10 minutes appearance only

Back into the swing of art, starting with traditional and ofcourse, Pearl. (Thank you roadtripsandstuff for a nice afternoon and your kind words :“) ).


oooommeerrgrgmmmmooooOOOMGGGGGGG what pisses me off more than anything on this entire. freaking. show. is their treatment of glenn/steven. 

FINE, my OTP isn’t getting the attention they deserve. 

FINE, my favorite character and one of the best actors on the show is most likely appearing in 4 or 5 out of 16 episodes

but what I CANNOT HANDLE is the sheer goddamn disrespect toward the character that steven yeun has cultivated over 6 years, being killed off as if he were a redshirt. appearing in only 10 minutes of his last episode, and being relegated to share the most heartbreaking final moment for his character with the death of another (far inferior) character (who actually got some development in his final episodes.) and now he doesn’t even get a TD episode to himself, unlike countless other dead characters (such as the lovely blonde who’s greatest achievement was stabbing someone with scissors and getting herself shot.)

it truly baffles me. i simply am at a loss. i’m holding out hope that perhaps they’ll focus on him somehow in the premiere and give his character some more time/closure in the dream sequence or something, i don’t know. 

ok ok rant over hhhhhhhhh