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10-24-17 || Goretober Day 24- Infection

And sitting on that marble table is a chess set. And suddenly, there’s John. And he’s different. When you had parlay with him in the past, he was essentially a regular human man, but now he’s torn, and cracked, with rifts of— of black opal tearing down his face and body. And you can feel a faint heat coming off of him.


“She was not sure who reached for who first, only that a moment later she was in his arms and he was whispering “Yes of course, yes,” against her hair. He sought het mouth tentatively-she could feel his gentle tension, the weight of so many years between their last kiss and this.
She reached up, curling her hand around the back of his neck, drawing him down, whispering “Bie zhao ji.Don’t worry, don’t worry.”

Those with icy hearts once felt nothing but warm summers


excerpt from a story I’ll never write #10 

I.R (via @iso-rosa)