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“Don’t give up, push through the droughts. Channel the inevitable disappointments back into your craft. Break molds, think, create. But most importantly, stay alive. And in the meantime, make it about others; that seems to work. Stay strong, live on and power to the local dreamer.”

One of the many unexpected consequences of fame is that you become a magnet for indiscriminate dreams, hopes, madness and delusions. Its corollary is that you are always disappointing people. Once you become famous, you are always shattering dreams you never encouraged, withdrawing help you never volunteered, and breaking promises you never made.
—  Feel - Robbie Williams by Chris Heath
Countdown to 29!

In honor of Joshua William Dun turning 29 in only 10 days, I will host a 10 day appreciation “ceremony” for the lovely jishwa :> Everyday will be something new so join whenever you can or just drop by and say something.This is optional but I would love to see how some of you will celebrate, so come! Any other questions may be dropped in my ask box or just press “Talk to Me” in the top right if you’re on the website.

Day 1: Favorite thing/quality about Josh

Day 2: Favorite hair color on Josh 

Day 3: Fun Fact about Josh(I will post some of my own)

Day 4: Favorite Quote by Josh

Day 5: Favorite picture of Josh

Day 7: Drawing of Josh(this’ll be fun)

Day 8: Dress like Josh(just have fun)

Day 9: Show him some lovin via social media

Day 10: Submit anything you would like to help wish Josh a very happy birthday!

You can either post it on your own blog and tag me or submit it to me and i’ll be sure to tag you. Spread the word! Participate! Stay Alive!

It's Sunday night, once again

He we are, once again.
We stand still in a world that grows ever darker
Once again we are haunted by our fears
We are doomed by our thoughts
The black-blue blur seems to consume the pink-yellow light
And we tumble,
For we have lost our sight of that faithful light.
Over the screams of our harmful minds we cannot hear the music that has brought us to this day
We cannot see a way out, we can’t breath, we can’t feel
And so we tumble
We fall further into the black of night.
No matter what we do, we cannot see a way out
“What’s the point? What’s my purpose?”
What’s MY purpose?
Why am I here?

And then the sun rises
Night ends
The blur begins to fade,
It isn’t gone, but the pink-yellow light is brighter still
It’s over. Tomorrow has come.
This is it.
That fire is ignited
We feel
All together we sing and the air vibrates with these lyrics
The drums crash
The voice sings
We are one and all
Everyday we are here together
Everyday we find our way
Everyday is a new beginning
If they can do it, why can’t we?
His piano plays soft notes
The drums are gentle
“We’re alive.” He whispers
We’re alive.

No (Or: Anakin Skywalker in Ten Steps)

1. When he’s eight years old he decides that freedom means never having to say “Yes Master” or any variation thereof again.

2. Two days later, he starts counting. In one day, he says it 13 times. Kitster says he said it 16 times, and Anakin wonders if that’s worse, or just more of the same.

3. When the Jedi comes, Anakin calls him “sir.” He hates that word, too, but he’s learned the hard way that it’s safer. The Jedi doesn’t correct him.

4. Even so, for a few days after leaving Tatooine he almost believes he’s free. He’s off planet (and that’s where all the freed people go, isn’t it?), and in a starship, and he’s going to be a Jedi. He’s heard a lot of stories about the Jedi, but none of them say they’re slaves.

5. He was wrong, though. He has to call all the Jedi “Master,” and there are rules to follow, and they cut his hair and dress him and tell him where to go and how to behave and what to do. Master Obi-Wan tries to explain the difference, but he can’t see it, so he doesn’t understand.

He chafes, but never too much. He’s always known just how far he can push, and no further.

6. By the time he’s nineteen years old, and in love, he’s said “Yes Master” 22,753 times.

7. Padmé is upset that they have to hide their wedding, that it has to be private and unshareable. She pretends that it doesn’t bother her so much, and in return he pretends that it does bother him, too.

It doesn’t, though. On Tatooine, all slave marriages are like this. He’s always known he would get married this way.

8. He’s going to be a father, and he’s joyful and giddy and terrified. (He’s now said “Yes Master” 35,802 times.)

There’s a corner of his mind that repeats the old Tatooine law like a mantra. Children follow the mother. His child will be free.

9. There’s something to be said, he thinks, for choosing one’s own master. Or at least having the illusion of choice. He’s now said “Yes Master” 35,998 times, and as he kneels before Palpatine, he could almost believe this is what he’s always wanted.

10. Luke is twenty-four years old, whole, and beautiful, and he’s never said “Yes Master” in his life. Vader doesn’t know this empirically, of course, but he knows it all the same. The slave can always recognize the free man.

It’s not until Luke lifts away his mask and looks at him with desert blue eyes that Anakin realizes he’s said “No” for the very first time.

150 Song You Have To Listen

1.      Troye Sivan-Fools

2.      Troye Sivan – Wild

3.      Troye Sivan – Youth

4.      Troye Sivan – Bite

5.      Troye Sivan – Cool

6.      Troye Sivan – Wild (XXYYYXX Remix)

7.      The neighborhood- the beach

8.      The neighborhood-Daddy

9.      Twenty one pilots-fairy local

10.   Twenty one pilots – ride

11.   Twenty one pilots-tear in my heart

12.   Twenty one pilots - holding on to you

13.   Twenty one pilots - car radio

14.   Twenty one pilots - goner

15.   Twenty one pilots - guns for hands

16.   Never shout never - hey we ok

17.   Never shout never - red balloon

18.   Never shout never - can’t stand it

19.   Never shout never - cheatercheaterbestfriendseater

20.   Never shout never - lousy truth

21.   Never shout never - this shit gets old

22.   Never shout never - lovesick

23.   Melanie Martinez- carousel

24.   Melanie Martinez - dollhouse

25.   Melanie Martinez - cry baby

26.   Melanie Martinez - pity party

27.   Melanie Martinez - sippy cup

28.   The 1975 – sex

29.   The 1975 - robbers

30.   The 1975 - girls

31.   The 1975 - UGH!

32.   The 1975 - the sound

33.   The 1975 - she’s American

34.   The 1975 - somebody else

35.   The 1975 - a change of heart

36.   The 1975 - the ballad of me and my brain

37.   The 1975 - robbers (old version)

38.   The kooks - junk of the heart

39.   The kooks - bad habit

40.   As it is - dial tones (acoustic)

41.   Nicki minaj - only

42.   Crown the empire - millennia (acoustic)

43.   Crown the empire - lead me out of the dark

44.   Bring me the horizon - deathbeds

45.   Bring me the horizon - oh no

46.   Bring me the horizon - follow you

47.   Bring me the horizon – run

48.   Bring me the horizon - drown

49.   Bring me the horizon - hospital for souls

50.   Bring me the horizon – house of wolves

51.   Bring me the horizon – crooked young

52.   Bring me the horizon – Sleepwalking

53.   Bring me the horizon - hospital for souls

54.   Bring me the horizon – house of wolves

55.   Bring me the horizon – crooked young

56.   Bring me the horizon – Sleepwalking

57.   Bring me the horizon – doomed

58.   Bring me the horizon - avalanche

59.   Ed Sheeran – she

60.   Austin jones - leaving this world

61.   Austin jones - drown cover

62.   Wheatus - teenage dirt bag

63.   The all-American rejects - gives you hell

64.   The all-American rejects - move along

65.   The strokes - you only live once

66.   Arctic monkeys - fluorescent adolescent

67.   Tyler carter - hello (Adele cover)

68.   Neck deep - December

69.   Thirty seconds to Mars - city of angels

70.   Thirty seconds to Mars - do or die

71.   Thirty seconds to Mars - up in the air

72.   Thirty seconds to Mars - Kings and queens

73.   Thirty seconds to Mars – This is war

74.   Blink 182 - bored to dead

75.   Blink 182 - always

76.   Blink 182 - first date

77.   Blink 182 - I miss you

78.   Andy Black - we don’t have to dance

79.   Andy Black – They don’t need to understand

80.   This wild life - sleepwalking cover

81.   This wild life - history

82.   This wild life - over it

83.   Motion city soundtrack - lets get fucked up and die

84.   A day to remember - I’m already gone

85.   A Day to remember - Paranoia

86.   Florence + the machine - shake it out

87.   Panic! At the disco - nine in the afternoon

88.   Panic! At the disco - hallelujah

89.   Panic! At the disco - don’t threaten me with a good

90.   Panic! At the disco - death of a bachelor

91.   Panic! At the disco - emperor’s new clothes

92.   Everything but the girl - downtown train

93.   Set it off - wild wild world

94.   Set it off - tomorrow (acoustic)

95.   Set if off - ancient history

96.   Lana del Rey - ride

97.   Lana del Rey - gods and monsters

98.   Neck deep - a part of me

99.   Fort Atlantic - let your heart hold fast

100. Mayday parade - letting go

101. Mayday parade - stay

102. Mayday parade - hold onto me

103. Mayday parade - miserable at best

104. Mayday parade - terrible things

105. Sleeping with sirens - go go go

106. Sleeping with sirens - if you can’t hang (live and unplugged)

107. Sleeping with sirens - iris (live and unplugged)

108. Sleeping with sirens - the strays

109. Sleeping with sirens - 2 chord

110. Sleeping with sirens - November

111. Sleeping with sirens - better off dead

112. The neighborhood - afraid

113. MGK - a little more

114. As it is - you the room & the devil on your shoulder

115. The shins - simple song

116. Luke cutforth- a song about a girl

117. All time low - missing you

118. All time low - therapy

119. All time low - dear Maria, count me in

120. Drake – energy

121. Drake - know yourself

122. Drake - legend

123. M83 - midnight city

124. My chemical romance – Helena

125. My chemical romance – the ghost of you

126. My chemical romance -  Na Na Na

127. My chemical romance – I’m not okay

128. My chemical romance - burn bright

129. My chemical romance - the light behind your eyes

130. Real friends - I don’t love you anymore

131. Real friends - summer

132. Birdy - tee shirt

133. Pierce the veil - Texas is forever

134. Pierce the veil - circles

135. Pierce the veil - song for Isabelle

136. Pierce the veil - bulletproof heart

137. Pierce the veil – Dive in

138. Pierce the veil – Today I saw the whole world

139. Pierce the veil – The divine zero

140. Issues - hooligans

141. Issues - never loose your flames

142. Issues - Disappear (acoustic)

143. Issues – Blue Wall

144. Issues – Coma

145. Issues – Lost-n-Found

146. Issues - Made to last

147. Issues - Rank Rider

148. Issues – The Reales

149. State Champs -  Secrets

150. Asking Alexandria – The black

i’d like everyone to know that in the chinese version of harry potter

they did not transliterate sirius’ name into chinese characters

instead they just made sirius’ name the actual chinese name for the star, sirius

which is sky-wolf star (天狼星)