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*looks into the camera like she’s on the office*
tfw when u hurt and ur boyfrend has 2 carry u lmao lyk and subrscirble 

Grown-up Damian in the moment he realizes he admires and values Tim. Unironically and without caveat or fine print. Tim’s victories make Damian feel victorious.

And for whatever reason today is the day Damian ran out of rationalizations for why that feeling has nothing to do with Tim. If someone asked him right now, he probably couldn’t believably claim he’d throw Tim off a building without a grappling hook given the chance. In fact, things might be even more dire than “admires and values”.

In other words, Damian has made a huge, huge mistake and should probably flee Gotham and rejoin the League ASAP.

And I don’t even care if you go gen or ship here, because the delicious part of this relationship is that if Damian admits that Tim is great, amazing, brilliant, then he’s de facto accepting that his dad and his grandfather were right to choose Tim over Damian – to choose Tim but get ‘stuck with’ Damian, every time. Damian has to believe Tim is so deserving of respect and recognition that it’s worth sacrificing Damian’s belief in his own self worth.

Bonus points: you know he’s never going to say a word about it.

And that’s an emotional predicament I can get behind, make outs or no make outs. *fans self* Oh yeah, that’s the good drama. Mmm, more please.

The Olympic Schedule is Out!

Feb 09 /10-13:25/ Team Event
Feb 11 /10-13:35/ Team Event
Feb 12 /10-13:10/ Team Event
Feb 14 /10-13:25/ Pairs SP
Feb 15 /10-13:15/ Pairs FP
Feb 16 /10-14:30/ Men SP
Feb 17 /10-14:25/ Men FP
Feb 19 /10:13:45/ Ice Dance SD
Feb 20 /10-13:35/ Ice Dance FD
Feb 21 /10-14:30/ Ladies SP
Feb 23 /10-14:10/ Ladies FP
Feb 25 /9:30-12/ Gala

(Korean Time UTC/GMT +9)

The Prince (M)

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↳ Pt 1 (1/10)
Pairing: Jimin x reader 
Genre: Inspired by Ever After | Royal; Arranged Marriage AU.
Information: Recommended song here. I have uploaded this onto my Wattpad and A03 if it looks familiar ayoo. Raiona in Māori means lion <3 Happy reading.
→ Summary: You refuse to marry the youngest prince of the Raiona Kingdom. 

02 |

“They just keep coming!”

Sorting through letters, it finally begins to sink through the valves of your heart. You were nothing but currency to the royal family, expendable to royal intermarriage for the sake of forming an alliance; an act that would bond faraway kingdoms together; a kinship of sorts. 

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#Jaebeom 😳😂😂😂😂😂

First art of 2017! ✨  with my first anime crush and fave android twins (and the reason why 17 is my favourite number…..) Android 17 and 18!

One of my goals this year is to draw at least one thing every day - last year was a bit of a difficult time for me, and also a very quiet period in art, so I really want to try hard to turn it around in 2017! (this will probably just mean a lot more quick n messy sketches haha) Happy new year, and thank you so so much for sticking around!

bts as college students

Seokjin: brings a homemade lunchbox everyday, all the professors love him, always in the library studying, A+ grades

Jimin: never does his homework, constantly surrounded by girls, tries to befriend the professor to bump his grade up

Hoseok: has no idea what goes on in class, laughs nervously every time he gets an exam back, stressed out but still smiley 

Yoongi: uses the same notebook for every subject, sleeps through every class, passes his classes effortlessly

Jungkook: in every sports club, never studies but still gets good grades, in his own fanclub, spends his time tagging his friends in memes on facebook

Taehyung: probably in a frat, talks too much, hasn’t been to class since the first day of school, always at every party on campus

Namjoon: straight A student, corrects the professor all the time, has 10 pairs of spare glasses, also the school librarian