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6) BTS - awake
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8) BTS - introduction: youth
9) Sleeping at last - mercury
10) Astro - polaris

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I know people who graduated college at 21, and didn’t get a salary job until they were 27. I know people who graduated at 25 and already had a salary job. I know people who have children and are single. I know people who are married and had to wait 8-10 years to be parents. I know people who are in a relationship and love someone else. I know people who love each other and aren’t together. There are people waiting to love and be loved. My point is, everything in life happens according to our time, our clock. You may look at your friends and some may seem to be ahead or behind you, but they’re not, they’re living according to the pace of their clock, so be patient. You’re not falling behind, it’s just not your time.

Julissa Loaiza

Book Geek Quote 

Some things the Legends keep forgetting about Mick Rory:

1. He was tortured and brainwashed
2. He has lived more lives than all of them combined.
3. He took wouldn’t leave Ray behind in a Russian prison.
4. He has mental illnesses.
5. He was willing to sacrifice himself for this team.
6. He has literally carried most of them at one point.
7. He has saved their asses on numerous occasions.
8. He captained his own ship, the man knows more about time travel than probably even Rip.
9. He’s a trauma survivor.
10. He watched the one person who had his back, who didn’t treat him like a dog, die in his place.

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Have you ever thought about Fakes origin where Geoff kinda was the little brother of the roosters and hey let him do his thing and by the time they thought to look he was already setting up his court in Los SAntos, and by the time they thought to worry he was alreadt setting his sights on something bigger.

What if Gavin was already the golden boy in los santos before Geoff even got there?

When the Roosters branched out everyone was moving with purpose; they were so successful at such a young age that no one even considered getting out of the game, were just expanding to focus on their own specialities, to grow and improve without murdering each other in the process. Gus set up a terrifying web of covert intelligence and stolen secrets, Joel transitioned full time into the absurdly lucrative domain of white collar crime, Matt spent his days schmoozing impossibly high level contacts, Griffon took her roving gang of assassins on the move and Burnie still orchestrates the whole thing from back in Liberty City. Geoff was the odd one out, really, sort of adrift in the world, still playing, getting by on his wealth and reputation, simply chasing entertainment across the country with no real direction or responsibilities.

So when Geoff first started making noise about getting his own crew together, a proper full time affair, the other Rooster’s thought he was kidding. It’s not that they’d thought he couldn’t, exactly, it’s just that he’d never really had that drive. Never really exhibited any lust for control, for personal power over his own domain. For Geoff, who liked to drink and coast and party, who’d always suggested the most outlandish laughable ideas, who’d always shrugged and gone along with whatever everyone else decided like the little brother happy just to be involved, to run his own crew all alone seemed ridiculous. They weren’t laughing at him, really, not for the most part anyway, it’s just that they never really considered Geoff to be a leader.

Geoff, of course, goes off in a huff, utterly offended, but that’s not terribly alarming. They’ve all been in each other’s pockets for so long they are more than used to weathering the storm of tempers, have all had their share of petty tantrums, and everyone comes back eventually. Worst comes to worst Geoff will play with his idea long enough to tire of it, possibly call for some help if it all goes to shit, then everything will be back to normal. In the meantime everyone’s got too much on their own plates to bother chasing him down.

Burnie keeps track of him, of course, keeps an ear out for any rumours of a Rooster getting into trouble, keeps in contact even if the updates aren’t as regular as they could be. It’s how he knows where Geoff is, finally stationary in the strangest of places, knows something’s caught his eye even if the contrary bastard isn’t ready to share exactly what it is yet. Burnie knows Geoff’s holed himself up in Los Santos, and isn’t that so typically him, finding some kind of hidden treasure in the worst city in the country.

Curiosity gets the best of Burnie and, when a month or two pass and Geoff still hasn’t moved on, he can’t help himself from trying to dig a little, calling on various contacts to send their feelers out and work out what could have possibly captured Geoff’s interest so thoroughly. The results are somewhat unexpected.

There’s a kid, they say, some cocky foreign creature that has Geoff fascinated, captivated, the strangest of anchors tethering him to the city. There is no shortage of rumours about the stranger, he’s apparently a particularly talented fixer, though his age comes through in arrogant bravado, in outrageous displays of wealth and a blatant inability to look before he leaps. He’s the kind of character everyone in Los Santos seems to be aware of, everyone seems willing to bend over backwards to know, and it appears Geoff is no exception.

Which is, honestly, the strangest part of the whole deal; Geoff has loyalty in spades for those who matter, but he’s not the most open of people, is no one’s fool, he’s lived through far too much with the Roosters to be taken in by some pretty face with a sob story. There must be something else going on. Geoff might have made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t want anyone else butting in on his business, that he’s sorting out his plans all on his own thanks very much, but surely this warrants some kind of concern. Burnie settles on sending Jack down to scope it out; she was passing through anyway and Geoff might be keeping his cards close to his chest but he’s always liked Jack, it seemed like a good call at the time.

Jack doesn’t come back. Sends Burnie word that all is well, that he doesn’t need to worry, that she plans to stay and help Geoff out with whatever it is he’s working on, but she won’t say what exactly that is. In other words she piques Burnie’s interest even more then laughs in his face and keeps her mouth shut, which honestly, what was Burnie expecting? Jack’s always been loyal to a fault, but not to him. Jack and Geoff have always had each other’s backs and when you break it down her alliance with the Roosters has always come from that friendship; it stands reason that if Geoff is still cranky about their lack of faith Jack will be no more forgiving.

As far as Jack’s concerned she’s been waiting an age for Geoff to sort himself out, and if finally getting there means flipping Burns the bird and cosigning herself to some ludicrous plot in the depths of hell then so be it. When Geoff asks for her help, eyes lit up with the wild determination she remembers from their mischief back in the day she’s hardly going to say no. Perhaps Los Santos isn’t exactly the ideal location, isn’t where she necessarily wanted to end up let alone start in, but given the chance to explain himself Geoff’s ridiculousness is, as usual, based on pretty sound reasoning.

Because Geoff was, once, just passing through Los Santos, an entertaining pit stop on his journey to scout out a worthy crew, but then he found Gavin. Heard the rumours well before he actually met the kid; the Golden Boy of Los Santos, a shiny novelty amongst the grime of the city. The stories were interesting, entertaining, enough that Geoff decided to stick around for a while, enough that Geoff was perhaps drifting into the territory of a stalker, but oh boy did his curiosity pay off.

When Geoff found Gavin he saw far more than he knew he was meant to, far more than he would have if he wasn’t looking, because the kid was good. Was all flash and sparkle,  cheeky jokes and bright laughter, an endearing softness covering the sharpness of his teeth, the blood dripping from his fingers. When Geoff found Gavin he saw everything they could do, everything they could be, saw the broad strokes of the future he’d been toying with falling into place all at once.

Gavin was an interesting conundrum, the criminals of the city completely unsure as to whether or not they like him, whether or not he’s useful, whether or not the kid is a joke or a genius. They say Free is easy, full of all kinds of valuable information and simple enough to buy; offer him some pretty trinket, something pricey or showy or rare and he’ll be eating out of the palm of your hand. And yet they’re all still clamouring to talk to him, still tripping over themselves to work with him, still offering absurd bounties just to catch his fleeting interests. They say he’s controllable, vulnerably alone and far too trusting. Geoff is not convinced.

Because all the information Gavin hoards comes from somewhere, and no one else seems capable of extracting it. Because everyone’s so convinced they’ve got him worked out that they open their doors and let him bypass the usual weapon checks and security protocols. Because Gavin’s reputation of weak-stomached and harmless, useless in a fight, doesn’t add up to the practised way he twirls switchblades between his fingers, deftly flicking them up his sleeves and out of sight. Because for all that the persona of the Golden Boy has captured the city’s unwavering attention no one seems to realise how neatly they’ve been blinded by it.

If you cared to compare the crime scene in America to the one in England you’d realise the game there is played with entirely different rules. Gavin didn’t come into Los Santos swinging, probably wouldn’t have made it two days if he had, but he’s been busy chasing power all the same. Gavin knows every crew of note in Los Santos, knows names and hierarchies, knows base locations and key distribution points. Gavin has integrated himself so neatly, so desirably, that he can get an audience with just about whoever he wants to, can meander across territory lines and police tape with the same unerring charm. Geoff’s seen him play up his age in one meeting, wide eyed and painfully naïve, only to catch him mere hours later leaning into confidence, brisk and clever and entirely untouchable. He’s witnessed Gavin seemingly fall for obvious ruses only to walk out with exactly what he was after, seen him talk his way into deals and out of handcuffs, seen a thousand different ticks and quirks and personalities that shouldn’t all fit comfortably within the same person.

Geoff’s seen more than enough to recognise that familiar air of hungry ruthlessness, of vicious self interest and callous amusement. Maybe Geoff hasn’t got the past experience of being a leader but he’s always known how to help himself by using other people, how to make the most of their particular talents, fit them all together to make a bigger picture. Growing a crew from scratch is harder than it seems, growing one thats loyal from the start, strong enough to stick together and win the uphill battle of taking the most untamable city in the land seems near impossible.

Unless, of course, someone had done all that groundwork already. Unless someone had already wormed into the ecosystem, plotted all the intricacies of power, all the feuds and pressure points, the hidden weapons and unprotected weak spots. Unless someone had already made all the necessary contacts and connections, curried favour with all the best dealers, buttered up the crooked cops, identified all the individuals who might be seduced away from their current gigs into something better, something greater, the ones worth trusting, the ones who would come out on top.

Geoff is no stranger to charm himself, to subtle manipulation, and maybe you can’t kid a kidder but you can certainly enchant a kid, can sell safety in numbers, talk up comfort and protection and organised direction. Geoff might want to outgrow the ever present shadow of the Roosters but a history of royalty is a weighty bargaining chip when your adversary covets nothing more than the appearance of wealth, of power. It’s still not easy by any means, Gavin is cautious, quick witted and wily, running his own game through every conversation, but eventually they come to an understanding. Then Jack turns up and all of a sudden things are in motion, the plan is unfolding, and nothing is going to keep Geoff from forging his own crown.

By the time Geoff thinks about giving Burnie an update his inbox has been flooded by dozens of warnings about the mystery crew taking Los Santos by storm. Increasingly concerned messages telling Geoff it was time to move on, that it wasn’t worth trying mess with such a dangerously effective group all on his own, that he should reach out if he was in trouble. By the time Geoff gets around to giving Burnie a call the old rules of Los Santos have already fallen, the city is running scared and those surrounding it are following suit. Even as the phone rings Geoff knows Gavin’s combining the termination of a problem with teasing the Vagabond away from his current employers, knows Jones and Dooley are having a crashing good time clearing the last of the warehouses down near the docks, knows Tuggey’s pulling some new blood into the support crew and Jack’s off to see a man about a sniper.

By the time Burnie finally hears back from Geoff the writing is well and truly on the wall, the days of being underestimated and overlooked are over, and not even all the grudging apologies in the world will save the Roosters from a lifetime of Geoff’s smug vindication. Geoff isn’t just an ex-Rooster anymore, he isn’t a follower, a drifter, a little brother or a side thought. He is Geoff Ramsey; leader of the FAHC, king of Los Santos, ruler of the worst of the worst, unrelenting and horrifically creative. He is a feared man, he runs an unquestionably dangerous crew, the city shivers in his shadow and they say nothing can stop his reign.

All this over stubborn determination, over hurt feelings, all this in mere months; not even his own crew are ready for what is to come, for the highs and lows of Geoff’s depravity, but he knows they’ll be here with him, will rise to every occasion, and together they’ll set the world alight.


Haikyuu!!! Seaon 3 Episode 10: Karasuno’s victory point.

The 100th | Wonho

Characters: Police officer Wonho x reader

Genre: Mystery/thriller

Length: 2286 words

A/N: South Korea’s notorious serial killer has you on his list next and the police only has 10 days to find and stop him before he finds you.

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I think the reason why Bee Movie has become such a big internet meme is that it’s a very specific kind of weird where if you explained moments from the movie to someone who hasn’t seen it they’d think you were making it up.

Imagine never having seen Bee Movie and someone telling you that a Dreamworks CG Movie for children would have

  • A joke about death every 10 minutes
  • They make it a point to let you know the bees are Jewish (they call it Beeish)
  • There being a persistent sexual tension between the bee and a human woman.
  • The human woman breaking up with her boyfriend to be with the bee
  • A southern lawyer baiting a bee into stinging his ass by implying that the main bee and the human are sleeping together
  • The lawyer then coming to court in an exersaucer 
  • The bee and the human woman contemplating a suicide pact when they realize that all of the world’s plant life is going to die off and humans will slowly starve to death
  • Winnie the Pooh getting fucking shot
  • A scene that compares how tightly-knit Jewish communities are vs. black communities
  • A drag queen Queen Bee
  • Sting shows up and is arrested for cultural appropriation
Leave Me Alone When I'm Clocked Out

I work for the Mart of Wals and I cannot tell you how many people will walk up to me when my vest is opened, my name tag is off, and my phone is IN MY HAND and I’m CLEARLY CLOCKED OUT and be like “do you know where (bullshit product) is?” Like, couple of things: I work in the deli, not stock or anywhere else. So, no, probably not. Secondly, I’m clearly off the clock, and it’s against policy and also probably illegal for me to do what is considered work off the clock for free. Thirdly, why don’t you ask the 10+ people milling around on the clock who actually work in this department where this thing is??? Some of them you PASSED on the way to bother me! I’d like to clarify that if the people ask me nicely and I know where it is I’ll point them in the right direction or if I don’t know I’ll grab someone for them, but when people are rude I’m just like “sorry, I’m off the clock and I don’t work in this department. Maybe they (literally pointing to a employee 5 ft away) can help.”

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I want to ask the question a lot of people are dying to know: Will you work on an Undertale prequel/sequel if you aren't already? I know the probability of you answering this is low, but I had to ask. Another thing, I noticed you often wonder if they'll be children "drawing UT in the margins of their notebooks" but I wanted to point out, I'm 10 years older than you and felt highly inspired by your game, and I know I'm not the only 30-something who loves and/or feels inspired by it. :)



Eh, don’t count on it.

I know people who graduated college at 21, and didn’t get a salary job until they were 27. I know people who graduated at 25 and already had a salary job. I know people who have children and are single. I know people who are married and had to wait 8-10 years to be parents. I know people who are in a relationship and love someone else. I know people who love each other and aren’t together. There are people waiting to love and be loved. My point is, everything in life happens according to our time, our clock. You may look at your friends and some may seem to be ahead or behind you, but they’re not, they’re living according to the pace of their clock, so be patient. You’re not falling behind, it’s just not your time.
—  Julissa Loaiza
Why   /part 10/

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“Are you kidding me…?”



Their questions came flying at me so fast I couldn’t even tell who was asking them.

“He cheated on you!” Baba pointed out.

“Yes I know…bu-“

“And he got another woman pregnant” Ota also pointed out.

“…yes…I know, b-“

“The woman he’s been secretly with is also far more beautiful than you.” Luke said.

“Okay, I know that’s true, but you didn’t have to say it like tha-wait” I narrowed my eyes at Luke. “How do you know what she looks like?”

“Well I’ve seen her before.” Luke said, shrugging.

“Luke…are you kidding me?!” You knew about this and didn’t tell me?!” I barked.

“I assumed you had already figured it out. My fault for thinking you had more common sense than what you have.” Luke said, mildly surprised. I felt my face get hot and I wanted to yell at him more, but I decided against it. I really don’t need to deal with this right now.

“Wait, so am I the only one who had no clue what was going on?” Mamoru asked, slightly irritated.

“Yup.” Ota chirped.

“Pretty much” Luke said.

“Sorry Mamoru…” I apologized. It’s not like I didn’t want him to know, I didn’t want anyone to know. Mamoru looked grumpy, but he didn’t say anything.

“Well…” Baba said, waiting for us to all look at him. “Are we going to teach Sor a lesson or what?”

“No! We’re not!” I shouted, waving my arms in the air. Mamoru looked at me, then squinted his eyes at my face.

“Hey…what’s that…” he said, pointing to my face.

“What’s what?” I said, feeling subconscious. Mamoru, don’t you know that’s one of the eleven things you should never say to a woman?

“That.” He said, getting closer and poking me in the cheek.

“Ow!” I whimpered, and recoiled in pain. I completely forgot about my injury, and quickly covered my face, eyes wide and trying to think of an excuse.

“Wait, lemme see!” Baba said and removed my hand from my face. His face went from surprised, to sad, to angry. “…is that a bruise?” he asked.

“What? No way!” I said, a little too quickly. “It…it’s…a hickey?”

“No, that’s defiantly a bruise.” Ota said, glaring at it. “And she didn’t have it this morning…which means-”

“Hickey! I-it’s just a Hickey!” I shouted, panicking.  

“Nuh-uh, I know the difference between a hickey and a bruise. And THAT is a bruise.” Ota said. “And since I seriously doubt that you’re clumsy enough to trip and fall on your face since we last saw you, someone, and I think we all know who, must’ve hit you.”

I could see each and every one of their faces contort into anger and they started putting the puzzle pieces together. I guess from how they see it…it makes sense that they’d want to hurt him.

“Well…Ota…jokes on you cuz I DID fall…” I said, trying to maintain Soryu as innocent.

“Even if you did fall, you wouldn’t have gotten a bruise like that.” Luke said. Damn this doctor!

I looked up at the guys, completely out of ideas, and sighed. “…he didn’t mean to…”

“Oh, that’s it. We’re killing him.” Ota said, and started marching into the hotel.

“For the first time, I agree wit the kid.” Mamoru said, looking furious.

“Guys, it wasn’t on purpose!”

“C’mon guys” Mamoru said

“Noo!” Desperate, I clung to the leg of someone I knew had a heart.

“Huh?” Baba said confused as he looked down at me.

“Baba! Please…don’t let them hurt him!” I hugged his leg tighter. “He doesn’t deserve it…it’s not worth it! Baba…please…” I gave him my best puppy eyes and pouted a little. I know it’s kinda unfair of me to single out Baba like this…but I knew this wouldn’t work on Luke or Mamoru. He crouched down and placed his hand on my head. For a second, I thought I had convinced him to reconsider. His face then turned dark and sinister. I let go of his leg. “Um…Baba?”

“Soryu crossed the line. He crossed it when he broke the heart of a beautiful woman and now, he’s just asking for it. Last time we let it go, for your sake. But this time…we won’t allow him to get away with it.” And with that he turned around and walked into the hotel.

I was beyond shocked. I had never seen Baba look or talk like that. He was always fun and sweet. It took me far longer than I’d like to admit to realize that they had all left and were probably already to Soryu. I jumped up quickly and began to sprint inside, when I felt someone grab my arm. Instinct kicked in and I screamed and tried to pull free.

“Hey, whoa! Calm down…” the voice said. I froze. Is that…? I slowly turned around and gasped.


  • Michael at some point (probably): You know who I think is the ugliest guy in the world? That Luke Hemmings! You know what I would give him on a scale of 1 to 10? 1 would be the ugliest and 10 pretty... I would give him an 8... 8.5... or a 9... not over a 9.8 'cos there is always room for improvement. Not everyone is perfect, like me. That's why I'm holding out for a 10. Because I'm worth it!

So um, I don’t draw a ton of fan art. But I got Stardew Valley last week. I’m not addicted…..well maybe I am.

For those of you who don’t know, Stardew Valley is a game much like Harvest Moon with excellent character dynamics. There are 10 characters you can choose to date and eventually marry in the game, regardless of the player character’s sex.

Naturally I went for the gothy looking one, Sebastian. He is a misfit. Yes, he’s your sad emo boy, which I know can seem typical and juvenile. But as you get to know him you start to learn about the inner nature of this sensitive, but incredibly genuine individual. You slowly begin to relate to the feeling of being an outsider, who is both frustrated by people and also longs for companionship The (spoilers) 10 heart event just stuck with me, because gazing at the brightly lit city in the distance seems to convey the sense of being an outsider who wants to belong, but never could.

The weirdest $40 I ever made (aka “MOGAI Tumblr broke into my house and purchased my inside jokes for $18.95 a piece”):

This is a long and winding tale, so buckle in everyone. We’re gonna take a journey today.

First, I’d like to take you back to tumblr in 2013. I know, I don’t want to revisit it either, but at some point we all have to face the 10 pages of posts tagged “#wank for ts” that lie in the depths of our archives.


It was fall of 2013, and I was doing great. It was my first year of high school and I didn’t have many school friends, but I was a pseudo-member of a gang of 20 some-odd college students from twitter and tumblr who loved Les Mis. We called ourselves the “angry queers” and spent literal MONTHS of our lives arguing with enjonine (Enjolras/Eponine) shippers. We were like, so cool, you guys.

One day in October, the topic of matching #squad outfits came up on the angry queer twitter feed. Me, being desperate for attention and validation from these people who were all a good 4-5 years older than me, decided to made these shirts on zazzle:

(Side-note: the second shirt is a reference to Kat prousts​, who had recently gained meme status after telling everyone the story of how she accidentally broke two completely separate dicks on completely separate occasions.)

I screencapped pictures of the shirts and posted them to twitter with a (half-joking) call to arms:

As you can see, the reviews were raving, so I submitted the shirt to zazzle officially for sale, and then promptly forgot about it for 2 years. 

Eventually, time passed and people moved on. In what now strikes me as an egregiously overdramatic reaction, I had a dramatic falling out with the angry queer #squad and was blocked by 50+ people over various social media platforms in less than 24 hours. So our transatlantic zazzle poetry gang was not going strong.

That brings us to one fateful day in spring 2015. I logged in to my old email account to look for a school document, only to find that I had been receiving emails from zazzle for the better part of two years:

Notice at the top of the page, there are FOURTY-ONE emails from zazzle about “recent sales”. The earliest one appears to be from march 2014:

To my horror and extreme fascination, literally dozens of people spent 20 bucks on what was essentially a shitpost from 2013. 

Not only that, they had seen that there were only two shirts for sale, one of them reading “KAT BROKE TWO PENISES”, and they STILL decided to shell out the money for it.

Since then, I’ve received an average of two emails every month letting me know that someone had purchased my design. it became kind of a running joke between me and my new group of friends.

Some of you might not have been familiar with the Les Mis fandom, so I’ll try and put this context for you: Imagine if you found out that all the terrible Invader Zim art you published to deviant-art in 2009 was being sold as physical prints, and people were paying good money to hang up your past shame in their house. That’s what this felt like.

As the classic Passover folk tune reminds us, if God had JUST made a random one-off joke viral, then dayeinu, it would have been enough. But He didn’t stop there. In a twist of fate so bizarre it seems orchestrated by Hugo himself, I recently moved 2000 miles across the country, got a tinder, and stumbled across this profile:

At this point, I’m flipping shit. Someone just basically used MY CREATION as a means of (indirectly) flirting with ME. Thus, the ourboros is moved from itself to itself, sees itself, and is present with itself.

Obviously, I swiped right, and the next day I received a message from the heavens:

At last, I had met my maker. I can’t explain how it feels to talk to the very person responsible for your super villain origin story, but I sincerely hope each one of you will one day experience it.

Inspired by this recent turn of events, I decided to check my zazzle account, and lo and behold, found out I had been receiving royalties for my design this entire time!

Zazzle.com usually doesn’t send checks out until $100 of royalties have been earned, but I paid $5 just for the sheer novelty of getting a check addressed to “Angry Queer Apparel”, which I look forward to receiving in 3-5 business days.

So: to the 31 Americans, 13 Brits, 1 Australian, 1 Canadian, and 1 Eurozone citizen who purchased my design; thank you for the 35 bucks!

10 tips I learned from my first trimester of pharmacy school:
My last three advices are optional but it may/may not help depending on you.
  1. FIND A GOOD STUDY BUDDY! This is extremely important. Do not wait a few weeks to find one. Make friends during your interviews and exchange numbers!!! You don’t even have to study together all the time. My study buddy checks in occasionally with me on assignments and makes sure I do them. 
  2. READ the syllabi! For every single class, the second the syllabus is posted or given to you. Know the distribution of points and who is teaching what days (if your class has multiple professors teaching). Trust me when I say you’ll like certain profs over others. Use Google calendar or icalendar and input all exams and major assignments. Use tasks for smaller assignments and daily quizzes. Do this and you’ll never be surprised.
  3. Find your study space. It can be the library, your desk at home, a coffee shop. Any place where you can be productive with minimal distraction and free of stress-inducing factors. I know some people advise on staying after class on campus to study but DON’T do it if it doesn’t work for you. I learned that the hard way. For me, staying on campus after hours of classes and forcing myself to study was a huge drain. The library was also distracting for me. My bed is my best study space lol. 
  4. Talk to your professors. They are there to teach you. They want to see you succeed. Take advantage of it. Seek help when needed! To be honest, I don’t know any of my professor’s office hours. If they’re in their office, I just plop in. If you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to email them! I have never had professors send me soooo many emails in undergrad. Now, I get emails all the time. (On that note, turn your email notifications on!)
  5. Find your study style. Depending on the class, you will have different ways to study for them. Rewriting notes, relistening to lectures, practice problems, study groups/sessions etc. Find the best one(s) for each class. DO NOT do all of them. You’ll save time and effort. If one way does not work for you, DISCARD it and find another study method. 
  6. Use a note taking program. I personally use OneNote. There is also Evernote. If you want all your notes in one place for all your classes, DO THIS. There are youtube tutorials on how to use them if you don’t know how. Here’s a link to my post about OneNote and how I use it: click here.
  7. Talk to your classmates. You’re with them for the next three or four years, might as well get to know them. I have a small class so everyone knows everyone. It is not like the dog eat dog world of undergrad. My classmates genuinely helps one another. In our Facebook page, we would constantly remind others of due dates for assignments and SHARE NOTES before our quizzes, exams, finals. I knew I had a badass vaccine chart with everything you needed to know about it (info, vaccines available, dosing schedule, indictions, contraindications, administration etc) and it took me a long time to do it but I knew my classmates will benefit from it as well. I saw so many of my classmates with printouts of my chart the next few days. xD
  8.  Go to events/join clubs. It’s a nice way to bond with your classmates and meet with practicing pharmacists or to talk to your professors/faculty more. My class also has post exam gatherings the weekend after every exam. And although events such as APhA, CPha, OCPhA costs money, I think it’s worth if you put in the effort. Do not attend these events just to be there. Be active! Help out with interviews, tours, information night etc. 
  9. Do not date! This only applies if you’re single lol. Don’t go looking for a S.O. Use that energy instead to focus on studies. Tbh, I assure you, 80% of the class is already married, engaged or have a S.O. Besides, if you do hook up with a classmate, your entire class will know and it will be awkward for everyone when it doesn’t work out. At least wait a year or two lol.
  10. Lastly, don’t freak out. It can be overwhelming at times but freaking out when do more harm than good. If you need to, take a break. Work out, take a hot shower, watch a movie etc. Then go to sleep or take a nap. Start the next day with a better mind set and tackle your classes again. 

I hope these tips help!

“Do Me Bad” (Pt10)

Part 1, Part 2 ,Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

Member: Sehun from EXO (ft. Chanyeol, Kai and Xiumin)

Genre: College!au: Angst and fluff

A/N: Part 10 is finally here! I hope you all like it ;) again, asks are always welcome I love hearing your opinions and feelings after I post a part! ❤️ enjoy!

“Who’s the girl?” Jongin pointed out Sehun’s new arm candy as he was approaching their lunch table.

“I don’t even know anymore…I lost track after the 5th girl” Chanyeol took a sip of his soda.

The girl Sehun had with him was beautiful to say the least. He has been switching those girls everyday for the past week or so. When the girls at the campus heard Oh Sehun was single, they were practically dropping at his feet. After seeing him with that girl the other day, he quickly returned to his old ways. Using girls, drinking, smoking, Oh Sehun was back. The one thing that didn’t change was his leather jacket.

“What are you staring at?” Sehun laughed as he said goodbye to the girl and sat down next to Jongin.

“Nothing. We were just wondering how your dick hasn’t fallen off yet” Jongin let out, making Chanyeol burst in laughter shortly after an apparent smirk snuck on Sehun’s face.

“It is back in the game yes.” Sehun shot them with a wide sarcastic smile.

“Don’t act like it wasn’t in the game before. I’ve witnessed it in action, unfortunately.” Chanyeol burst in laughter once again from Jongin’s remark, unable to breathe from watching Sehun’s smug smile drop.

“You know what? She wasn’t even that good anyways” Sehun rolled his eyes.

“Sure she wasn’t. OH Y/N OH MY GOD DON’T STOP OH” Jongin yelled all over the cafeteria before Sehun jumped on him, covering his mouth with his hand meanwhile Chanyeol was dying next to them.

Jongin was busy holding his laugher against Sehun’s hand until his gaze focused on something outside. Sehun turned his head to face the direction Jongin was staring at. The minute he did, his expression fell short. Chanyeol shortly caught his breath and turned his attention to the window behind him, seeing Xiumin’s lips on yours as his hand traveled around your waist.

“Oh…that” Chanyeol awkwardly turned back around before Sehun cleared his throat and let Jongin out of his grasp.

After having that talk with Chanyeol last week you still haven’t found a good time to ask Xiumin about all the information you suddenly knew. You were gonna do it but no time was right and a part of you was also a little scared to know the truth.

“Hey!” you quietly let out as you approached the boys, sitting down next to Chanyeol. Sehun was sitting right in front of you but you didn’t make any eye contact. An awkward silence filled the area and suddenly even Chanyeol didn’t know what to say.

“I’m gonna get some fries” Sehun got up from his seat, leaving you Chanyeol and Jongin together. The minute he left, both of the boys turned their attention at you, all wide eyed and silent.

“Have you talked to Xiumin yet?” Chanyeol broke the silence.

“No… I didn’t find the time to yet” you said as you got up and headed to the stand in the cafeteria where they had all the forks and knifes neatly placed. As you made your way to the stand, Sehun crossed your direction with a hot fries bag in his hand. Your head shot up as an instinct and your eyes met with Sehun’s. His look was dark and emotionless, as if you really were just no one.

Coming back to the table you sat by Chanyeol again as the boys started chatting about something else. They were talking about some big party that was going to be held today at some girl’s house.

“Are you gonna come Y/N?” Jongin disrupted your thoughts.

“Yeah maybe” you nearly whispered.

“I’m coming.” Sehun confidently raised his voice.

“I don’t know if I want to go-“you hesitated.

“Guess I’ll see you there then” Sehun claimed as he interrupted you mid sentence. Getting up from his seat, he sent you another arrogant look and left.

What was that about? That was probably the first time Sehun has spoken to you since you came to his dorm. Why does he want to see you there? It’s not like you’re on good terms right now to party together. The looks on Chanyeol and Jongin’s faces as Sehun left were just as surprised and confused as yours

The day went by pretty fast; you had your regular classes and met up with some friends and by the time you knew it it was already dark outside. You were lying on your bed, staring at the ceiling and contemplating whether you should go to this party or not. On one hand you really did need something to loosen you up a little after all the drama that was going on around you but on the other hand, Sehun was going to be there and that just meant the night was not going to pass peacefully because drama follows wherever Oh Sehun steps.

Your phone suddenly lit up with a text, disturbing your confusion.

“I’m going to this party in an hour and you’re coming with me.” – Xiumin

Well here was your answer.

He then texted you to meet him there so you got up from your bed and shook the bad mood off your mind. Grabbing a short skirt and a white t shirt, casual but sexy was what you were going for tonight. It was a party after all.

Approaching the house the party was held at, your eyes suddenly focused on the guy that was waiting for you in front of the entrance.

“You look beautiful, as always.” A smirk snuck on Xiumin’s lips as he locked eyes with you.

“You don’t look so bad yourself.” A laugh escaped your mouth as you saw him roll his eyes. He was wearing a nice pair of black ripped jeans and a white buttoned down shirt.

Wrapping his hand around your waist, he led you to the center of the party. It was loud and extremely dark with only a few red lights shining through the night.

“I’m gonna get us some drinks” Xiumin shouted against your ear, leaving you alone.

Looking around for a minute, you recognized what was Chanyeol’s broad back and Jongin’s beautiful blonde hair.

“GUYS!” you ran up to them, tapping on Chanyeol’s back and almost giving him a heart attack.

“JESUS DON’T JUST SCREAM IN MY EAR LIKE THAT” Chanyeol shouted at your direction, clenching his heart with his hand and holding a drink in the other. A smile snuck on both of the boys’ faces as they saw how smiley and energized you were. But before they could yell another thing at your direction, a hand placed itself on your shoulder.

“Is your boyfriend here?” Sehun’s broad figure hovered over you. His hand was as warm and big as you remembered, covering all of your shoulder with ease. He was looking down at you, his eyes only on yours.

“Uh yes he’s bringing us some drinks now” you blurted out, looking back at his face which was close to yours that you could feel his warm breath on your features.

“Excellent” he returned a wide fake smile before letting go of your shoulder and heading to where Xiumin was just coming out from.

“Was that just Sehun speaking to you?” Jongin raised his eyebrow as a laugh left his lips.

“Yeah…weird right?” you returned a laugh.

Chanyeol stayed quiet as you noticed him gulp and look away with a look that seemed to avoid you. Looking back at where Xiumin was before, no one was there anymore. You made your way through the crowd and snuck to the kitchen of the house where you assumed Xiumin would be.  

Opening the door slightly, the room was lit up and there was a conversation held between two men. Opening the door a little wider you were able to hear and see a little better. Xiumin was in fact standing right there with your drinks on the counter as he chatted with the tall man. You took one more look at the back of who the man was and it quickly came to your mind that it was no other than Sehun. You tried to listen in to what they were talking about but it was too hard to focus on their sayings with the booming music in the background.

“Are you gonna tell her the truth?” you managed to catch on to what was Sehun’s voice.

“No. I don’t think you’ve suffered enough yet.” Xiumin replied with a laugh.

What were they talking about-

“MOVE” a drunk guy pushed you through the door causing you to stumble at your feet as you got thrown just in the middle of the scene. Sehun and Xiumin stood at their places, staring at what was a very embarrassing scene. The guy walked between Xiumin and Sehun and grabbed another drink before leaving the room. Both of the boys crossed their arms as they turned around to face you, demanding an explanation with their eyes as to why you were pushed in here. But all you could do was laugh awkwardly at getting caught.

“Do it before I break your head into pieces.” Sehun’s face was red with anger as his gaze was locked on Xiumin’s relaxed posture. He sighed once before looking at you with an innocent look.

“Now.” Sehun raised his voice.

“Let’s go, he’s not worth the nerves.” Xiumin grabbed your arm and led you to the door.

“He’s using you” Sehun shouted at your back as you were about to leave the kitchen.

“What?” you turned your head around, looking innocently at his serious expression. You stopped your steps, making Xiumin stop with you. He wasn’t having any of it, trying to drag you away with him as you looked at Sehun.

“He’s using you. Why do you think he started dating you after he saw I was your ex?” he made one step closer to you, his gaze not leaving your eyes, arms still crossed above his chest.

“Come on” Xiumin pulled you with him one more time.

“Stop.” You let yourself out of his grasp as you took a step further from him.

“Chanyeol told me about him. I can’t believe I didn’t recognize him earlier but I sure do now. It’s true that I’ve done some stupid things in the past and even in the present. I did steal his girlfriend and I did hook up with her in the bathroom from what I can remember. But at some point you just have to learn to let go.” Sehun’s gaze shifted to Xiumin.

Earning only a sigh from Xiumin, Sehun continued.

“He has been using you this whole time to get back at me. He’s only dating you so he could get revenge for what I’ve done to him”

“Listen not all of this is true” Xiumin quickly interrupted. Your face was frozen and in disbelief. Was he really using you this whole time?

“Let me explain.” Xiumin took one step closer to you as you took one step back, your face set on the floor, avoiding his eyes.

“That moment you asked me to help you make him jealous I didn’t think of helping you but the moment I turned around to see you were dating Oh Sehun, nothing really went through my mind but ‘do it’” you looked up at Sehun as Xiumin continued.

“I didn’t let go after that because I thought it was the moment I’ve been waiting for since high school. Sehun is an asshole and he deserves every pain that comes in his way. Being a rich brat to other people doesn’t get you on everyone’s best side. So I wanted to use you to get back at him yes.” You looked back at Xiumin with the most disgusted look written all over your face.

“But as I got more into you, I actually found out you were the complete opposite from him and I started falling for you. I mean the sex was great yeah but your personality made me rethink things” he let out before Sehun cut him off with a laugh.

“He’s using you to get back at me, End of story.” Sehun uncrossed his hands as they made their way to his back pockets.

“I heard you say that Sehun hasn’t suffered enough quite yet so you weren’t going to stop now.” You claimed as Xiumin’s face lit up.


“You really did use me. And you were still going to?! You really were going to let me sleep with you as you got your revenge on Sehun on something that happened in high school?! You know what Xiumin? Maybe you deserved having your high school sweetheart being taken away from you because you sure as hell wouldn’t have treated her right.” You broke your silence, leaving Xiumin speechless and angry.

Before any of them could react, you ran through the door straight to the exit to leave this place as soon as possible. Not even saying goodbye to Chanyeol or Jongin, you ran back to your dorm and dropped face down on your bed. Tears were making their way down your cheeks and nothing felt right. You closed your eyes, trying to act like it would drive all the pain away and it did. You fell asleep for a few hours before a loud knock on your door woke you up.

Slowly your eyes opened without any strength, you pulled your body up from the bed and walked up to the mirror next to the door as loud knocks kept voicing themselves through your door. Taking one look at yourself, your face was a little swollen from the tears and makeup was smudged down your eyes. You looked like hell.

Loud knocks kept sounding off with every second that passed by. Who the hell is it and what does he want, was all that was going through your mind. You turned the handle to the right to let the door open past your face. Standing in front of you was only one person. He took one step further, letting himself in as a worried look led his face.

“I hate you.” You sighed, looking at his expression.

“I hate you too.” he nodded with a sigh. He let his hands cup your cheeks as he took another step to close the space that was between the two of you. Closing the door behind him with his foot, his lips pressed against yours. They moved in soft gentle movements, wetting your lips and lightly tapping passionate kisses on them.

“I lied” he whispered against your lips. “I actually love you”.

You took one look at his brown eyes before whispering back.

“I love you too Oh Sehun”.

Do you know who I think is the ugliest boy in school? Simon Snow. You know what I’d give him on a scale of one to ten, with one as the ugliest and ten as the prettiest? I’d give him an 8… 8.5… or a 9… but not… NOT over a 9.8. Because there is always room for improvement. Not everyone is perfect, like me. I’m holding out for a 10. Because I’m worth it.
—  Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch, probably at some point