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Lost Sister

Prompt ~ Can I request one where the reader had lost her memories at young age and got adopted by Barry, only for years later to turn out to be Damian’s sister? 

Extra ~ Damian Wayne x Sister!Reader

 Life is full of obstacles, especially in yours. You don’t recall much from your childhood or any early memories at that. You were an orphan, the only place that came close to a home was an orphanage. One day as a young 10 year old a blonde man came by. The kids whispered around saying he was looking to adopt a baby. Which sent your hopes down to the bottom, yet that day you had a new home and a new dad, Barry Allen.

 Barry was an amazing father, it was hard getting use to being in a new environment but you soon adapted. Iris became a mother to you, she was always there for you and helped you through rough times. Everything seem perfected, besides Barry being ‘the fastest man alive’ which kind of freaked you out at first. Once you found out his not so little secret a whole new world opened up to you, a dangerous one. One full of supervillains and vigilantes, that you soon found yourself apart of.

 Gotham Academy was okay, sure it had snobby rich kids but it also had nice people there too. It seemed to be an average day, well as average as it can be in Gotham. You were currently checking blood samples in the lab to connect to your family tree, which didn’t really make sense to you but at least you would know what blood type you were. Your partner Damian was doing the same, you both had become close due to your nightly activities and both your parents being in the Justice League.

“Here.” Damian said handing you your results, it wasn’t anything surprising to you just average results. Damian peeked over your shoulder curios of what blood type you were just in case he needed a quick blood donation.

“What?” His voice faltered.

He snatched your paper, “Hey!” You protested, you watched curiously as he put his paper besides yours, his eyes scanning between both sheets.

“T-this can not be possible.” Damian’s eyes widened, “What was it?” You asked curiously unaware of what was happening.

“Y-you’re my sister.” He whispered, your mouth dropped open in shock. You snatched both papers and looked over them, you both had the same DNA. Every single bit, you looked up in shock.

“How? When- what?” You gasped out, feelings overflowing you.

“You’re my brother?” You faced Damian, just as you finished your sentence the bell rung, the last period of the day.

“Quickly we must get to the bat cave.” He hastily put all his stuff away into his bag, you doing the same, and rushed you out to his motorcycle.

“So you’re telling me that my innocent precious [Y/N] is your daughter?” Barry asked flabbergasted.

“Well biologically speaking, yes.” Bruce responded, while you sat shocked behind him.

“You won’t take her away fro me.” Barry said speeding over to your side.

“She’s my daughter too.” Bruce interjected.

“She is also my sister!” Damian growled.

“Barry is my dad.” You cleared up, “No offense Bruce, but I do still want to get know my biological father, if he’d like too?” You asked looking back to Bruce.

“I would be glad.” Bruce smiled sincerely at you.

“This doesn’t change our relationship what so ever.” You told Barry, holding his hand.

“This changes everything!” Tim butted in.

“What do you mean?” Barry asked.

“Damion can’t use the excuse of being the true child of Batman! When there’s actually two!” Tim replied, a grin on his face.

“This does not change nothing Drake! I am still The Son of Batman.” Damian roared, prepared to lunge him.

“Jesus my family is all types of messed up.” You muttered under your breath.

shoutout to that time 10 year old me got SUPER FUCKING SICK on the day of the school science fair, where I came in second place to a dickbag, but I told my teacher while I looked her dead in the eye and sick as a dog that I was ok with him winning because I would sweep the awards at the county level anyway

my mom may have been completely mortified that night but I DID win best in show at county, regional, and an honorable mention at state so pat on the back to tiny sick me


I’ve had Akon’s Smack That stuck in my head all week, and this is what happens.


Photos taken by the Moors Murderer Ian Brady of his partner in crime and girlfriend, Myra Hindley, and their 11 year old neighbour, Patty Hodges. Patty struck up a friendship with the couple, and regularly visited Saddleworth Moor with Brady and Hindley, where they would allow her to drink wine from the bottle during picnics and country walks. On Christmas Eve, Myra and Ian took Patty up to Hollin Brown Knoll to see in Christmas Day and stayed up on the Moor until around 12:30am. After taking Patty back home, the couple returned to the Moors with blankets where they conspired their next murder. The following day, 10 year old Lesley Ann Downey was abducted from a Fair Ground, to be tortured and killed by Brady and Hindley.

Let me just say

At my old job, after working there 10+ years, on my last day there, nobody gave two shits but one person. It was just another work day to these bitter miserable people. I was just another rusted wheel in the machine, nothing special.

My new job though, after only being at this particular store for a lil over two months before I transfer to the new store, to see people so emotional and kind, appreciative of my hard work, complimenting my work ethic everyday from managers and coworkers alike and today on my last day, several of them wanting to stay in touch with me and giving me farewell gifts, huge warm hugs, and the such and telling me they hope I come back just in case if things don’t work out,

That speaks volumes. It just really feels good to feel worth something and appreciated.

no offense but it’s not funny at all to make fun of Barron trump its not his fault his dad is a monster and I get criticism about his privilege and his money and whatever but at the end of the day this is a 10 year old child who has done nothing to deserve the amount of disgusting bullying he’s been getting tbh


“Jab tak unhen dekh na loon, unse lad na loon…mujhe sukoon hi nahin aata.”

It’s crazy how after almost 10 years i still get flashbacks of the time i was bullied surprisingly by a teacher. I was about 10 years old and in fourth grade. On that day my teacher was gonna take us all to the circus. I forgot my money at home, the ticket was like $8 or something like that. There was another boy that forgot his money too and some girl from my class had money for another ticket. My teacher asked her to pick between me and that boy to take to the circus. Of course she picked him because she had a crush on him. I was left behind to stay in another classroom until they got back. She could have easily paid for me and have my mom give her the money when she came to pick me up, but no. I was forced to stay another hour after they got back from the circus and listen to all their stories and my teacher laughing and telling me that i should be more careful and bring money next time. I got home and cried for what seemed like hours. I never told my parents because i didn’t wanna upset them. That woman should have never been a teacher and i regret not telling my parents then. Who the hell does that to a 10 year old ? And because of her the kids started bullying me too. 

@xojim​ and I were talking about how timeline-wise, it’s a surprise that Chirrut ISN’T a Jedi, because he would have been in his 30s when the Jedi were massacred if he’s Donnie’s age.  So, a headcanon: 

Chirrut was a optimistic street kid on Jedha who idolized the Jedi and had so so much respect for the Temple.  He was always Force sensitive but not blatantly so.  One day at around 10 years old he got into a scuffle with some black market smugglers trying to steal some Kyber crystals.  In the scuffle trying to protect the crystals, the smugglers blinded him.  Being blinded made his already Force sensitive senses go into overdrive, and that is when the Guardians found him. He wanted to be a Jedi but he was too old, no one would train him at ten years old. So a Guardian the blind ten year old became. His elders at the temple took his innate optimism and fostered it into unwavering idealism based on a philosophy of everyone’s temperaments having their place. So they fostered his idealism and unwavering faith and paired him in balance with Baze, who had an inclination towards cynicism with a questioning eye.  And. Well. 

“forgive and forget you won’t remember this in 10 years” listen buddy I am 25 years old and remember as clear as day the day when I was 4 years old and a teacher told me to shut up when I corrected her about something I knew was right and put me on time out when I insisted and if I met that particular teacher again as an adult I’d kick her in the shin for it don’t fucking try me