10 week old lab


Our newest addition, Remington!!! We’re told his momma is a Terrier/Heeler mix and his daddy is a Border Collie. He’s 10 weeks old. Our BC/Lab mix, Ellie is super excited but apprehensive at the same time. All of us 2 legged family members are quite smitten. - mamalissyb


Puppy Maisie’s fav toy was 100% a plastic cup

She was 10-11 weeks old here and sooooo clumsy :D

How could you ever stay angry at THAT face?!  Meet Harper, the adorable little lab puppy that enjoys the occasional shoe nibble =) Special thanks to our beautiful tumblr follower wljasper for her gorgeous puppy submission!

My 10 week old lab puppy, Harper. She’s an angel, but sometimes she just can’t resist chewing on your shoes. –Cecilia