10 things i would tell my daughter

C: My mother treats my brother completely different than my sister & I. The smallest things we do will be reported to the family, but the fact that my brother stole hundreds from her was only told to me… (she even begged me to not tell my sister.. I did) She’s always been abusive when it came to beatings and would hit me until I bled. I’ve tried to love her but I don’t. I haven’t spoken to her in 10 months and feel so much better for it. I feel like black mothers treat their daughters like shit and hold us to a higher standard. Please understand that my brother is 25 and has never had a job and like he will suckle on my mums boobs until they’re dry and dusty. My sister and I are teenagers and are expected to do everything for ourselves. I’ve had enough of it. Her abusive ways have scarred me and I feel like such a broken person because of it and that’s been reflected in my relationship with the man I love. Hopefully one day I’ll find peace.

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If you could go back in time and tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?


If there is one thing I know that I will say on my deathbed, it’s that I wish I hadn’t worked so much and worried less. It’s a consistent issue that I’ve quelled a bit as I’ve gotten older, but I’m always so uptight about something. Seriously two seconds can’t go by without remembering something I need to do for work and checking my email or generally feeling like I’m wasting my time. 

-Justin (Slytherin)

There’s a big part of me that says that I can’t tell younger me anything because that could be detrimental to who I have become, but maybe that’s because I’ve seen the downside of time travel one too many times.

Another part of me says that there isn’t really anything I could tell me that I didn’t already know. I knew I needed to relax, I knew it would get better, I knew the sort of things they make videos for younger kids about to help them know they aren’t alone in their struggles. I sat there silently knowing that the world is full of chaos and heartache, but there’s also flowers and sunny days and Girl Scout cookies and Christmas mornings and so many little things worth living for that I had just enough strength in me to keep pushing forward to the next of these little happinesses even when things were at their worst.

But then the last little part of me, after thinking of all the things I didn’t need to know, whispered something.

My brother stopped living with us when I was 10. He was homeless, did the couch surfing thing, made it work one way or another for a long time.Then he joined the army. Unfortunately that was not long before 9/11. I’m not going to get into the politics of war or anything like that, so no worries there guys. But I will tell you, every single day we lived in fear of finding out we had lost him. From 10 years old until my senior year of high school. I think I could have used hearing that he would survive. 

P.S. He did survive. His life has been chaos for a really long time, but now he’s married and has some sweet daughters and is finally getting to go to college.

P.P.S Sorry I’m so long winded guys

-Jamie (Gryffindor)

Don’t be afraid of failure.

This may sound like a Ravenclaw thing, and maybe it is, but my entire life I was the “smart kid.” You know all those posts that talk about procrastinating due to perfectionism and being afraid to do new things because what if I fail? It me! 

Example time: I started (self taught basically) sewing like 3 years ago. It’s not something I do frequently. I cosplay, and it’s constantly a struggle not to compare myself to others. To give up because I’m not immediately good at it. To be proud of something I created but also disappointed because that one thing is wrong. Especially because my friends (*COUGH COUGH JAMIE*) are so good at it (note: Jamie went to school for this and has been sewing since she was nine, so the comparison is not fair). It’s all logical things, but I think it’s something I wish I could tell my younger self. To push through and just do the thing because you can’t be good at it without being bad at it.

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

You’re ok. 

Life moves on and you have to move along with it, and I think a lot of times, we’re so caught up in worrying if we’re on the right path. If we’re going the right way, if we’re doing the right thing, but if I could tell myself one thing, it would be that there IS no “right path”, only your own. Everyone moves at their own pace and has their own individual experiences that shape the way that they are. You’re ok. Wherever you are, whatever path you’re taking, you are completely ok. 

-Caitlin (Ravenclaw)

ID #49582

Name: Marquia (Pro. Mar-Key-Ah)
Age: 25
Country: USA

Hello, everyone! My name is Marquia and I am college working on the first part of realizing my dream of being an Animal Cruelty Investigator. I start back for my second year in August.
*I do have a few disabilities (Mental & Physical) but trust me, you will hardly be able to anything is “wrong”. (Just needed to get that out of the way since I don’t know how to “break the news” to some that I have disabilities.)
*If you can tell I am a HUGE animal lover! I absolutely love big dogs!! One of my dog owning goals is to have a harlequin Great Dane! ❤️ Besides loving animals (I am not a vegetarian, unfortunately) I have another favorite animal but I’ll leave that up for you to ask.
*I love anime and animations!
*My top 2 all time favorite series are Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) and The Simpsons. I also love just about all things Japan. I would love to go there one day!
*P!nk is my number one favorite singer and human (I’m listening to her right now. Lol) Favorite band is Linkin Park! I want to leave room for some type of conversation so I won’t tell too much.
*Life has been pretty shitty the last almost 10+ months. Just when That all started my daughter (dog) passed away at the age of 15. Two months before her 16th birthday. I’m going to therapy for that when I get the chance. (Who knew that there was such a thing as Pet grief counselling?! Google is great! Lol) I’m getting better (I think) but it’s going to take a long time to heal. I had her since I was in the 3rd grade.
**You don’t have to be into anime in order for us to talk. I’ve met a friend on here who isn’t into anime and we get along great just by talking about life. I wouldn’t mind talking about that with you. 😊
*I am not an idiot but I do not care about politics. So we will not be talking about that!
*I am not religious at all and I have no title for myself. That goes beyond me talking about religion. I just want to live my life. Labels are stupid for the most part.
*I would love to talk to people from all over the world who are comfortable with only talking through emails (and maybe through texts if I deem the Friendship is at the spot where I feel comfortable giving out my phone number when I get one.) Someone from Japan would be awesome! That’s not required but would be awesome!
*I understand that people have lives but if you only tend to message people once a week or worse than that please don’t request my info. I have enough friends like that. I want to have lots of conversations with you and if I turn out not to be the person you thought I was just tell me right then and there so this doesn’t get dragged out. I’ll be sure to do the same.
*I am not like every other girls. (That sounds so cliche but it’s true.) I can’t stand makeup, dresses, high heels and anything else that makes a girl “girly” That’s never been me and never will be!

*I don’t just call anyone my friend and I haven’t had any new bf’s in years so hope that you become that person that I call my friend or best friend!
**I am so excited to hear from you! And to have some new penpals! Hope to hear from you soon!! ❤️❤️

Preferences: °Age: 16-30 (Only because I swear like a sailor and I hate doing that near and around kids and teenagers.)
°Gender: I don’t care! Although I do really miss having guy friends to talk to so guys are heavily encouraged!! Lol but it’s not required that you are male or identity as male.
°Preferred method of communication: Email. Talking on Tumblr is weird to me and I can’t do snail mail since I am super broke! But if you want to send me something I am not opposed to it.
°Personal Preferences: LGBTQA+ friendly, if you support Breed Specific Legislation (look it up if you don’t know what it is) Don’t bother contacting me!!,
°If you have an issue with people who have disabilities, people who put animals first and non religious people.
°I don’t mind sending a picture of what I look like but unless we become extremely good friends, I won’t be doing video chats.

Imagine dating Rafael Barba but he starts being more secretive 

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Part 3 

Warning: depression, single mother, violence (kind of), angst 

2 months later


Your husband dying wasn’t the worst part. 

The worst part was remembering. 

Remembering all the good times you had, remembering how you felt when you heard, remembering every little thing about him.

You got 10 phone calls a day from people your husband knew apologizing. 

Why? Why were they apologizing? It wasn’t their fault. 

Your daughter barely understood what was happening. Every day she would ask “Where’s daddy? Is he coming home today?” 

How do you tell your child that their father wasn’t coming home? 



You opened your door to find Olivia standing there. You haven’t seen her since the funeral. 

“What are you doing here?” 

“I want to talk” 

“About what? About how you crashed my husbands funeral, about how you slept with my boyfriend or about everything else you screwed up?” You rolled your eyes. 

You were drunk. 

“We have been friends for almost 20 years. It was a mistake Y/n” 

“A mistake that screwed up my entire life. If you didn’t fuck my boyfriend I wouldn’t of dumped him and had Austin move here. And he would of never got shot” You hissed. 

Olivia sighed. 

“Here. The squad all pitched in to buy this for you” Olivia placed a package on the table.

“Awe a care package. That totally makes up for the death of my husband. I’ll give this to my daughter and tell her that this is her fathers replacement” You rolled your eyes. 

You didn’t mean to be a bitch but god how your hated her right now. 

You fell back onto the couch and curled up. 

“Ya know we got married 6 months after I left” You rambled. “We got too drunk in Vegas. It was a complete accident”

You started tearing up. 


“Please leave now” You rolled off the couch and walked straight into your bedroom. 


You were at the courthouse and you were discussing the case with your mother in-law. 

“Excuse me. Can I talk to Y/n alone?” A familiar voice asked your mother in-law.

She nods and walks over to the District Attorney 

“What do you want Rafael?” You glared. 

“We need to talk” 

“If its about our relationship then we don’t need to talk” You crossed your arms. 


“My husband was just murdered Rafael. Do you really think I want to fix this?” You glared harder making Rafael shrink back. 

“I’m sorry” 

“For cheating? Or for trying to take advantage of me?” You sneered. 

“For both. And I wasn’t trying to-” 

“Shut up” 

“You’re nothing to me anymore Rafael” 

“Guys we have a problem” Olivia joined the conversation. 

“Damn right we have a-” Olivia cut me off. 

“Jackson was just released from prison” 


Just a little insight on how you feel about Rafael and Olivia at this point. 

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