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About sukeroku's last rakugo performance, do you think the wife in the story represents anyone? Like in my heart, i want it to be kiku, but i'm curious about your thoughts on who sukeroku was talking about, if anyone.

typical cliche response but I see it as miyokichi

but I think, with what little unbiased info we know abt her, I think it’s more so the Miyokichi Sukeroku wanted her to be? 

But I don’t think he gave too much thought into it when it came to the Rakugo Wife character versus his own real wife

It was important for him to do Shibahama when he had Miyo and Konatsu bc they were prob the first real ppl to give him that family

Kiku tried but their relationship was a little strained, and with 7th Yakumo holding that generation long grudge against Sukeroku for who raised him, its really difficult for Sukeroku to find a familial bond within them

but Miyokichi and Konatsu gave him a family, even if it’s a broken one, and he knows that and thats why I think he couldve envisioned Miyokichi as the wife

(But id lov for it to be kiku too tbh)


Marvel Adventures: Super heroes vol.2 #004

Everyone should take dating and living advise from Tony Stark!


Props to the RWBY team for darkening Blake’s skin. It’s slight enough that it’s not like “Whoa! Sudden race change!” But it’s nice, considering how many fans headcanon her with darker skin.

As the show continues, it’s nice to see more skin variation all throughout, since, y’know, not everyone is the same exact shade of #ffeee0.

Especially with Blake being one of the four main girls. I don’t think many series would make that decision, and I’m proud of the crwby.