10's classics

Studying playlists!

~Here is a selection of playlists for studying, depending on what you prefer to listen to while studying. These playlists are also suitable for other things, such as going to the gym. The links are all Youtube playlists. I’m mainly posting this for personal reference, but feel free to listen, reblog and add!~

Lofi Hip Hop (live, no lyrics, perfect for focusing)

Studio Ghibli piano music ( 1:33:15, no lyrics, soothing)

Summer chill mix (1:04:33, lyrics, upbeat but chilled)

Deep and tropical house (live, lyrics, steady fast background beat so good for increasing pace)

Relaxing sunday mornings (1:07:42, lyrics, typical acoustic coffee shop music)

Lofi/jazzhop/chill (1:00:00, no lyrics, calming evening music)

Acoustic/folk/indie (1:35:02, lyrics, mellow, generally known songs, calming)

Mediation study music (2:59:57, no lyrics, extreme focus, background sound)

Mozart classical (6:20:30, no lyrics, variety of paces, long pieces)

Lord of the rings soundtrack (3:40:32, a mix of ‘lyrics’ and not, variety)

Slow 2000′s R&B (3:08:08, lyrics, chilled and nostalgic)

90′s/00′s/10′s classics (156 songs, lyrics, nostalgic and happy songs)