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Cor x older reader fic idea

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Hello~! 8-10yr Anon back. Copied and pasted this time. Now I get to look at in my email drafts for years. Thank you for answering and letting me submit this. It’s really long and pretty much ideas for a Cor X Older Reader multichapter fic. First, the spark of insperation that no one asked for(feel free to skip by search/finding ¥). I was on your blog and saw young Cor. Then I went to another and saw this


Pic of older Cor. To me his expression screamed that’s the look he gives his S/O(In my head I think wife but for over all use, s/o). More so when they do something weird so he ponders and questions why and how he loves that dork so much. Then he smiles lightly while responding to their antics with a straight face. Young Cor still fresh in my mind, I thought of Cor having a crush on Rea when he was younger. Which reminded me of a fic about the young bros crushing on their baby sitter. Then the gears for this idea formed. It’s more of a slow burn(I think I’m using that right) multichapter fic. I don’t know how much you know about Cor(I had to wiki since I don’t have epi Gladio) so I tried to be kind of vauge about him. Yet even if the reader is 8, 9, or 10 years older than him, they’re a young adult at first and still trying to get themselves together in multiple ways(even though they have a well paying job). I had a pretty good vauge timeline for how long things happen for. When I say slow burn, I really mean it. It takes YEARS for this happy ending. ¥¥ So when Cor first joined, he had to be assigned to someone, that someone is Reader(Rea). It was more of a form of bullying to them by pairing them up(In my head it pairs better with a female reader since they had to work harder to get to their position). Even though Cor is a genius Rea still treats him like a kid/nicer while trying to not undermind him. More so since Rea finds it admirable that he joined on his own and thinks it’s something to be proud of. Even though Rea reluctently does desk work often they train and work in the field whenever the chance arises(since not letting Rea onto the battlefield is another form of bullying if Rea’s female). Cor doesn’t really like Rea at first but slowly(A year maybe?) gets used to how kind they are to him(Plus they’re in a high position so that means they’re someone to look up to. Right…?). He really doesn’t like(borderline hates) how quirky they are though. More so since it seems to be a side only he notices since at times they hangout after work. So eventually(At least 6 months/another year later? He has to deny it of course) Cor realizes(Yet not to what extent) that he likes Rea and confesses but Rea is off put by that. So they turn him down while trying not to undermind his feelings and still be his friend. Then a few days(or months) later Gilgamesh happpens! Cor calms down because of Gil and still works with Rea over the years. He still likes Rea but doesn’t say anything as they become best friends(still doesn’t like their quirks). More so since he wants to grow, confirm his feelings for them, and become someone he thinks is worthy if them even with the age difference. To woo them and truely show how dedicated he is to them. Eventually he moves up fast in the ranks to the point he becomes Reas boss. So Cor confesses again(Some of their quirks grew on him/he’s accepted some though)and Rea has a hard time believing it. More so after so many years of just friendship and him not really(To Reas knowledge) showing any indication that he still likes Rea. For Rea, they’re still kind of processing/accepting that the kid(genius or not) they watched grow up has become a man. Like truely accepting that their friend, who they’re proud of, is truely no longer a kid but a man. So eventually Rea gets over the age difference, accepts his feelings, and returns them. They’ve been married for a few years(in my head, 10 which is why I said vauge timeline at the start. I guess not vauge???) also. Yet before the Rea accepts his feelings there’s angst between them for years. Close after his confession to Rea, is when years of angst starts. Like all of angst, including classic cliches angst. The ones I thought of was Rea pushing Cor away in all types of ways, is actively mean to him(so much that even people at work notice), uses him, leads him on, straight up tries to break his heart by doing things on purpose. Even called off their friendship at one point. Yet even with Rea doing all of that he’s still dedicated to Rea and does his best to prove it.  Rea realizes at one point that when Cor used to(and even when Rea is pushing him away) leave for month long missions they really missed him. Yet not in the they’re dependent on him/can’t be apart for long periods of time miss. Just small things like how dorky he is. Then slowly realizing that before and after his confession all of the cerrtain things he did was his was of trying to woo and show his dedication for Rea. Rea goes into denile for a bit because if that realization though. At times Rea vaugely realizes that even though they’re being terrible to him, he’s still willing to support them no matter what. (There was a time that Rea tried digging the knife in deep by saying he doesn’t care about them since he won’t accept that they don’t like him. That even if he’s just a friend that he should accept his friends wish to leave them alone. That he keeps bothering them. He just counters by saying he wants to prove how dedicated he is. Be it as a friend or more. That even if he’s just a friend that he’s a dedicated friend and knows that by leaving Rea alone it would lead Rea to believe that he’s not as dedicated as he’s trying to prove. That even if just friends that no one wants to be given up on. The one thing he won’t do is physically push himself onto them to prove his dedication.) Even though Rea does all that, he still does his best to woo them and show his dedication the best he can over the years of angst. Not that Rea being mean affected his choice, he’s saved their life on the field(more than once), goes along with any whims Rea has even though he knows they’re trying to hurt him. He’s just determined to prove himself even though there’s an age difference. (I almost sent myself to tears the first time trying to express how much angst there is.) One scene in my head that was a turning point of getting off the angst was Rea calling Cor in the middle of the night/a bad storm. Rea told Cor to tell them why he liked them so much and just as he started to explain Rea cut him off, said in person, and then hung up. A bit later Cor showed up at Reas door drenched to tell them why. Rea being a bit in disbelief allowed him inside but didn’t do anything to help about how drenched he was. Not that Cor would let them because as soon as Rea sat down Cor kneeled in front of them, asked for their hand(which they reluctently gave), and proceeded to explain, in detail, why he likes them so much. Even how some of Reas quirks he’s grown to like to like but not all of them. Which made Rea laugh and was the turning point(after years of angst) of Rea slowly accepting and returning his feelings. Truely realizing that this person is a man, an amazing one at that, no matter what age he was, was one of the hardest things Rea had to realize about Cor. Sometimes Rea can’t believe that he proved his dedication with his words and actions alone and he didn’t try to make a physical move(sex and stuff) on them(unlike other people) to prove his dedication. Only when Rea started warming up to him did he start physical contact like hand holding and forehead and hand kisses. Hugs took a few months since Rea was reluctent/felt like they didn’t deserve them, so didn’t ask for them. Cor, of course, wouldn’t initiate the hug but figured out what was going on. Then proved Rea that they deserved hugs and initiates them now(of course after gaining permission to do so without asking first). Their relationship isn’t perfect or anything and they fight at times but eventually they got married. Every so often Rea remembers that they’re older(since Cor acts like he’s older and is a bit taller) and can’t believe they love him so much and vise versa. FIN ¥¥ Whew. Sorry again that it’s so long. That’s all of the idea(s) I had for it. I realized that it’s something more than likely impossible for a oneshot and wouldn’t fit in the ask box. Omg thank you for reading this far if you did!! Q_Q I give this to you to do whatever you want with. I thought it was a good fic idea, so yeah. If you don’t want to do anything with it, that'a fine too. I’m so sorry if I offended you in anyway. Q_Q I really like this spawn of mine but I know it would take years to motivate myself to even bother writing it. So maybe it would help you with ideas or something. Thank you again. (Tmi: It kind of reminds me of me and how I treat my friend(I’m terrible. I know.) yet they still like me. They’re the kind of person you know is good for you but you’re heart’s not into it. Yet if given time you know you it would work out but you don’t want to give them a half hearted relationship while waiting for that time so it gets broken off. They’re just a few years younger than me yet years later they still like me. I honestly can’t fathom why. I’ve even told them that me liking them his halfhearted and they shouldn’t put themselves through that. Yet they still like me. I just really don’t understand. Even when they tell me why they like me I don’t understand how they see such things.) *Runs away while screaming into the distance*

*SCREAMS WITH YOU* THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA! I actually REALLY want to write this, but as I said before, I’d be over-committing :O But honestly, if you wait a few months (I know, tough ask xD) I can definitely start working on bringing this idea of yours into fruition <3 AAAAAAAAAAAH OMG COR IS SO FREAKING CUTE AND INTENSE OMG <3 <3 <3


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For @seungchuchuweek’s Day 5 Prompt: Mythology/Folklore!

Featuring an au I’ve been working on for a while, set vaguely in a Tang dynasty-like China. Seung Gil is a Kumiho* and Phichit is a furry

*nine-tailed fox

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I see people implying some Akira x Ema. Thoughts?

I very much like the way they look together aesthetically.

Beyond that, I want to see what’s the nature of their relationship before I actively start shipping it myself. We know that a working one exists, and has for at least as long as SOL has been looking for Ignis.

But where did they meet? Through work, or somewhere else? Were they friends at one point—and if so, what caused that friendship to cool over into what it currently is?

Because as it stands, things look pretty cold between them. Akira’s all business, and Ema’s keenly aware that Akira’s just using her. But there also isn’t any animosity. There’s no implication that Akira is blackmailing her, or that Ema plans on double crossing him.

So it’s cold right now, but it currently seems neutral enough that a friendship/relationship could eventually develop out of it.

also, on the side note, I officially started to write my novel - again. i hope this will be the last version of it.