10 years!!!!!!!!!!!

Status Update: I‘m back!

I flew back to California yesterday, so I am no longer on hiatus! Sorry for the long absence - my last month in Korea was pretty hectic because I had to prepare for my grandmother’s 80th birthday, and take turns visiting each of my relatives again once my mom flew in during February.

Things will still be pretty slow on the blog for now since I have a lot to catch up to, both in real life and in the LL community. My first priorities will be finally getting around to translating stuff from the Aqours in Seoul event (…which happened in December 2016 OTL) and easing my way back into QCing for Uraraji. BTW, this means that I’ve finally updated my status page!

I predict that I won’t be back at full power, however, until around the second week of March. This is because of…

THE SAN DIEGO LIVE VIEWING OF THE AQOURS 1ST LIVE. I had the great misfortune of being on my 10+ hour flight from Korea to LA when tickets for the 11am showing became available, but I managed to snag one for the 4:15pm showing when that was released!

I’m pretty excited for this event, but it has also made me realize that I have a little more than a week to learn all of the calls and prepare for meeting some fellow Love Livers *screams quietly* i am so short compared to some of them!!!. This is actually going to be my first time meeting Love Livers IRL…it’s gonna be such a great change from my friends going “oh great Yuja’s screaming about her anime game again” during university and my cousins in Korea going “oh my god I’m related to an otaku”, haha.

I’m also lowkey nervous because this is actually the first anime-related event I’ve ever attended. I know, I should be ashamed because I live close enough to LA to go to Anime Expo and was close enough to Boston during university to attend Anime Boston…but anyways, I hope that my hype for the event doesn’t make me keel over from a heart attack on the day of the LV, lol.

If any of y’all managed to get tickets for SD (regardless of time slot - I’m tentatively planning to arrive around lunch time to see if I can hang out with people), feel free to let me know so that I can say hi at the LV!

Under the Earth and Into the Dark.

[A missive rests on Ashelia Riot’s desk, written in sloppy Eorzean tongue.]

Day One – Akhutai gets injured on the first floor. The monster escapes. He begins hearing things that no one else can hear. Nivelth and Akhutai do not have the weapons they originally entered with. Nivelth begins hearing music on later floors. I frequently hear familiar voices—but I do not know who they are. Bonibel seems unaffected by the palace. Akhutai gets more agitated the lower we get. He frequently shouts and acts aloof. We defeat the monster on floor 10. Akhutai takes off his goggles. [This is specifically underlined.]

Day Two – I begin seeing people I recognize. They are all tribal members. They are all dead. There are more traps on this floor. We are constantly stepping on them. The song Nivelth hears begins to intensify. Bonibel is yet unaffected. Akhutai is struggling with his injury, but deals with it the best he can. “I’m never fast enough,” is a comment that Nivelth makes. She begins to practically tear at her ears when she reaches floor nineteen. Floor twenty, there is a siren. No one can hear it but her. She is enthralled by it, and we make an executive decision to destroy it before she is injured.

The siren was her sister.

Day Three – There is a crushing pressure on my chest on floor twenty-one. It blurs my vision and by floor twenty-two, I am no longer in control of my body. It is a complete other experience; it was like watching someone try to pretend to be me, badly, while I watched on. All the while I hear shouts and yells from everyone I’ve come to love. They reprimand and place blame on me for killing or hurting them. Zulak, Upa, even you, Ashelia. It agitates whatever took over my body. It makes me yell at my teammates and curse. It makes me angry and thirsty for blood. It takes me a moment to realize that it is not some ghost; it is who I used to be. The palace was showing me myself, five years ago. On the later floors, one voice becomes clear over the others. It is my father. The Old version of myself rears up, bloodlust in her eyes. All she can think of is killing him.

There was so much red, Ashelia. So much.

He is on the thirtieth floor. She revels in his murder. I am in control again, and she is gone. I am left with a blazing anxiety and fuzzy head. I do not eat that night.

I understand how Nivelth and Akhutai felt now.

Bonibel is yet unaffected.

Day Four – Akhutai is not recovered from his injury. There are voidsent on this floor. All of us are tired. Akhutai seems on edge, as does Bonibel. Nivelth is exhausted, likely from learning her astrologian’s arm at a moment’s notice. On a later floor, Bonibel seems someone she recognizes. We do not see him. She calls out the name “Biqo’a!” and runs after the apparition. She begins leading the group, in a sense, through the next floors. Nothing we say can sway her. We fight through voidsent and traps and similar things the palace had put us through before. On floor twenty-nine, we see a small figure mummified in the darkness. None of us realize what it is until floor fourty, where we all see the small child.

I will spare you the details on what happened to him.

Bonibel does not see that he is dead. We all do. She tries to coax him into coming with us. There is nothing we can do except defeat the voidsent that has a grip on his soul. Bonibel does not take it well; she attacks Tai instead of the boy.

We had to leave his body there, Ashelia. We could not feasibly carry him through the final ten floors. Please, please, we must give him a proper burial. If we can send a team down there to retrieve the body, all of us would be thankful. Bonibel most of all.

I gave Nivelth my rations. I did not want them.

Day Five – We are all on edge. Stricken. We fight through the final ten floors, eager to see the sun again. The other three claim to hear a noise. I could not concentrate on anything but my lance and the monster in front of me. If we got another fortune pomander, I might have screamed. Pomanders of rage saved us much effort. On floor fifty, we see a woman. She is unfamiliar and wields a scythe. Akhutai recognizes her, and tenses up immediately. He claims he cannot fight her. I understand where he is coming from. Yet she is the only thing standing between the four of us and the exit. His aura flares, we rear up as a team and take her down.

We are home. Akhutai does not rest, and takes off immediately. It would be best to keep an eye on him. Nivelth, Bonibel and I talk over tea. There are some reunions.

It is good to be home.

 -A’zaela Linh.