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Birthday chaos

Anonymous said: Could you please do a jhopexreader. The reader and jhope have the same birthday and they are planning on how to surprise each other. The rest of bts is split into two teams one helping the reader and other jhope. Also maybe some details about the moments that happened in the past in their 9 months long relationship. Thank you so much. I love you.

Answer: Hi, of course I can. This was really hard to write as I didn’t know how to make the story, but I hope you like how it turned out :) Np, and love u too.

Group/member: BTS // Hoseok

Genre: Angst?/Fluff

Word count: 1669

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 February 10th


 Hey, I just picked up the boys. Where should we meet you?


 Hii, meet me at the café were we had coffee last week J

 You sat down in the corner of the café waiting for the boys to come. You and Hoseok had been dating for 9 months now and you could remember the day you first met him like it was yesterday. Your gaze fell on the couple sitting by the big window of the cute little café. The day you met Hoseok you had accidentally pumped into him on your way over to that table, you had spilled your coffee all over yourself and him being who he is helped you clean up and bought you a new one. Lost in your own thoughts, you heard the bell over the door ring as three handsome boys walked in. “Y/N” You saw Jimin waving at you, as Sekojin and Yoongi gave you a warm smile. They sat down by the table taking off their coats.

 “So what did you want to talk to us about?” Seokjin asked with a curious look in his eyes. You took a sip from your coffee before you started telling them your plan. “As I hope you guys know, my and Hoseok’s birthday is coming up soon and I was planning on surprising him with a birthday party”, you smiled at them. “I thought you guys could help me with the party and Namjoon, Taehyung and Jungkook could maybe take him out or something as we decorate the apartment?” You looked at the boys in front of you waiting for an answer. “That’s an amazing plan, I’m sure Hoseok will be happy”, Jimin said. “We will tell the other boys when we get back”, Yoongi told you with a small smile.

 February 14th

 Hoseok’s POV

 I sat in the living room of our dorm waiting for the rest of the boys to come back from the studio. “Namjoon can you pass me the chips?” I asked while reaching out for the chips bag. He gave me the chips and I leaned back taking some. I heard voices outside the door as it opened, the boys walking in throwing their bags in their rooms. They sat down by Namjoon and me, Jungkook switching the channel on the TV. “Hey I thought about surprising Y/N on her birthday” I said out of the blue. As I looked at them I could see them giving each other weird looks. “What? Is it not an good idea?” I asked a little worried. Namjoon turned to me “No, it’s an great idea!” he blurted out. “What kind of surprise, Hyung?” Jungkook asked me leaning forward in his chair. “I thought maybe a party or dinner? I don’t know”, Y/N wasn’t the biggest party person, which I had found out on our second meeting. We had met at one of our friends parties, I found her outside the house in the stairs looking down on her phone. I asked her what was up and she had smiled at me saying that parties weren’t really her thing so she was going to call a taxi. I offered her a drive home and surprisingly she said yes, even though it only was our second time meeting.

 February 18th

 Y/N’s POV

 Hoseok had been really distant lately and even though you knew you had been too because of the planning and shopping, it was kind of worrying you. You woke up from your sleep looking over to your side expecting Hoseok to lie there beside you. You got up from bed changing into some clothes walking over to the kitchen. Hoseok was making breakfast, “Good morning”, he said with a small smile. “Good morning, babe”, you said walking over to him, putting your arms around his waist as he continued making eggs.  

 As you ate breakfast it was uncomfortably quiet as you kept giving each other awkward glances, the TV in the background being the only thing you could hear. When you were done he had practically ran out the door giving you a peck on the cheek. This was so out of character for him. He always talked non-stop when he stayed over and he would always spend a little time with you before going out for the day. “No happy birthday?” You thought to yourself. “Well I didn’t really say happy birthday to him either”

 Jimin, Seokjin and Yoongi had come over to your place with all the decorations and the cake you had bought from the cute café. All of you started decorating as soon as they came and looking around the apartment now, it was perfect. “I will call him”, you said walking into your bedroom. You found his number and called sitting down by the edge of the bed looking at a picture of you two taken on your 6 months of dating. He picked up, “Hey babe, where are you?” you asked with a smile on your face “Oh, I’m at the dorm with Namjoon, Taehyung and Jungkook. Why?” “Can you come back?” I asked, hoping he would say yes. “Uhm, I can’t, I promised to hangout with them today” He answered, huh? Weren’t they supposed to get him here when I called? “Please Hoseok, It’s my birthday. I want to spend it with you” You told him, standing up walking over to your window. “Babe, I know but let me hangout with my friends too, ok?” Excuse me? What was this? You didn’t know if it was all the stress that you had been having lately that made you so upset, but looking back at it now it was stupid. “Really? Bros before hoes, right? Well happy birthday” You told him throwing your phone on the bed. Why were you reacting like this? You heard a knock on your bedroom door as Seokjin walked in. “Everything okay Y/N?” He asked walking over to you carefully. “Let’s just have the party, us four, Hoseok isn’t coming”, I told him with a sigh. “What?” He asked confused at what was happening. Jimin walked in as Jin turned to face him giving him a look that made Jimin walk right out again. You looked out the door seeing Jimin talking to Yoongi as Yoongi pulled out his phone calling someone.

 Jimin walked back in again. “What is happening?” He asked you looking back and forth at Seokjin and you. “It’s only going to be the four of us”, Seokjin told him. “Oh… Well we still need something to drink. Looks like Yoongi and me forgot to buy drinks. Can you go buy some Y/N?” You looked up at the boy who was giving you a big smile. “Ugh okay” You walked out of your apartment going to the convenience store down the street.

Suddenly you felt someone grab your arm, you turned around seeing Taehyung in front of you. “Oh my god, Tae you scared me!” You shouted at him as he still had your arm in his hand. “Happy birthday” He laughed. “Come on, let’s go”, he suddenly said and dragged you with him. “Taehyung, I don’t have time I have to buy something”, you told him trying to get out of his grip. “It can wait”, he said with his square smile plastered on his face. You decided to just give up following the boy.

 As you saw where you two got, you gasped looking at the scene in front of you. You had ended up at the park where you and Hoseok had been on your first date. And there your boyfriend was standing in front of you under the now lilac sky, with a bouquet of red roses and a picnic basked in front of him. Taehyung let you go, and walked out of the beautiful scene. Hoseok walked over to you giving you his warm smile. “I’m sorry for earlier”, he told you giving you the flowers. He had planned all this while you had planned the party and everything made so much sense now. “Happy birthday” he whispered to you, holding your face in his hands giving you a kiss on your forehead. “I’m sorry”, you said to him, making him chuckle out an “It’s okay, babe”. He walked you over to the red carpet that was laid down on the grass, and even though it was February and cold, you were both warm, wearing big coats and a scarf. Sitting down you could see him finding a blanket, you putting it over you both as he took out some food and gave you something warm to drink. He’s way too good, you thought to yourself

You two sat there talking for an hour watching it get dark out, until you decided it got too cold and went home. You completely forgot about what happened earlier, and the party decorating with the boys. When you opened the door to your quiet apartment, you heard a loud bang, as party confetti was everywhere and the boys shouting “Happy Birthday” while Jimin opened a bottle of champagne. You and Hoseok got so surprised the both of you jumped back bursting out in laughter. “Holy shit, you guys. I had totally forgotten about this”, you laughed looking at the smiling boys in front of you. You turned around to your boyfriend giving him a peck on the lips before you said “Happy birthday, babe”. He smiled down at you pulling you closer. What a day, you thought as Jungkook turned on some music and everyone started dancing and joking around.

I would like to address a few issues I have with Vetra Nyx.

  • The Embarrassed Older Sister
  • Tactical
  • That Voice
  • Knows how to Awkwardly Flirt
  • Knows how to Actually Flirt
  • Told a Krogan to bASICALLY STFU
  • Beautiful, Wonderful, Ethereal, 30/10 Would Recommend
  • Visor!!!
  • TH A T  V O I  C E E E E !! !!  ! ! ! !!!
  • Is Killing Me Softly
  • Celebrates Her Kills
  • Congratulates Me on MY Kills
  • Is Perfect

Please consider your mistakes in making this character, Bioware. 

anonymous asked:

"When someone with a canon URL uses a different character as icon" lol time to change your name to haanzo x)

its about. uh. 10 months late for that to be an opTION

Malec week 7 day Writing/Drawing challenge

May 6th  Day 1: Future scene
let your imagination run wild with a scene that has yet to take place in the future of Malec
May 7th  Day 2: Disney Day
Write Malec as your favourite Disney characters or put them in your favourite movie
May 8th Day 3:  Back to the Middle ages.
Kings, princes, knights, lords and more. Take Malec out of 2000 and back into the settings of 1100 – 1500 B.C
May 9th Day 4: Greek Mythology
From Hercules to Percy Jackson, we find Magnus and Alec in a whole new world this day.
May 10th Day 5: Non-supernatural AU.
Magnus and Alec are just mundanes for a day, but where will they meet, what do they do and what is their story.
May 11th Day 6: Switch
Alec Lightwood is a powerful Warlock and Magnus Bane a shadowhunter.
May 12th Day 7: Missing moment
Time to add a scene to their canon story that you wish you could have seen or read.

Write, draw, make little prompt or scenes using the theme assigned above on those days. Don’t forget to tag your stuff with #MalecWeek2017 for everyone to find your work! 
Do them all or pick one, the choice is yours! These challenges are for all versions of Malec.
And if you have favourite writers or artists on Tumblr, tag them and maybe they will practicapte. 

Imagine spending all the night with the Doctor, just having the most sarcastic conversation you could possibly imagine, sitting in your house, on the couch. You guys cuddle for half of it, seeing as your best friends and that’s not going to make you want to kiss him in any way shape or form, no no no no, of course not. When the sun starts to rise, he sort of looks out the window and smiles at you. (You had managed to resist the urge to kiss him ALL. NIGHT. Bravo.)

“Oh look at that… It’s the sun…”
“Oh my god…”
“I kept you in one spot for a whole night!”
(Smugly) There’s a lot you can do in one spot.“
"Bad Doctor, no innuendos. Stop it.”
“Shut up, you like it.”

King Crustaceous

Aliases: King Crab, The Tuesday Special

Date Discovered: August 10th, 1955

Place of Origin: Unknown

Notable Stomping Grounds: Area 51

King Crustaceous:
Height: 115 feet
Head Crab; Mantis Shrimp: Claw Enforcement, Crab One
Length: 70 feet

Legs Crab; Hermit Crab: Over Crabpacity, Crab Two
Length: 85 feet, claws to shell tip

Right Arm Crab; King Crab: Overkrill, Crab Three
Length: 60 feet, claws to shell tip

Left Arm Crab; Pistol Shrimp: High Shrimpact, Crab Four
Length: 80 feet, claws to shell tip

Biology: Originally merely a collection of aquarium crustaceans, the amalgamate known as King Crustacean was conceived as an answer to Mecha-Tyrantis – unsatisfied by the ineffectiveness of robot mechs and also the unpredictability of a kaiju cyborg, a still-anonymous mad scientist from an unknown part of the United States set out to create a more integrated cyborg that didn’t rely on programming to be effective. After collecting a mantis shrimp, a hermit crab, a king crab, and a mantis shrimp, it was only some careful Yamaneon application before they had some low-intelligence bases for their superweapon.

         Through means currently unknown, the scientist acquired the details to creating a psychic interface between kaiju and humans otherwise only known to those at Area 51, and implanted them into the four crab kaiju. Matching implants were set into four helmets – helmets worn by psychically inclined youths recruited by the scientist and trained in the arts of mech-piloting. The helmets transmit the desired impulses to the crabs’ brains and muscles, allowing them to function as a coherent whole. When riding in the cockpits attached to each crab’s carapace, each of the pilots can also activate various other cybernetic enhancements, including the massive electromagnets that allow the crabs to assemble into their more formidable, humanoid form.

King Crustaceous’ powers include:

·         Super strength

·         An enhanced healing factor

·         Immunity to radiation

·         Nigh-supernatural reflexes and razor-sharp claws; Claw Enforcement

·         EMP Pulse; Over Crabpacity

·         Vibro-blade claws; Overkrill

·         Cavitation blast; High Shrimpact

·         Personality: Being mind-controlled crabs, King Crustacean themself doesn’t really have much of a personality. However, the psychic connection between them and their pilots has lead to a few quirks being picked up when functioning autonomously in their off-hours – Claw Enforcement will assert itself over the others, High Shrimpact will keep its distance, Overkrill is flighty, and Over Crabpacity is stubborn. Beyond this, though, they all behave as normal examples of their respective species, if you exclude their tolerance of one another.

Their pilots, though, have much more personality. Though their real names and faces are unknown, likely for their own safety as they work with a high profile criminal on a daily basis, they will occasionally make public appearances as their (presumed) pilot personas, in full uniform and all. Though they will readily work with the government and others who need assistance fending off kaiju – occasionally including other kaiju themselves – these young pilots are largely independent and will act according to their own agendas and moralities when they conflict with those of their allies. As such, they are monitored carefully, in a sort of uneasy truce with more official kaiju prevention agents. An unfortunate side effect of this is that many field agents will draw straws to be the one who listens in to King Crustacean’s radio frequencies, and thus to listen to the frequent crab-themed one liners delivered during combat. Some have even begun to refer to this job as ‘crab duty’.

The leader, the mantis shrimp Claw Enforcement’s pilot, makes the overall combat decisions for the team, directing the cyborg as a whole. When in close combat, Claw Enforcement also can use its raptorial claws as weapons, their lightning-quick reflexes and razor sharp edges easily slicing through all but the toughest of kaiju armor. When on its own, Claw Enforcement is only lightly armored, but by far the fastest and most nimble of the crabs, especially when in the water.

The legs and main defense of the mech, the hermit crab Over Crabpacity and its pilot, are determined but stubborn, always willing to see the mission through to the end. Over Crabpacity balances the entire cyborg on its massive claws, their strength and flexibility giving an excellent platform for the rest of the team to base itself on. Both when assembled and when separated, an Electro-Magnetic pulse can be released from the cockpit, jamming electronics outside the cyborg and briefly stunning opposing kaiju. When separated, Over Crabpacity is the slowest crab, but by far the strongest and most durable.

The left arms of the cyborg, the king crab Overkrill, is the close-range combatant, along with their pilot, and are the main weapon when kaiju are within grappling range. The long limbs and dexterous pincers are invaluable when dealing with foes, easily able to grapple and still deal some hits. With the flick of a switch, Overkrill’s two pincer arms can begin vibrating at high speeds, allowing their claws to pierce deep into the hide or shell of a kaiju, or even deflect certain blows dealt. When separated from the others, both Overkrill and its pilot can be indecisive and hesitant to enter the fray, though they can be formidable when they work at it.

The final member and right arms of the cyborg are High Shrimpact, the pistol shrimp and its pilot. The specialized right claw of High Shrimpact can snap shut at extreme speeds, unleashing a blast of highly pressurized air or water that can blast through nearly anything up to two hundred feet away. This is an incredible asset when dealing with more dangerous or flying kaiju, as it allows King Crustacean to keep out of range of most damage, while still dealing damage. Somewhat appropriately, its pilot can also be distant, following orders readily but rarely showing initiative unless driven by extreme circumstances. When on its own, High Shrimpact can easily defend itself and others, but suffers from a lack of creative thinking and can get easily overwhelmed.


The Boyfriend Experience- can this line get any blurrier?

Chapter 9 is called ‘Blurring the line’.  Ha! When you read the title for this chapter I bet you thought ‘hmm, well I know what line that’s talking about and it’s pretty damn blurry already.  I’m not sure it can get much blurrier’.  Oh how wrong we were.  Those poor grown adult men boys. They’re just so oblivious.  

(Here’s a random thought: does Yuuri offer a loyalty card? You know, you get your Eros card stamped with every visit and your 10th one is free?  Someone should suggest this.)

Anyway back to the topic at hand- I figured I’d best put a cut in case anybody hasn’t read this chapter yet because, you know, spoilers!

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Imagine holiday decorating with the Doctor, as a way for him to meet the rest of your family.


Imagine traveling to a planet that has no one living on it. Well, not really - turns out there’s a shape-shifting alien that takes the form of who you trust the most. Imagine being lured into a room with the Doctor, only for him to mold his hand into a sword and stab you in the stomach. Imagine seeing the real Doctor pound and bang and scream for you behind a glass but you can’t hear his voice, only the fake Doctor whispering in your ear until everything goes black.

(Written by fabulouspotatosister :D)