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Happy Belated Birthday to Pete! @tvoom @thevortexofourminds

I had this birthday tribute in my head for a while (curses!) for Pete since I ran out of recent foggy forest photos that I know he does appreciate. I must say that this recreation of the Buster Keaton photo was a lot more difficult that it appears. Not only did I have to try and recreate this pose with my 10-second timer (plus the all the set-up), but this outdoor photographer had to figure out indoor lighting and camera flash (curses! x2). I honestly did not know how to activate the flash on my camera and then to figure out auto-flash from slow and then rear… who has all this time?! …but I was committed to finishing this photo for Pete since he does so much for the Tumblr community and is very gracious with sharing his photography knowledge and tips! Have a super birthday Pete! 

Note to self: Next year just pour a can of Pepsi into a Coke bottle… way easier… and Pete will still appreciate it! 

Note to everyone else: I’m tagging this as #BustonKeatonPlankChallenge in case anyone else wants to try and recreate this iconic pose! Good Luck ;-) 

The Boy Next Door- Grayson Dolan Pt. 2

A @dolansanonymous & @raeswritings production 

Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6

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“No don’t go in there!” You mumbled. It was around midnight on a Friday. You were currently watching Nightmare On Elm Street with the blanket up just under your eyes. You’ve seen Nightmare On Elm Street about a thousand times by now but it’s always like you’re watching it for the first time.

You let out a scared shriek as Freddy literally sucks the life out of Sheila and quickly hid under the blanket. “I told you!” You said to the tv, taking the blanket off of you.

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Tfp decepticons finding human!s/o in the soulmate au of your choice.

I only did three of the Decepticons in TFP, so I hope you like the few I picked out. The specific Soulmate AU I choice was the one that says you have a timer in your wrist that counts down to when you meet your soulmate. It works a little differently for Bots, the timer being forever present in their vision, just at the corner so it’s not too distracting. 

Hope you guys enjoy! It was a lot of fun writing these little short moments.


When you had said you wanted this day to be special… this wasn’t necessarily what you meant. You stumble into the brick wall next to you as a straw lazar shatters the concrete you were once running on. You rub your wounded head, pushing off the wall and continuing to sprint down the decimated street. You hear the distance thundering of giant footsteps heading this way and quickly duck into a nearby alleyway. You hide behind a loaded garbage can to catch your breath, and hopefully wait till those things passed. You glance down at your timer, 10 seconds. Was your soulmate going to suddenly run in to hide with you? Were they being chanced by those things? Are they-

You are suddenly spotlighted by a strange red glow. You slowly turn around to face the source, the biggest of those things towering above you.

Beep, Beep, Beep.

You freeze once you hear your timer go off.

“There must be a mistake.” You mumble to yourself, completely paralyzed with fear. The Robot stares down at your for a moment before reaching out towards you. This causes you to snap out of your stupor and sprint the other direction.

“Yep! A mistake!”


You couldn’t Beleive your boss made you work today. You had begged for at least a shift change and no one would show you any mercy. Looks like you were just going to have to meet your soulmate while waxing cars, why couldn’t they have at least given you the register shift, but NOOOOooooo! You groan under your breath as the green light flashes above you, signaling another car pulling through.

“It’s that high-class Aston Martin we’ve been telling you about (Y/n), he only likes that expensive stuff we have.” Ben informs you from his spot at the register through the walkie-talkie strapped to your belt.

“Ya, ya. The guy in his car?” You ask, glancing down at your timer; 30 seconds.

“Nope, just his car going through. Oh! Gotta go, good luck.” Ben answers, you sigh and set down the walkie-talkie before turning towards your rack of waxes. You could hear the car pull up behind you as you walked away. You snatched up a waxing towel and reach for the “high class” wax.

“Ok (Y/n), let’s see if you can beat your high score and finish this in under 20 minutes.” You comment to yourself, turning back towards the car.

Beep, Beep, Beep.

You glance down at your timer in confusion, looking around for anyone you might not have noticed. There was only the car before you. You continue looking for your soulmate before the car’s driver-side door swings open. Maybe there was someone in the car… You hesitantly walk forward and glance into the car, but no one was there.

 “What?? I’m so confused?!” You muse.

 “You and me both Sweetspark.” A voice comments, something shoots from the car and pulls you in. The door closes and the car zips off, with you struggling in the front seat.


You were lost… and so your three-day hiking trip soon became a five-day hiking trip. It hopefully wouldn’t last any longer, it couldn’t really. Your timer said you and your soulmate would meet in a few minutes and they would definitely help you out of this mess. You smile to yourself at the thought of your soulmate, all your friends had found theirs. They have some of the most hilariously memorable meet-ups you’ve ever heard of.

“Being found lost is pretty memorable, right?” You reassure yourself as you continue through the thick woods. You hear a stick snap behind you followed by the rustling of some leaves. You stop and face the presumed source of the sudden noise.

“H-hello?” You call out into the forest, no response. You glance down at your timer, only 15 more seconds, that must have been them, hopefully. They can’t be that far away with how much time is left.

“Can you show yourself already, all this sneaking around is really freaky you know.” You yell into the forest, arms crossed in annoyance. A shadow falls over you and suddenly this whole situation started to feel really, really, wrong.

“Well, well, well, what an interesting development.” A sly female voice hisses. You turn around and see a tall, slim robot towering over you.

Beep, Beep, Beep.

“Looks like you’ll be added to something more than just my collection, Deary.” She sneers down at you before everything goes black.

OMG! Wednesday is almost over and I just remembered to post this selfie we posed for this morning.

For today’s photo, I set a 10 second timer so that I’d have a hand free to hold the fur baby. As luck would have it, an instant message notification popped up below the camera just as the shutter released. Moe’s eyes are fixed on that notification. I couldn’t have planned that better if I tried. Nailed it on the first attempt!

bugsoap  asked:

Your photos are just breathtaking. I've been going through all of them and I am so inspired. I have a few questions: 1. How do you find locations for shots? 2. What is the best light/time of day/ weather conditions for your photos, and 3. How do you get the shots working with smoke and flames? Do you use video and take the best shots? Do you set a timer? I don't have friends so I'm trying to do shots alone which is hard when I'm trying to work with dandelions and bubbles and smoke. Tysm!!!

Thanks!  Ill answer those separately:
1.  I usually just drive around, or look around on Google Maps.  I just try to get somewhere a bit rural, and take roads I havent taken before and see what I find.  Otherwise Ill just go to some basic park if the location is more just a backdrop.

2. I usually just shoot when it’s cloudy or foggy.  I used to shoot a lot during the golden/blue hour, but I don’t really shoot that late usually.  Cloudy light is better anyways, and Portland has a lot of cloudy days, so it works out!

3. I have a remote timer (This one specifically) for self portraits.  It’s usually for time lapse photography, but it is super useful and pretty cheap.  Its basically an advanced version of the 10 second timer on your camera.  It lets you program in how many photos you want to take, the delay between each photo, how long to wait for the first shot, and how long to hold the shutter.  If you are doing something casual without too much movement, you can just set up the shot, and set it to take around 15-20 shots.  While its shooting, move around a bit or something and see what looks good.  If youre doing something with motion (stuff being thrown, fire etc), set the camera to continuous shutter, and set the timer to hold down the shutter for a few seconds after a delay.  This just gets a ton of images in a really short amount of time, so you wont really miss the moment.

Hope that helps!

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do you have any overwatch advice for people wanting to play mercy?

oh boy do i.

sometimes people run away from you right into fire and you just gotta let them die. just let them die. you cant save them all. if you follow them you’ll die too and then two people will be dead instead of one. just let them go.

try not to use your res unless you can bring back at least two people. if there’s a tactical advantage to bringing one person back, say you’ve got 10 seconds left and they were the only person stopping that payload then by all means bring them back but the 10 second respawn timer isn’t very long so if one teammate is dead it doesnt matter much. 

it’s better to res after an ult than just during a regular fight.

in that vein, if you hear someone ulting you need 2 get to cover or zoom away.

your blaster will do better than a damage boost for ur scores (like getting medals) but if you want to help the team buddy up with a soldier 76, a bastion, a pharah, or a reinhardt. damage boost the first 3 and heal as needed but spam reinhardt with heals and make him immortal.

keep people update on whether you’re ready to revive them or not. communication can make things so much easier.

sometimes your team will die and leave u alone on the objective with no res. it’s okay. do your best with ya gun out. if you die its on your team for not listening to you say you have no res.

try and stay out of team fights (where its 6v6 at one point on the map.) heal from further back and guardian angel zip in and out as needed. use guardian angel. it will save ur life. as a mercy if a teammate is in sight you should NEVER be running. keep an awareness of who’s in ur los and away from the fight so you can use them to get out of dodge.

if you accidentally guardian angel towards danger, you can cancel the flight by tapping the button again.

you also have a featherfall function. mercy glides if you hold down the jump button. which is p cool it means u can guardian angel up to a pharah hold it down and then just stay up there. fear the airborn mercy.

always stick with a teammate! if there’s no teammate around you should be hiding or finding a new teammate to buddy up with.

if you see a genji, even if he’s far away. run. 

be wary of flankers, this is usually tracer or reaper. they’re sneaky. as a mercy you gotta keep tabs not only on your team but the other team because if you dont you will die like 15 times a match.

if you can, back urself into an alcove where the other team doesn’t have line of sight on you but you have line of sight on your team. your beam reaches far, you aint always gotta be up on the action. 

that’s pretty much all i can think of. good luck and have fun in the stressed mother of 5 simulator.

You're on - Halloween special


Originally posted by frozen-delight

Prompt: Y/N grows tired of reading lore, so you decide to get into the Halloween spirit 

Pairing: Sam Winchester x reader

Word count: 1183

Warnings: just that the gif used isn’t mine and this is pure fluff!

Authors note: Happy Halloween everyone! Remember to stay safe and as always, I hope you enjoy it! Feedback is appreciated :) x

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10 FAQ’s | Answered <3

Hey everyone, this is my 250th post so I thought I’d take the time to answer 10 FAQ’s for you all. I can’t believe I’ve posted so much really, and to think that most of those posts are ten pictures each… that’s a lot of pictures, I’ll also start uploading the rest of the pictures from last time I dressed up tomorrow <3

1. Can we chat & be friends? Feel free to start a conversation with me at any time on Tumblr or on Kik (My username is: PinchedSlinky), friendship however must be earned and has been by many. Although I shall not participate in a conversation if the other is for example; a guy requesting nudes.

2. Do you consider yourself Transgender? No, however I have considered this many times as I know my personality is naturally feminine but I am aware that I do not feel the way that transgender guys and girls do. I enjoy CrossDressing occasionally but do not feel the need to one day become Lucy.

3. Do you ever want to stay dressed as Lucy? Yes, there have been many times when all I want to do is stay dressed up after taking pictures because I look and feel so great. Although I prefer to spend every minute I have dressed up taking pictures. It’s just a shame that sometimes I only stay dressed up for an hour or two and spend more time dressing up than I do dressed up. Occasionally I do stay dressed up a little longer but as I almost always dress up late at night I just want to sleep after I’m done.

4. How did you realise you wanted to CrossDress? A while ago I took the time to remember everything I could leading up to the creation of my blog, you can read all about it here: My Cross-Dressing Story

5. Are you aware and does it bother you that your pictures are re-blogged by a lot of NSFW Blogs? Yes I am aware that a lot of NSFW Blogs follow mine and re-blog my content, I am aware that many others do not appreciate their content being on these blogs. However as far as I’m concerned if my content is on one of these blogs, it’s because the host of that blog likes my content and wished to re-blog it. I do not feel that this associates me with them in any way, all I feel I’m associated with is what I post here on my blog.

6. Where do you buy your clothes, makeup etc? I buy most of my clothes on Amazon but I have started also looking on eBay recently. I buy my makeup on Amazon too but I do not have any brand preference, I buy items with good reviews and value for money. I buy wigs and heels on Amazon too, my favourite brand of heels currently are Viva Shoes as I have brought a few pairs from them and they’ve all been great. I buy all my wigs from MelodySusie on Amazon as the wigs they sell are great value at roughly £15 each and they are excellent quality.

7. How did you learn to do your makeup? I learnt my make-up very gradually, when I started dressing a year before I started this blog I used to just wear foundation and lipstick along with some girly sunglasses and a wig. This made me look fairly feminine but it was months until I tried eyeliner and my first attempt wasn’t too bad. Since then I have been practicing those basic makeup skills and over time improved. I also learnt to use a few other makeup items to give me a more feminine look, if I didn’t know how something was done I would find one or two YouTube videos explaining it and then practice until I got the result I was looking for. After learning all I needed to about the makeup I wanted to use I improved every time I dressed up and progressed to now. I’m using almost exactly the same makeup now as I was when I started my blog, so the difference you see is simply practice as I’m still using the same products. So for anyone out there who is looking to learn, start with the basics and once you’ve learnt those move onto the next makeup product you feel would help improve your look. Then when you feel your starting to look feminine, keep doing what you know and don’t try to learn more just yet. When you’ve gotten the best you believe you can with what you know, you may want to try another makeup product to make yourself look even more feminine. I can’t guarantee this will work for you but this is how I learnt and got to where I am now.

8. Do you ever go outside dressed as Lucy? I went outside for a short five minute walk around my block when I started my blog just to see what it would be like walking outside dressed up, this was a very memorable experience. Since then I haven’t been outside anywhere other than the garden dressed up, this is not something I aim to do more often either. I enjoy dressing up and taking pictures, going outside dressed up after spending all that time dressing up seems like a waste and I’d rather be taking pictures at home in various outfits. It would be nice to go out as Lucy one day so long as there’s a reason for it, for instance going out and taking pictures with a girl or another crossdresser, but for now I’m happy taking pictures dressed up at home.

9. Who takes the pictures? The first pictures of me ever taken dressed as Lucy outside were taken by my mum. Other than that all pictures have been taken by me, to get most of the pictures outside I use a tripod and a 10 second timer on my camera.

10. Got any tips for a beginner? I do, however I would go on for far too long talking about them. Although another Tumblr CD, Jessica Blaise has put together a rather nice CrossDressing Compendium which is full of Tips/Tricks & Advice for beginners. I have also personally helped a little with this although it is not completely finished yet. If you like my content I also recommend you follow Jessica too and if you ever have any questions you can contact either of us on Kik anytime (Jessica’s username is: Jessica_Blaise).

I just bumped into Scott Ludlam and it was pretty awkward as I didn’t know what to say. But he was kind enough to let me take a selfie. So it’s all good. Although the worst part was I forgot the camera was on a 10 second timer so had to wait, posing, as the timer counted down…


This is my new look. Lol I’ve never worn anything like this before. I like my new look. Should I cut my hair? My father says I should because no business is going to hire me because of its length. I don’t think I’m going to cut it simply because my hair actually looks presentable when I do something to it. Maybe I’m wrong? Idkk. But anyway you like my new look? 😂😂😂 and yes I had a slight photoshoot in my room. Amazing what you can do w/an IPhone and a 10 second timer right? Haha okay I’m done 😋😝😝

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Hi trip! Who takes your photos? in some it's clear to see,you're the one holding the phone/camera,but in others it's another person.. is that a professional photographer or just a friend/relative? just curious!

um… ngl 99% of the time it’s a stack of objects which i put the camera on top of and then hit the 10 second self-timer. it gets. pretty interesting lmao