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Marvel Adventures: Super heroes vol.2 #004

Everyone should take dating and living advise from Tony Stark!


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anonymous asked:

what is touka saying in that panel in the omake!!


Touka: Want coffee?
Kaneki: Thanks.
Tsukiyama: Hello everyone!

Naki: Going through!
Ayato: Aneki, let me borrow your hat.
*i prob misread hat for something else
Kurona: Excuse me.
Miza: Kaneki Ken, I have something to talk to you about.

Touka: (This shop is filled with ghouls.)
Touka: (I wonder if this is okay…)


Yomo: Hirako Take.
Hirako: What is it, Yomo Renji.

Touka: Yomo-san. Why don’t the both of you stop calling each other by full names?
Touka: It’s weird.
Yomo: …I see…

Yomo: …Hi…
Yomo: Ta…

Yomo: …As I thought.
Yomo: …We’re still not on that level.

Urie: Kuroiwa’s getting married, huh…?

Kuroiwa getting married…
(Not related to me.)
Kuroiwa getting married…
(Should it stay this way?)
Kuroiwa getting married…
(What the hell am I doing?)
Kuroiwa getting married…

Kuroiwa is getting married to someone.
(Promotion, promotion…)
Kuroiwa is marrying a girl.
(I don’t have a partner…)
Kuroiwa’s marriage…
(It’s impossible for me to have a family)
Kuroiwa and marriage.

Urie: Kuroiwa and marriage… Kuroiwa and marriage…
(this can also mean, ‘I will get married to Kuroiwa’)

Saiko: (Urikou…!?)
Saiko: (Don’t tell me you’re…!)

Juuzou: Iwaccho-san’s son is getting married.
Hanbee: So it seems.

Hanbee: (Will Suzuya-senpai too get married one day…?)

Hanbee: *imagines Juuzou in a wedding dress*

Nakarai: Why.

Did Furuta call Matsuri a“Homo” like a fifth-grader throwing a tantrum

because Matsuri had hit him while he was making an escape?

Omg seriously fruit-chan? 😂 😂

Matsuri’s reaction: 

His face reads “That asshole”. Lmao I just can’t. 😂😂

2) Meanwhile. Ishida is a next-tier genius.
Hide’s “xロ” aka ‘No mouth’ speech bubble in his infamous comeback scene:

fuses in so well with Ishi’s knack of pooping foreshadowing hints everywhere. Because Hide is speaking to Urie here… And who do we know of that is associated with having “No mouth/xロ ”? 

Yeap. Kuki sexy hunklord Urie. 

Like Urie literally encapsulates “xロ” with tape crossed over his lips on the Cover of Vol 10. 

3) Another fluid transition by the God himself Ishida-san is when Marude called Hide ‘Mr Terrorist’… 

It corresponds with the other famous terrorist scene by the um, none other than Urie again lol. 

We also have the other little terrorist in the making. AKA Saiko Yonebayashi my queen wife daughter bestfriend all-round precious potato. 

(I’m hoping this terrorist casual name-dropping doesn’t put me on the FBI watchlist OMG if u’re spying on this I’m talking about a fictional manga just a heads up, nothing for u to investigate here) 

Uh yea, where was I? Oh right. The tiny cutie who instigated & gave Urie the little push (Saiko kinda had to pull some karate body-flip moves on him) to encourage Urie to take the course of action he had covertly wanted all along :) This is where he begins to slowly shed his ‘no-mouth’ syndrome. And where ‘no-mouth’ kinda intersects with terrorism here. 

Likewise, Saiko my glorious little potato has always been thought of to be associated with Scarecrow by loads of people. Ya know, with the gaming symbols & all. Many great Scarecrow/Saiko metas & theories out there. Like IShida has planned everything and converged these different elements beautifully. 

I’m so excited by the potential badass team if* & when Urie & Saiko team up with Hide. I can’t contain my excitement!!

P.S. So Hide has literally been hide-ing all this time. (lol ok not original but come on XD)