10 mile pr


A PR?  Inconceivable!

Fans of A Princess Bride will appreciate the reference, because I really thought a PR was out of the question after yesterdays long brick workout (90 miles on the bike trainer and 60 minutes on the treadmill).

I was obviously wrong though as I finished in 1:12:58, crushing my old PR by 24 seconds.  "Crushing", you might ask?  "Since when is beating a PR by 24 seconds described as crushing?“  When you’re 47 years old any new PR is, by definition, crushing the old one.   I follow a lot of fast Tumblrs for whom a 7:18/m pace is a recovery run, but that’s my absolute limit.


The first picture was taken before the start and if you look closely, you’ll see that Beth and I are wrapped in finisher space blankets.  Don’t toss the finisher blanket after your race; re-use it at the start of your next cold weather race.