10 things i would tell my daughter

Imagine dating Rafael Barba but he starts being more secretive 

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Part 3 

Warning: depression, single mother, violence (kind of), angst 

2 months later


Your husband dying wasn’t the worst part. 

The worst part was remembering. 

Remembering all the good times you had, remembering how you felt when you heard, remembering every little thing about him.

You got 10 phone calls a day from people your husband knew apologizing. 

Why? Why were they apologizing? It wasn’t their fault. 

Your daughter barely understood what was happening. Every day she would ask “Where’s daddy? Is he coming home today?” 

How do you tell your child that their father wasn’t coming home? 



You opened your door to find Olivia standing there. You haven’t seen her since the funeral. 

“What are you doing here?” 

“I want to talk” 

“About what? About how you crashed my husbands funeral, about how you slept with my boyfriend or about everything else you screwed up?” You rolled your eyes. 

You were drunk. 

“We have been friends for almost 20 years. It was a mistake Y/n” 

“A mistake that screwed up my entire life. If you didn’t fuck my boyfriend I wouldn’t of dumped him and had Austin move here. And he would of never got shot” You hissed. 

Olivia sighed. 

“Here. The squad all pitched in to buy this for you” Olivia placed a package on the table.

“Awe a care package. That totally makes up for the death of my husband. I’ll give this to my daughter and tell her that this is her fathers replacement” You rolled your eyes. 

You didn’t mean to be a bitch but god how your hated her right now. 

You fell back onto the couch and curled up. 

“Ya know we got married 6 months after I left” You rambled. “We got too drunk in Vegas. It was a complete accident”

You started tearing up. 


“Please leave now” You rolled off the couch and walked straight into your bedroom. 


You were at the courthouse and you were discussing the case with your mother in-law. 

“Excuse me. Can I talk to Y/n alone?” A familiar voice asked your mother in-law.

She nods and walks over to the District Attorney 

“What do you want Rafael?” You glared. 

“We need to talk” 

“If its about our relationship then we don’t need to talk” You crossed your arms. 


“My husband was just murdered Rafael. Do you really think I want to fix this?” You glared harder making Rafael shrink back. 

“I’m sorry” 

“For cheating? Or for trying to take advantage of me?” You sneered. 

“For both. And I wasn’t trying to-” 

“Shut up” 

“You’re nothing to me anymore Rafael” 

“Guys we have a problem” Olivia joined the conversation. 

“Damn right we have a-” Olivia cut me off. 

“Jackson was just released from prison” 


Just a little insight on how you feel about Rafael and Olivia at this point. 

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