10 reasons for smile


Well he must’ve done something right. You turned out pretty good.

review of faces maxie makes throughout the entirety of oras + some canon art

am i late to the meme of course i am

the standard maxie

this is as average as it is gonna get with him. looks cool and collected but is probably thinking of how cute camerupt looks when he feeds it pokepuffs. 20/10 but only because ive seen him make more interesting faces but it’s already perfection.

concept art smug maxie

step aside smug anime girls, there’s a new boy in town. looks satisfied with himself and overall very bratty and confident. great angle and lightning going on. easily one of my faves. 1000/10

mini model smug maxie - the sequel

a differently flavored smug maxie. looks even more in the clouds than concept art smug maxie. That snide crooked smirk tho!!! 999/10

tcg smug maxie - the finale to the thrilling trilogy

completely changes the angle and now we see him from above YET he still makes us feel like he knows something we dont. tell us your secrets maxie. good megane shine going on. 1001/10 and it gets bonus points for being featured alongside archie in that official saint valentines tweet. imbued with extremely blessed queer energy.

engry maxie

You can clearly see he is Not Pleased!!!! His eyes go full iris-less to show he is confused too and I appreciate that “I forgot the oven on” vibe. 450/10

“archie what’s good” maxie

things are going his way but he is already out of control!!! Not a genuine laughter, however I like how we see him have fun like never before. let him enjoy himself even if it’s for like 10 seconds before he realises he fucked up. sadly i couldn’t find a gif but i promise he is moving his whole body as he cackles which is Very Good. 300/10

>BD maxie

Uh oh! Now you’ve done it! The signature pokévillain big ol smile before the final showdown. He only looks like this when he is ready to kick ass, will probably lose but shhh he doesn’t know yet. Feels powerful but i cant tell if its cursed or blessed. 350/10

“toothpaste-brand-i-cant-mention-because-of-copyright-reasons” smile maxie

the most cryptic of all of his grins. is seen for like a split second in the background. the image is so low res that all of his wrinkles are gone but far from making him look better it makes him look Not Okay. Also because he does this as he shows the protag how groudon awakes, it is safe to say it’s the maxie equivalent on checking on the person he is showing a funny youtube video that is a little too long and maybe not that funny in retrospective. 100/10 because of the shit-eating cockiness he shows.

drama queen maxie

this one’s not even showing his face but honestly!? a classic. alpha sapphire exclusive sexual innuendo going on from the other angle and all. this is the good posture of someone who does yoga with his admins every morning. 400/10

“just got beaten by a 13 y-o” maxie

and last but not least, what has to be the most memorable moment this nerd has given to us all. upon breaking down the gif you can notice that 1) he winces with such energy that his glasses almost fall off!! 2) he immediately composes himself, of course he does, he is the great maxie he needs to look sharp and 3) THE SMUG SMIRK IS BACK. Overall very blessed as we get to see many faces of his personality in this format. this is exactly what i expect from an adult nerd like him who just lost to some random kid. 1000/10 would fight again.


the stone-faced maxies are good but feel a little plain compared to the wide variety of emotions he shows. They make up 90% of what we see of maxie in-game. a safe bet, you can never go wrong with resting binch face maxie.

the grinning maxie, whom we see in the seafloor cavern, are this weird mix of extremely cursed and blessed energies that manage to instill a deep sense of discomfort on you but you smile and nod nonetheless because it’s maxie. I never know how to feel when i witness them, but i think i like them

smug maxie is the superior maxie. no doubts about this. it’s the closest we get in canon art to a genuine smile from him so it’s inherently Good. Why is it so underrated tho???? let him show off his sassy side more often. The knowing smirk shows his personality very well without making him look like an unpleasant person. easily my fave maxie expression.

Top 10 Reasons to watch Boruto

1. Mitsuki’s ‘why don’t we just kill’ smile
2. Mitsuki’s eyes
3. Mitsuki’s sudden appearances
4. Mitsuki’s fighting
5. Mitsuki and Boruto’s relationship
6. Mitsuki’s wiggling arms
7. Mitsuki trying to kill Sumire
8. Mitsuki meeting his in-laws
9. Mitsuki contacting his…parent
10. Mitsuki calling Boruto his 'sun’

•how he laughs at stories or jokes I tell him, when even I know they aren’t funny but he does it to make me feel better
•when he knows that something is wrong in my head, even when I say that I’m fine
•Whenever were laying there and he brushes the hair out of my eyes
•No silence is ever awkward with him, I cherish those moment the most with him
•Being stopped at a red light and he will quickly sneak a kiss in before the light turns
•He begins to tell me how beautiful my eyes are, because he knows that’s something I can’t change about myself whether I like them or not
•He doesn’t boast about me alot on social media, because not everyone needs to know all about us
•Holding his hand while he drives and how he will rub his thumb slowly on the side of my hand
•Falling asleep on his chest while he rubs my back feels like it’s the safest place on this damn planet
• Feeling like time doesn’t exist when I’m with him, and time stops, but in reality hours feel like minutes
•Whenever were just laying there and he starts to tickle me because not everything needs to be serious all the time, and loving him is better than any movie could dipict
—  Ten reasons I’m absolutely crazy about him
10 reasons I’m in love with my beautiful girlfriend ….
1) Her smile; it makes me forget all my problems, all my worries and freezes time for just a split second
2) Her caring heart; she’s the most caring, loving, generous person I’ve ever met and never fails to remind me that boyfriends deserve to be spoiled too
3) Her rocking body; it’s soft, small, and the perfect size to pick up and squeeze mid air while she laughs her head off
4) Her kisses; so gentle and meaningful, but so passionate and hot when necessary
5) Her eyes; they just… They take you in, and allow you to see every thought, idea, and memory
6) Her loyalty; it doesn’t matter how many times I ask her to remind me, because I know she truly only has eyes for me
7) Her excitement; from seeing the sushi come to the table, to hearing her remind me how many more days until I fly home from school, she’s always excited for any moment that involves me
8) Her drive; she likes nice things, and knows what she’s going to do to be able to get it - there’s nothing sexier
9) Her laugh; it’s the silliest, most fun loving sound in the world, that lights me up instantly
10) Her love; the way she loves me and shows how she loves me is in a way of pure passion and expected from only movies. She’s a dream come true, literally.
—  The best boyfriend ever
the allydia hogwarts au i kept meaning to write two years ago

so, now that teen wolf fandom is making its resurgence even though none of us actually want to watch the show anymore i’m gonna share this teen wolf-harry potter fusion au i’ve had kicking around for ages

it’s based off of this awesome post about a squib faking her way through hogwarts and going on to join the ministry. that post gave me a lot of feelings, and i like to imagine that squib would go on to pass some important laws. 


allison grows up in one of the oldest, most respected wizarding households in the country. Her parents are both aurors, her grandpa and cousin are influential figures in the ministry, and everyone is so excited to see what little allison will do when she starts to show signs of magic. except she never does. 

so there’s whispering between the adults in her life about the s word starting when she’s around 9, and they try to hide it from her but allison’s smart and very good at listening in on conversations, so she figures out what’s up pretty quickly. she starts doing some research. she hears all sorts of tales about the horrible lives squibs lead, how they’re all totally dependant on their families, or homeless. there’s lots of stuff in the papers about squib rights debates, too, and the possibility of the situation getting better, but it’s all very nebulous up-in-the-air. she keeps hoping desperately for that spark of magic to come.

it never does, and when she’s 11 she doesn’t receive a letter from hogwarts. the argents decide to prepare allison for her inevitable life as a muggle by enrolling her in a muggle school for the next year. they pick a very nice expensive private school with uniforms just like hogwarts and say “everything will be fine” but of course it’s a total disaster. math is alright but she’s way behind in science from the get-go, and everyone gives her weird looks in history when she hasn’t even heard of the world wars, and then she has to deal with these things called computers that leave her utterly confused. by the end of her first day, all her classmates are joking that she’s an alien, and no one wants to talk to her. 

but she puts on a brave face and pushes through. she learns about geology and how to use a mouse and keyboard, and about muggle history. she still has no friends but that’s fine. she’s needs her family to stop worrying about her. she needs to be OK. 

then the news comes through. a very controversial law has just passed. squibs can now attend hogwarts on an altered curriculum. starting next year, hogwarts will accept not only 11-year old squibs, but any squibs under the age of 17 who would like to enroll in the first year class. allison hugs her parents and tries not to cry (because crying is weak and argents are supposed to be strong). she doesn’t go back to the muggle school the next day. 

allison and lydia get their hogwarts letters on the same day, and both feel a sense of great relief and cautious excitement. lydia has never heard of hogwarts, but she is so glad to finally have an explanation for all the weird things that have been happening around her all her life. she goes to diagon alley and buys all the books on hogwarts and the history of the wizarding world she can get her hands on, and spends the summer preparing. lydia wants to be the best at hogwarts - the most popular, the most successful. most of all, she doesn’t want to be the weird kid like she has been at her elementary school. but how could she be weird at a school full of magic, she reasons. when she reads about the houses, she hopes for ravenclaw; blue is a great color on her. 

on the hogwarts express, allison meets scott and stiles, two fellow first years who’ve known each other almost all their lives. they’re friendly and have no idea she’s a squib who’s a year older than them, so she doesn’t tell them. lydia meets a boy named danny, who seems nice enough, but she doesn’t want to decide who her friends will be until she’s got a full picture of the school’s social structure and all the important players. 

then they arrive and everyone gets sorted; allison ends up in gryffindor along with scott and stiles. they’re so nice to her but she can’t help but wonder how nice they’ll be when they find out. when lydia sits on the chair and the hat is placed on her head, she hears “Interesting…are you up for a challenge?” to which she thinks, of course, and the hat says, “good, because this is something I’ve been hoping to do for a while now.” and before she can figure out what exactly is going on, lydia has become the first muggleborn ever to be sorted into slytherin.

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I am so fucking SLOW!!!

So I’ve been rereading SiH (since I apparently have nothing better to do with my life) and when I get to chapter 10, there’s this page:

And I always thought that the reason Takano smiled was because Ritsu hugged him, but today something finally clicked in my head and I remembered what Takano had said earlier:

And so going back to the other page …

And realized that Takano is smiling because Ritsu is making the exact same face he used to make when he was a teenager. And idk, but I think this is kinda important for Takano ….

Why are these dorks making me so sad again?!

The Ten Commandments

1. Be your true authentic self.

2. Make time for those you love.

3. Treat others people as you’d like them to treat you.

4. If it hurts you, let it go.

5. Change your thoughts - and that will help change your feelings

6. Don’t put it off till another day. If it is important, then do it today.

7. Enjoy the journey – it’s not just about goals.

8. You only have one life – so make it meaningful for you.

9. Be kind to others.

10. Always find a reason to laugh and smile.

Out from under the dump pile

This is an open letter to everyone who has had their broken heart - one that has healed, or one that is freshly raw.

The timeline of this blog jumps around. While I enjoy telling stories of my past sexploits, I recently had my heart broken. I was dumped because of my ethnicity, and my unwillingness to permanently relocate to his native Eurpean country.

He said he was afraid he was making the biggest mistake of his life, but it still happened. I didn’t see it coming, and was devastated - I felt my best wasn’t good enough.

This is my third failed relationship, and my third breakup in the span of two years. While I’m tempted to say say “What is wrong with me?” and obsess over my failure, I’ve learned a few things about handling breakups.

I present you with my unofficial breakup survival guide.

[1] FRIENDS - You are going to lean on your friends. They will remind you that you are a wonderful person, that you are loved, and if you are lucky enough you will have friends who will come out to where you live to drink tea and cuddle with you.

[2] LEARNING - Make a list of all the things you learned.  You definitely learned some things along the way - from that person, things you would correct for the relationship, things you are looking for. Write them down. The memories that are now painful will be fond ones in the future, and the things you learned will serve you well to look for and use in the next one.

[3] THE PAST - Dwelling on what could have been done differently will not change the past or make you feel better. You live your life the way you choose. Life your truth, and live your life the way you want. There are no do-overs, there are no time machines. Live and love with an open heart.

[4] RESUMING DATING - Do not resume dating immediately after your breakup. This is a terrible idea - you will most likely transfer your emotions for the last person onto the next person. Give yourself time to heal - this is fair to you, your heart, and the new person you meet.

[5] SEX AND DISAPPOINTMENT - Do not treat disappointment with sex. Face your disappointment, acknowledge it has happened, and don’t distract yourself with eye candy. This may be a good short-term solution, but may have long-term side effects that are less than desireable.

[6] PERSPECTIVE - One thing I learned in therapy is that you have complete control over your perspective. Talk to your friends and frame it differently. Rather than saying “I was dumped because I wasn’t Romanian or good enough”, I find myself screaming “I didn’t want to move to Romania or start a family in the next 3 years!” when I start crying.

[7] REFRAME AND RECLAIM - Reframe activities. There was a puzzle my ex and I were working on together. My friend and I finished it together, so rather than it being “the puzzle my ex and I bought together and were working on” it became “the puzzle my friend and I did together”. It seems small but it helps.

Hermione says: “This is one of my favourite points. I remember something that helped me move on from my ex was just do fun things in and around places we used to frequent as a couple. The word I used was “reclaiming” like “I am going to reclaim the Dome!” (and yes, I would announce it like that to friends hahahaha) - basically I was trying to build new happy memories so that if I went to a place or thought of a place, I wasn’t left with an absence of the happy memories I once had with him.”

[8] MEET THE DAY - Do not spent the day in bed wallowing with ice cream. Although this is the most attractive option, and by far the easiest, it’s too easy of a pattern to fall into. Get up, shower, get ready for the day, and go somewhere. Go for a walk. Meet a friend. Pet a puppy at the local shelter. Just get out of the house.

[9] DRESS NICELY - Yes it sounds shallow, but  it will make you feel better if you look good. Look presentable, and care for your body. Wash that hair!

[10] LAUGH - Find reasons to laugh, to smile. Watch funny videos. Get yourself smiling again. Sing in the fucking shower like your life depends on it. Get all the happy feelings kickstarted again.

[11] FORGIVENESS - Bitterness and hate will only hurt you in the long run. It is very easy for me to hate the people who have hurt me, and there is a part of me that wants him to be miserable and regret ending the relationship. Although I’d like to curse them, I must let my partners go with an open heart, and with love and light. I hope they find what they are looking for. I hope they are happy. And I hope I find my happiness one day with someone who deserves me as I am.

[12] DO THINGS - Fill your time! Fill your time with visits to friends, with things to do, with dance-offs to your favourite playlist, with -de cluttering your apartment. All the things you have been putting off are great things to get done to take your mind off of.  Meet up with people and friends you haven’t seen in a long time - this is the perfect time to reconnect. Statistically, when people enter a relationship there are 2 close friends they lose touch with - that’s the price! You replace friends with a new and exciting person you want to spend lots of time with!

[13] CRY - Cry like you will never heal, and get it out of your system. There is no shame in crying. There is no weakness in it. Emotion is beautiful, expression is beautiful.

[14] TALK IT OUT - Talk about it until you’re sick of talking about it. Tell the barista. Tell your mom. Tell your siblings. Tell your best friends. Tell your plants. Tell your neighbour when they ask why you’re blasting Edward Sharpe at 2am while the smell of popcorn permeates the hallway. Get it all out of your system.

[15] ACCEPTANCE - Another person’s inability to invest in you the way you invest in them is NOT YOUR FAULT - this is their loss not yours. You will heal, and you will find someone that can love you as openly and freely as you love them.

[16] LET GO - Let go of your ex. Delete them from facebook. Have a trusted friend pick up your things from their place. Have  friend you trust make them delete compromising photos of you on their phone. The past is in the past - you have a huge future to look forward to.

[17] PRESERVE - Although you might not be ready to look at pictures of your ex right now, you may want them in the future. Deletion is permanent. Email mementos to yourself, or download them and store them in a special “relationships” folder backed up somewhere. You also don’t want future partners obsessing over how many pictures there are of you and your ex looking happy or kissing. There are some apps that manage this for you as well - I recommend looking at KillSwitch, Eternal Sunshine, Ex-Blocker, and Mute Tweets.  

[18] BELIEVE - Know that your life will go on. You will wake up tomorrow. The world is full of beauty waiting for you to discover.

You will heal. You will find love again.  

Flavors of Kensei

As requested by anon. :)

It is time to discuss my favorite flavors of Kensei! Just as we have done for others, many times.

1. Enraged Kensei

Kensei is an angry guy. He gets angry at Mashiro for being, well, Mashiro. And at Hisagi for being, well, Hisagi. And at Orihime for making jokes. And at Lisa for being more concerned with her magazines than the job. You know, your average tsundere guy.

Kensei: Excuse you, I am an EXEMPLARY tsundere guy!

Lisa: Don’t kill the blogger, please.

2. Negative reinforcement Kensei

Because Kensei believes that “Wow, you lost already? You totally suck” is the proper way to motivate one’s subordinate.

Hisagi: Only because he cares!!

Kensei:  Yeah. Great point, Hisagi.

Hisagi: Your sarcasm nourishes me?

3. Scary Kensei

Kensei can be a very scary guy. Not so much the yelling or the insults. That’s just your classic tsundere. But when he tells Hisagi, “You think I won’t kill you?” That was a little scary!

Kensei: What? Honesty is scary now?

4. Protective Kensei

But for all of that anger and scariness, Kensei protects the people he cares about. And random people too. He protected tiny Hisagi. And Mashiro when Wonderweiss attacked her. And adult Hisagi when he lost to Mask de Masculine.

(ghost) Yamamoto: My favorite Kensei!

Kensei: …did anybody else hear something?

5. Avenging Kensei

Also there was that time that Kensei “avenged” Mashiro after she was badly wounded by Wonderweiss. Probably he wouldn’t accept that characterization of his actions, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

Mashiro: Yup! Because Kensei barely knows what he’s doing most of the time!

Kensei: SHUT UP

6. Tattoo reveal Kensei

Much like espada like to suddenly reveal their espada number, so Kensei enjoys the occasional tattoo reveal. You know, like when he rescued tiny Hisagi and then stood there dramatically, letting his robe fall open.

Kensei: …don’t make it sound like I was letting my robe fall open on purpose.

Ulquiorra: There is no shame in dramatic clothing removal, my friend.


7. Pervert Kensei

He may deny it. But he did “fix” Mashiro’s robe while she was sleeping. And he reads Lisa’s magazines.

Lisa: And anybody who reads what I read is a pervert for sure.

Kensei: …you shouldn’t say that so calmly.

8. Hollow Kensei

Kensei is one of the few characters that we’ve seen as a full-on hollow. Most of the visored were unconscious for their full transformation, but not Kensei. He was hollow and attacking his friends.

Ichigo: I know that feel, dude.

Kensei: At least I don’t do it as often as you!

9. Cooking Kensei

He wears an apron. A frilly one. This is very important.

Kensei: …because i want to protect my shirt?

Lisa: For pervert reasons, Kensei.

10. Smiling Kensei

AKA, my all-time favorite Kensei moment. A smile that makes small children cry? When he thinks he’s being comforting? That is so adorable, for some reason!



Hisagi (whispering): Sometimes I still wake up whimpering after dreaming about that smile.


Kensei: Weakling.

The Ten Commandments

1. Be your true authentic self.

2. Make time for those you love.

3. Treat others people as you’d like them to treat you.

4. If it hurts you, let it go.

5. Change your thoughts - and that will help change your feelings

6. Don’t put it off till another day. If it is important, then do it today.

7. Enjoy the journey – it’s not just about goals.

8. You only have one life – so make it meaningful for you.

9. Be kind to others.

10. Always find a reason to laugh and smile.

#BestYearEver: Laugh More

How to improve your mental well-being and live your life to the fullest

The more you laugh, the healthier you’ll be. Laughter is one of the most powerful tools we have to alter our daily mood. Nothing works faster in bringing your mind and body back into balance than letting out a loud chuckle. The release of endorphins decreases stress and relaxes your entire body, boosting your overall enjoyment of life. If you’re feeling down and could use more laughing in your life this year, read our ten important reasons to laugh more below. 

10 Reasons to Laugh More

1. Smile more. Smiling throughout your day will make you and others feel happier. Make it a point to smile at strangers too - you don’t want to be known as the girl with the resting bitch face. 

2. Embrace your laugh. Everyone’s laugh is unique. No matter if your laugh is loud or if people find it annoying, just laugh. The way you laugh is a part of you and you shouldn’t have to change or hold back for anyone.

3. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh. People with a sense of humor, who make you laugh and smile, are the best medicine. Life’s short, so don’t waste it by spending time with people who bring you down. Those who laugh will make you laugh.

4. Have a sense of humor. Don’t be a bump on a log. Listen to what people are saying and find the humor in it. Discover your own sense of humor and surround yourself with those things that make you laugh, whatever they may be. From cheesy jokes or dry comedy, everyone’s humor varies. 

5. Learn to laugh at yourself.One of the most important things is learning to not take yourself so seriously. Crack yourself up! If you mess up or trip on something, find the humor in your mistakes. As long as you find yourself funny, you’ll be happier and less likely to be depressed.

6. Seek humor every day.Whether it be watching a funny TV show or movie, find something that makes you laugh every day. YouTube is great for funny snippets. 

7. Be playful. It’s ok to be silly and act like a child sometimes. As adults, we can forget how to have fun. Run around, tease your loved ones in a playful manner and seize life.  

8. Adjust your environment. Your everyday routine can become boring and drab. Liven it up with an uplifting spirit and mood. Surround yourself with things that make your day happier and funnier like humorous photos and quotes or cheerful colors and décor.

9. Laughing burns calories. They say that if you laugh for 10 to 15 minute a day, you’ll burn 10 to 40 calories. Therefore, laughing in general will improve your quality of health in mental and physical ways.

10. Don’t force a laugh.You never know what’s going on in someone’s life, so don’t force them to laugh. Start with a smile and go from there.

8 Tees to Make You Laugh for Her

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8 Tees to Make You Laugh for Him

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Reason SMH Tee

1. You just are. I know you hate this reason, you’re probably scowling at it but it’s true. You just are, in my eyes, a truly amazing person.

2. Okay here’s a reason you might actually like: you inspire me. You inspire me to be a better writer, a better me.

3. You make breathing seem worth it. Like I’m actually worth something and somehow, so is my life.

4. You drive me mad, I actually don’t know how I put up with you sometimes. But I do. You know why? Because you’re worth it. So for the love of me could you please not question it and accept it

5. I can’t stay mad at you, and that’s not abnormal considering I’m not really known for holding grudges but it’s different with you. I have to pretend and actually convince myself I’m mad at you and even that doesn’t last long. Personally, I think it sucks but…I guess it works to your advantage

6. You’re not perfect. You always point it out but I still feel like you’re lying to yourself because to me, all your imperfections are what make you perfect. No one’s perfect because there’s no definition of a perfect person so to me, your flaws and everything you hate about yourself is just one more thing to learn to love and that my love, is my definition of perfect. Someone who has to learn to love themselves because they knew they weren’t what people would usually accept but would you look at that? So many people have

7. There’s something about you that gives me hope. I think it’s actually my favorite thing about you. Don’t ever change who you are, just change the habits that you don’t like because once again, they don’t define you. And who you are, those little things that you change and avoid every day to grow and learn and become a better version of yourself, that’s the part that gives me the most hope. Never lose that.

8. The way you look at the world is just really interesting to me. I could sit there and watch you rant about nothing and everything without missing a beat because it would actually interest me.

9. I’ve never met someone quite like you, and I don’t think I ever will. And that’s okay, because one is all I need. Of course, the world could use more people like you. Honest and well, you.

10. I love you. So everything about you seems great to me, the bad and the good. I’d take it all to keep a smile on your face.

—  10 reasons why you’re amazing to me.
//The shattered flower