10 weeks to get the denial

Challenge time!!

So I decided to do one of these, as they get more attention. And my partner has agreed to let Tumblr decide my fate. So here is my little challenge/game

1 like for this post = One day of denial.

1 reblog for this post = One week of denial

1 comment for this post = 1 vote to have my partner get my useless cunt pierced shut! For every 10 notes this gets, I will add one year to my denial. At 200 notes the amount of time will double. At 400 notes the time will triple. At 600 I will never have an orgasm from vaginal sex ever again! While this is going on, send me anonymous or public messages!! Should I get nipple piercings? Tell me! Should I get a rainbow colored dildo? Tell me! Want to remind me that my cunt is useless? Please do ❤ Bring it on Tumblr, deny me forever!


Pregnancy Series - Part two: Sorry doesn’t always make it right

A/N: So here’s the second part, yaye!! The next part will be the first ultrasound! Let me know what you think! xx

Part One

*10 weeks*

“Hey mopey,” Mia coos as she drops herself next to you on your bed, “It’s been like two weeks, you know, you should either get over it and move on or answer when he calls.”

“I don’t even care about that anymore,” You scoff loudly in denial before shoving a handful of popcorn in your mouth, “I don’t need him, I can do this by myself,” You say in mock confidence, obviously trying to convince yourself along with her, “Nothing he has to say to me now will make any of this better, besides he’s probably just freaking out that I’ll go to the press or something.”

“Okay, well, while you continue to live in denial,” She rolls her eyes, grabbing the bowl of popcorn from your lap before continuing, “There’s a lady at the door for you.”

“What,” You exclaim; sitting up straight in your bed in shock, “I never get visitors…”You trail off incredulously, “What does she want with me?”

“I don’t know,” She shrugs uninterested, her eyes focused on the movie you were watching, “She just asked for you. I left her in the kitchen; you should probably go see what she wants.”

“You can’t just leave a stranger alone in my kitchen,” You gasp, quickly standing up, frantically looking around for some pants, “What if she steals something?”

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anonymous asked:

"sollux. i can code. i know bees. ampora is also an option, but captor would be greatly prefered." you say. "hm, yes, i'll file a request. you should get a letter of acceptance or denial within the next month at the latest."she says, scribbling this new information down to her clipboard. "either way, you will have a reassignment sugery on 10/25, wether for a captor role or as an ampora. you can go now, enjoy the week off!" she says, ushering you back out to the main plaza. what do you do?

look to see if i can find anyone with captor horns, or a person wearing sunglasses. if neither are within my immediate field of vision i look for the most sword like looking thing i can find. knifes work too. if i cant find that, i attempt to look for a less crowded room.

In defense of laf and perry

1) if plan A actually went according to plan and laf was holding perry on the floor and carm and laura were reunited they would rush to eachother to make sure they were safe and getting the help they need to keep eachother alive and well especially if one of them was critically injured don’t tell me that they wouldn’t
2) they didn’t see her die
3) LaFontaine literally could not see. They probably were completely disoriented and their eyes.. (…eye)  were fixed on perry .
4 ) perry literally has no context for the situation what so ever . She just got there . Knowing perry she wouldn’t assume the worst and think laura is literally not breathing .
5) they didn’t see her die
6) I agree the hey kirsch was awkward af.
7) ..literally what help would they be if they were there.  It was carmillas moment to accept laura was gone. She probably would have snapped at them to leave. If perry did in fact know laura was dead (which..i'dk how she would ) she probably said what she did to awkwardly leave the situation . She knows it’s not her place. She also knows laf is about to go blind af.
8) laf was legit bleeding out they needed first aid Stat
9) ..laura had no blood . Again . Why would they think she’s dead and just not unconscious
10) Perry is in denial about everything we know this. I legit don’t think they would even process it . Especially not in that moment . Ya know. Literally JUST getting her own mind and body back.
11) they didn’t see her die
12) carm and laura have been talking about killing perry all season …I don’t really blame laf for seeing perry and wanting to spend a week with no one but her . (Laf also just lost JP . Don’t think carmilla wouldn’t do the same If she lost laura for that long of a time )
13 ). Yall need to chill . It was awkward.  It didn’t make them demons

10 stages of Life is Strange hiatus

1. Fandom spams the LiS tag with feels after Dontnod drops a mind-blowing, heart-wrecking, tear-bending ending to an episode
2. Fandom still dead a week after latest episode, processing wtf just happened
3. Multiple LP’s and theories; most people more-or-less okay after the ending
4. More theories, pictures, details, ideas spammed onto LiS tag
5. ART. ART EVERYWHERE. Ohgod look at all the fluff! (Aka. fandom in denial of bad things) Also, FANFICS!
6. Protect -whoever got hurt most during the past epsiode- at all cost!
7. Prompt asks everywhere; itoshiteru continues with the LiS interactive (thank LORD for that, it’s amazing!); geekremix drops another mind-blowing theory
8. Hello? Anyone out there?…-fandom dead around the 5th-6th week-
9. WHEN IS THE NEXT EPISODE COMING OUT? Leaks. CAN WE GET A TRAILER? Oh my god another 2 weeks to go jfc we totally didn’t see the 8 week hiatus coming although every goddamn episode released after 8 weeks, spot on time.

10. Everyone loses their shit over release date and trailer.

We’ve been at this displaced-from-our-flooded-home thing for 10 days now.

Last week was not a good week. This week has been better.

Denial gave way to Sadness 
Sadness turned into Anger.

The good news:  I get stuff done when I’m mad.
And the first thing I needed to do was figure out where we were going to live while our home is being fixed.

We made a hotel change.  A much-needed upgrade.
We landed in a far more comfortable space -  a place with a playroom and pool and Egyptian cotton sheets (never underestimate the restorative power of nice bedding).   This hotel has helped us preserve our sanity while we figure out the longer term part of our living equation.

On Friday, I looked at apartments (places to live for the next 3-6 months).  I found one I liked… rather, one I liked enough (It has 3 bedrooms, a balcony and is located in our neightborhood!). We found out last night that we got the sublet!  We get to move into our home-away-from home next week.

Simon has been taking the lead on all-things related to Insurance (which is so many things).  We are navigating 2 claims processes - as our coverage is provided by both our association & homeowners policy.  It is all very complicated.  Thankfully my husband is an attorney and is good at things like reading contracts.  If I were doing this on my own, we would be screwed.

The girls had a tough adjustment period.  Hazel, especially.
I’ve noticed that they have been leaning on each other.  Sisters taking care of sisters.  (That has been one of the silver linings of this whole ordeal.)

They are adjusting to our new normal.  
We all are.

My bro, Andrew, said something that I found particularly helpful.
He said:  ”In life, most pain doesn’t have an expiration date….but there is an end-date to this situation.  At some point you will be back (in a restored to your taste) home, and all of this will be OVER.”  

I liked that.  And it is on that (and perhaps the mosaic backsplash I am dreaming about for my kitchen) that I am focusing my energy.

Honestly I still think we were right in terms of what the 10’s represented. Yeah we didn’t see Beth in this episode, but I personally believe that when the music box started playing again, it was representing Beth opening her eyes (presumably at Grady where she’s been in a coma for 3 weeks, just like a certain Mr. Grimes.) Just because we didn’t SEE her, doesn’t mean we didn’t get plenty of clues.

anonymous asked:

It would really make sense for a zouis reunion because they're both in the spotlight, but I don't know, I feel like something's going to happen because it's Wednesday

I have no idea what the end game is right now… I’m thinking we’ll get something big on Thursday, to capitalize on all this press?

All I know is that NO celebrity publicist allows a pregnancy to be announced at 10 weeks. It isn’t done. EVER.
Even with established celeb couples who are both A-listers, never mind boybanders and their one night stands.

It points to something else.

My best guess right now?
Louis is painted as an excited caring father to this love child, and it will play out that she either:

a) doesnt have the baby: miscarriage narrative or they denounce the rumors (though a denial is seeming less and less likely at this point) Zouis reunion, Zayn comes back.

b) has the baby: Its a Larry baby. Either through Briana or someone else functioning as a surrogate. This could possibly tie in with Harry/Louis coming out once they are under Azoff (and likely just after/before the launch of the new album) Zouis reunion, Zayn comes back.

I’m wearing my cut throat marketing hat as I look at all of this, because all of the theories seem so repulsive to me as PR tactics Im not sure which route they will go. 

Literally my sanity is hanging by a thread, along with the rest of the fandom.