10 magnificent killers


While Bolo Yeung is typically known as the beefiest bad guy around, having starred in classics alongside Bruce Lee and Jean-Claude Van Damme, he’s actually starred in a number of old school kung fu flicks where he got to show off the more graceful side of his moves.
Ironically, in real life, Bolo chose to practice one of the softer martial arts and is considered a Tai Chi master.
his Tai Chi helped him a lot during his old school phase in which he had to pull off “shapes” choreography. Like in the clip above.
It’s taken from a film called “10 Magnificent Killers” and I remember that, on the old VHS cover, they sold the film by pointing out Bolo’s “no look” style. You’ll notice that, when he fights, he rarely looks at his opponent.
The film is a nice opportunity to see Bolo at his best though. He isn’t resigned to being big and burly and, instead, gets to bust out some seriously good old school choreography.