10 years of teen titans

me : so if dick grayson is in his thirties in the dceu and has been working with bruce for the past 10-15 years that’d mean the teen titans never existed thus far esp. considering the fact that victor is in his early twenties. if the titans were to be created would kori also be in her thirties so she and dick could date or would she be saved for tim meaning she and the rest of the titans would be in their late teens so then victor and dick could definitely not work with them, but –

6000. The Titans were surprised when they discovered that Teen Titans Headcanons was a thing. And a little touched that it was still going strong,  even over 10 years after the end of their show. They never realized how many people still cared.

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It’s a little late but, Happy 10 year anniversary of the end of the end of Teen Titans and Happy 6000 headcanons.

And thanks for keeping the story going. 

From all of us here, we love you.

-Jack Doe