10 year memorial

PLEASE READ: this is part of a serious autobio series I started months back to document my gender transition. These took place months ago, during the early days. I’d only been on hormones for 4 months.

May 26th, 2016. The day I cleared out my FB, 10 years of lil memories. A bittersweet day for me. I knew that when I came out, people would beeline for my old photos to compare. The thought of that was very uncomfortable.


Seungri: Now let’s all call the last 10 years as memory and call the 10 years from now on as a promise

TOP: I will miss you all a lot for 2 years

Taeyang: I will become a tree for you all and stay here forever

Daesung: Thank you for being a precious encounter in my life

G-Dragon: Rather than telling you to love us until whenever, we’ll love you


Characters: Dean W., Sam W., Castiel, Reader
Pairings: Dean x reader
Words: 1,492
Warnings: Swearing
A/N: My first writing of 2017!! Also I have a fixation with 10 years and memory loss haha, anyways I hope you all like it 😊
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“Sam, let me in her room” you said demandingly as you held the weight of your sleeping 3 year old daughter, her carry on bag and your traveling bag, while the jumbo size Winchester was standing in front of your door, not letting you inside.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea, (Y/n)” Sam said nervously, and swallowed thickly.
When you heard his tone, it was like someone had punched you straight on your stomach.

“Why, Sam? Who is in there?” You said, worried about what you may find out.

“Well, Dean is in there…” he said, and looked down to his feet.

“But, he is not alone…” you continued and tears started filling your eyes.

“What? No, are you crazy?” Sam suddenly said “Please, take Jojo to my room and I’ll explain everything”

You stared at him intensely, trying to break his lie, but he was being honest and you reluctantly walked towards his room, being in his room you lay Jojo on his bed and kissed her forehead.
“Now, what the hell is happening?” You asked, sitting beside Sam, arranging your clothes.

“Well, first of all you gotta promise me that you won’t kill me” he said smiling apologetically.

“What the hell happened?!” You angrily demanded.

“Just promise it, ” he said, moving a bit away from you.

“Alright, I won’t kill you. Tell me”

“Well, we went to a hunt two days ago, and it was a witch and she kinda erased memories from Dean’s head” he said laughing nervously

“Kinda? What do you mean by kinda erased?” You breathed in and out, trying to not explode.

“Well, he remembers everything except his last 10 years…” he said.

“I can’t believe you two! This is the fist time I leave you two alone in the last 8 years and he gets his memories erased. Now what?!” You shouted.

“Please, (Y/n) stay calm. I’m sorry, but Cas is doing what he can to get his memory back” he grabbed you by your shoulders and you huffed an alright.

“Hey, Sammy, you didn’t tell me about your cute girlfriend” Dean said from the second floor of the bunker and your instinct was to go hug him but you stopped yourself.

“Dean, she’s not my girlfriend. She’s a really good friend..” he said and you sighed and smiled at him.

“Yeah, my name’s (Y/n)” you said and he smiled, but suddenly he started feeling dizzy.

“Huh, weird…” Dean said, laughing nervously, he walked down the stairs and then towards you.
“Nice to meet you, sweetheart. I’m Dean Winchester”

“Yeah, nice to meet you” you offered your hand and he took it, suddenly the both of you felt a strong electricity flow between you two, one you were once used but for him, it was new.

“So, hum, what’s going on?” He asked, letting go of your hand reluctantly, and smiled sweetly at you.

“Well, we’re now trying to get your memory back, ” Sam explained and Dean nodded.

“What does this banging woman has to do with me, then?” He said winking at you, making you blush all over again.

“Well, she’s, huh, she is-” Sam was saying when a little girl’s voice interrupted him.

“Daddy!” Jojo shouted from Sam room and he mouthed you “don’t worry”.

“Only friends, huh?” Dean smirked, but knowing him for so long you knew that he was hurt.

“It’s not what you think” you laughed and offered the seat beside you, and he accepted right away.

“Really? Then what is it?” He said, still with his smirk.

“Guess it” you teased, it was something you and he always do to each other.

“You’re a steaming hot single mom, an amazing and badass hunter who manages it to keep her little family safe?” He said, proud of himself and he was almost right.

“You got it all right, except one thing” you raised your hand and showed him your wedding ring.

“Well, how unfortunate, ” he said and you only laughed at his comment.
“Where’s the bastard who took you out of the market?”

“He is talking with me, Dean” you laughed and his eyes went wide open.

“You’re telling me that I’m your husband?” He said fully surprised.

“Yeah” you continued laughing.


“Because you asked” you said “and I think you’re adorable”

“Very funny… are we seriously married?” He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Yes! I promise it, we’re very married. This is our 6th year of marriage” you laughed and he suddenly smiled.

“Well, I’m indeed a lucky bastard, ” he took your hand and you smiled.
“I wish I could remember our wedding day”

“It was fun, but our wedding night was even better” you winked and his mouth went wide open.

“Shit, I want my memory back, ” he said and you giggled.

“Holy shit, ” he suddenly said “I have a daughter”

You burst into laughter and nodded “Yup, her name’s Jolene. But we call her, Jojo”

“Can I see her?” He said nervously.

“Of course, Sam can only entertain her for a while until she wants you again” you said, standing up and offered him your hand, and immediately took it.

“She’s three years old, and you say she’s the smartest little girl in the entire world” you giggled

“Well, she’s my daughter, of course she’s the smartest girl”

“Yup, with or without memory that’s always your argument” and he squeezed your hand.

“You know, I had a hard time believing Sam everything he said, I even threatened on leaving, but he convinced me on staying one more day, that today my mind might change, and don’t tell him I said this, but he was right” Dean confessed and you felt warm inside.

“And you say you hate chick flick moments” you laughed and he rolled his eyes while blushing.

“I’m more convinced that you’re my wife, ”“ he laughed and you naturally want to plant a kiss on his lips, he at first stiffened, but then placed one hand on your neck and the other on your waist pulling you closer, making the kiss more passionate and needy.

You broke the kiss to take a breath, and he did as well but then fainted.

"Sammy!” You screamed, sitting beside Dean.

Sam and Cas came outside his room, leaving Jojo inside it.

“Cas, when?” You said and shrugged.

“I was going to explain you, but Sam said you were talking with him, so I explained everything to him”

“Alright, so?” You hurried them.

“Oh yeah, well it seems that the witch was a twisted and hopeless romantic, so she cursed him with a true love kiss spell, but when his true love kissed him, he was meant to faint and wake up with all of his memories, that’s why nothing that l tried worked” he said and you sighed.

“And now what?” You said, caressing Dean cheek.

“We just gotta wait until he wakes up, and see if it really worked” Cas said and you nodded.

“Help me get him inside our room, please” you said as Cas carried him and you walked beside him.

“He’s going to be okay, (Y/n)” Cas said and you sniffed and cleared your throat, for a second you forgot that he was an angel and he could sense your pain.

“I know Cas, even if it’s not today, we will get him back” you said and thanked his words.

He placed Dean on your bed and said that he would bring Jojo to you, so she calms down.
“Mommy, is it sleepy time?” Your green eyed daughter asked as she saw her father sleeping beside her.

“Do you want to sleep with daddy?” You wiped the single tear that slipped down your face.

“Yes, mommy, ” She yawned, still tired from your trip and her little eyes closed, her breathing started to relax until she fell completely asleep.

You watched them both slow breathing, they were so alike, and even if Dean seemed to believe you, he wouldn’t be able to remember everything you both lived.
Like the first time you said I love you, when he proposed, when he found out you were pregnant, your wedding day.

Suddenly all of those memories and worries started to get the best of you and broke down crying, silently sobbing.

“Babe, don’t cry” Dean tiredly said and slowly got up to clean your tears.

You leaned into his touch, and then you yelped “you woke up!”

“I did, sweets” he said and wrapped his arms around you.

“You remember everything?”

“About what?” He said tilting his head.

“About us?”

“Of course, you’re my wife and this little one, is our daughter, ” he said kissing Jojo forehead.

“Oh, thank goodness” you smiled, your tears were replaced with giggles.

“So how was your weekend with my in-laws” he said and you laughed while shaking your head.

“Well, it didn’t involve witches, so boring” you laughed and he only rolled his eyes.

It's been 10 years since Avatar The Last Airbender first aired

10 years and it’s still my favourite programme to watch. People hear me talk about it and think “why?”

Well I’ll tell you why

First off - have you even seen the animation or the backgrounds?

They are beautifully made and never fail to impress me

See what I mean? Beautiful. All the effort that went into these.

But lets talk about the show itself.


A 12 year old kid destined to save the world

Yes, he may be, but his development form the “goofy kid” to a hero isn’t a quick change. The show shows us it’s okay to be nervous

Even when you know how powerful you really are. But like any hero, Aang pulls through

The most powerful bender in the world - only a child. Watching this as child taught me that I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it. Throughout the show, the older characters keep underestimating Team Avatar because of the fact that they are all children. The writers proved them all wrong. Even as a teenager becoming an adult I still feel the same way about this show because it makes me feel invincible.

But Aang wasn’t the one I wanted to talk about.

The ladies

“girls cant fight”





As a fellow girl, seeing this badass chicks fight made me feel so powerful. They were stronger than the majority of the men and they were all beautiful - so much so that I became gradually jealous of them all (I know I haven’t included them all on here - sorry) They all had their own style of fighting and all kicked ass.

ATLA not only created beautiful, strong independent women, but they also addressed sexism.

In one of the first few episodes, Team Avatar were faced with a group of warriers called the Kyoshi warriors - all female. Sokka refused to believe him, a man, had been beaten by girls. He later confessed, announcing he wanted to fight like them.

Katara - I swear the majority of characters would be dead if it wasn’t for her. Girl power. Woop!

Toph though. If you watch the series and say you don’t like Toph - I know you’d be lying (and she would too). Toph is blind. She is also the greatest earth bender in the world.

The show isn’t worried about disabilities - Toph is treat equally. So much so that the other characters forget that she is blind.

And they’re not afraid to make jokes about it!

Azula - the crazy ass bitch who, from the moment you meet her, you can tell she’s well…

not the nicest person you’ll even meet. But she’ll teach you not to use fear to control people

I’ve never had a show that has emotionally compromised me as much as this show did. Iroh’s scene in Ba Sing Se. The love and loss between father and son.

But there are so many messages the show puts forward. Many by wise speaking Iroh

But also from other characters - lessons that children should be taught about.

It’s messages like these that children should be taught. Be yourself, be happy with yourself. You don’t see many of these messages these days. It’s rather refreshing.

The show also teaches you about honour. Other people cant restore it for you, you have to gain it yourself. You have to set your own destiny, even if it goes against the flow of your nature.

Family is not always how you want it to be. To be scarred by your own father, but accepted by your uncle. Finding the right path is hard, but worth it in the long run.

I’m sorry this is such a long post - I never wanted it to be. But I had so much to express about Avatar. And 10 years of having nobody to speak to about it wasn’t fun. I want more people to watch this under appreciated show (please don’t watch the film).

It is beautiful in every aspect and I know I will still be watching this in another life

  • Me: It's been 10 years
  • Friend: Yeah can you believe i--
  • Me: Since Carol and Therese first had sex.
  • Friend:
  • Me: Ah, good memories.


DAY 8: SET D - He’s fooled me for 10 years and I let him step on me every time.
- 他騙了我十年然後我每次都讓他踩在我身上 -

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We are the best friend , aren’t we ?

This one is the most difficult subject !!!!!

I am not blame Lea play with Ven. Merely I have no idea what I can draw. What would Lea lie to Isa? For Ten years , It must be Lea said. But why does Lea have to lying ? they are best friend ten years ago.

So I just can come up this idea. Lea said to Isa “We are the best friend.” but Lea play with other children is more or same close like he play with Isa. So in Isa’s mind, Lea’s action equal to lying to he. In fact, There is more comes from Isa’s jealousy. well, I just assume it. sorry I can’t explain it well. :P

It has been a year and half, and I still have a need for barian!Haruto


I was looking at my website, found the first hairs I uploaded there. There were bunch of previous hairs before those but they were crappy as heck hahaha (like if those were pretty XD) Look at the textures hahaha, or the pancake at the back of one hair XDDDD

I think I was 13 when I started fiddling with this, it was so entertaining. I still remember the first one I did, I printed it in paper to show it to my friend at school hahahaha I was so proud XD now I look at it and I am like 🙈

God, 10 years already XD time totally flies… 

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OMG!! I remember when Panic’s first AOL Sessions came out!! I hadn’t watched this video in 10 years!!

Oh the memories. I miss AOL S so much. The highlight of MySpace days… xD

Myron Broussard is tired. He’s only 30 years old, but the memories of Hurricane Katrina devastating his home in New Orleans 10 years ago — memories that he tries hard to not remember — still haunt him.

Broussard miraculously slept through the storm’s initial impact, but he remembers the howling winds that finally woke him the fateful morning of Aug. 28, and the chaos that followed. 

He remembers losing touch with his mother and sister because cellphones didn’t work, a result of dysfunctional cell towers.

He remembers walking to his local Winn-Dixie, where he watched in disbelief as people took the food and supplies they needed and police looked on.

He remembers cutting his hand as he broke a window of a neighbor’s house in order to get to higher ground.

He remembers seeing bodies float by in the floodwaters near Louisiana State University Hospital, where a security guard refused to let him in for treatment of his hand.

He remembers the days he spent in the Superdome, where he helped carry people who’d passed out from dehydration to safety and stood outside waiting for evacuation buses.

He remembers the long bus ride to Texas, during which an EMT told him he’d have to have his hand amputated because it had developed gangrene after exposure to flood waters.

He remembers arriving in Fort Wayne, where he finally saw a doctor and learned he wouldn’t lose his hand but realized that with little money, no job and no home, he’d lost just about everything else.

10 years later, New Orleans’ black community is still feeling the effects of Hurricane Katrina