10 of my fav pics

I only just started watching but these are my favs so far.



I was tagged by @kikacute, tysm!!!

Rule: Find your fave pics of your story or your blog in general and post them up in a collage! :D it can be 1 picture or 100 whatever you want. But just reflect on your fave moments in your story or on your blog. It can be cute moments or pictures you’re just really proud of - when you’re done tag 5 people or more :)

I refuse to look at or acknowledge what any of my screenshots looked like before the last part of Gen 3 bc they make me cringe, so here are some of my favs since then!!!


And I tag @xtinkersimsx, @muslimsimmer, @caprisims, @alternacorn-sims, and @bleurainsims :-)


My 10 favorite pictures of 2017!

Thank you for the tag @mdpthatsme! <3 Well, they’re mostly Griffinmere pics, but I snuck in one from a Hungarian halloween sim making contest, and one from my story (actually I wanted to choose another one, but that was slightly nsfw, so I kept this instead)

Annnnd I’ve seen that a bunch of simmers were tagged already, so if you haven’t been, and want to do this, feel yourself tagged! :D


I was tagged by both @pixiedurango and @fizzy-custard to post my 10 fav RA pics.  Most of these were saved from GLORIOUS friends on here like @circusgifs, @richard-crispin-armitage, and several others.  I’m not even close to talented enough to get my own.  Some of them are also taken from the web in general.  HERE WE GO:

The first pic is holds a special place in my heart.  I was new to tumblr and was still trying to get the hang of reblogging.  @zeesmuse had made a post with that pic in it and I accidentally deleted it which annoyed her.  I apologized which is how we became friends.  LOVE YOU, MOMMA ZEE!!!  :)

Now I’m tagging:  @zeesmuse, @notsomolly, @i-do-not-fangirl-i-fanwoman, @notallwhowanderarelost2 and anyone else who’d like to join in the fun.

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Carly did you see how beautiful Phil looks in the Starbucks selfie??I'm so weak

heck yeah i saw this beautiful piece of art. i love when he wears sweaters, he looks so warm and cozy (i want to hug him so bad it would probs feel like hugging a big, fluffy duvet right after you take it out of the dryer when it’s all warm) and he always looks killer when he wears his glasses. also, look how soft and shiny his hair looks and his pretty lil smile and he’s doing a peace sign. phil lester doing a peace sign can you believe omg this picture is 10/10 tbh it’s going on my list of fav phil pics i am a l i v e