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I’m not in love
With anyone.

But yes,

I’m constantly
Trying to be.

And maybe,

That’s why
I never will.

—  Late night ramblings pt. 1 // @acomplex // excerpt from a book I’ll never write

nostalgia; you can miss someone in a lot of ways, and you can just miss the idea of them. it’s hard to tell the difference, sometimes. [listen]

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TalesFromTheFrontDesk: A Kumquat.

Let me preface this by describing the building I work in. It’s basically two buildings, with a enclosed corridor between the two that acts as an emergency exit. Down the block, with a giant sign hanging over it, is the actual entrance to the hotel. With that said, here’s my story:

2:10 am. Dark clouds hung over the hotel. It was raining, a fall kind of rain, cold and damp. I first noticed the man when he walked by the main entrance, then a second time, followed by a third. He was clearly intoxicated, but I didn’t know whether he was waiting for someone to let him up, waiting to meet someone or just waiting for a cab. So I went into the back and looked at the monitors. The grainy images of the man flickered. He seemed fascinated by our fire alarm indicator panel and the doors in the breezeway, as well as the text on his phone. He seemed to press down on the fire alarm indicator lights, then ran to the door, and began pulling with all his might.

It was then went out and asked him whether I could help him. He replied in the affirmative. He was a hotel guest, and he was staying in room 2582. I realized this was the door code. The poor dumb kumquat had mistaken the fire alarm indicator panel for a room code punch and the breezeway door for the main entrance to the hotel. I brought him to the actual entrance, and he showed me his room key after finding it. I accompanied him to his room, and he got into it safely, despite stumbling with understanding how keys work.


By: Hankosha


yknow what will be really fucking awesome? if there’s an episode in season 3 where the paladins are fighting but someone has got to sacrifice themselves to do this one thing that could save them and amidst all the debate and fighting, lance just rushes forwards and does it and when the rest do realise it’s too late. then the convo goes like ‘laNCE wHAT ARE YOU DOING’ ‘shiro you’re the leader, keith you’re our best pilot, pidge and hunk you’re our engineers…and i…i’m just a boy from cuba’ (tHE LINE THAT JEREMY WAS TALKING ABOUT) and then lance just smiles wistfully aND HE’S GONE
then while the paladins mourn his loss and all, it’s revealed that mY BOY LANCE is actuALLY ALIVE!!! and that sOMEHOW HE’S WITH MTFKING PRINCE LOTOR AND THAT’S HOW HE’S INTRODUCED BAAM

I hate the way just one smile of you can take my breath away
—  10 things I hate about you #5