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relistening to the HP audiobooks has raised another Burning Question:

SO the students write a lot of research papers, but iirc JKR never mentions citations. is there a standard wizarding citation style? do they use in-text, footnotes, or endnotes? I’d imagine in-text is most practical given you’re writing on a scroll, but endnotes could work too, I guess. 

(this is an important worldbuilding question that is, in my opinion, absolutely essential to developing any fantasy or scifi universe.)

Help Ya Gurl and Use My Codes

All credits are for first time users 

 LYFT: MARISSA157986, $20 in credit 

UBER: marissar2334ue, $20 in credit 

Smaller Companies (not in every city yet, beware) 

 VIA: mars6h5, $10 in credit 

 GETT (NYC only): GTEVUSI, $50 over 10 rides. 

 I’ll be adding to this post but yeah, help me get around by using my codes please! Codes and credits for Moovn and Juno coming soon, they’re in beta. 

My first recommendation 》

1. Tsubaki-chou lonely Planet
2. Seishun otome banchou
3. Watashitachi ni wa kabe ga aru
4. Gozen 0-ji, kiss shi ni kite yo
5. Soredemo bokura wa koi o suru
6. Koisuru harinezumi
7. Akatsuki No Yona (Historical/anime)
8. Joou no Hana (Historical)
9. Tonari No koigataki
10. Ao Haru Ride (ANIME/MANGA)
11. Ouji ka prince
12. Chitose etc.
13. Nakanmon
14. Chicchai Toki Kara suki dakedo
15. Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare
16. Hinadori No waltz
17. 3D Kanojo
18. Nanohana no Kare
19. Kim no koto nado zettai ni
20. Kyou no Kira kun
21. Obaka Chan Koigatariki
22. Ookami Shoujo to kuro Ouji (anime/manga)
23. Getsuyoubi Kara kataomoi
24. Watashi ga motete dousunda
25. Crayon Days
26. Boku to kimi to de niji ni naru
27. Pika ichi
28. Namaikizakari
29. Bambi to Dhole
30. Nageki no marie
31. Jidokhage kkeureoango Jidokhage
32. Aruitou
33. Hanagimi to koi suru Watashi
34. Kimi ni todoke (ANIME/MANGA/live action)
35. HONEY (MEGURO amu )
36. Dengeki Daisy
37. Mune ga no wa Kimi no sei
38. Switch girl (ANIME/MANGA/live action)
39. LAST game
40. Oboreru knife
41. Taiyou no le
42. Korosaki kun no linari nante naranai
43. Seirou opera (Historical )
44. Akaiito (MIYASAKA Kaho)
45. Uchuu o kakeru yodaka
46. Hiyokoi
47. Otonari wa 1 Ken DE 2 do oishii
48. Say I love you (ANIME/MANGA)
49. Kamisama Hajimemashita (ANIME/MANGA)
51. I love you baby (completed in raw manga)
52. Yumemiru Taiyou
53. Taihen yoku dekimashita
54. Strobe edge (live action/manga)
55. Parfait tic (live action,anime/manga)
56. Skip beat
57. Orange (takano ichigo) (anime in June !!)
58. Hirunaka no ryuusei
59. Heroine Shikkaku (live action)
60. Hajimari no niina
61. Haru Matsui Bokura
62. Mairunovich

Some are anime , manga , and live action
I been doing more in the future! ! (:♡

Drunken Love (Lafayette x Reader)

Characters: Lafayette x Reader, Hercules Mulligan, John Laurens, Alexander Hamilton 

Length: 1355+ words

TW: Drinking, making out

“LAF!” you yelled upon seeing your friend walk in the bar. You slid over, effectively squishing John to the wall. Gilbert flashed a smile that would’ve made any girls’s panties drop, and waved. He swiftly took the seat beside yours, shrugging off his jacket while doing so. You were hit with a wave of his cologne, and you were ready to crawl on his lap. “Laf,” you whined, nudging your head on his head. “I’m tired.” 

“Mon ami, you’re always tired when you drink.” He chuckled, shaking his head. 

“But Laf!” you drawled out his name. “I wanna go home.“

“Mon ami, I just got here.” 

“Fine! I’ll go home by myself,” you huffed, pushing him out of the way. 

“Non, non!” He sat firm, not allowing you to move him by an inch. “You are not going home by myself.” 

“I want to go home Laffy Taffy!” 

“In a minute, okay?” Gilbert started conversing with the other boys, sipping on his beer while you tried to stay awake. Alexander was on his laptop, John was excitedly telling a story about how he got arrested for peeing in public once, and Hercules was booming with laughters. You felt bad for clinging onto Gilbert, but he was the only you trusted to take you home safely without making bad decisions on the way. Last time John took you home, you were both drunk, and got a pet iguana- from where, you did not know. But now, John has a pet iguana to go with his turtle. 

“Uh, Laf?” John called his friend. “I think Y/N’s asleep.” 

And you were out like a light, leaning on John’s shoulder with no care in the world. 

“I guess it’s time to take the princesse home.” Gilbert grabbed his jacket, and picked Y/N up. Luckily he had a car. 

“Lemme help you,” Hercules offered sympathetically. He helped open the doors to the bar, and Gilbert’s car, wishing him good luck before going back in the bar. 

“Oh mon chou, what am I going to do with you?” Gilbert laughed, shaking his head. He drove you to your apartment, using the spare key you had given him, and made your way to your bedroom. It was almost second nature to the Frenchman. He no longer struggled getting the doors open, or hesitating to press the elevator button in fear on hitting your body parts. It was like clockwork. He gingerly placed you on your bed, taking off your shoes, and stripping your jacket. Then, he placed the blankets over you while taking the time to stroke your face gently. You stirred, paling in and out of consciousness during the time you were with Gilbert. He grabbed the water from your nightstand, and placed it near your lips, urging you to drink the whole glass. “Mon amour, vous êtes à beau. (My love, you are so beautiful.)” You’ve always noticed how his voice gets lower when he speaks in his native language, and it made butterflies fly in your stomach. You felt yourself lose your battle to sleep again, but you fought to stay awake, wanting to revel in this tender moment with Gilbert. He leaned down, pressing his lips to your cheek. “I love you.” 

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melbourne city loop train stations to cry at, rated

flinders st: scene children have been crying here for AT LEAST a decade & they legally own all crying rights . approach@ur own risk (unless ur a scene kid). 3/10

flagstaff: good luck getting here, good luck avoiding acu students who’ll only make u cry harder wen they remind you that THEYRE gonna ENTer the WOrk Force. extra points for isolation and proximity 2 thousands of businessmen  6/10

parliament: u can ride the endless elevators , (gently weeping) up and down for all of eternity , 9/10

southern cross: sob hysterically in a vline for the 20 minutes it sits idle before leaving to geelong BUT country ppl tend 2 be nosier and kinder than city-slickers &umay be offered a tissue. get red rooster afterwards 2 feel even worse about urself 7/10

melb central: AVOID at all costs, there WILL be metdogs and they CAN smell weakness & find a reason to fine u (public nuisance possibly) 1/10