10 minutes max

ok but what if malec get married on the anniversary of their first kiss? “exactly 5 years ago i almost got married,,, to a woman!” *the crowd gasps* “shocking, i know! but then this man stormed in all like ‘sorry am i late to the party?’, told my mum to fuck off and gave me the chance to make the best choice i ever made in my entire life. to choose myself. to choose love. to choose this handsome man right here. i am a lucky man, i know!” *laughs* “of course, lydia is a lovely woman and im glad she’s happy with her wife lindsay now but she wasn’t really,,, my type, to say the least. but this man is. Absolutely. my type. and i wanna spend the rest of my life with him. i know some of you might be wondering why we’re even getting married since according to my blonde brother jace here we’re 'already a disgustingly cute old-married couple that is raising 83727 kids together anyways’” *everyone laughs* “but still,,, i wanna make it official. i want everyone to be the witness of this. to witness how much i love this man. also, i really wanna be able to legally call him my husband, so there’s that”*everyone has put their hands on their hearts in awe & is smiling*

since my dash has become extremely repetitive lately, i really need new blogs to follow. so guys, please help me out and like/reblog this if you regularly post atleast two or more from this list:

  • tokyo ghoul/tg:re
  • bungou stray dogs
  • one piece 
  • mp100
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  • ichiruki

the lot less yuri!!! on ice you post, the more likely i am to follow you. that’s the only thing on my dash nowadays, and i really need more variety. it’s a plus if you make your own gfx, but it’s not a necessity. please don’t feel bad if i don’t get to follow you, and thank you for responding ( ᐛ )و


I STILL GOT IT. I have only ran once (twice?) in the last five weeks and somehow managed a GREAT 10k with arborescent this morning! This is exactly why I am not motivated enough to train consistently unless I have a longer race coming up… Like my half marathon in September. I suppose you can call this half marathon training W1D1.

Feeling like a beast right now though. Immediately I was nervous because my whole body is sore, but I was persistent and stayed focused. I only walked 10 minutes max of the entire thing. Okay, now I remember why I fell in love with running. Between the sun beating down, the strength to push through aches and pains, and the exhilaration as you cross the finish line… I suppose running is alright. AND I only ate watermelon at the finish line versus all of the sweets (mini muffins/cinnamon rolls/etc.). Boom.

chloe and max where up all night for research but figured out more in like the 10 minutes where max is back than the whole night you might almost think they did something else during the night ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)