10 male movie characters


10 Male Fictional Characters I’d Marry in a Heartbeat

No. 6: Newt Scamander

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

fangirl challange

so i made this huge fangirl challenge but feel free to remove whatever you want:

  • [50] movies
  • [20] tv shows
  • [20] male characters
  • [20] female charactes
  • [20] relationships
  • [10] friendships
  • [10] animated movies
  • [7] actors
  • [7] actresses
  • [7] heartbreaking scenes
  • [7] funny scenes
  • [5] families
  • [5] opening credits
  • [5] pilots
  • [4] deaths
  • [3] villains
  • [3] heroes
  • [3] casts

  • favorite male characters: Endless list from Johnny's movies.
  •  [1/10] Favorite ActorsJohnny Depp.
  •  [1/10] Celebrity CrushesJohnny Depp.

He’s my number one in everything.


pure talent .. pure excellence .. pure perfection 
his heritage, his ability to be different from the rest of the Hollywood crowd..

I don’t understand how he didn’t win an oscar, nobody should get it beside Johnny. He does what he wants, and I admire that. Johnny can be anyone from the oppressed “Edward Scissorhands” to the eccentric “Ed Wood”. 

He has fantastic versatility and charisma, qualities that can
only be found it the most talented of performers.
An actor, a musician, a loving father.


∟ Johnny Depp is the best actor of all the times ♥



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ultimate get to know me (including tv, music and books)
  • [10] tv shows
  • [5] animated movies
  • [10] movies
  • [5] female characters
  • [10] male characters
  • [15] pairings
  • [5] otp
  • [10] friendships
  • [10] families
  • [4] character archetypes
  • [5] pilots
  • [5] opening credits
  • [4] quotes
  • [5] heartbreaking scenes/moments
  • [5] heartwarming scenes/moments
  • [5] character deaths
  • [5] villains
  • [5] heroes
  • [7] sceneries
  • [10] actors
  • [5] actresses
  • [5] real-life couples (or shipping)
  • [5] favorite musical artists or band
  • [5] favorite albums
  • [10] favorite songs
  • [5] favorite music videos
  • [5] books
  • [5] movies adaptations from a book

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The most ignorant comparison that I keep hearing, especially after the successful release of Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend, is “DC is too scared to make a Wonder Woman movie because she’s too complicated while Marvel has a talking raccoon with a machine gun.”

Rocket Raccoon is just one supporting character out of a generally unknown team that probably only 1% of the audience really had any knowledge of prior to the movie. Nobody except maybe that 1% would care if they ruined that character or if his personality didn’t exactly match his ideal comic-book counterpart.

Wonder Woman, the single most iconic female superhero in history, is a character that nearly everyone knows, and ANY ‘flaws’ in her characterization would spark a massive uproar not only among comic-book fans but also the majority of the public. Just look at how people have already reacted negatively to Gal Gadot’s body type…

But sure, it’s totally reasonable to compare a supporting character in an ensemble film to a female lead in a stand-alone film. (which Marvel Studios has yet to do with their 10+ movies with white male leads)

It’s not only about choosing characters that appear too risky for the big screen, it’s also about choosing how to handle and portray such significant properties while disappointing the least amount of people possible. DC is stuck with the task of handling such iconic characters, and that’s why it is inevitable they’ll get plenty of backlash.