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Why do you hate ' Kindergarten Boyfriend ' so much ??? - lilly anon -

It’s boring, and also in my opinion it gives off this “fat girls are desperate” vibe. Like she’s liked the same guy for like 10 years even tho he’s abusive, and she’s still hung up on him.

And it pisses me off that they could have wrote her to be a quality character, but nope the fat girl is just the fodder for more jokes??

And she’s feels she’ll never be loved and it pushes her to attempt to commit suicide, but they made it into probably the biggest joke in the musical, when she’s the only character who legitimately attempts suicide outside of JD (Who??? Is??? A??? Murder??????)

I get that is dark humor and satire but that song is just really shitty and I hate it. I coulda left it at “It’s just annoying” but I felt like a legitimate reason is necessary.

I don’t need this to be some huge discourse, Thanks.


Not everyone yet, and not babies per se, but smols

A lil Keith who loved holding hands and hanging off arms and Shiro knew it but no he’s busy being mad Shiro I’M MAD

Totally caved like two seconds later   

I adore the occasional thought of adopted bros okay it’s precious


Take some GAY ASS. IZ ART. Cause fuck my twitter feed felt loaded with that good ol’ otp. 

I remember being so excited for this show when it first came out and watching it today, I still find it fuckin hysterical. Dib/Zim cause fuck >w>; Anywho, headcanons that Dib’s 6ft and that was his first kiss after turning 21, and Zim’s like…5ft maybe slightly under that (Yeh i know he wouldn’t grow past his canon size but pls lemme dream) 

Danny Phantom 10 years later part one: some pretty simple re-imaginings of the character designs that sort of stretch the original concepts but stay in the same vein of the original idea, keeping with the color schemes and everything.

Danny Phantom 10 Years later part two: Dark, gritty, borderline terrifying future that looks straight out of an apocalypse movie. Unnecessary wires everywhere, dark colors, and Vlad is literal Satan/ made as creepy as freaking possible. Dani is???

you can’t get rid of m̳͉̜̝̟̳͎̈̅̒̋̎̇̿̈͡è̡̲̟̳͎̭̩̠͒̇ͭͩ͡.

party at the blackwatch HQ  🎶 ✨ 🎶 ✨

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Video Games Played in 2016 3/   → Rise of the Tomb Raider  

“You have no idea how far I’ve come.” 

drew this while waiting for the fuckign video to render

these two become younger everytime I draw them


¾ of Queen, a study in beards