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Instead of Ultear,

You know what would’ve been a decent–no, amazing–alternative to Ultear being revealed as the one behind Jellal’s brainwashing instead of Zeref? Brain.

Because unlike Ultear, Brain was not a villain who was going to be redeemed and he did not have a tragic backstory cushion to fall on. He is up there with Hades and Mard Geer when it comes to villainy, and literally has an even more evil personality that wants to blow up the world hiding inside him. Brain was already behind Ultear’s own path down to darkness, so I have no trouble at all believing that he’d happily run a slave tower full of children.

In fact, it would also fix a lot of problems with that slave tower and the Oracion Seis themselves. We know Brain was looking for kids who would grow up to be suitably strong wizards to use as keys for his Six Prayers body link spell to seal Zero with. A while ago, I made a post specifically detailing how badly Jellal fit into the Nirvana Arc. Putting Brain behind the brainwashing of Jellal fixes the following problems:

  • Why the slave tower was being run. While initially being used by Zeref cultists to resurrect him, I repeat, we know Brain was looking through the children in that tower to find keys for the body link spell. When Ultear gives the reasons behind the brainwashing, we’re given a vague and undefined “yeah we found a key to revive zeref by doing this” thing that very unsatisfactorily explains why she would waste an entire 10 years running a slave tower for no discernable reason and renting out a chunk of her magic to Jellal. Brain’s explanation is much more clear-cut and really, it’s all he needs.
  • The immensely bipolar and insane actions of Jellal while possessed; sometimes he’s cool and calculating and likes playing with his opponents, like Brain, and sometimes he’s a laughing lunatic who will blow up his hard-earned Tower of Heaven just to kill Natsu and Erza, like Zero. Let’s say that Brain was possessing Jellal in order to seal away Zero in another person while he was still looking for keys to do it properly. The calculating, chilling Jellal is Jellal when Brain is in control, and the insane Jellal is Jellal when Zero is in control.
  • Why Jellal didn’t blow up Brain when Brain tutored him in Destruction Circles. In-story, Destruction Circles are only used one time, which is for Jellal to blow up Nirvana and then himself, which both fail. They’re also hastily given an explanation in why Brain can undo them: because he’s the one who invented them and personally instructed Jellal in their use. However, this takes a different, retroactive turn when Ultear is revealed as the one in control. We know Brain spent weeks torturing her as a child, creating part of her tragic backstory. You would think that an Ultear-controlled Jellal would immediately recognize Brain and blow him to kingdome come in rage. With Brain being the one in control, this problem is not present.
  • How Brain knew where to find Jellal. Why, exactly, does Brain need Jellal to find Nirvana? Answer: he doesn’t. How, exactly, did Brain know where to find Jellal’s assumed-atomized body? Answer: he shouldn’t. With the current story, this just comes off as Mashima determinedly jamming Jellal back into the story at literally the worst time with no logical explanations whatsoever. However, if Brain is the one possessing Jellal, it obviously makes sense that Brain would know where to look to find Jellal’s body.
  • Jellal’s amnesia. In-story, this is a very poorly-used and convenient device to absolve Jellal of his wrongdoings by wiping his mental slate clean and reverting him to Good Pure Jellal. It’s got a lot of holes in it that are never explained, such as how Jellal can still use magic that isn’t his, how Jellal can use magic he learned while possessed, and Jellal very conveniently hearing a “voice” in his head that told him “I must find Nirvana”. This becomes better explained with Brain in control: Brain is still actively possessing him in the Nirvana arc.
  • Why Cobra couldn’t hear Jellal’s thoughts at first. In the same instance as the amnesia coming into play, Cobra is for some reason unable to hear Jellal’s thoughts in order to (badly) preserve the tension. This doesn’t really make sense, because memories and active thoughts aren’t the same thing. However, we can deduce that Cobra couldn’t hear Brain’s thoughts either, because as detailed here, he was shocked when Brain stabbed him in the back and took it pretty damn hard. If Brain knew how to hide his thoughts from Cobra, it makes sense he’d know how to also hide Jellal’s thoughts from him, too.
  • The Oracion Seis being willing to work with Jellal. In canon, the Seis have no clue that Jellal was possessed and only know him as a monstrous lunatic that terrorized their childhoods. Which is why it makes no sense that, when Brain brings them Jellal in a coffin, they seem pleased at the idea of his resurrection and willing to work with him–they should hate him and want Jellal to stay dead to the point of mutiny. If Brain is the one controlling Jellal, then it makes sense that they’d be okay with this–they’re in on the brainwashing plot. It would also make it a decent catharsis when Jellal later pulverizes them in the Tartaros arc and gets confronted with the Zero illusion, instead of Jellal being a horrible tyrant beating down and enslaving the people whose childhoods he ruined to the point of post-traumatic stress disorder. I don’t really like that one, since I prefer the Oracion Seis as the anti-villains they are, instead of complete monsters like Brain. So instead, you could also have Jellal walk up to Brain’s corpse and be relieved that he’s dead, stating that he owes Cobra and the Seis, explaining that Brain was the one behind his possession and wants to work with them, or something along those lines. 
  • The source of Jellal’s brainwashing feels genuine, and not just there to give him an out by turning another character into a scapegoat. I’ve already said before that I heavily suspect why Ultear was made the one behind Jellal’s brainwashing last-minute: because fans weren’t on Jellal’s side yet and still didn’t like him, so Mashima turned the blame onto another villain so Jellal could be redeemed–much like he turned Acnologia into the new overarching villain when he decided he wanted Zeref to be a tragic, redeemable villain. However, he should have been more careful with it. He decided in that same arc that he wanted to redeem Ultear Milkovich, and so we have Ultear, with her suitably tragic backstory, being the one behind another character’s entire set of crimes despite being on the heroes’ side now. That slave tower was run for 10 years and many atrocities were committed that stripped hundreds of innocent children of not only their bodily health, but their mental health, and people died. In doing this, Mashima is breaking a basic rule of drama, as established by Aristotle: do not show a bad man (villain) coming to a good end. What I’m saying is that by stacking Jellal’s crimes onto Ultear’s already heavy ones, her sins become completely unforgivable and she looks like a monster, no matter how sad her story is. This would be okay if Ultear were Brain, a remorseless villain who has been shown willing to brainwash, torture, and manipulate people as he pleases and who is a complete monster as is already established. But Ultear became a redeemed villain. The Tower of Heaven is a crime worthy of death–death by execution, not death by self-sacrifice or suicide. This would make it, again, amazing catharsis when Cobra kills Brain–he was the one behind not only Jellal’s suffering, but the Seis’ as well, and he then gets exactly what he deserves. Mashima should have turned the blame onto a villain that wasn’t going to be redeemed so he wouldn’t have to deal with this atonement bullshit, and Brain was there, but instead he chose Ultear. 

It also accomplishes this much for Brain himself instead of Jellal:

  • It connects him to the overarching plot better. When it comes to Brain’s relevance to the story, all he’s really there to do is be a villain for the Nirvana arc; he isn’t present in the Neo-Oracion Seis for obvious reasons, and is promptly killed when he gets free from prison by the dude he backstabbed. Even the responsibility for Ultear’s childhood torture is anime-only (although I accept it as canon for this exact reason). Putting him in charge of Jellal’s brainwashing connects him to the Tower of Heaven arc, in turn connecting him personally to Jellal, Erza, the Tower of Heaven gang, and everyone else that involved. It also adds another layer to the relationship between him and the rest of the Seis: they were terrorized by Jellal until he saved them, taking them them out of the tower and teaching them their magic. In reality, he’s directly responsible for that horrible experience.
  • It gives him more of a connection to Nirvana. Nirvana is, essentially, a brainwashing magic. It forcibly switches the alignments, personalities, and allegiances of anyone it affects, and is probably pretty fucking powerful since we can deduce that its original intended target was Acnologia. Brain is called Brain because of his vast intelligence collection, research, and surveillance abilities, but adding brainwashing to his arsenal would give him even more reason to pursue Nirvana: he likes control and he’s already started figuring out how to achieve it. 


Random list for no reason!

Top 10 personal favourite Samurai Jack episodes (original run. I still need to see the new show)

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10: Jack and the Lava Monster
(for its thick as molasses atmosphere and scenery)

9: Jack and the Scotsman/Jack and the Scotsman II
(because OF COURSE)

8: Aku’s Fairy Tales
(A pure comedy and its amazing)

7: Jack and the Spartans
(it’s the 300 comic. Before the movie came out. And it’s MUCH better. It’s Frank Miller minus the problematic parts of Frank Miller)

6: The Aku Infection
(This one would be much higher if Cartoon network didn’t insist on playing it so much it killed it for me. This has everything I like. a hero in peril. Atmosphere. Struggling with survivor’s guilt. grief. Redemption. and Forgiveness. )

5: Jack and the Zombies
(A really good horror, but honestly the ending is the one of the greatest moments in cartoons of all time)

4: Jack Vs. the 5 Hunters
(an insane chase throughout the entire episode, but the tension just keeps growing and growing and growing until the audience is at breaking point before reaching the end)

3: Jack Vs the Ninja
(This one takes the cake for its animation sequences alone. But the atmosphere is really good as is the tension)

2: Jack and the Haunted House
(because HORROR. This episode is soooo goood)

1: Jack Remembers the past.
(just watch it. And bring tissues)

Also I’ve been avoiding spoilers for the new show, but while looking for gifs… are you serious?? They introduced a romance into Samurai Jack?? just fuck off….

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Rest assured, when that man gets back home this is going to end in violent carnality.

You don’t get to watch.  You’re not even invited slightly.


Before I forget, I’m moving his trip to France to a five-post-a-day queue, running from 10 to 6 EDT.  Reason being is that it’s boring af to watch someone in a WA location.  Where is the lie?

iii. have you ever met a human hurricane?
it will rage against itself if it means purging everything else
it will collapse in on itself it it means destroying everything else
it will kill itself if it means killing someone else
and baby, you were bent on killing me
—  10 reasons why an apology is practically a love letter: the private musings of burr

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svt youtuber au

S.Coups: Seungcheol owns a fancam channel. He’s a loyal fan who always goes to concerts to record each of the members individually. He calls his biases his children, and makes a bunch of funny videos about them like “Just (Name) Things” or “10 Reasons to Love (Name)”.

Jeonghan: Jeonghan runs a variety Youtube channel. He sings, dances, vlogs, makes tutorials, DIY’s; he does every type of channel basically. His most popular videos are his song covers, and he probably often gets contacted by companies to model for them.

Joshua: Jisoo makes anime song covers, either sung or played on the guitar. He does both English and Japanese covers, and he gets requests almost all the time. He makes vlogs from time to time, and most of them are of him at an anime convention or reacting to sad anime moments.

Jun: Junhui has a popular cooking channel. He’s not your regular chef though; he makes flirty comments throughout his video. “Oh, but you know what’s sweeter than this cake? You.” He probably has a “Kiss the Chef” apron he wears every video. He’s really popular for cooking well and being handsome.

Hoshi: Soonyoung has a prank channel. They’re harmless pranks, but big enough to get a reaction out of people. He’s very dedicated too; he once stayed crouched inside a box for three hours just so he could prank someone.

Wonwoo: Wonwoo is an unboxing YouTuber. He’s actually one of the most popular videos because of his voice. It’s so deep and husky, and I assure you his subscribers died when he showed his face for the first time. He gets things for free because the sellers honestly just want to hear his voice.

Woozi: Jihoon makes instrumental covers. He’s super fast; his covers come out the same day the song is released. He has a handful of videos with him singing and playing his piano, and they’re his most-viewed videos. His subscribers are always begging for him to make a singing cover again.

DK: Seokmin is one of those YouTubers that do a bunch of stupid things. Think “This Is What Happens When You Play with a Basketball Covered in Cookie Dough” kind of videos. It started off as a joke, and he honestly never thought he’d get this far. It’s a side-channel though; he actually makes amazing song covers on his main channel.

Mingyu: Mingyu is a mukbang. He gets tons of views because he’s really handsome and eats so well. He reads the comments while eating and chokes on his food sometimes because his fans are so funny. His fans send him a lot of food for him to eat, and he honestly gets so happy.

The8: Minghao has a dance channel. He does break-dancing and dance covers, and probably won seven 1theK dance contests. Everyone is always so shocked to learn that he’s actually really adorable because he always looks so cool in his covers. He makes vlogs from time to time, and his subscribers never shut up about how cute he is.

Seungkwan: Seungkwan is famous for his song covers. Everyone is in love with his voice and he’s always drowning in song requests. He makes vlogs sometimes, but they might as well be covers because he just dances to girl group songs. His subscribers often say how he should be a girl group member instead of a YouTuber.

Vernon: Hansol is an English sub channel. He always has to add stupid comments and memes while subbing, but his subscribers love it. He’s the most popular subbing channel because he’s so fast and accurate.

Dino: Chan makes reaction videos. People always send him a bunch of videos to react to, and he does them right away. He cries a lot in sad videos, and falls to the floor laughing even when the video isn’t even that funny. His fans always send him a bunch of Michael Jackson merch and he cries in front of the camera for fifteen minutes.

thank you for your request!! ^^

Thank sehun our lord and savior for finally making baekyeol hug once in public because what kind of goDDAMN SELF PROCLAIMED SOULMATES NEVER HUG I HATE THEM AMEN

Chip Fees

I’m deleting the reblog and posting this independently so that people don’t bother that other person too much!

If you’ve been curious about the 10% fee, here’s our reasoning:

The 10% is so that we don’t have to run advertisements, or worse, put a fee on payments to artists. Both of those methods are used by the other options out there currently-there is no website that gives artists 100% of the money for free because the website would not pay its bills. Everything from Patreon to Twitch has this (just as an example, Patreon takes 5% of the artists earnings from the artist’s monthly payout). Even Paypal, unless you violate the ToS and send it as a gift, charges the artist a fee!

We’re taking 10% off the purchase of Chips itself. The artist gets 100% of what you give them, period.

Nor do we advertise ourselves as THE BEST way to support artists. Rather, we’re trying something new by letting people donate small amounts to creators as they see fit.

We’re asking users to shoulder the cost that is passed on to artists through fees that users rarely see. I apologize if that wasn’t worded well, but our intention is to keep the site afloat in the least offensive way possible, and this seemed like the best shot.

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Not sure if anyone has said this yet, but walmart stocks zuru/antsy labs fidget cubes! I found them in a little cardboard stand near the front of the toys section. They're very reasonably priced too, i got mine for $10 USD. Thank you for running this fantastic blog!

Thank you so much for letting us know, anon, and thank you for the compliment!

I actually also found these in Australia’s Big W stores (which isn’t affiliated with Walmart but eerily similar) for $13 AUD, also in a cardboard stand, but near the front entrance. So it looks as though the Zuru cubes are increasingly accessible, which is fabulous. Big department stores can be a lot easier for people to access over toy stores (location, time) so I’m so glad there’s now even more options!

- Mod K.A.

Throne of Glass Cross Country and Track Team AU (Pt. 1)

In which everyone runs incredibly fast.

  • It all starts when Rowan joins the cross country team and tells Aelin that he can run faster than her.
  • Obviously, Aelin is having none of that and she has to join too, and Lysandra, Nehemia, and Elide join with her for support.
  • The coach, Mr. Hamel, is also the biology and forensic science teacher, and aside from being a harsh grader, he’s a total dick about letting people join the team.
  • Like, 10-minute-mile-minimum-by-the-first-day-of-preseason-in-August dick.
  • But the captains of the boy’s and girl’s teams, Ren Allsbrook and Sam Cortland and Manon and Asterin Blackbeak organize summer practices so that anyone who’s really serious about running can join the team.
  • Ren is always pretty quiet, especially for someone who got promoted to captain.
  • His sisters were both big soccer and lacrosse stars before they went off to college on sports scholarships, and unfortunately for Ren, he got very little of their coordination.
  • So he started cross country to appease his parents and everyone else who thought he should be sporting like his sisters, and he ended up loving it.
  • Sam has always loved running, but during middle school, he got into a life-threatening car crash that broke both of his legs in three places a piece.
  • He and Aelin were dating before the crash, but he thought that it would be too emotionally taxing on Aelin to have to deal with him (which was a completely wrong assumption because it shouldn’t matter and Aelin would have done anything for him) and broke up with her, leaving both of them heartbroken.
  • It took him until his sophomore year to be able to get back to the place he was at before the crash.
  • He’s not always the fastest runner, but he’s the most dedicated, which is why Mr. Hamel lets the occasional 8-minute mile slide.
  • Manon and Asterin were entered into a kid’s running league when they were three by Manon’s grandmother.
  • They loved it, and Manon never really saw a reason to stop running, consistently ranking in the top 10 in the country until Asterin explained what else was going on when she got shin splints and couldn’t run the indoor and outdoor track seasons of their freshman year.
  • Asterin thought that she had fallen in love with a junior guy on diving team, so when he started showing interest in her, she believed him right up until he heard ‘yes’ when she said ‘no’.
  • He got her pregnant, and she got it aborted, and Manon’s grandmother is super evangelical and told Asterin that she was going to hell every day, and the entire ordeal threw her into a deep depression for a while.
  • When Asterin finally tells Manon, she gets super angry at her grandmother and wants to have some act of rebellion against her grandmother, but it’s her senior year and she has to be consistent for a college to want her.
  • Asterin is better now, though, and whenever one of the underclassmen on the team starts showing an interest in an upperclassmen, she talks to the underclassmen and makes sure they know what they could be risking.
  • Manon, Asterin, and the other 11 members of their group are the best female runners in the school, though none of them are ever in one sport at the same time.
  • For cross country, it’s Manon, Asterin, Vesta, and Ghislaine.
  • They’ve formed the top four since their freshman year, but now, as seniors, Aelin and her crew of juniors are threatening that.
  • In the girls’ first race, Aelin ties with Manon, Asterin comes in second, Elide ties with Vesta, Lysandra is just barely edged out by Ghislaine, with Ansel Briarcliff and Nesryn Faliq behind her, and Nehemia in last.
  • Manon and her friends are having none of that, and they train super-hard for the next meet, but Nehemia is mystified as to how she came in last, so she and her friends train hard as well.
  • In the boy’s first race, Rowan comes in first for the team, usurping Ren, who comes in second. Chaol Westfall comes in third, Sam in fourth, Nox Owens hard on his heels, with two new students, Mikhail and Ilias, right behind him, and Dorian Havilliard comes in last, because despite his natural athleticism, he didn’t run as much as he should’ve, preferring to read.
  • The two main reasons that Dorian is on the team are that his parents expect him to participate in at least one sport, and at least this way, he gets to hang out with Chaol.
  • Chaol does cross country to keep him in shape for tae kwon do, where he’s training for his second-degree black belt.
  • Aelin’s cousin Aedion watched both of the races, and while he’s proud of Aelin for doing so well in her first race, the person that really caught his eye was Ren.
  • The next time he sees his coolie cool bro football teammates bullying Ren for running instead of playing a more ‘manly’ sport, he puts a stop to it real quick, and since he’s the quarterback, they listen.
  • Ren is super grateful to Aedion for saving him, and he begins noticing him more and more at school.
  • Meanwhile, the competition on the girls’ team is heating up.
  • Aelin and Manon are running sub-6 minute miles at every meet, and no one can keep up with them, which is generating a genuine respect between the girls.
  • The team bonding is pretty on point because of the rivalry, and the boys’ and girls’ teams become close because of Aelin and Rowan, who always. Make out. After. Meets.
  • Seriously, everyone gets sick of it real quick, especially when they start to dirty talk about who ran faster and came in first.
  • Tensions run high at championships.
  • For starters, theres the final Aelin-Manon showdown for the 5k/3.1mi distance, and despite the overall speed of the entire team, they’re not assured first place in the conference.
  • The boys’ team also isn’t racing that day, so they’re not there to cheer on the girls.
  • The race starts, and Manon, Aelin, and Feyre Archeron from the rival Prythian high are the first off the line.
  • The three girls keep pace for the first two and a half miles before it seems like Aelin is tiring out.
  • She starts falling behind, but when Manon glances back with a smug expression on her face, she speeds back up because no way in hell is Manon Blackbeak going to beat her.
  • Once Aelin speeds back up, Manon does as well, and they leave Feyre in the dust.
  • They’re neck and neck for the last tenth of a mile until Manon leaps across the finish line, beating Feyre by a second.
  • Once they get their breath back, Manon approaches Aelin and claps her on the shoulder because this was her first year on the team and her personal best was a 16:40 and Manon knows that she’ll do well leading the team next year.
  • After Aelin came Asterin, then Elide, Vesta, Nehemia (which is her best place all season), Nesryn, Lysandra, Ansel, and Ghislaine (she got caught up in applying for colleges and her times only dropped a minute all season).
  • Erilea High comes in first in the conference after a stand-out year, and Manon manages to convince Aelin and her friends to sign up for indoor track in the winter.
  • The boys race, however, is nowhere near as tense as the girls.
  • Their places were decided a long time ago, and all they really hope to do is get in the top three in the conference. Since their championship is on a Friday, more spectators are able to come, most notably Aedion.
  • When Ren sees that Aedion is there, he gets semi-nervous, but he goes out and has the best run of his life.
  • Rowan still beats him with a time of 16:50, though.
  • After the boys’ championship, there’s a big party for the cross country runners at Manon’s house.
  • Aedion gets in, though, because he’s been defending them against football players all season and he’s Aelin’s cousin.
  • Aelin and Rowan are seen making out about 5 minutes after the party starts, and they disappear pretty quickly, to the gratitude of everyone’s eyes and ears.
  • This leaves Aedion alone, and he starts a conversation with Ren, whom he’s been becoming closer to over the past few months.
  • Neither of them can hear the other, so they go off to a quiet room to talk.
  • Aedion ends up confessing his feelings to Ren and Ren to Aedion, and they decide to go on a date.
  • Before Ren leaves, Aedion pulls him in for a long kiss, and they’re both blown away.
  • They end up making out for quite a while.
  • Meanwhile, Manon is asking Elide how she’s so fast for a sophomore, and Elide is blushing and saying that she doesn’t know.
  • Manon offers to run with her whenever she wants if Elide ever wants to talk about how to prevent injury when running long-term, and Elide agrees.
  • Asterin, Vesta, Nox, and Sam are smirking while watching the staring match between Nesryn and Chaol.
  • At one point he growls in frustration, and they almost pee themselves laughing.
  • Lysandra and Ansel have been talking the entire time and getting a little tipsy, and they end up making out.
  • Ilias and Mikhail just look at each other, because they know that Lys is pansexual and Ansel is bisexual, but they never expected their girlfriends to fall for each other.
  • Meanwhile, Dorian and Ghislaine have been having an intellectual conversation the entire time and have noticed literally nothing that’s happened.
  • After the party ends, Manon starts to get ready for the indoor track season.


I just came up with this new idea this morning for my running. I really want to work on my speed because my 5Ks are getting a little boring and monotonous. I need something to make it exciting again so I don’t get bored and quit. So… Now I’m going to start working on my speed. I’ll progress through the week, Monday to Friday, running increasingly longer distances up to a 5K on Friday, aiming for a certain pace each day. I didn’t think of this until today, so yesterday (Monday) I did my usual 5K. Here’s my new plan:

Monday: 1 mile
Tuesday: 1.5
Wednesday: 2.0
Thursday: 2.5
Friday: 3.1

My current pace goal for this week is 9:00 per mile. My pace has been averaging about 9:10 on my last few runs, so this is a pretty reasonable goal.

Today I did the Tuesday 1.5 miles and my pace was 8:41 so I pretty much destroyed my goal! Very good start! I’m not sure how much I’ll increase my goal by each week, but I’m thinking maybe 15 seconds. I also need to start eating better for the next 3 and a half weeks while I’m still home with my family because I have not been eating as well as I should. Working on this new running goal should help me stay on track with that, too!

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Vocal Minority? The amount of Fanart, Fanfiction and fan-edits beg to differ.

For my readers, this is in reference to the “Zutarians are a vocal minority” ask that I got a while ago. Not only are Zutarians a plurality of fandom, but non-canon pairings in general put out a majority of the fan works and dominate the fandom discussion now that the show has long since ended.

Bryke might boil over with rage at this, but it’s true: the reason A:TLA has an active, flourishing fandom 10 years after its run is because of the very non-canon pairings they despise. Look at AO3 and fanfiction.net.  Try applying canon pairing filters to those sites; scroll down the Kαtααng and Mαiko tags on tumblr. Not exactly a hub of activity, are they? And gen fic is as hard to come by in this fandom as it is in most others. New and prospective fans will often get their first exposure to this fandom through the lens of shipping, which some might see as unfortunate, but if weren’t for the great outpouring of fanart and fanfic, often those new fans wouldn’t be exposed to A:TLA at all.

So cheer up, fanon shippers! You keep the A:TLA fandom up and running.

What got you into the EarthBound/MOTHER series?

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(Or not) (I don’t care)

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Hey, may you please give me some reasons why a teenager would get kicked out and also runaway from home? Thanks in advance.

I’m so sorry for the delay on this. No excuse but I’ve just started working and things are a bit hectic. 

I just want to say that sometimes getting kicked out might not be voluntary so you might want to look into the actual motivations of your character. Is it because they want to run away and do so by getting into trouble so that they can get kicked out from their home? Or, is it because they have no other choice due to circumstances that they have to run away? So really, voluntary or involuntary might be good. Or, they might just be lashing out their anger and might not even want to get kicked out, just want some attention. 

I would also suggesting researching at the specific place you’re building your character in. Simply because I know that the foster care systems work very differently as well as some child protection services around the world. 

Also, there are a lot of diverse reasons why someone would either get kicked out or choose to run away. There are also a lot of ways that they can escape the “system”. So make sure you pick one reason and research into detail. Look up personal experiences in particular so that you can based some of your character’s feelings and behaviour on facts. It also doesn’t trivialize someone’s real experiences and in fact allows you to explore this more fully. 

But here are some good resources that you can start looking at!

Hope that helps!

Paparazzi/Fans Follow You

Preference where you guys get followed by Fans + the Paparazzi in LA

masterlist | request | rules

Luke: You were in LA to support the boys’ concert and to spend time with Luke since you haven’t seen him in weeks. You both thought that it was a lovely day to go out for a run together, so you decided to go down to the beach-side. You guys talked about how beautiful LA was and how you’re excited for their show tonight. Everything was nice and personal between you two until you noticed a few fans taking pictures and starting to follow you. 
“Luke? What’s happening?” You asked, as this was the first time anyone has really seen you both out publicly and you were terrified about what the fans would think of you. 
“Don’t worry baby, they’ll do this, just stick by my side and nothing bad will happen to you, I promise” He replied.
The ‘few fans’ turned into many fans and this obviously caused a scene for the paparazzi. You and Luke decided to slow down and just walk instead because it would look really dodgy if you were running away from the fans. 
“But I really want a photo!” You heard a fan whisper. 
“Oh my god, just leave them alone because if we ask for a photo they might not like that we’re invading their privacy” Said another one. 
“That’s the (Y/N) girl right? She’s rumoured to be dating him” One whispered. 
“Yeah I think they’re a thing” 
Luke looked over to you and grabbed your hand tightly, as he heard everything that was going on as well. The fans began to “aww” you guys and a smile grew onto Luke’s face as the paparazzi flashes were going off everywhere. About an hour later, the paparazzi had disappeared, but the fans didn’t. At this point, you and Luke didn’t mind and a few fans asked for photos with Luke. You smiled at how much the fans adored him. 
“Excuse me,” You heard a young girl about the age of 14 say. “Do you mind if I take a photo with you? You’re insanely gorgeous and I think you and Luke are a great couple” 
You smiled and started blushing. 
“Aw thank you sweetie! And of course you can!” 
After that, all of the fans started taking photos with you as well. That night, when you were at the arena waiting for the boys to come on, you decided to check twitter. You noticed a lot of photos of you with fans everywhere and the captions were all positive, like “(Y/N) is actually really nice! I love her and how she treats Luke and the other fans!” There were also teen magazines with you and Luke on the cover from your run earlier today, and the headlines were “10 reasons why we LOVE #(YourShipName)”. 

Calum: The boys were on their way to LA for their American tour, and you were on a plane to join them for support. As you were getting off and making your way over to the customs, Calum grabbed your hand tightly so that he wouldn’t lose you or in case you get mobbed. No one really knew about you two besides your families and the boys, along with the rumours going around on the internet. While waiting in line, a lot of fans came up to all of the boys and started taking pictures. They followed you until you came out to the other side, waiting for your luggage. There were many fans and paparazzi crowding the area and it was a little bit too much for you. 
“Hey Cal, I’m going to go to the bathroom quickly” You mentioned. 
“You okay?” He asked, worried that this was all getting to you quickly. 
“Yeah I won’t be too long” 
You walked over to the bathroom and fixed up your make-up and hair. Your mouth was getting dry so you decided to try and find a juice bar in the airport. While you were waiting for your drink, a few fans came up to you. 
“Hi, you’re (Y/N) right?” One of them nervously asked. 
“I sure am” You happily replied, trying to cover your nerves. 
“I was just wondering if you and Calum were dating?” She asked. 
“Lisa! You don’t just ask her that!” One of the other girls said. 
“No no no, it’s fine, don’t worry about it. I would do the same thing!” You laughed, “um I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say” 
“We saw you guys hold hands, and friends don’t do that!” Another girl said. 
“Well, yeah I guess we are dating.” You shyly giggled. 
“That’s good! You’re really beautiful and Cal deserves a girl like you! You’re amazing (Y/N)! Can we take a photo with you?” 
You ended up taking photos with a few fans and making your way back to Calum. He hugged you and began to slowly but passionately kiss you. So many paparazzi flashes were everywhere and you knew that this was Calum’s way of making it official. Soon enough, the internet and media was flooded by the photos of you two holding hands and kissing.

Ashton: It was the boys’ one day free from their LA shows, so you and Ashton decided to go to the beach and make use of the gorgeous weather. You two were comfortable with hugging and kissing each other in the water until you noticed fans gathering around. You lost your smile and broke from Ashton’s grip, making your way to where your towels were on the beach.
“(Y/N), babe, what’s wrong?” 
“Don’t you see? All of the fans are noticing you, which means they’re noticing me too which means that they’re going to know that we’re a thing!” 
Ashton chuckled at your nervousness and assured you that everything would be alright. The amount of fans that showed up caused a scene and made the paparazzi come along as well. This was a lot to you, since everyone was taking photos of you with Ashton, and you were in a bikini, but you didn’t want to show any nervousness, so you didn’t react. The fans all started to take pictures with Ashton, you watched and thanked the lords that they weren’t harassing you. A few minutes later, some fans came up to you in a lovely manner. 
“Hey, (Y/N) you look really nice and we’re so glad that Ashton has you as his girlfriend!” You smiled at the fans comment, “Is it alright if we take a picture together?” You nodded and took selfies with a few fans before they all disappeared, along with the paparazzi. 
“You alright? Did they hurt you?” Ashton said as he brought you in for a hug.
“No they were really kind! They asked for photos and everything.” 
“See, they’re super nice and they love you!” 
You checked twitter later on when you were tanning and you saw many tweets about how nice you are and how they all love the way you treat Ash. You smiled knowing that you were accepted and put your phone down to enjoy a relaxing day with your boyfriend. 

Michael: The concert had finished and you and Michael decided to go and get something to eat in the city. You guys had been together for about three weeks and nobody knew yet besides the online rumours which had been started by paparazzi taking photos of you guys holding hands around the place. It was around midnight and you didn’t think that fans would be at McDonald’s that late, although you did remember when you were a fan and on the way home after the concerts, you’d stop by. You and Michael walked in hand-in-hand and made your way to the counter. You saw many girls with 5sos shirts and others that were also fans. You heard a lot of girls talk softly saying things like “Oh my god it’s Michael! Who’s that with him?” 
“That’s (Y/N). They were seen together a lot around the city I think they’re dating” Another one said. 
“They actually look really good together” 
Michael’s grip on you tightened as you ordered your food and sat down to eat. You felt about 50 pairs of eyes staring at you. 
“Michael..” You whispered. 
“Don’t be scared, they’re really nice. This happens a lot and I’m sure they’ll respect you.” He whispered back. 
You didn’t even notice that the paparazzi was there, but they left a few minutes later. 
“Really? They took photos of us eating? How is that interesting?” You asked Michael as he began to laugh. 
“Well you’re going to look super hot on the cover while biting into that burger” He joked, causing you to playfully slap his arm. The fans began to laugh and you turned around and the were too nervous to make eye contact so they looked away. 
“I’m going to go order another drink, do you want one?” Michael asked you.
“Nah, I’m okay thank you.” 
He went to stand in line and immediately, one of the fans approached you. 
“Hey (Y/N).” She said, you were stunned as to how she knew your name, but then you remembered that everyone in the 5sos fam knew your name by then. 
“Hey there, how are you?” You asked.
“I’m good thanks how are you?” 
“I’m Good, did you enjoy the show?” 
“Yeah!” She said and then paused, “You’re actually really sweet (Y/N).” 
You laughed while thanking her. A few fans asked for pictures with you and some videoed the whole moment and they waited until you and Michael got into the car and headed home. You noticed that they all began to send you love on twitter and the next day, you looked at a magazine to know that Michael was right, the photo of you biting into a burger was on the cover. 


okay so this one was really bad idk but I hope you guys liked it anyway :) xx

10 Reasons to Vote

1. If you don’t vote, a Republican run senate is in our future and issues on climate change will continue to be ignored.

2. Voting is your opportunity to make your voice heard on matters that are important to you.

3. There is power in numbers. If you don’t vote for what you believe in, someone else will.

4. If you want a say in who leads our communities, states, country and more then you need to vote for representatives that have your best interests in mind.

5. Between 2011-14, 205 laws were passed restricting access to abortion and birth control (source). Your vote helps women make their own decisions about their bodies.

6. Because women still earn $.78 for every dollar men earn. (source)

7. I don’t want to see another headline about a school shooting. We should enforce stricter gun laws.

8. Marriage Equality. Love is love and everyone has a right to marry whom they choose.

9. Because everyone has a right to affordable healthcare and voting can make that happen.

10. Voting is a right and a privilege not everyone has.