so i hope ya’ll like that!!

It’s Not Quite the Parent Trap

Title: It’s Not Quite the Parent Trap
Author: omgericzimmermann (HMSLusitania)
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 13402
Summary: Bitty’s a little confused when his six year old son wants to play hockey. He’s concerned when Tommy’s coach is a retired NHL player with perfect cheekbones and piercing blue eyes.

Most memorable line: “You’re sure that’s a cat?” Adam asks.
“Nope,” Bitty says.

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hey for anon who wanted steve visiting bucky in wakanda there's also under a golden sun by newsbypostcard works/14088093

Thanks for writing in!

under a golden january sun by newsbypostcard (complete | 16,948 | M ) 

Bucky’d never wanted to admit that he only felt alive when Steve was touching him as though sculpting him from clay. Some days, Bucky wished that Steve could—wanted to encase himself in some viscous substance just so Steve could recover him with his hands, guide his true shape into form. So he could become manifest by way of artistic vision.

(In Wakanda, Bucky tries to find himself. Steve tries to find him, too.)


Author: Lissadiane

Summary: Rumor has it that Sheriff Stilinkski won’t let his stepson Scott date until his other son Stiles does, so when Allison makes the mistake of falling for Scott, her well-meaning (and dickish) friends hatch a scheme to hire someone to take Stiles to homecoming.

Inspired by 10 Things I Hate About You, with a little hint of Easy A for flavor.

Info: 20k | Teen | 10 Things I Hate About You AU

Notes: Derek is SO. ABSOLUTELY. CUTE, you have no idea. He’s such a bad boy but so shy and the pack (Erica, Boyd, and Isaac) are super awesome! 10 Things I Hate About You is a comedy romance classic and so is this fic! -C

Sneak Peek:

“Dude, he’s totally staring at you.”

“I know, it’s freaking me out.” Because Greenberg’s drooling a little, what the fuck.

“No, not Greenberg.” Stiles follows Scott’s very unsubtle head jerk and holy mother of god, it’s Derek Hale.

Strong, silent, terrifying Derek Hale. Seriously, Stiles has lost count of the amount of terror boners he’s had to hide behind textbooks and lacrosse sticks because of that guy. He’s tall, and broad, and more muscular than a high schooler ought to be, which is probably why there are all those rumours going around that he got held back after missing a year or two due to a certain fondness for starting fires in the shop wing bathroom, oh my god.

But damn, he does fill out a leather jacket well. Not to mention those jeans. And cheekbones. And scruff – Stiles looks away, swallowing hard, because Derek’s staring at him in this weird, predatory way that looks like he wants to have Stiles for lunch, and not in a good way! Hello, terror boner #17.