10 miles to go

There’s something about group runs I really can’t get over. I’ve been thinking about it for days. And I’m usually a lone runner, aside from maybe two days of the week.

But group runs. Man. We had about 10 people go out for 9 miles at about 8-minute pace and it was just… fun. Like childhood-memories-running-down-the-street-barefoot-to-catch-the-ice-cream-man fun. Like a brave herd of deer steering our way through cities and greenways and neighborhoods. Bouncing around, looking over our shoulders to smile at somebody’s joke, yelling, “BRANCH!” or “STUMP!” to warn your comrades behind you of an obstacle. Dancing in the middle of the street mid-run. Turning corners and flying along the outside, or hugging the interior as you rub elbows with somebody else.

Not feeling any pain, any weariness, any confusion of where we were going. Just running. Just flying. Wild. Like a pack of wolves down Main Street. Free, owning our bodies, running on our own hard-earned endurance. Together. Laughing, trading stories, sharing beloved memories.

I love that kind of community.

One of the best RTX moments, in which Dan & Arin make punny jokes.

[In context of who the audience votes to win] Dan: “Any ladies-” *Dan starts dying* “Any ladies who vote for me are going to get taken to Pizza Nut”

Arin: “Dan! Dan!”

Miles: “Can I vote for Dan?”

Arin: “Dan, why do you always got to be such a Pizza Slut”

For anyone who didn’t notice (Or maybe you did) This small (But very hilarious) segment from the On The Spot RTX Stream was edited out by RT in the official upload.

Headcanons for the Queen of Harts...
  • Can’t cook worth crap
    • like at all, toasters will not survive if she’s left alone with them
  • Doesn’t always have the best control over her strength
    • Constantly breaks things
  • Has a slight jealous/possessive streak
  • Only child
  • Very much into English literature
    • Loves to recite some of her favorite quotes
  • Worrywart
    • can sometimes be The Mom Friend
    • her and jason sometimes come up with possible scenarios to watch out for in case of emergencies
  • Sings along to every song on the radio even if she doesn’t know them
    • doesn’t matter what genre, she will sing it and serenade her crowd
    • billy joins in if it’s a country song
  • Biggest sweet-tooth
    • a majority of the krispy kreme hangouts are orchestrated by her
  • Really close to her parents
  • affectionate as fuck
  • safest driver alive
    • she will literally go 10 miles under the speed limit, zack absolutely hates this
  • oldest ranger
    • held back when she was younger
  • tries to be a rebel without a cause but is actually a big dork
  • not as smooth as she thinks
    • her idea of flirting is throwing someone off a cliff and competitively fighting over a krispy kreme doughnut

Bonus trimberly

  • kim always brags that she made the first move despite trini initiating the first kiss and asking the pink ranger on a date
  • kim likes to take photos of trini  when she’s not paying attention
  • gets pouty when trini doesn’t pay attention to her when she’s trying to distract the younger girl
  • when trini finally gets over the whole zord mating dance, kim’s own zord decides to get the sabertooth’s attention for ignoring them..by body slamming the poor thing
  • the first time kim tried to make breakfast trini woke up to her using the fire extinguisher on the toaster

Progression of today’s 10 mile run:

Miles 1-3: aw yeah gonna kill this run

Miles 4-6: damn its windy and I’ve had a wedgie for the past six miles do I pick it or nah

Miles 7-8: I’m hitting a wall I’m hitting a wall lord help me

Miles 9-10: I just want to go home this was the worst idea ever I can’t do this I can’t do this I can’t do this

3 minutes post run: oh my gosh I feel amazing that was a piece of cake

15 minutes post run: on the floor dead I can’t feel my legs maybe I can just sleep like this tonight

PS this is my first time running 10 miles in over 4 ½ years!!!

Adventures in Babysitting -Buckle up for safety

A/N: This is the first of a little Baby Groot series I am doing based on the cutest gif I can find. Of course it is a shout out to the classic Adventures in Babysitting as well. This is the song I figured would be playing.

Warnings: language, Groot cuteness, potentially violence idk yet

tags: @courtneychicken @thecupcakeconsumer @grootiez

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anonymous asked:

How protective are Tsuna's guardians of Tsuna's s/o?

//Since they aren’t within the 3 character limit I’ll just give some general headcanons 

  • Gokudera is rarely ever civil to you until you get married to Tsuna. He’s outright hostile and makes the allies and enemies think that there is something wrong with you. He encourages this train of thought because then Tsuna might not marry you and you were never good enough for him anyway.
  • If you do get married to him, his personality almost flips. He allows himself to care about you. 
  • As right hand man, he thinks one of his first duties is to protect the Boss’ woman and he thinks the responsibility of your protection is the greatest honor that Tsuna can give you. 
  • Your protection detail is almost better than Tsuna’s.
  • Yamamoto always acts like a genuine friend who will cut anyone who so much as looks at you the wrong way.
  • You have his best friend and boss’ heart so anything suspicious will be attacked. 
  • In any public event, he is always has an eye on you. 
  • If Tsuna isn’t there, he’s the one that keeps your seducers away. 
  • Ryohei considers you to be his younger sibling from day one and he is known to be very protective of younger siblings.
  • He is shown to get into heated arguments with anyone that so much as glares at you.
  • He tries to teach you boxing and when he realizes that you will never get to the skill level required to survive in the Mafia, he teaches you how to heal.
  • Spends hours teaching you how to survive injuries in different places. Once he had tried to teach you CPR and Tsuna had walked in… that had been awkward.
  • He wakes up real early so most of the time he has some healthy kale milkshake or something prepared for you (you poor thing).
  • Tsuna absolutely hates it when Ryohei tries to wake you up at 4 AM to go for a “short run of 10 miles”. 
  • He’s almost paranoid about your and Kyoko’s health but he does a pretty good job of hiding it.
  • If your life is at high-risk or you’re going to a risky public event, Chrome will stick to your side like glue. She is your default bodyguard Guardian if Gokudera is not available.
  • She worries about you a lot and you’re jewelry is almost covered with Mist illusions that can track your location.
  • She also regards you as a sibling but you had to earn your trust. 
  • Assassins are terrified of her because everyone’s heard stories of what she does to people who have tried to harm you in any way.
  • For the most part, Mukuro doesn’t really give a shit about you but he is Tsuna is his Sky and it’s a basic instinct to want you safe.
  • He keeps a track of all movements and is usually the first one to eliminate any threats to your safety. He’s known to leave bleeding warehouses filled with your dead, conspiring enemies.
  • He sometimes stalks you for fun and leaves any things you seem to like in a store by your door. Only action that shows he cares about you.
  • Hibari and you end up pretty much close so he’s the most protective of you but he acts the most low-key about it.
  • Tsuna always drags you to meetings with Hibari because he knows it won’t end in a fight if you’re present.
  • Hibari has a huge soft spot for you and that is the only thing that shows that he cares about Tsuna.
  • He always helps you guide through the Mafia society life and he never lies to you. Any information you want, it will be there for you.
  • Tsuna is the Guardians’ Sky so basically every instinct in their body is to keep you safe and protected.
  • People know better than to ever insult you in their presence because bones wills be broken.
No Answer

A/N: An anon request for a fic with the season 4-7 team where an unsub is stalking the team, so he knows about Spencer’s relationship with the reader, which they’ve kept secret. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn 


For the last week and a half, the unsub had been sending live video feeds straight into the BAU as he tortured his victims. He kept them for no longer than a couple days and during that time, they experienced unimaginable pain. The other thing? They were all connected to one of the members of the BAU in some way. Former victims, a family friend of JJ’s, liaisons. Every victim was connected to a member of the BAU for maximum psychological torture. This was about the team, not the actual victims.

The team was close, with Garcia getting closer and closer to tracking his location with each video. She had to narrow down proxies every time, and this guy was good, going through dozens, if not hundreds of proxies every time he sent out a feed.

As they searched and scoured through the files they had thus far, comparing notes with the profile, another video came up on the screen. The mask they’d come to know popped up. It was like a bad horror movie. “I’ve got another victim,” the distorted voice claimed, stepping out of the frame and revealing a young woman in her lingerie, strung up by chains and bleeding from small cuts on her arms and legs. 

No one could recognize her. She had a blindfold over her eyes. But the second Spencer walked back into the round table room with his cup of coffee, it dropped out of his hand and to the floor. “No!” In an instant, the tears welled up in his eyes, unable to peel his gaze away from the screen. This couldn’t be happening. How did he even know? No one knew…

“Who is she?” Hotch asked. Unfortunately, by the look on Reid’s face, he was pretty sure he already knew the answer. 

“She’s…she’s my girlfriend,” he said through shaky breaths. “We’ve been dating for eight months…Hotch, we have to find her. I c-can’t lose her. I can’t.” He felt his breath catch in his throat as he began to hyperventilate. His lungs were on fire. He’d just seen her this morning. Less than three hours ago, he’d kissed her goodbye and told her to have a good day at work.

Everyone gathered around him, trying to make sense of the fact that he even had someone who he was hiding from the team, no less that she was now in danger. “We’ll find her, kid,” Morgan said confidently. “I promise.” It was a good thing Reid wasn’t looking at him, because his eyes were fixed in horror on the screen. Reid’s girlfriend was dangling from chains and doing her best to remain calm. 

“Do you want to hear her voice?” the man asked, walking up to Y/N’s side and grazing it slightly with the tip of his knife. “Say hello to your boyfriend, love.” Spencer watched, the anger curling his hands into fists, as this man caressed his girlfriend’s cheek and ran his hand running through her hair. “Say hello.” 

His voice was more insistent this time and she gasped against the cool metal. “Spencer don’t come here!” she screamed. “He just wants to fuck with you all, don’t give him what he wants.” Just before he cut the feed, Spencer watched Y/N wince, the tip of the knife cutting into her side. Her muscles spasmed as she tried to pull away, but the chains kept her from going to far. And then he couldn’t see either of them anymore.

Immediately, Spencer spun around in anger, picking up a container of pens from off the table and hurling them toward the window. “When I get my hands on him-”

“We’ll do whatever the circumstances dictate,” Hotch finished.

But Spencer wasn’t having it. “You better hope you get to him first, Hotch.”

Garcia had seen everything from her place in the office, so apparently, he not only knew how to gain access to the Bureau, he knew that Garcia wasn’t with them at the time. “How is she connected?” she asked, before glancing at Reid. 

“My girlfriend.” He didn’t even look up as Garcia scurried back to her lair to grab her laptop and bring it into the conference room. 

The moment she came back, she sat at the table and started her run down. “I have it narrowed down to this 10 square mile location, but the second I zero in past here, he’s going to notified and whoever he has…” She couldn’t finish the sentence. With Reid right behind her, she couldn’t say that the second she started narrowing the location down further, his girlfriend was probably dead. 

She said nothing. So far, they’d narrowed down the suspect pool to a white man in his 40s or 50s with money. With the amount of research that had been done on the members of the team, he had to have a lot of time on his hands, which presumably meant that he had money to take care of himself while he continued his crime spree. Due to the depravity of his crimes and the fact that having a live video feed was of the utmost importance, they also concluded that he likely had no personal connection to the team; the part of the crime that got him off was the psychological torture he inflicted on the team. “Do it, Garcia,” Hotch said. “We’re not giving him the chance to get away.”

Doing as she was told, Garcia typed away at the keyboard, narrowing down the location in a matter of about 30 seconds. “Sending it to your phones now.”

Without a word, Spencer turned around, grabbed his vest and ran down to the car as the rest of the team followed closely behind. 


It had been approximately 5 hours since Y/N had been taken, and as they drove, Spencer couldn’t help but imagine the pain she’d gone through. Being taken by a killer himself, he knew the physical pain she’d endured, but psychological torture seemed to be this unsub’s MO, and he understood that all too well. “We go in first,” Morgan said, turning toward Reid and noting the fire in his eyes. “We’re gonna get her out of there.” 

The building was small, but isolated, which is why it hadn’t been found. There was a car outside, so at least, as far as they knew, he, and in turn, Y/N, were still here.

As they walked the musty halls of the building, Spencer heard a scream, hurrying passed Morgan and pushing the door open. “Back away!” he screamed, his throat raw with anger.

“Spence, don’t,” she whispered, grunting as the unsub let her chains down. She collapsed like a paper doll on the floor, exhausted and in pain. Without a thought for anything but his own anger, Spencer lunged toward the unsub, knocking the knife out of his hand. He reeled back over and over again, hitting him in the jaw and reveling in the way his bones crunched under his hands. 

A mass of screams filled his ears as he hit the man over and over again. “Kid, enough!” Morgan pulled him off, Reid’s strength taking him by surprise. “It’s over.”

The unsub was no longer moving, though he was still alive. JJ peeled his mask off, and as they’d figured, none of them had any idea who he was. Pulling away from Morgan, Spencer collapsed to the floor by his girlfriend’s side. “Baby, it’s me,” he breathed. “It’s okay. He can’t hurt you anymore.”

With every ounce of strength she had, she crawled into his lap, sobbing silently. “Who is he?” she asked. “Why did he do this?”

“I don’t know,” he said honestly. “That’s the problem with this job. Sometimes…you just don’t know.”


10 humid miles~ !! Training called for 11 but I knew that 10 was going to be my max (after running 4 hard miles yesterday, it was a good call).

Sometimes I think to myself “i can barely run ten miles– how on earth am I going to run 26???”

But then I shake off the doubt and remind myself that two and a half years ago, I could barely run 7 miles at a 10 min/mile pace, and here I am running 10 right around 9:20 min/mile easy breezy and in HUMID conditions, nonetheless!

Taking it one run at a time. Just one. Because that is how we get to 26.2.


On 21 July 1796 Robert Burns died in Dumfries.

The humble ploughman’s son whose ability to capture the the defining spirit of 18th century Scotland through the medium of poetry and song carved a legacy which continues to shine bright two centuries on.

So how did Rabbie die? The  popular theory goes that Burns died from rheumatism having been found by the roadside in the freezing, pouring rain after a heavy drinking session.

He wasn’t on his was back from a Pub, but a well, the Brow Well,a little tank that was used as a mineral spring in the Parish of Ruthwell, about 10 miles from Dumfries. Burns had been advised to go there by Dr. Maxwell to drink the foul tasting spring water in the hope that it would alleviate his symptoms. Part of this treatment involved wading neck deep into the cold waters of the Solway Firth. Just the job for someone suffering from a chronic heart complaint!

Burns’ reputation as a hard drinker would be hard to contest but the truth is that the poet had been seriously ill and for a long time, at least 5 years.  Patrick Scott Hogg claimed in a book on the bard that he had been tended to by a doctor since as early as 1791 and that same year one had visited him five times in the one week. 

By the time of his death Burns had made himself a wee bit unpopular amongst some of his peers for his lifestyle, we know he was a womaniser, but the rumour mongers also said he had VD, his political views were questioned by some, he was outspoken against slavery and had Jacobite sympathies, so there was no shortage of people back then to stick the knife in and claim it was Alcohol and sex that did for him. 

Robert Burns died of Rheumatic Heart Disease, the symptoms strongly suggest he had terminal heart failure from bacterial endocarditis, as a complication of rheumatic fever.  There is no evidence that Robert Burns suffered from either chronic alcoholism or venereal disease. There is a theory that he may have died a doctor’s martyr as a result of treatment with a mercury ointment 

Burns’ funeral was on a grand scale and he was buried with full military honours and thousands lining the streets of Dumfries. At the graveside the firing squad fired three volleys as the dirt was shoveled into the grave. Sadly his brother Gilbert was the only member of his close family who attended the funeral (his wife Jean being in labour with her ninth child).

The pics are Burns by Scottish artist Alexander Naysmith and Robert Burns’ Funeral Procession by J Lamb.

Ditch Me Again (Dick Grayson x Reader)

Anonymous said to litbatboys:

Can I request where dick and the reader were a couple but ended and he sees the reader after a few years and notices a child who he never knew knew of

Yes yes yes! Sorry this took so long but like okay I love this.

Notes: Swearing,,,Blood,,,,crime fighting,,,,light swearing

This might be a little bit short im

Who were you? The biggest crime fighter in gotham well sort of. Most days you went by (Y/N) Grayson but during the night you went by your Vigilante crime fighter name claws. Of course all the guys hit on you every now and then.

Sure you wanted to move on from your ex-husband and this was one way to get your anger out. Punching bad guys and making them bleed, but it’s also how you bet your husband Dick Grayson.

You loved fighting crime yes but it was hard trying to manage your home life, money, food and the biggest trouble ever. Your 3 year old son. You got home pretty late most of the time but Your friend (B/F/N) took care of her. You walked into the door of your house Holding your shoulder and saw a mess

“What the hell did you do?” You took your bloody mask off and glared at the two. You heard an older voice speak up. “Listen I know that you fight crime but you have to take care of Jordan”. You groaned and looked at him cleaning your face “Yea I know but what else am I going to do?”

You threw the bag she told you to take which included 200 dollars once you got back. You groaned and sat on the couch stiching your leg up seeing your son run up to you. “Mommy what’s wrong?” You looked at him and smiled

“Nothing baby just doing some stuff..” You finished the last stitch and cut the string. Your friend looked over at you “nice job. How many asses did you kick for this one?” You glared at her “Watch your language around him.”

She nodded “Yeah yeah I know sorry.” You shook your head “it’s whatever just go upstairs and sleep I have to talk to him” Shaking her head yeah she walked upstairs packing the money away in a safe

“Mommmmmmmmy” His high pitched voice dragged out and you looked at him “It’s 3 am honey why are you up?” You lightly kissed his forehead and he wrapped his arms around your neck on top of you.

You winced when he hit the collarbone on your neck. Your friend looked at you “Did you break it again?” Your son lifted himself off stepping back and you felt it “FUCK” You yelped out in pain as your friend took your son “yeah let’s go to the hospital”

Shaking your head no you refused to go. “The only one is within 10 miles and it’s in bludhaven.” You snarled at the name bludhaven. (Y/F/N) smirked and shook her head looking at her son. “Get in the car we gotta go.” You rolled your eyes and got up walking into the car grabbing some of your belongings.

After 20 min of whining in the car of your son asking where you two were going you ended up getting there. Your friend picked your son up and you walked inside holding your shoulder. Not really watching where you were going to walked into a police officer

“Shit..” You mumbled and looked up “I’m sorry I couldn’t see where I was g-” The low voice cut you off “It’s alright no worries.” You nodded and looked at his name tag. The police Officer looked down at you and then away quickly

“Officer Grayson? DICK” You looked at him your eyes going wide and he nodded. “Hey (Y/N) How have you been?” You looked away awkwardly and he looked at your shoulder. He mumbled “still fighting crime…”

You smirked “well of course..how else will I make money for Jordan and I?” Dick looked at you “let me fix your arm” You looked at him and he grabbed your arm cracking your shoulder back into place and your collarbone going back together

“When your shoulder popped out your collarbone went down.” You nodded and looked at Jordan. He was fast asleep in your friend’s arms and she just got done talking with the nurse. You looked at him groaning and moved your arm.

“Thanks for saving me money..” He nodded and you looked up and heard his voice speak up but with worry in it “Who is Jordan by the way?” You sighed and took jordan into your arms. “Your son.”

His mouth dropped open eyes widening and covered his mouth. “When d-” You looked away and threw him a key walking back into the ER just so they could check your arm out. Your friend nodded to him and you did as well “Come to the pizza place we first met”

Nodding his head he walked off speaking into his walkie talkie with another cop. You thought to your self walking into the back “don’t you dare ditch me this time grayson”


some jerk crunched into the back of my pick up on lakeshore drive and sped away and didn’t stop

It’s not awful, a scrape, and a bumped taillight and bumper slight crunch but just super super annoying

along with getting to my parents and going to do laundry and they’re out of detergent

so do I drive the 10 miles round trip to replace it (nice/right thing to do) or go cry in a dark bedroom


Grace and I finished off our 20 miles for the week. This has been week 3 of the 20 mile weeks in a row. I think it’s time to bump up 10% a week until 25 miles….well that’s not going to take long…. that’s okay, once I hit 25, I’ll stick for a month, then register and train for a half. Yup, that’s what I’m gonna do alright. Shhh…. don’t tell my brain.

I’m knocking madly on wood right now! 😉😁💃

The Over-RoadTrip

Tracer: Demands control of the radio and jams to the top 40 until you’re out of the station’s range and she spends several minutes clicking through channels until she finds the least staticky replacement.
Winston: Loves audiobooks, ignores everything around him while he has headphones on. Tired of people (Tracer) daring him to drive with his feet.
Mercy: Prints directions from Google Maps, and cross-checks them with a GPS constantly just in case anything is inaccurate. Strictly adheres to speed limits and gets theatrically distressed when in the car with a reckless driver.
Zarya: Falls asleep and stays asleep no matter how chaotic the car’s interior becomes, but unfailingly wakes up for every rest stop.
Soldier 76: Packs his stuff in the car the night before, likes to get up at the crack of dawn for road trips in order to avoid rush hour traffic.
Mei: Always remembers to pack a bag of snacks and bottled drinks for the trip in case anyone gets hungry, always forgets some small but essential toiletry item like her toothbrush or deodorant and doesn’t realize it until halfway to her destination.
D. Va: Brings 10 different gadgets and plays with them the entire duration of the drive. Buys candy and a soda at every gas station stop.
Lucio: Zones out listening to music and staring out the window. Likes to stretch his legs out, will get territorial if sharing the back seat with someone.
Symmetra: Loves nothing more than to “make good time”, boils with rage when there’s been an accident on the highway and traffic slows to a crawl.
Pharah: Has a seemingly endless supply of Egyptian pop mix CDs and sings along to them very quietly, then swaps them out as soon as one has entirely played through.
Torbjorn: Deeply offended if anyone makes a joke about him not being able to reach the pedals and makes hair-pin turns that send everyone sliding across their seats. Reads the whole time if he’s a passenger.
McCree: Rests one arm out the rolled-down window so much that he gets trucker’s tan. Smokes while driving, much to the chagrin of other passengers.
Bastion: Can’t fit! Has to ride in a trailer hitched to the car, staring vigilantly at Ganymede’s travel cage through the back window.
Reinhardt: Cautious driver, constantly gets passed on the highway because he keeps 6 car lengths behind the nearest vehicle. Will eat the whole time if there is food readily available and then be puzzled when he’s not hungry for dinner.
Zenyatta: Never learned how to drive, always sits way in the back, closest to the luggage. Says he’s going to meditate but occasionally slips into “power save mode” and has to be woken up at the end of the trip.
Genji: Gets bored 1/3rd of the way through the trip no matter what he brought to amuse himself, and contorts into weird positions trying to get comfortable. Slams on the brakes really fast when he’s the driver, probably going to give himself whiplash one of these days.
Hanzo: The worst backseat driver in the world, truly insufferable, points out every stop sign and starts bothering the driver about not missing the exit 10 miles before it comes up.
Reaper: Screams at other cars for going too slow/passing him/taking too long at lights/being hesitant at taking unprotected turns. Needs to be talked down from going on a shooting spree if there’s a traffic jam.
Widowmaker: Doesn’t drive, always sits very still and quiet and watches her surroundings. Creepy as hell.
Roadhog: A motorcycle man through and through, enjoys long rides down the open road just because. If he has to ride in a car, always rolls the windows down and gets irritable if he can’t. Subject to worse road rage than Reaper if he encounters incompetent drivers, or worse, cyclists.
Junkrat: Roadhog recommends attaching him to the top of the car with bungee cords. It sounds like a joke but it’s not, this man is a nightmare to keep in an enclosed space for several consecutive hours.