10 mins guys!!!!

  • Audrey Hepburn poster
  • Chanel perfume
  • Advanced Calculus 102
  • Minotaur scull
  • Dog treats



For Your Provision today! I’ve been praying all morning to HIM that HE would send me a man close by to forncciate with. I just got a text about 10 mins ago from this guy I met on growlr yesterday. 32 yo single guy who lives less than a MILE from my house! He is top and wants to FUCK me RAW at his place (an added bonus: he is able to host there)! THANK YOU, Lord, for hearing my prayer and remembering me today! HAIL SATAN!


Day 17: Favorite Bad Guy/Girl

So I know this is kind of cheating, as drunk and disorderly is probably the most heinous crime on Elsie Tizzard’s rap sheet, but this lady is pure, uncut comedic magic and deserves a few minutes in the spotlight. Favorite guest star ever, bar none! I just adore her, quite as much as Jack does (very few people besides Phryne have the ability to make him smile!). If they ever did a 1920’s Melbourne version of COPS Elsie would most definitely be featured. The actress (Gillian Jones) is so damn good I completely forget she’s acting.

And that scene where she drags Hugh back to the station with a GSW is probably one of my favorites in the whole show…I just kept snickering to myself like an idiot the entire time I was making these gifs.

The only question I have is WHY isn’t this woman a series regular?!? Please, please, please bring Lizard back for Season 3!!

  • me: fuck u lucas. go with riley and die. maya deserves better.
  • me also: buuuuut lucaya! they belong together. they are perfect.
  • me also (again): um buuuuut joshaya. josh treats maya in the right way and they like each other. and they look so cute and perfect!
  • me: ...
  • me *10 min after*: but lucaya!
  • guys, and this goes forever.haha